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Think Bigger, Make More

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More "So Thats" & Individual Productivity

Jason W Womack

Think Bigger, Make More

Jason W Womack

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10. More "So Thats" & Individual Productivity

Lesson Info

More "So Thats" & Individual Productivity

She's going to start this section with a few more of the my perfect day is on my ideal date is s o thank you for everybody contributed a zen was saying I do what I do so that I can feel I am doing something meaningful on. So I meant I do what I do is not perfect days sorry and that's on you was saying I do what I do because other iko conscious customers will know where to find what they're looking for so I can come fulfill a need from guessing society is in the ico in the world, flores saying I do what I do in order to feel good that I have directly increase the peace and health and pleasure of people that I care about that's a really good one, marilu I do what I do because I believe I can help others on at the same time being in the creative field fulfills my passion. Great well from yes and girl, who we've heard from a few times today I do what I do, that I can look back and be amazed to be blown away by the sheer she had a goal and drive it took to achieve the project, it lights my ...

fire. Like that one finally boom hand what a great handle I do what I do so I can become the awesome person I know I can be so thank you for sharing all of those who really appreciate those any comments from jason any feedback on those it's it's one of these amazing things where we it's easy to hold myself to a standard that is there and so for many of the ideal days for many of the so that's this afternoon for many of the at my best winds I'm going to do everything I can to bring those back down to if tomorrow morning I woke up and I was going to increase the likelihood of having an ideal day what is one thing I could engage in? What is something that I could look at a list and go? Yes, I've made progress in that area or I could have a mentor we'll talk about mentors tomorrow at length but I could have a mentor call and question me on one the fascinating things about having a son the court network not a network you go to but a support network is they can call me on stuff hey jason by now you said you were gonna have x wires had done how are you doing on those things? And so the only commentary that all offer is keep doing this work and then let yourself win you know, I I know I really I grew up in a in an environment that was starved for winds it seemed like every time I finish something there was something more given to me or if I didn't finish it at a high enough level, I was reminded that I wasn't finishing at that high enough level and so I love the fact that people today have done some work for those of you who who your work actually supported you and coming here today ah huge special thank you to your boss your manager your owner for saying, hey, go spend a couple days thinking about how you work because for a lot of people this is it you know, I don't know very many people who get to spend two contiguous days thinking about how they approach their work, how they think about their work, what their work would be if it were ideal. And so if this is the one or two days that you've got how to maximize that and again fall asleep tonight and wake up tomorrow and start acting on that start it's our bringing that in if I were to give one tactic share more share that so that share that ideal day share what you're mohr really is and the I don't know how to say the spectrum of what people's mohr is and people want to line those up you know there's a part of me that wants to race in triathlon mohr there's a part of me that wants more books to go out to schools and libraries is another part of me that wants my company to grow they're not independent of one another inter dependent and so that was kind of going back to the comment right before the break so that would be a little bit on my mind john about that and you have a question yeah actually if that's okay to ask a question because I'm gonna bounce it to them next so all right thinking I mean I'll start the balance um sparacio says I've heard in the past of you talking about using and dry a race pen to write your ideal day or vision words on a bedroom or a bathroom mirror I don't know if you're going to talk about that but if you're not can you share with the group about that so thanks joe yes um so yeah I shared a little bit about the goals that people can set and there's three of them that I know of one is the goals that I think about when is the goals that I will write down then there's what I call the goals that I see myself in and I first picked up this idea about seeing myself more clearly in my goals when I was working with one of my olympic swimmers and this was in colorado springs. She had won a gold medal in sydney. Olympics is going a while back. And I asked her I said, tell me about that process of setting goals, of achieving that of being at that moment on that day in that olympics, the best in the world and she unfolded this story about how she had cut out magazine and newspaper articles whenever there was a swimmer who had won an event, and she cut out the picture of the face of that swimmer and superimposed a picture of her face. And she just had this up on her wall and in her locker, she said it was a way of seeing me in it before I was in it. So another one of my my travel stories. This is one of my signature stories. There was a period of time when I was I was hustling, I was I was working a ton. It was city to city, the city. I think it was three cities in one week and I got to one city and I was tired. I'll admit it. I was tired, and at the end of that day there was this thought, oh, that simultaneously freaked me out and spurred me to action, and the thought was, why am I doing this? Now standing in front of you today seven eight nine years from that event you're probably thinking oh my gosh jason you know that's not like you today and in that moment nine years ago freaked me out was like wait a minute what? I can't be doing something I'm question why I'm doing it and for whatever reason that day I had accidentally kept the white board pen that I got from the client you know I was supposed to leave it behind but sometimes I get going and in the hotel room I pulled out this white board pan this expo pen that you'd write on and in the hotel bathroom mirror I wrote a sentence it started with I am working for my client tomorrow so that and there were a couple of bullet points right there and I looked at that in the mirror and I looked at me and I looked at that and I looked at me and like, ok, ok that's why I'm doing this tomorrow's why I'm working as hard as I'm working well how into bed and I completely forgot I completely forgot that I had done it I get it the next morning I'm starting to go through my routine eventually get into the bathroom with a shower get up and I look in the mirror and there's this this paragraph that I wrote last night that I was seeing me in I saw me in it and so the story that I told joe that I wrote a little bit about in the book is since that day whenever I check into a hotel I have this routine I go to the mayor of the bathroom and I write a sentence of why I'm working for my client tomorrow what I hope they get what my intention is what's the so that and what I found over almost a decade of doing this is the words always shift the words change but the theme has been one to two years at a time right now the theme is around this contribution of the overflow that one of the things I write about in the book when I talk about making mohr it's yes there's an aspect of making more that's the collecting the gathering, the I'm going tohave mohr and people I'm working with that the more they collect them or they gathered, the more they have they're finding they have more to offer of the overflow and this is, you know, classic maslow's hierarchy very hard to be self actualized if I'm not paying rent but once people start paying rent once their physical needs their mental needs, their emotional needs have been supported I won't say handled but supported then there is this overflow so that exercise and I know sometimes it pushes on people's buttons they say jason, you know, do you right in the hotel room mirror. Do you clean it before you leave? What if the maids wipe it off? You know, the people who clean the room and I've actually had folks in the hotel leave me a message in the mirror because the pen's right there, so you know, thank you for staying with us. Okay? Yeah. This neat little social media. You right on my wall experience? Um, another short story I can tell. We actually had a friend of mine come up from argentina. I live in argentina several years ago. And I had a friend of mine come up and live with jodi and I for a summer and in the bedroom that he used. There was the sliding doors in front of the closet, and they were mirrors so you could slide one mirror and it would cover the other mirror. Well, when I walked in, he had the english vocabulary, but he was learning next to the spanish vocabulary, and he would slide the door. So he had to study the english, and he said he would have conversations with himself in the mirror. And so that was that was the example from joe over its sprig eo dot com so good buddy of mine from santa barbara tuning in today. Was it you keeping a list of the elements? I know right before I asked is one sticking out kind of as the one that you're gonna you're gonna work on? Are you going to practice with tomorrow? What could I do to explain or further exemplify any of those six elements that we've talked about so far? Is there anything on upon your mind or we had a very nice conversation over the break? So that was that was a nice one two, three it's about your my teeth and advertising your enmity. Yes, some people could be taken aback by that when you say what's important to you and how do you mitigate that? So I'm gonna go back tio, if I hear you correctly, how I interpret that is I want to be very careful about who I share my I'm going to use the word goals with yes, there are some people in my social network who I won't say what I'm working on right now, too. I won't share that one problem. I'm facing situation that's challenging me that one thing that kept me working seven hours last weekend instead of four because they're they're not my support group for that they're not my network for that now, ideally, when you if you go through the mighty x exercise and just for numbers sake, I always say I'm going to go for seven to twelve on the personal side and seven to twelve on the professional side so over here on the personal side I've got things my most important things my marriage, my health, my finance, my financial security, my family over here on the professional side I'll have things like the book my coaching program, my web website so I might have another half a dozen another half a dozen all go through those and then I'll choose jackie who do I get who gets to hear me talk about the highs or the lows? And I heard you know, you brought in facebook a little bit earlier about sharing some of these things and it's neat what it stirs up neat in a different kind of away because there's some people who will respond to that again the positives and the negatives I think acting with you know, for me it's, I'm that was like four thoughts at one time welcome to my world. J k you had asked me earlier about the mentoring and if and I replaced it with when I'm always on the lookout for my next mentor always and a mentor to me if I were to quantify that just so you can hear this and you'll hear we're gonna work through this exercise tomorrow but a mentor to me is someone who will give me seven fifteen minute meetings within a year and I have a whole schedule we were on I have a whole process we go through and when I pitch someone on being my mentor I've pitched some very senior people some very wise people some very busy people and when I frame in this way I need seven fifteen minute blocks over the next year here's what they look like here's how we use them I know pretty much immediately if they're going to be in or not no I don't know if I would be that formal with a colleague or a friend but I can kind of test that you know let me share with you one of my most important things relative to my health and wellness and as you start to explain that they may have a reaction that you think wow yeah we're not going to talk about that anymore or wow I've got someone on my team that I can connect with I am I've gone through different social media platforms and I've created these little private group communities that some of the networks you can do this with and I've literally created a community for eight people I mean I think lots of people create those communities in their goal is to try to get helmets see how many people they can attract I need these eight or nine people and I may be the most active person in the group, but I know that if I've circled myself around these folks that it enhances the opportunity that I can step into this more that can move towards that and it's always interesting topic talking hypotheticals because both you and I know there's, someone specific on your mind that you're you're you're going through this information with, uh, one and then two and then three, I'll be right back. Did you have? Oh, no, oh, you had one high. I was thinking about between the burbs of announced and the organizational dynamics if it's more than one person that sometimes the burbs are the captive thing. Let's, calm the line employees are doing and then announce or more of the leadership, and sometimes when I find the conflict to be a set, either the goal is not really the goal or the line people are in sort of this need to know, so what they need to know is and what's being given so they're doing the job they think he ought to do, and they're frustrated by you asked me to do x, but you're talking about something else that doesn't make sense, how do you untangle all of that to get to the goal? That is the goal. So that you can figure out, are you on the verbs and I don't mean besides, what are you doing? The burberry doing the noun and what needs to be done? So in this afternoon session, I want a beautiful segue way just perfect how it works something such as in the afternoon session, we're gonna look at two things I share with you. One of the things we're going to look at is the at my best when but right before we get there is to have a structure in place that can hold at my best win as well as some of these other things. When I think about the tools of productivity, I think about that collaborative a with myself. So how can I have an idea here? Put it into a system, forget about it for now and then come back to it later on. Well, you're adding to the mix, which I find fascinating is in what I heard you say that all dig around and root around in a little bit is what we're talking about. If there's conflict or misunderstanding, I'm going to add to the mix how we're talking about it. So if anybody has a situation where part of your work is to do some kind of an end of the day assessment and how did I do today? What did I move forward on today if you have a boss or a manager that you're reporting to right now, that at the end of a lady to see some kind of what got moved over that past eight or ten or twelve hours, how I present that information almost as important as what I present now, I mentioned a little bit earlier and kind of in passing when I was talking about the noun and a verb approach when someone approaches their work from that now in orientation, what are they concerned with? Well, I could give you three things they're concerned with vision what's this going to look like when we get there, they're concerned by process. How will this show up? Well, we have weekly meetings, bi weekly meetings where we meet on the phone, we meet via skype, where we do it via email. Will we do it when we meet face to face? And then the third one from my perspective, is always going to be who someone who's interested in the noun approach is going to want to know who is going to be involved in this, you know, for those of you who are tuning into creative live, if this is your first creative alive, you're kind of getting a sense of everything that it took to make this happen for those of you were there, you know been here before, you know that there's a huge team together the reason I bring this up is as I was becoming aware of the support that we would have through creative live I'm just looking around the room I had to wrap my arms around who you know and practicing memorizing people's names so that when I met someone is like, oh, you're the sky diver guy that takes off on that day so that you know, we had this this banter already on the verb side they're interested really in two maybe three things the first thing the mission is the task yeah, but I didn't do this really who's ever had a miscommunication with a co worker, anyone of a miscommunication with a co worker here's the fast in anything? Most miscommunications weren't about content they were about context and I said they're very solidly, but I believe that one oh, I thought you were going to call I thought it was supposed to email your time with the same content, but it was the context it was that approach, so they're entering the action they're also interested in the follow up people weren't shouldn't in that verb orientation when we send something, how will we follow up and I tell you, one of the things that gets in the way of people's time during the day, if time management is one of your issues is people will follow up in the same way that they took an action that didn't get a response. I sent an email sent another email I've sent three e mails, I can't believe I've sent them four e mails and they haven't replied email them all the time they never get back to me like that's a good news that maybe I want to try a different tactic. Fax, fax it's this system where you could put a piece of paper? I'm totally kidding, but there was a time when I mean that you know that that that that come that multi motile communication so that definitely insuring the task that definitely interested in the follow up and verbs tend to be interested in the reporting that's. Why? When a manager says, I need her status report at the end of the day, I'm always going to back up and say, do you want a noun, status report or a verb star support? Do you want to know what things we moved on, or do you want to know what we did to move on things? Now, it's fascinating is from one orientation to the other if someone says, look, and I just need to know the now and I need to know the topics that you moved on today if someone comes to them from that verb orientation, they start telling them who they called and what they e mailed and what they read, this person can accuse them of what being in the wait there were there, not understanding is their strength is to wed. Alternatively, if manager wants to know what was done and the report is coming in, well, I worked on this project and I worked on this project they're going to say, oh, they're always living in the clothes, so I want to make sure that not only what it is that I'm sharing, but how I'm sharing it. I mean, the fastest way to know if I'm working with a verbal and down myself is I just take one glance it people's email inboxes, it gives me an instant. Q. Anybody know anybody that when they get a knee male, they have to act on the email. They closed the email and market on read any mark on reds in the room, so I'll get back to you later it's marta flags and he flaggers just flag it right it's a red flag it's a green flag that's fantastic and then it kind of falls down the screen who's ever forwarded themself an email to kick it back to the top just to kind of put that back into play need to see that again right? And people will do things from a noun orientation where they stay in their in box in mark's email announce who sent it when did they send it? What's it about that's all now in orientation alternatively, how many of you get an email that you have to act on you pull it out of your inbox at a task to your calendar at a task here to do put a sticky note in the side of a computer or anybody on that side verb orientation now it's fascinating is when someone from that I need to know what the action is is working with that I need to have it all inside this person will say just keep everything in your inbox and this person's like I got to get to zero and they're talking about two completely different things it's no longer about how the tool works it's about how they use that tool with the purpose of that tool was and that's what we'll get into today on the individual side and then tomorrow in the collaborative side how do I hand something off and make sure that it comes back okay, let me check in with these two questions and see how on course or if we can keep on moving through what was there was another you touched on my question a little but miscommunication um I'm thinking that you know, I have a little bit of ah um cultural translation when I'm practicing some of this so putting this in in place because I try to communicate or share in my socal off support group there are people who are from a culture that's not used to this kind of approach and so I had I'm just asking myself so how do I cross that cultural barrier without being misunderstood or without myself miss communicating why I'm doing what I'm doing visa vee you know, practice putting this in place um so like in you know, for instance more mohr is not always better and so how do you differentiate between the conceptual off more in the normative world off you know more means you're being selfish being greedy you want to make more money and somebody said um as opposed to, you know, doing more of the good stuff but how do you, um I guess a question to you would be how do you know what to ignore because earlier you talked about you know, ignoring some of the things like in focus so how do you know what to ignore and what to focus on uh I realized that's individually case by case, but do you have some? General? Um I have one general one that I always fall back on or I always sit down too it's that way, what do I ignore? Who has ever tried to change a habit? Has anyone ever tried to change? I have it and you've had various levels of success those of you watching online, whatever that haven't was and you said, you know this this is the year this I'm going to do it this time and to whatever degree of success you've had the most successful people I've ever talked to the most success person I have ever had in changing my habits has not been in changing the habit it's been in replacing the habit with something that gotten its way my mind can't do a conflict habit simultaneously trying to think of ah vous I have a light example and I'm trying to think of a more significant one, but all I could come up with the light once I'm gonna go with it. Um, how many of you know someone who bites their fingernails? Anybody know anybody who fights the fingernails? Ok, so here was the conflict that I gave myself very difficult to know that in a week and a half I've already booked a manicure very hard to continue biting my fingernails with that conflict now for me that showed up out of professional need where I went from being a high school teacher where this really the image it's like you're just a teacher kind of a thing and then I started rolling around the world and people around the world they're very noticing of certain things so for me any time my friend change a habit I just looked down that here's one what time do you show up for your flight big question huge questions and then if you have two people together and if they have differing answers to those two questions that could be a big debate so what I started doing was I started booking phone calls at ninety minutes before my flights ill flighted eight p m I would book a phone call it six thirty for me that meant I needed to be at the airport about six to get through security to check in to get to a place where I could take a six thirty phone call the phone call would last a half a knauer that would give me a half a now our to do whatever I need to do that would give me half an hour to board the plane I replaced the habit with fighting the clock to see how late I could get to the airport with well I need to be on time for a phone call and I could probably give a dozen examples of these kinds of things relative to this conversation about mohr everybody wants more across cultures what's difficult is to describe it as that work heard haven't met a parent yet I haven't met a parent yet that wouldn't want more time with their kid at the end of the day haven't met him yet they might be out there you know I had enough I'm done the most parents will say I wish I had time to read one more story read one more book we should have one more conversation everybody wants more is simply upto us by culturally cross culturally to understand how can I tap into what theirs is how can I support what there is is and I'm going to fall back to the significance of acknowledgment when I can acknowledge someone for when I see them doing there more to me I feel good being able to say to someone it really being able to say to someone it really feels like you are in the job you're supposed to be in and maybe that's when that's when the word job leaves and work shows up I mean those those of us who were fortunate enough to be in this room where our work is our life it doesn't feel like we have a job okay sometimes it feels like it happened job, but but you know you know that that piece of balance in there I mean the first translation of arb of my book went from english the next translation was chinese and we had an interesting challenge there because we had these words of think bigger of make mohr and it's a jason that's not really how we so they they spun it and then they just put the english title on the bottom so down in the bottom on the next language was russian so that'll be interesting to see how that plays out culturally let me see if I think of anything else so the ignore part is I replace what I need to be ignoring with something I can't ignore you know I'll I'll step on thin ice here but when it comes to the social network those four six people that I need to be spending more time with their maybe someone in your currents but social network that you need to spend less time with I've had them I've I've seen them show up in my team map I go wow that person I've spent a lot of time with over the past month I actually am not getting really positive influence when that person I need to not spend as much time with them well I didn't not spend as much time with them I simply spent more time with someone else sorry I'm already booked I'm doing this thing I took up this class I'm preparing for creative life so what can I replace? That gets in the way of that thing. You know, I'd be curious to check in with you in the morning tomorrow just to kind of see. What is it that that kind of made that list one of them is what do you not want to have to think about anymore? You know, my life changed when and I did this. It took me about a year, but I started tracking the kinds of things that I had to go to the store for the non perishables, like balance bars and ziploc bags. Sorry, totally using branding there so protein bars and baggies, but all the things that, as I go through, I was buying on a regular basis. And then once I realized, oh, these I get every thirty, those I get every hundred twenty, those I get every eight months. I just put all of that on a subscription. And so I was able to ignore that aspect of having to remember landing at l a x driving back to ojai, stopping at spending an hour and then going home. Now for some people I know. I mean, you know, system was shopping it's fun for some people and, you know, walking those aisles and putting things in the cart. Fun, that's. Awesome. Keep doing more of that. If I can automate some of these things. I got another walk in with jodi and our dog. I got another bike right in with my friend. I gotta next her nap in. We talked about napping, right? How you know it's like I'll take a nap that I'll take that that's amore I'd like, but it really does it really does it's incumbent upon us to take that first element from this morning and really develop what is your more and it's? Not in a silo? I have more for my life. I have more for my relationships. I have more for my well, five more for my health, more for the community. But you I mean you're they're dancing on a very interesting floor asking the question, what do I ignore? Because especially for busy people for people who have been with us online for those of you been with us today, if you've carved things out of today, you've by default ignored something x all of you in this room, we've ignored some things today to focus on this. Our hope is that the r o a return on attention is valuable enough to be able to act on on some of these things.

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