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Selling On Social: A Complete Guide

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How to Plan For Future Sales

Mei Pak

Selling On Social: A Complete Guide

Mei Pak

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16. How to Plan For Future Sales

Lesson Info

How to Plan For Future Sales

So I really encourage for you to sit down and create a calendar or maybe a spreadsheet and depending on the frequency of your sales kind of list all the dates that you want to have sales for and then also you know, think about the products that you want tough for sale, how many product you want to have for sale. What price points on dso on also consider tying in with special occasions through the year with any trending events or any holidays that you might be able to design your products around. So for a lot of my food jewelry, I liked to look at specific desserts or candy or snacks or food that people have around certain holidays like thanksgiving. I bring out the pumpkin pies and I think maybe one day I have to actually do like a whole roast turkey or something like that home that'd be really cute, but you know for christmas, then start thinking about what christmassy things you can have um to design and really like there there's so many events through the year right there's there's ...

valentine's there's new year's day there's mother's day st patrick's day easter. All of these are potentially ways for you to tie in with those themes and to create new designs on dh to give your fans something kind of fun around those seasons because your customers are thinking about the seasons you know, like it's now fall. So, like what kind of falls? The themed things can you make in terms of, like, maybe colors or just design in general, I really want to stress here that andi, I'll tell you a little story about what happened to my sail. A date maya sale a week, but whenever you can try to work in advance on dh that's, why the cabin a calendar is so important but really schedule it all out and event in advanced to avoid stress to avoid overwhelming for you. So the way that I was working with doing a sale every week last year, wass I was doing a sale every wednesday and then I was getting stuff ready. I tend to like it's in my genes to just work kind of at the last minute. I've tried to be better with that it's just it's not gonna happen. I just that's just who I am. So what? I tend to do that on monday. I'm spending all of monday, maybe all of tuesday trying to figure out this design that I want to push out for my sale. And for I don't know about you guys, but for the jewelry that I make. I'm very particular about the texture and the color and how things turn out with polymer clay when you actually, when it's raw polymer clay, it looks kind of a different color than after you have baked it in the oven. And when it's cured so there's a lot that goes into designing something on dh normally went when customers ask me for for custom products. I always tell them, it's going to take like, four to six weeks for me, too. Get this out. You and I was turning new designs. I was turning them around one's every week, so it was really stressful. It's, a very aggressive when you're thinking about designing new things, especially you know things that you can be proud of things that you feel good, that is, that you're putting out there in the world and things that don't compromise on your brand and your standards and your equality. So I was I was really stressing over designing my products every monday, every tuesday and then tuesday itself, I would start thinking about all of the different products I would put together as a sale, so I have something about fifty different designs in my line, and then I would start going through like I would feature for other items from my line and the next week pick another four, and eventually, when I've used up all of those four, all of those fifty designs, I would start rotating, and I would start featuring the same thing that I featured, like two or three months ago on normally with fifty different things, it would be longer than two, three months, but it's totally okay to do that if you if you if you're like me, we're designing a new product is going to take you forever. So that's actually a good thing for you, too. I think about especially when you're thinking about the frequency of how often you want to do sales, and if you want to take it upon yourself to design a new exclusive item every time, ask yourself how long it typically takes you to make something new. Um I wasn't being realistic with that I kind of just jumped in and did it and now I'm telling you, just as my parting advice before this class is over that really think about what's realistic for you so what happened with me was that I was going through at this very aggressive cycle right? And what happened was very interesting so in the first few months when I was starting to do a sale a week I was getting amazing, amazing traction I got amazing sales the first sale I had I wasn't anticipating it to be so so to turn out so well so I had only I think I was only selling very few products like for each item I was only making three pieces available because I wanted people to know that this was like a really urgent thing by now you get it on a discount now if it's all sold out or if the time for the sale is over then you can't get it again so I wanted to be sure to have like low expectations so my very first sale I think I did something like seven hundred dollars in every single things sold out out of the five different designs I had three to five pieces for each and it all sold out and I was like, oh my gosh like that's that's amazing! So for the second sale I could anticipate that. Okay, this is going to go really well, I'm going to increase my quantity and have a little bit more product for sale, and it didn't really well too, but what happened was after a few months of that and because my my schedule was so aggressive, I started to see that my sales were starting to go down, and I thought that was really interesting, and I was thinking to myself, like, why was that an issue? Why was that a problem? So I think for several reasons, it tends to lose its novelty, like for people, this is the fun thing that it's a fun event that they can participate in, but when you make it available once every week, it starts to be like, well, I can just come back next week, you know, so it's not that big of a neve ent or it's, not as exciting anymore. So for some people who have been with me from the very beginning from when I started doing sales, they're like yanni knows the same same usual, same usual stuff. Another thought behind that was I think I was also burning up my customers, having a sale a day, expecting people to buy jewellery from me every week, kind of asking a lot like, how much jewelry can you collect, how much stuff how much? How much stuff can you buy? Every time? I don't even go shopping that often at the mall? So really ask yourself what is a better, more realistic frequency for your own customers? What makes more sense?

Class Description

Sell to your customers where they already spend their time – on social media!

All of the major platforms are introducing ways to buy in-stream, but few businesses take advantage of these cutting edge features. Find out how you can reach your target market and move more product in Selling On Social: A Complete Guide with Mei Pak.

Mei is a veteran maker, artist, and designer and in this class, she’ll share her step­-by­-step framework for mapping out and executing a social sales campaign. 

You’ll learn:

  • The right way to get your fans ready for a sale
  • How to create buzz and promote your sales event
  • Product photography and graphic design basics
  • What to do on the actual sale day and how to follow up

Mei will show you a variety of super simple ways to sell directly on social media (even if you don’t have a huge fan base or e-commerce website).

If you sell clothes, accessories, jewelry, gifts, art, or­­ even food – Selling On Social: A Complete Guide will show you how to turn your fans and followers into loyal, paying customers.


Ting Yuen

I really enjoyed this class. Mei Pak is a fantastic teacher, she is easy to understand and extremely knowledgeable. I have learned a lot from this course, if anyone that is not hands on with selling through social media this is definitely the course to take. Thank you Mei for your expertise.


I vowed I would never purchase another course again because every course I've ever purchased was filled with fluff. After doing a google search regarding comment selling I came across Creative Live. Mei's honesty sold me. I am BEYOND over the moon that for only $79. Mei provided a step by step with actual reasoning behind Selling Social. I highly recommend this course!!! As needed, I will purchase courses from Mei and the future and provide you all with my honest feedback. Thank you Mei. Yoli Rapp


I'm so thankful that I could attend. Mei is an excellent Mentor and explained each step of the way. I left refreshed and renewed and ready to do the needed tasks to position myself towards my goals. I'm listening again while I work!