Sketch like an Industrial Designer


Lesson Info

Final Render of Coffee Maker

Product renderings help prove concepts, provide insights, and sell ideas. In Sketch like an Industrial Designer, Jorge Paricio will teach you the art and science of drawing products by-hand.

Despite the proliferation of rendering software, there is still a place in the market for freehand designs. In this class, Jorge will teach you techniques for drawing products for professional use. 

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Render objects from multiple perspectives
  • Simulate reflections and materials
  • Sketch with different tools
  • Create orthographic views
Jorge will demonstrate the process for using a variety of common drafting tools and discuss the importance of your early doodles and sketches for developing a polished final product.

In Sketch like an Industrial Designer, you’ll learn how to create professional, comprehensive product visualizations that you’ll be proud to deliver to clients.



  • Sorry to be harsh but this course was really bad. I feel mean posting this but I wish someone had given it an honest review before I bought it. It's nicely presented and well organised but the level of sketching is far below what's required for a design teacher. Sorry Jorge :(