The Business of Professional Photo Retouching


The Business of Professional Photo Retouching


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Finishing Touches Checklist

We are gonna continue with the workflow. And now we're heading into the end of the workflow and we're gonna talk about file delivery. And I'm really, really gonna try my best to slow this down, because all of this represents, we're gonna go through this, mistakes that I have personally made. Maybe a few he has made, but definitely I have made, that have cost me clients and jobs. You can blow the whole race, 40 yards before the finish line. And this will highlight possible ways to do that. Advice could come down, he's way out in front, and he goes, yeah, I won the race, and here comes some dude scooching on by him and picks victory right there, you can blow it. Yeah, so I may personally sound a little preachy in this section, but I mean this. This is danger zone, and I want to take it slow and be really serious about it. So we're gonna talk about finishing touches to the files, what you need to do as your checklist, you, not anybody else, you, to your file, to make sure everything i...

s in order. And we're gonna go over that pretty good. And that's a quality control. It's not just, like, your illustration. I think we spend so much time worrying about, oh, did we paint the hair lovely? Did we do the mask, is the color right? And we often forget the technical aspects of our job. How many times have you not checked if your type was in type safety? Or if the DPI was right, do you remember, I said about the ressing up, we've been talking about ressing up, work smart? How many times have I forgotten to res up at the end? And so we're gonna talk about methods to not have you forget to res up at the end. We're gonna talk about packaging and files, packaging your files and your assets and giving them to your client. And, oof, he knows about this one. This is definitely where it gets trouble, and you wanna be really, really, really careful in this area, file delivery, it's not just, oh, get the file to your client. How are you getting your file to your client? And what happens if that's not going at the speed in which they need it, do you have a backup plan? We're all about the backup plan. I got one. Yeah, I bet you've got a few. And then we're gonna talk about communicating with the client about the job, when you're done. So again, there's a lot to go over. I do wanna reiterate that we do have the worksheet that comes with the bonus materials with the class. And again, this is worth its weight in gold. I think, personally, having cried many tears. Awww. Awww. This is funny, because this is the stuff I actually, literally get twitchy over. Because it's cost me jobs and sleep and... I'm gonna use this stuff, seriously. I wish I'd have done this 20 years ago. I'm sounding like a little weenie right now, but now I'll have this. I bet I'll bring it up on screen and go, did you run a Solar Curve, did you do the noise?. It's good practice. I wish it was here for us when we were learning. Yeah right, well, we're spreading the news. So, you wanna take this slide here? We are going to check all files with Solar Curve. Have we talked about Solar Curve? Good, we're gonna talk about it again, because, if you don't use it, you're gonna get bit eventually. Check it, as your scans are going to come in, check for masking stuff. Now, when you bring in the new one, probably check it again, every time you bring in a mask. Another thing is, if you're checking the whole file with the Solar Curve, it gets real complicated and little things will play off of one another. Ms. Bloom used to go through each and every layer, with you? Yeah. Each and every layer with the Solar Curve, to make sure there were no mistakes. Hopefully with experience, you can not have to do that, but yeah, you can throw Solar Curve on there and not get what you need, because everything's so complicated. You'll have a bunch of little 1%, 2% stuff.

Class Description

Create your own retouching business from the ground up. In this class, one of Hollywood¹s hottest retouchers reveals the secrets to designing your own business. Lisa Carney walks through the steps needed to start and run a smooth business while keeping your clients engaged and happy. Whether you’re looking to work with photographers, agencies or even bill for post production - you’re bound to find valuable insight into the world of photo retouching.

This class covers:

  • Defining the type of retoucher you want to be
  • Solutions for the problems you’ll encounter on shoots and in post production
  • Communication techniques for clients
  • Secrets for setting realistic expectations from markups through revisions
  • Pricing your services and handling billing issues
  • Emergency tips for when jobs go off the rails

Get the inside scoop from a true insider. You’ll finish this class knowing how to construct a profitable photo retouching business model AND develop the tools to sustain it.