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Think Bigger, Make More

Lesson 14 of 22

The "So That" Exercise

Jason W Womack

Think Bigger, Make More

Jason W Womack

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Lesson Info

14. The "So That" Exercise

Lesson Info

The "So That" Exercise

So today it's about taking that mme or that you want and incorporating your universe your world your team your network will use these words interchangeably I'm telling you it's one thing to decide what I want it's a what it's a whole nother thing to write down what I want something amazing happens when I tell the right people what I'm looking for we're going to combine a couple of tools from yesterday we've got the mohr that you want more global citizens more content we're gonna take the other idea that we took it from yesterday, which is the so that and what I want to do is give you a model that I can use and for this I'm actually going to ask for two volunteers I'm gonna have you come up and sit with me on the stage we're going to do a little interview back and forth so I'm going to pick on two people to folks that I didn't get to work with yesterday who can't wait to come up here on the stage and share this conversation always fun and a live audience I know online you're raising you...

r hand to come up but I'm going to see would cheryl would you mind coming up someone have you step off here to the side and because I didn't get to pick on you joshua have you come on up over here now for the rest of you what I'm going to ask you to do is to think through as if I were asking you these same prompts but I'm asking my volunteers here today and for the live audience as these answers show up for you consider submitting these to share them with that global environment that global community so the idea here is we're going explore this I want more so that concept and we do it in a couple of different ways so cheryl let me see if I can make you comfortable and come on over here let me have someone tell me where the best seat is to just put that sosa hi, how are you? Good, how are you? Thanks for coming today so what I did here is I love triangles love triangles because they only have three points and I always remember three things not a whole long list of things that have to remember but for the triangle exercise we're just going to go around this thiss tribal here and the first one that I'm going to ask you to share with me is what is something and this is the professional so okay the things you'd like to be making more of what is something that is easy for you to do it comes naturally no problem strategy tell me a little bit more about strategy I'm so if you have an idea let's say for a product or business it's easy for me think the end game and then make the steps backward from where you are to how to get to that point we'll put strategy off to the side and the next question that I'm going to ask here is what is something that you love doing the strategy off the side we think back to that I'm making more so that and one of things that I love doing is professionally still right keep that line of energy that I want more so that that something around that that you love doing you can't wait to get to that just when you're there you're friends go damn you're happy well then that wouldn't be necessarily professional it would be when I had my supper clubs tell me what those um I invite people over, we create a theme and I cook some food and we have great conversation and so around that scene and it's kind of what you're interested it's your party so you gotta choose the right I would say that my party and the cheese but I want to talk about we take those two we're gonna put those off to the side we're going to put the dinner party and I could explore that it'll be me matter that one the start of the side and the next question I have is what is something that when you think of them or you're making is challenging you in the next six to twelve to eighteen months we're going all the way through two thousand fourteen acre and you're imagining the challenges that are coming at you I'm getting the challenges of how managers can be met her managers of people they have the title but then they have these other people that they're supposed to lead and they're like, well shouldn't they know what they're doing? I'm just the department had that there's a sort of concept of I have these people they do what they're supposed to do isn't that enough? And it's no it's the challenge of mentoring and you talked about coaching, sponsoring, leading, cajoling it's the stuff that I think they assume that you get the title you automatically know how to d'oh when I look at this and I process it and this is kind of one of the things I love having these discussions we take strategy, we take the supper clubs, we take the challenge of stepping into that role I've always thought that there's a job title in there it doesn't exist yet there's something in there and I'll just share with the live audience the where I started doing this was actually with my high school students I asked the same three questions and it was fascinating is when they came up with their three answers we messed that together into a job title that their minds I could imagine, and their homework was go find someone on the planet who has that job description, and more often than not, they couldn't find him. They searched through the phone book they searched through the classifieds they searched through at this time the beginnings of the online world, and they realized, wow, what? I'm really good at what I love doing and what challenges and interests me doesn't exist. Bone, I step into that. Hey, thank you for sharing, cheryl. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Think who do a round applause a global. Come on up, joshua. So this concept, the three questions you you can play with these the order that I asked them in, kind of independent from answering the questions, I felt that this was the easiest order to go in. Now, for those of you in the live audience, for those of you, the global audience, if you did those questions that I was walking cheryl through, let me ask you to do him again with something diff so we'll start off. First of all, thank you for coming today. You need to see it. And the first question is on going to make you think about this one, but what is something that is easy for you to do in that line of I want more so that uh so we took a professional right now I'll just go with where you go through something that's easy for me to dio is, um essentially sales but really it's sharing the passion of what my company does it's easy it's natural because I mean when you say natural or easy, what what would be the cure? The indicator that you go? I think that is kind of easy for me was what experience is out there? Um there's internal things like it's frictionless for me to talk about what my company does, it feels like breathing it doesn't seem hard at all there's no resistance to that and then there's thie the outside feedback of clients and people that we work with going you're really good at that that seems natural for you to do that seems easy you're playing to your strengths that's always kind of a q, I would say turn to the audience for one moment anyone ever had experience where you were talking with someone or sharing a story and simply getting out what it is you do has been a challenge it's been like that? How do I describe this and to me it's such a great indicator that there's a little bit more work back there to do and it's something that takes drafting and drafting and crafting and experimenting and then the second thing joshua that you shared with me was we're going to talk today at the end of today about feedback from the universe feedback from the world and what joshua shared with me is in one of the quadrants where I'll take a look at the informal feedback that's on the subjective nature it seems like it feels like and those things are indicators to me that that if feedbacks coming to me and it feels like it seems like how do I jump a quadra and maybe get a formal can someone write a testimonial on one of my social online profiles? The objective wow, it looks like you closed four of eighteen deals last week so that's pretty fascinating to me at any rate that the second one surprise me what do you love doing? Um well I love camping I love getting into nature I love experiencing because I'm in technology I love disconnecting from technology sounds kind of crazy, but when you're online all day there's something incredibly fred refreshing about getting away from him I'm gonna jump because some of you know where I'm going to go with this so here we go something that challenges you look out over the next six, twelve, eighteen months year and a half from now we're just starting two thousand fifteen you look back and you think wow, that was that was a challenge man I mean there's so many as a small business owner I think building a team is a challenge it's an exciting challenge it's fun but it is a challenge finding people that fit our culture our mold um that that our style um constantly it's like I feel like it's a constant revision process refinement so it's an ongoing challenge definitely it's a big one so again I'm going to take those three and if I had some time to buy you a beer and talk to you about these three different things I'm seeing to myself these experiences you have where you use that strength of let me so let me share that outside tapping into barefoot on the ground that's the image I had my head judge and then the we're building something you were building something of support of development of production so I answered these questions thank you by the way thank you thank you thank you would run the thing in thinking through this particular program for you here a creative live I wanted to go through this process and share a little bit for you so one of them that I came up with here was I back up to go through all three of these so what's easy what I love and what challenges me I find it very easy for me toe watch someone work and I can see where they're friction isthe sometimes I go a little too fast meaning I will see something in the first three or five or seven minutes of working with someone and they still want to tell me about what they do and who they do it for and how important they are and what they do for living and their process of getting here and how they were used to be in the rowing team I'm just making up stories I've heard when I've already seen that one thing that gets in their way and with fascinating what's amazing to me is sometimes it's the smallest little thing I've had people tell me jason having to thumb type a response to someone when I know the answers on our internet but I can't get to it till I get back to the office it takes me time client in new york and for those of you were looking at small things you can implement immediately klein of mine in new york he actually travels between two offices there just across the river from each other so one's on the new york side and once on the new jersey side and he moves back and forth two to four times per day and what he was doing in this habit a routine where when he got on the ferry he would send a message across to the other side saying I I'm on the ferry I should be there in x number of minutes and I hope that you remember yesterday was talking about the shortcut keys that I could do in various mobile devices. We made a shortcut key that created for him about sixty words of text with two key strokes where all he had to do with type in the extra things he needed, what time he was going to be there, what he needed when he got there and what they could do that repair for his getting there in two key strokes, he was able to create a full, complete message that saved him time when you got this is one small tiny example. I know for me that I love thinking in that three to five to ten year future period. I talked a little bit about that yesterday, one of the tools that I picked up three years ago, a teacher had me way had several weeks to work through this, but he taught me how to read a magazine title and add thirty six to sixty months to it to read an online press release and start to think, what will this press release read in thirty six months? Now? I will tell you it opens up that proverbial pandora's box because there are implications that will come in and change what that title with that area is. I know for me being able to share those things with folks you know I rip out magazine articles all the times and then two people and then I'll add here's what I I think the natural extension of this congee and for me what my challenges his owning and stepping in calling people on it actually just saying to someone stop let's fix this one right now yes there's a bunch of things that we might be able to unpack and and create but here's one that I know the r o a the return on attention that we give this will be huge a question that you probably want to think about to yourself right now as we step into this day two of making mohr is what do you already have a lot of it's a spin of taking a look at this and yesterday when we had a couple of people talked to us about them what they wanted mohr and they gave us those negatives remember they said they wanted more or less stress well, what do I already have a lot of if I have a lot of stress if I have a lot of unhealthy habits if I have a lot of problems with my company if I have a lot of I need to list all of those and by aa lot I simply mean a great amount many a plethora and abundance I think one of the things that were going to run into today as we weigh start talking about reaching out to our communities when we let people know that the more when we let people know them or that we want to make it's going to rub some people because they're used to us having a lot of this oh but jason, you used to have a lot of stress you always have a lot of stress you always have a lot of this you want more of this one now with that list is there anything that you have a lot of that you want less off again? I'm just trying to turn that look that view in a different way I had a lot of late nights at work I had a lot of papers to grade I had a lot of airplane trips to take I had a lot of client contact client contracts to get back and then I go through that I go which ones do I want even more of and then which one? So I kind of want to minimize or mitigate so as we're getting ready now to take our break I want to drop in one more of those elements of that productivity portfolio that we've been building over the past couple of days and what I'll ask you for it I'm gonna walk to the flipped the white board behind me but in your experience I'm gonna ask the online audience we're going to get I'm going to ask them turn to you and get theirs that'll give my in studio audience some time to think about this what have you heard practice makes practice makes what so here in the studio right a couple of things down and already do we have some coming in practice makes wade got loads of things about what I love coming out so we just covered I think I should back up I want to hear some of those yeah we'll run through some of those were just north it takes a few seconds with people to react but we had a whole list of them I loved doing yoga I love hiking I love shopping I love fashion I love cooking I love the beach I love sewing I love creating all of these are very creative things there was a lot of things come around somebody else says well that dog thirty I love walking with my pop on by love helping others I like that one um and then way have you know the guy want you know it is there something that you want? Why is the want I want to make an impact on my organization so that the group is more respected and as a contributor to the company's growth which generally is, you know, giving respect to others so they feel a part of the growth process so also dan lloyd says what's really interesting is when you keep asking so that it's much like a child keeps asking but why wait do have some practice makes those nlp is saying practice makes patients um and then also uh practice makes habit from emily barani and six kids mom says practice makes apartment permanence came in twice trish have that one as well on emily says practice makes habit sonja says practice makes wisdom phillips says practice leads to mastery do you think from my in studio audience? Let me just get some that aren't here yet that showed up on your piece of paper tony classic is perfect and easy on progress skits, diamonds I'm gonna go one and then two or time practice makes more time and get that practice makes memories someone take a picture of this is a cool flip chart so those of you online take a screen shot that's a that's a good one I grew up with that concept of practice made perfect I was told that over and over again I was supposed to do things over and over again and what I've realized since then in studying this is that there is a certain danger to focusing on creating these permanent perfect on countable habits routines the home you know stasis and let me just unpack this for a couple of minutes when I think about habits it means that I'm doing things without thinking about them anymore and so yes when I was a child I practiced those keys on the piano until I could do them while I was upset and angry with my mom but she told me that practice would make perfect today when an email comes in and I have an experience of replying to someone with information that I have practiced it means that I'm not really thinking about that anymore and I know we have experiences I could share some of mine awful hein of things that I did without thinking that when I went back I had to redo with thinking so what I want to leave you with this morning when I want to leave you with those of you watching online is as you're considering those things that you are making more of those things that are showing up on that blank sheet when you think about what you're doing and what you want to step into doing more and more one of the inventory is alaska to make is this one now there's going to be someone out there who says but jason I'm not a morning person that's why I gave you all the way till ten thirty carried by ten thirty even my non morning people are up doing kind of starting their day and what's fast what I love what I really enjoyed talking with people about is what are their routine it's, what are their habits from the time that that sunlight kisses their face and they wake up to the day or the alarm clock jolts them, too, in awake state? And if you kind of think to yourself, you wake up and you start going through this every day routine, and sometimes I get to help people like, for example, what's the second screen that you check on your mobile, all right, your first one that's totally on routine, but right now you're probably in a space where over the past few weeks, or maybe even months, your second screen has changed as you go through that morning, what's the move that you make toward what part of the house with part of the room, what do you look at as you move through the morning? Who do you talk to? Who do you look for? As you hit that ten thirty mark and in the world that I work and live in for the most part, ten thirty generally is that about a break time? When you get a cup of tea, we're going to go stretch our legs, going to go walk around the block, we're going to go whatever that is to take a break in there, and what I've looked at is studying this really unpacking it and finding what those routines are, but I can just count on doing now let me just ask the audience quick show of hands and for those of you watching online, see if this is you how many of you have different kinds of days where you could be in one space on one day you could be in one line of industry one day who has different kinds of day and what I've found is that if you unravel this, I've actually got by ten thirty a m across my different days so when I'm on the road on a seminar day completely different by ten thirty a m then if it's a travel day for example, now again, if you go back to something that I shared a little bit earlier, the danger in these things is I know that these are the things that I don't think about any more. So from time to time when things shift, maybe it's the seasons, maybe it's, a new project shows up, I want to take a look at re evaluating those habits. The best thing that I do is I share this with people, so when I go to the home office working in the ohio office, I've actually shared with other people who work in home offices, my inventory and we can kind of push on each other hey, jason, have you thought about combining those two have you thought about not doing that five days a week, but making it monday, wednesday, friday if time and something we're going to talk about after the break today, if time is that limited resource where I'm trying to get more done in the same amount of time that I've got one of the things I want to take a look at this, which of the routines are taking time pulling me away? So when we come back from break, can I do we pop to the the break time way? We're fine and we want to take some questions, whatever, we will be going to break a ten thirty perfect, perfect. So let me go through a couple more things and just share with the audience when it comes to these habits in routines. Another question that I ask is, what is the gear, the tools, the technology? What do I use that I'm not thinking about using anymore? In some of my presentations, I've started putting in video clips where I'll find something online, and I'll say, you know what? That's a great ninety second portion of a twenty minute speech, I don't want to show the whole twenty minutes to ah company to a group, but I want to find that ninety six that ninety second block. So I was sharing with a friend of mine I said, you know, I I spend time I download I know what I used to do I used to show up on site I would tell the coordinator I need access to the internet so I can show a video I'd roll through the presentation to the point where I was going to show the video I'd stop the freezing I'd go over, I'd bring up that video online id forward it to the section that I wanted to show id press play and then I'd have to press pause it was a little bit this incongruous with the day at any rate I'm telling one of my friends about this and she happens to be in filmmaking she lived in ojai and she says jason, you can take a video and put it on your computer she says you can take that video and you can spice it and then you could take that spliced video and put it in your power point presentation. So when you put the next slide it just shows now I know I'm showing my age here but this blew my mind is like everything that I want to do is being done without having to think about it seemed my routine had been that time taking one, but by sharing with someone what it is that I wanted to do, they were able to help me so when you think about those two, those tools and that gear you used to make your more probably getting someone to watch you that audit that we talked a little bit about yesterday from the pen and paper that I don't leave the office without all the way to buy the different days, the kinds of tools that I'll set myself up with, I'll give a short story for anybody who travels around for those of you who are on the road a little bit for your jobs. I started doing this a couple of years ago, here's what I found at the home office, if I have an extra computer monitor connected to my computer, I can get more work done a little bit a little bit faster by simply looking between those two screens a couple of years ago. I don't know what prompted this, but have you ever made a reservation for hotel online? You know, you're going into the dates and the wait, check in, check out and you go through all your preferences. And in the bottom of that website I've ever seen that little section that says any extras and there's a text box, so I wrote in there I said, please leave me an extra monitor and a vj cable in a power cord, you asked. Checked into the hotel got it to my room there on the desk with a seventeen inch monitor with the cable on a power cord. I looked at the top of that monitor and the dust on the top of that computer monitor let me know that that thing hadn't been used in months, maybe years, and for that section of that stay those four nights that I was in that hotel at the end of the day, I got to bring up the pdf and the word document, the excel document and the web site, and I was able to work a little more effectively. Now I promise you, I am not one hundred percent on this because I ask every time I don't get it, but I have found now that that tool makes it a little bit easier for me to move through those things, so the question that I'll throw at the last one is what is a habit, a routine? What is something that you could repeat that would actually invite in rest, relax ation in rejuvenation again, we're studying what kind of looking at those habits, those routines that you've got for me when I do this one, I try to come up with twelve and I'm working with a client, my goal was to come up with twelve why twelve? Why not know there's twelve months in the year and what I actually do is I work with a client I say hey look here's twelve things that you've assessed that bring in rest relax ation rejuvenation reinvigoration and let's just see if we can throw these across that calendar one a month for the next twelve months and a little seed of thought that I'd like to drop in there is often times especially to people in this audience especially to people watching today what relaxes you what rejuvenates you what re engages you is not doing nothing what relaxes me isn't actually not doing nothing what relaxes me is doing the thing that I haven't had time to dio because of all the things that I've been busy doing I'll give you the classic example why I'm here with creative live today I have a habit a routine of about once a month I put together a group of friends they come over to my office my house and we watch videos online we watched creative live we watch other programs why I'm here today is a few months ago I found creative life I called three of our friends to came over and we watched half of of course together and the energy that I got the thoughts that I got that stayed with me when I talked to my friends over the next couple of weeks we still talked about that thing that we did that was relaxing that was rejuvenating so this element this tool how you walk away with really is important to me it's to study, identify and then question some of those routines that I have in place it's whether they are those things that I do by ten thirty in the morning they are those tools that gear that I know I can get more of it I just knew how to tweak my use of that and of course what it is that I do that relaxes me rejuvenate me re engages is with me in that so that do you want to give a special shout out? Because I believe this is a first on creative life but we have someone joining us from antarctica well welcome and talk together they're called that is well, maybe they're really in fresno way got some great comments from the internet thank you, as always from great ways to wrap here. Six k's mom, we heard a little bit from earlier saying the noun and verb way of working came up last night at a meeting I attended. It was fascinating to realize neither of the parties who were arguing was right or wrong. It wasn't good or bad for the first time I understood it was simply a different language on both unnecessary gave me a new level of respect for everyone on my team and then of course we've been talking about what you want mohr off today, and we got some great answers here. Gotta give big shout outs for these ones, bt photographer said on twitter. I want more created life, philip, eventual phillip, from belgium is in antwerp said, I want more time to watch creative life way due to thanks for low shot.

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