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Selling On Social: A Complete Guide

Lesson 3 of 21

How to Get More Facebook Fans

Mei Pak

Selling On Social: A Complete Guide

Mei Pak

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Lesson Info

3. How to Get More Facebook Fans

Lesson Info

How to Get More Facebook Fans

The second ingredient that I had one of one of the four ingredients that I had up there for selling on social media is in having a larger a relatively large falling on social media so I'm going to talk about facebook for now and then later we'll move on to instagram but here are some frito low cost ways for you to grow your facebook page the first one is probably given you probably know about this you know post your facebook page link and has many places as you can so one of the things that I've noticed with a lot of the people that I communicate within my facebook group or other makers or creatives when I emailed them I I'm always like I wish I could go to your website and check out what you sell but the problem is is that normally if you don't have your own domain name you kind of just have like a gmail account and then sometimes it's like a personal gmail account so I can't really figure out what your shop name is so if I really need to figure out that I have tto copy and paste your...

name into google and I have to stalk you down and try to find your etsy page but otherwise if you don't have a kind of a branded email account you also really ought to have a signature that will tell everyone that you're emailing what you're selling you know what your social media handles are your instagram or twitter and all that stuff, so your facebook link should really go in your email signature that's really easy for you to do there's no excuse why you don't have why you don't have a signature up if you have an email list are a newsletter that you send that you have kind of an email a subscriber base with you can always just send them an email and c like, hey guys, have you already? Did you get a chance to like my facebook page yet chances are not everyone on your email list are also fans on your facebook page. Chances are there are few people who haven't seen your facebook page yet. So regardless of the size of your newsletter subscriber, just send them a simple email just say, hey would love for you to come check out my facebook page and if you like it just like it, you could also do a share for share with other similar pages, so this is really important for everyone in business. I would really encourage you to really sit down and think about who your complementary businesses are or, you know, in other words, your competitors and competitors and air quotes because, you know, I don't really believe in competitors, you know, every there's, enough love for everyone to have so I think make a list of businesses that have a similar audience as you do and what's, what would be great is if you could find businesses who also have a similar sized audience because that's going to make it more likely for them to want to share your posts or your business page. And then you both can get something out of it for those business pages that you find who is, say, you have a thousand facebook fans and you find a page that has a million facebook fans, you don't have to write them out. What I would encourage you to do is send a pitch to these people, and this was something that I did to grow my facebook page really quickly. But basically I found a really good example was I found this blogger called chocolate chocolate and more so for my complementary businesses or when you think about the general theme that your product falls under my general theme is food, right cause I sell jewelry that look and smell like food, so the it makes sense, right? I want to work with people who are like food bloggers or who are chefs or bakers, so I found this block chocolate, chocolate and more you can. Imagine the kind of content that she put a post on facebook all these amazing chocolate recipes, and she is like two point five million facebook fans and each of her pulse, she gets thousands of shares, thousands of comments, dozens if not hundreds of comments as well. So all I did, I tracked on her block, I tracked on her email address, and I sent her an email and I asked her I would love to send you a free piece of jewelry. I can customize something for you, I can make you something exclusive in about two or three days, she replied to me right away, and she said she would love to have something that was chocolate themed, so I pulled together all of the different products I had that was chocolate chocolate doughnuts, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate cakes, chocolate chip cookies, and then I made her this charm bracelet, and I shipped it off to her when she got it, all she did was take a picture of the product that she received, and on her facebook page, she just posted I just got this really cool bracelet from tiny hands, jewellery and, you know, she tags my page and in, like, forty eight hours, thousands of new fans my way, all for the cost of making a product and paying for shipping so really think about that on dh see how you can kind of send people free product it's a really great way to grow your business page organically and for in a really short amount of time, this is kind of meta, but um in a little bit, we'll talk about how you can increase your engagement on your facebook page, and one way to do that is to be posting great content for your fans and indirectly, when your engagement goes up, you're the friends of your current fans are going to see that their friends or your fans have been engaging with your posts, so your posts are going to start showing up in your fans, friends news feeds more often and in the indirect organic way they're going to come over and like your page giveaways is also a really great way, and I remember when I was first starting out from zero facebook fans way back in the day when I started in two thousand six I think, but I grew to two thousand fans pretty quickly from doing giveaways on dh we're going to talk a little bit about giveaways later in the workshop, but I also have a full course in creative live on how to do giveaways and promotions effectively, so if you want to learn more about that, you can definitely check that out let's talk about facebook, advertise izing for those of you guys out there who in terms of your resource is if you say you you have some money but in terms of your time you don't have much time so in terms of the frito low cost ways maybe you just don't have the time to figure all of that out and to do the you know, the elbow grease and all that dirty work facebook advertising can be a really quick and really effective way and affordable too it's not as bad as you might think forgetting you facebook fans so what you can do actually is create what's called a lookalike audience on facebook so it's really simple what you need to do is create a spreadsheet off all of the email address is from your past customers are all the people from the email list and then just put that all in a spreadsheet and then what facebook is going to do is it's going to find these e mail addresses on match these emails to profiles of people that are already on facebook and then once it finds these people it's going to read their profile you know see what pages they like see how old they are see where they live and kind of sneak you know but it's well it works to our benefit so just go with me here and then what it's going to do is that you khun then take that and create a look like audience so then facebook can match those people that were from your email list or from your past customers and then it's going to find other people that you kind of are similar and profiles to the people that you had initially sent them so it's really cool to reach a huge audience of people who could potentially be your ideal customers when you're doing facebook advertising I have a few tips here for you get really really specific with your targeting esso in facebook advertising you can choose like how old they are where they liv if they're married or not you can choose what interests they like you can choose what other pages they've like so what I like to do is I liketo create, you know, go back to that list complimentary brands so I like to include all of these food bloggers that I like youtube personalities that do all those cooking videos I put that in there a cz interests that if if this person likes this person's facebook page, then show them my advertising because I know those people who are following those popular food bloggers or chefs they're likely to also like my my product so I really want you to know when you go back to think about your product in that terms how can you kind of work with a general theme ofthe products you know another tip that I want to share is once we get into doing facebook advertising now actually show you how this works, but you're going to have the option of where to showcase your advertised are your advertisement so on ly ever show your ads on the desktop and mobile newsfeed's there's going to be a third option for you to show it on the desktop right column? And if if you remember going on facebook on your news feet, they're like a bunch of ads on the side and it's all really tiny and it's not going to do justice to your products. So it in the end of the day it's just not going to be worth your money. It's not going to just it's not going to do very well for you, so turn that one off and then you you'll save you actually save money that way. Um, another tip I have is for you to always be testing and optimizing so facebook advertising unfortunately, it's not one of those things where you can just set it up and forget about it. What I would recommend for yukio to do it's kind of like if you remember in high school or engineer higher wherever that point in your life was when you're doing science experiments and you were kind of you had a bunch of variables, but you were keeping one thing constant and then you kind of had a hypotheses that you're going along with this so facebook advertising is kind of the same thing, so once you create an ad and I'll show you how to do that now show you some of the ways that I use for creating facebook ads it's really easy, but once you create your add what I want you to do is create a duplicate of that ad and then tweet just one small thing so maybe it could be the headline of the ad maybe it could be the text description maybe could be the picture itself or maybe the picture could be exactly the same, but you have a different graphic on it, so maybe it says a different thing on the picture. So you want to have two ads running at any one time and then after a few days, maybe three or four days, maybe seven days go back into advertising on facebook and then check and compare those two and see which one is doing better than the other the one that isn't doing so I'll take that off on dh then with the one that is doing well kind of analyze it a little bit and see why you think that one did better than the other and then create a new add on top of that and try to make improvements. So this is what it's called optimization basically right you're always going in checking in optimizing for for how you can lower your cost for advertising so I currently spend about three hundred dollars every month in getting new fans to my page on dh that can consistently bring me about a thousand a thousand new fans every month and in terms of like the grand scheme of things like I was making because I was doing a sale every week and that would average between three to four thousand dollars for me in revenue so spending three hundred dollars is really kind of a no brainer that's only ten percent of what I was getting so it made sense to spend on advertising to kind of scale up and grow my facebook page so let's talk about how you can create your own ads so people really as as human beings we kind of like to identify and once we kind of want to be a part of something you know we're all unique in our own ways but deep down inside we want to feel included you know we want to have a community in our own space of things that were passionate about so and the nice thing about human psychology as well when you look at when you go into your facebook page you can see all of your friends doing like all these quizzes where they're like which gilmore girl are you and then you know they're trying tio some silly quiz and there or like what like you do you have and then they're posting it everywhere, right? So people in general they like to do that they like to show the world this is who I am this is me so really give your fans a reason and a place for them to do that. So a great way for you to create facebook ads really simply you could do something like like this page if you like blank, so I'll show you a couple of examples really quickly but another tip is to definitely choose a really eye catching attractive photo of your product on dh that's something that you can test to a swell right? So something that you think that maybe this is a really great photo to you maybe may not be to someone else. So again, this is where the advertising testing comes into play. So here's an example of an ad that I that I have running all it says super cute scented full jewelry like this page and join other foodies so what I'm really trying t you know, the story I'm trying to tell here is that this is a community of people that are foodies, people who love food and it kind of sets the expectation that if you're a foodie, you come into here, I'm going to give you some really great content about food or that foodies are going to enjoy here's another one pretty similar, you know, like this page and join other foodies for more super cute scented food jewelry. So for this for this picture, I chose to do kind of a collage of some of my best selling products, and I like tio have a little picture of my fingers and my hands and there so people can have an idea for the scale of my product because I think that kind of elicits that whoa, that kind of shock factor, which will definitely help with your advertising. But what I also want you to notice here is that I have a quote on this banner, and it says I'm not a vet uterine, I'm a desert terrian, so whenever you can put a quote in any of the things you do, do it, people love quotes. I don't know if you don't like quotes, just other people love quotes so it's just the thing for hate like we all love quotes, so whenever you have a great quote to put onto your picture, just do it, it works really well, so let's talk about facebook engagement now, um and there's just so much information on here, but for those of you guys who are you know, I totally understand with facebook's algorithm on dh how it's preventing your pulse from getting seen by people it's really frustrating? I totally get it, but I'm going to try to break everything down for you. I'm going to give you a system for how you can improve on that and increased the reach. So why is engagement important? Have if you remember this was one of the four ingredients that you need to have for social media sales sales. So a fan who is engaged with your business page is a fan who is more likely to buy from you if a fan is already used to liking and commenting insuring your posts when you actually have something for sale, they're also more likely to want toe comment sold and actually by its all this you know, in marketing there's his concept of this no like and trust factor, right? So some what a customer needs to know you like you and trust you before they do business with you. Engagement is a great metric to kind of measure how much your fans know, like no like and trust you. You probably already know this but the higher your engagement rate is the more of your current fans are going to see your posts so the higher your engagement to hire your reach the more people are going to see your posts and if you're going to ask me what is a healthy engagement rate for you to aim for ten percent is a pretty good pretty good number off course you want to try to aim higher than that but if you're hovering at around ten percent that's pretty good so the thing is a fan who was interacting with your brain on social media is kind of like making a new friend it's kind of like dating or you know have all these analogies it's also kind of like you're in a classroom and you're back in school when you're like thirteen and your teacher asks you a question no one wants to be the first person to answer well there's going to be a couple of people who are pretty confident and her pretty like yeah I want to answer this but for the most part most people are not going to be that first person to jump in so in many ways socially is that way too if you have a post with no comments the chances that someone is going to come in and comment is a little bit less because you know they don't want to be the first person to the party so this getting your fans to be comfortable with your brand to know I can trust you is something that we can train them to do is something that they can become familiar with doing, and I'm going to show you how we can do all of that. So let's, break down the facebook algorithm and really quickly, but basically, when you think about how much content is being put out there in the world, they're all these big sites like huffington, post, buzzfeed, and then they're all the little guys like us who are creating content on their social media, posting pictures of our products, and then you have all your friends who are telling you like, oh, this is what my kid today, and this is what my day was like, this is what I eat there's basically so much information out there, so the algorithm really helps prevent overwhelm for you and for your customers, and what it does is it shows you based on your experience, clicking around on facebook, it shows through the best content that they think will that you will like. So you're basically picking things based on what they believe is your personality or like they're going to say, like, oh, I think you're gonna like this, and then they're going to show you those posts. So this algorithm I know you know a lot of people have beef lately about facebook with how you know with their algorithm my post aren't being seen and then everyone's flocking over to instagram and so I want to set things straight there isn't an algorithm on instagram actually I have heard that they might be rolling something out it it might just be a complete one random event but you know instagram is owned by facebook who knows what they're going to do with instagram you know, a couple of years from now right they might change things around but I wanted to also kind of superimposed this facebook algorithm into all of these other places this algorithm is at play as well on the etc search engine right like there's so many products when you search handmade jewelry on etsy my products not going to come up first it's probably gonna be on the hundred page so no one's going to see that right it's also the same with google search engine and that's why a lot of us are working on search engine optimization it's also it also does this unpaid interest right now it used to be that with pinterest if you pull something right now your fans are going to see right now but now they've changed it somehow they have a smart feed where whatever you post right now your fans are not going to see yet they're seeing a whole different cherry picked algorithm thing on pinterest, right? So they're only seen pins that are picked for them based on what pinterest things they're going to like and even with instagram, when you think about it, if you follow two hundred people on instagram and if you check into in scream two or three times a day, if you posted something two days ago, your post is going to be buried by all of these other people who have posted after you so it's not likely that you're going to get to the bottom of instagram, you know you're never going to reach you never going to see all the posts. So even in that scenario in that way, instagram also has that conversion rate of you're not getting one hundred percent reach, you're not getting one hundred percent engagement rate. So how do we get your fans to light comment and share your posts now this huge rule with marketing before you ask anything from your fans, you need to give them something first. This is the rule of reciprocity at play, so give them something first to give, give, give and then you can ask so, like, you know, between likes, comments and shares, likes are the easiest for you to get it's pretty easy. I think you probably are the same way. You probably like more posts than you do comment, or than you actually share let's focus on getting likes first, okay, it's, basically low, the low hanging food it's, easier for you to get so as they said, we'll focus on that, and I'll show you how, um, you can. You can get people to easily like your posts.

Class Description

Sell to your customers where they already spend their time – on social media!

All of the major platforms are introducing ways to buy in-stream, but few businesses take advantage of these cutting edge features. Find out how you can reach your target market and move more product in Selling On Social: A Complete Guide with Mei Pak.

Mei is a veteran maker, artist, and designer and in this class, she’ll share her step­-by­-step framework for mapping out and executing a social sales campaign. 

You’ll learn:

  • The right way to get your fans ready for a sale
  • How to create buzz and promote your sales event
  • Product photography and graphic design basics
  • What to do on the actual sale day and how to follow up

Mei will show you a variety of super simple ways to sell directly on social media (even if you don’t have a huge fan base or e-commerce website).

If you sell clothes, accessories, jewelry, gifts, art, or­­ even food – Selling On Social: A Complete Guide will show you how to turn your fans and followers into loyal, paying customers.

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