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When Issues Arise

So now we're gonna talk about the putting out fires, the train wreck section, the train has gone off the rails, and I don't know about you, but I feel like, actually, at least 50% of my job is this. That is why people call me is 'cause something has gone wrong. We live in this world, this is kind of normal, isn't it? Problem solvers. Yeah. It got pushed, oh, they'll fix it the next step, give this away, we don't wanna deal with it. That goes down the line until we're the last ones there. Right. And it's up to us to figure it out, so we're gettin' good at it, it's just twenty years of doing it. Yeah, and what I wanna convey to you guys as an umbrella is that this is not an issue. This is not something you should run away from or have it be fearful, and I used to live a little bit in fear of this. Like, oh, oh, things have gone off the rails! Oh, things are crazy! Things are suppose to, that's why they call us or that is why I am in the industry. If they didn't need retoucher...

s, if everything was perfect on a photo set, then they're not calling me, or the amount of money we'd make on it would be, you know, minuscule. So, first of all, that picture is really gross. I am sorry, I just realized that you guys have to look at something that's not very attractive, but hey, I'm gonna talk about that in a second too. So, putting out fires. Most of our industry, our life, is putting out fires, and I wanna talk a little bit about certain subjects within that. First of all, wrong wardrobe. Now, we talked about the wrong wardrobe on the photo shoot. We are now talking about the wrong wardrobe when you are not on the photo shoot. This is, it's done. The job is in, and you are working, and you need to deal with wardrobe issues, and it is all sorts of stuff. It is often around body shaping. I'm thinking, uh, I can't say what it is. He did a job where there body strips of this one gentlemen in a bunch of material, and he had to rebuild this, was it shark skins suit? That suit, it's-- It's a herringbone suit. Herringbone suit, and he had to rebuild it from scratch, and then extension, and what they did for this is, this shot, yeah, he did the one sheet. We've been talking about one sheets, two sheets, and 1448s for the entire time. They didn't tell him they were gonna do a phone kiosk. We haven't talked about a phone kiosk. A phone kiosk is incredibly vertical. So after he'd already fixed this suit, he had to fix this suit again under an incredible time crunch, and what he has in his bag of tricks, is he knows frequency separation, he knows pattern filling, and this is how you fix bad wardrobe. Is you have tricks like frequency separation, patterns, you know how to make something out of a single shot. However, it probably cost them double 'cause they didn't tell you in the first place that there were multiple boards. So, a little of what I'm talking about with you guys right now is this ying and yang process of you gotta fix stuff but can you communicate in advance.

Class Description

Create your own retouching business from the ground up. In this class, one of Hollywood¹s hottest retouchers reveals the secrets to designing your own business. Lisa Carney walks through the steps needed to start and run a smooth business while keeping your clients engaged and happy. Whether you’re looking to work with photographers, agencies or even bill for post production - you’re bound to find valuable insight into the world of photo retouching.

This class covers:

  • Defining the type of retoucher you want to be
  • Solutions for the problems you’ll encounter on shoots and in post production
  • Communication techniques for clients
  • Secrets for setting realistic expectations from markups through revisions
  • Pricing your services and handling billing issues
  • Emergency tips for when jobs go off the rails

Get the inside scoop from a true insider. You’ll finish this class knowing how to construct a profitable photo retouching business model AND develop the tools to sustain it.