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Think Bigger, Make More

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Identifying You "At Your Best"

Jason W Womack

Think Bigger, Make More

Jason W Womack

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12. Identifying You "At Your Best"

Lesson Info

Identifying You "At Your Best"

Okay, eighth element of day one. And these are the tactics, the tools, these the things that I can use is I'm building that productivity profile earlier this morning. I hope you remember me saying or maybe even asking. Will I give you too many ideas today? Yes. Will there be ideas that you look at sea in here and say up that one's? Not for me. Yes. Will there be one that you walk away from this course saying I need to implement this one? This could be it for those of you tuning in on line one of my favorite activities that I ever get to d'oh it's called at my best win and it shows up all over the place have mentioned a couple of times. My visit to the olympic training center when you walk in to the colorado springs us otc, this is the first thing you see. I asked, I got permission. They let me take this picture because to me, this sums up that place and what I did while I was there, I just had about eight hours on site is I walked round and anybody who would give me any of their attent...

ion I asked, when are you at your best and the stories they would spin? Some had to do with sleep something to do with nutrition something to do with talking to their friends somehow to do with winning that gold medal and getting the sponsorship and making the cash that they wanted to attract everyone had they're at my best win we're walking through ah scotland and I had to stop because in the window of this restaurant I saw this this picture and I wish I could have interviewed the owner of this restaurant because to me she or he was pretty much expressing when she or he has a restaurant owner was at their best now I don't know if they thought about it this way but to me this was an exemplify occassion of if this person could find this person they were able to relax about whatever it was now you mentioned something a little bit earlier about the under pressure I've actually had people tell me I'm the best when I'm under pressure anyone ever had that thought right where's like I'll give me some pressure that I can perform and that I can get in engaged and you know my little stories that when I was a kid I was not a great student kind of admitting this to the public world here and then something switched changing household change in families a change in the deals and there was this idea of performance indicating compensation in our world with clients it's performance indicating compensation our challenges will we perform at our best now I have always thought and lunch I was able to talk to one of your colleagues. I've always thought that using the at my best when tactic is kind of like me speaking a second or a third language, I speak spanish fluently and I I taught in that language I lived in mexico and I can choose now whether or not I'll use that language, I could stay in english or if the opportunity presents itself, I have that choice, we have many choices. In fact, every day I could choose back in and come back out of when I'm at my best. And when I say this is something that I love and I feel very passionate about, this is a tactic I use all over the world. So if I get to speak to a group of people, I am going to ask them when they are at their best. That question is going to show up here in the in studio audience and I'm going to plant that seed to the global audience of when are you at your best? My caution flag goes up let's, not use old answers what's an old answer in the morning at night when my boss is happy, I had someone tell me that out of my best when my bosses happy, what I'm looking for is you individually, what are the factors? What are the elements? Sometimes I call him ingredients of if you were going to show up tomorrow, we'll hear it creative, live or wherever you're going next and be at your best. What will you have to have done earlier that day, or how well you need to have been during that day, or where were you need to have gone during that day in studio? I'm gonna ask you to write down the first four, five, six things that come to mind, and I'm going to turn to my global audience and I'm going to ask you quickly, just type in a couple, I'm at my best when and as our hosts read these out loud, if you like some of theirs, you can totally steal them. That's not cheating, it's collaborating. We're all together on this one, but can I turn and words? Oh, ok, cool, legally, boots says. I'm at my best when I maintain a healthy diet, sonja says, I'm at my best when I ignore facebook emails and the web, and then there are a couple more they were mine are best when early day little successes and finishing things that work. Um and I'm at my best when I'm with the ones I love that comes from zen lp it's really great? Yeah, and one more from new rock road I know I'm at my best when I lose track of time in that flow state that development let me just get a couple from my in studio audience on of my best but when I'm feeling social and connecting with people from the morning when I finish my prayer and the greeting that devotional time kind of stuff and that's the beginning of the day for you, a time outside two people did that not right when have exercised starting line. Tony what? I'm laughing? Yeah, I mean, there's, that theme for you writes that fun that laughter, that engagement jack cannon I'm at my best when I'm moving. Uh, thank you for being here in one seat. It's also what? I've had enough sleep, but I feel supported for me and those of you watching online. What I would encourage you to do a little five day experiment five days where you wake up in the morning and sometime early in that day you review this ingredient list this I'm at my best when recipe if you will accept I'm gonna come back to yours because we have a different thing that I want to do for you in the morning if I review that at my best when here's one that I wrote I think it's back in december when I wrote this one and what I did is in the morning I reviewed this it takes about five or seven seconds and it allows me like speaking a foreign language to use it or not, and I've had some day I've had a full transparency here there are some days that have gone by when I look at this and say not going to do that one, we're taking it off the list, I'm even overwhelmed or I'm free from that one. I got this tactic I'm about to tell you I got this tactic from a client who had taken my seminar about a month later, I got an email from him and in the email it was attached to j peg picture picture much like this a little bit different and it was a picture he took with his camera phone accompanied by an email from him. In short, the email said jason was in your seminar last month I took at my best when home attached you'll see a picture of my twelve year old daughters at my best when list my wife and I are a little confused because for the past month we've had fewer arguments at home at night and he says you're the psychologist figure it out well when I looked at the girl's handwriting and it was really cute is like twelve year old girl's handwriting the eyes had don't hearts for the dogs and it was cute, you know anyway one of the at my best win for this twelve year old girl it said I'm at my best when my room is clean and mom doesn't yell at me now I knew exactly why there were fewer all discussions going on at home who was she now cleaning the room before herself? It puts me in the owner seat off this now the reason that I said except for the when you said when I get a good night's sleep who puts sleep, I've got to be a couple of you anybody, anybody online put sleep way did see sleep they were sleeping, they were sleeping here here's why I'm concerned about sleep is because if you look at this in the morning and you didn't sleep well last night, then you kind of write the day off you're like well can't be my best didn't leave last night, so what I'm gonna ask you to do is seven eight o'clock at night those of you who have rest sleep if you have that as part of your of my best wins seven eight o'clock at night because something magic happens between seven eight o'clock at night for us diurnal folks I worked with a lot of traders who work asia, and they're they're different, they sleep well, we're awake and they're awake while we anyway, for those of us who are on that up in the day, down at night, if you look at this a seven or eight o'clock at night, it gives you the option. You look down in this seven forty two p m it says either my best when I sleep, rest feli through the night, and then you look at the on tv dvr recording and you know that there's a two hour program you want to watch now I make that choice. How did I make this a part of my reviewing routine? Pretty easy, I made this screen shot the background of my computer monitor, I made the background of my iphone, and so that when I launched that I had to review went on that my best. So the two things that are a part of this number, what is time? Of course, of course, you know, if I'm stronger in the morning that I'm going to build conditions around, being able to be at my best and then what I'll encourage you to do leaving today is to put that inventory in a place you can see it, I've had one client ah one client group it's a a big organization, forty thousand employees based in new york. And what I have them do is in the seminars. We build there at my best win. They take a picture of it with their camera phone. They email it to their organizational system, and they put it as a daily reminder until it becomes a habit.

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Are you ready to stop wasting time and do more of what you love? In this workshop, Jason Womack will teach you how to be YOU, more.

Jason will cover the basic principles of human performance, share insights from positive organizational psychology, and reveal tips from his book, Your Best Just Got Better. You’ll learn the mindset for success, how to gain more customers, and how to be braver on a daily basis.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be equipped with the tools to impress your clients, get more referrals, increase sales and get more work done — without draining your energy, time, or happiness.

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a Creativelive Student

If you want to make more time in your life and you want to create more of what you've been wanting -- whatever it is -- this course is for you. Jason has created some very doable tools, even for the non-habit-prone, ADD-minded, to help you prioritize, focus and get more of what you want (yes, by thinking bigger!) I attended the live program and have turned much of what I learned into habits, something I rarely do!

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