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Think Bigger, Make More

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What is your "More"?

Jason W Womack

Think Bigger, Make More

Jason W Womack

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Lesson Info

3. What is your "More"?

Lesson Info

What is your "More"?

I pose this question what is your mohr as the element that we're studying right now and as you think about your mohr there's really three different areas that I want to explore for each one of you the easiest way I know of to do this is to pick a person or a client or a group or a community that you are here for that your mohr is there to support and in just a moment I'm gonna give three prompts and online I'm gonna ask you to the same thing is to think about a person or a client or a community that you are therefore that you're mohr you're making more is a part of and one way to do this is to think about the the service that you offer or you provide and kind of clarifying if I were to put that in one sentence or sometimes I'll push on my clients to get tow one word some people it's the product that they create I thought that was a fascinating comment about how to how did they put it get a get a product that I don't need any more yes uh that that was uh huh we have a lot of comments th...

at role in so it just goes back to you saying I've been making part of that I know I'm not going to use I think that right, right, yeah you know to me the way I'm interpreting that is putting that ear to the ground and no finding out what do they need? How can I build that for them? How can I create that product that they roll away with? This is an interesting one because a lot of people want to combine the service and the product with the experience altogether, but I'm actually going to ask you to unpack like that to separate that out we went to aa restaurant for dinner last night here in san francisco and some friends of ours are visiting from australia and so jodi did a magnificent job of going to yelp and finding a restaurant to go to we all met there and the experience we had I can tell you was separate from the product they put down in front of us or the service routines that they've embodied the experience is what I'm gonna walk away remembering really what I'm asking to consider is the who that you are more impacts and one of the ways that I do this is I just go through trump's and as I'm laying these prompts out and I know they're going to start to come in on the online community but if I think to myself the service, the product experience and I consider the who the person, the client, the community where are they that's one question I'd like to ask where are they physically where are they mentally? Where are they financially? Where are they spiritually where are they when I think of their location where do they exist? I shared with you that in day two we're going to look very specifically about your social network but I've separated that out from your social media network I'm talking about those two or four six influencers to your life just by nodding really quick how many of you can bring to mind a teacher or a mentor or a coach or someone who was influential in your life when you think back on where you were to where you are and their name comes to mind it's you know I love this clouds what were their object tiffs? Those people that I'm serving that I'm creating a product for that I'm developing an experience for no this is where it gets pretty interesting to me is because sometimes I have to divine have to guess and then we all have seen different kinds of ways that we go about for example how does creative live figure out which courses to bring on and they can do that by listening to the chat rooms by sending out surveys by spending time with people and asking them hey, what are you working on? What are you working on? I I love this prompt because this gets me out of my own shoes to use that saying but when I think about the clients that I get to serve, whether it's over in belgium or are scotland or london or here in san francisco are online around the world, what are their extraneous circumstances? You know, when I find out that one of my managing director clients who I'm going to spend the next six, six months with working through their challenges, oh, and they have a two year old oh, and their spouse just got a new job oh, and they're now having a ninety minute commute into the city every morning that's a different situation. I also like to think about what the problem is from two different perspectives. What is the problem they think they have? And more and more, I've actually found that what people will label as the problem is actually the effect of the deeper rooted problem. We'll talk about that relative to this group today and then I start to consider to myself what other things do I know about them? We had several people who were tweeting over the past week or so about this class, and then we put out a challenge yesterday we said, hey, bigger live what is the more you'd like to to be making? And we had people responding to that, so I went in of course, and I started following anybody who had mentioned anything about what they're more wass and all of a sudden I'm starting to gather more information about this community that we've come to get that has come together so let's just go through my own example of this thinking about you, my location so here we are in the studio in san francisco and around the world online we have a couple of objectives that I could I could count on, I can stand on one is to learn how to think bigger now we did establish that there's a lot of you in the studio, you are to do that. So then it was that second piece what to do about that thinking what to do about that bigger thinking, what do I know about you? What are your extraneous circumstances? You're very busy, very busy we had a lot of people who wanted to come for half a day or one day, and we really said, you know, we need you to carve out that busy nous to come in and think about your business here's, something that stands out to me, a lot of the people that I get to work with, they defined their problem about why they're not moving as fast as they're moving as time, and I'm gonna unpack that tomorrow, we're going to take a look at how you can get mohr from that limited time that you've got, and they chose this course then I say that with a big smile, right? That's another thing that I know about these folks, so what I'm going to do is I'm going to ask my in studio audience just to start to create and hopefully you're able to pick a client or a person or a community, and we're going to go through with your pen paper your mind kind of thinking through those prompts I'd love to see online anything about this process or people as they're talking about their location, the problem they solve and other things they know the title of this page, in my notes, would be the demographic I serve from the online audience summary I see with a big smile is there, I'm always smiling, it's not an indication of anything but joy when it comes to that demographic, as people are thinking about that and those of you, you know, if you're sitting off a piece of paper next to your computer right now, what kinds of things do you think about when you have to dial that in? I think what I found whenever I do this is it makes me be choosy, it makes me really think about how do I know who my readers are? Do I know who my watchers are? My listeners? And are there things that I can pick up about them and really putting in the side of your pocket or your tool belt or in a drawer off to the side to pick up at any time the element of knowing what your mohr is to me it's so important it allows me to wake up in the morning and start to make choices I actually put things on that white border that to do list or uh anyone ever emailed themself a reminder for later on right you're here you think of something there no there that when I send that note to myself again for later that it has to do with what is the more that I'd like to be making so if I could ask that you walk away with one thing from this first session it's really going to be about unpacking and identifying what my morris quantify and qualify what would that look like and then understand the demographic of who I'm providing that for from the in studio audience who's got a comment or an idea or something that was a little ah haw as you were looking through this last exercise of the quantification how much what would it look like and the demographic description of who you're serving creating a product for creating an experience for so my name is dutch answering and ah I was thinking I'm in the process of right now organizing um ah first benefit concert for the small grassroot women's group uh that I've helped co found and it involves, uh, singers from the bay area as well as from europe, and I'm really nervous about how it's going to turn out, and the more I want, the concert benefit is really to raise money for women and girls in tibet, and my more is trying to get more people aware ofthe this event and come to the event, and I am looking at it as as an impart mint tool. Ah, for women to be creative, to work across cultural barriers and to create an environment that is, you know, that has music, which is a global sort of language, off piece and unity. And so my at the extraneous situation and I was thinking about is I have very little control over who comes and who decides not to come, and so I have to sort of let that go, so I'm not I'm trying not to focus on the quote on quantifying the more in terms of numbers of participants, but trying to be a happy with whoever decides to come so it's about, um yeah, and the other things I know about them is that those who come will come for a number of different reasons, but particularly probably to enjoy of music and for a good cause, so that's kind of what went through. As a cz you were sharing there were a couple of times when when you lit up and one of them was when you use the word music and dancing I don't know if I heard dancing if you said that but I heard that in what you were saying and it's fascinating because that quantification may not be numbers based yesterday we came into the studio here a creative live and and you weren't here physically but you were and I actually stood on the stage and and you're sitting in different places by the way then you were sitting yesterday so I just want you all know that that yesterday I had you in different seats but it's okay it's okay and being able to think through what would success feel like what would comfort feel like you know everything from where where I'm gonna practice standing on the stage to we're gonna have a place to set my water so that that can now and tony, I know you'll relate to this I can not think about that. And so it's almost as I was hearing you share was almost what are the things that I can stop thinking about because I'm unpacked that I've I've developed that in as much as I can and then come back to what is that mohr that that I want to feel but I want to experience and using the tools of imaging in have I been wrong in my imagination? Oh yeah oh yeah, but more more more are the more I practice the closer I get and there are times where I can think about something play with that envision toward it on the last thing that I'm going to share and then because I I know you had one too to practice play with as well is letting people know what a win would feel like there were a few people over the past week or so that I've reached out to and I shared with him what a win at creative life would feel like and I know that in about four o five this afternoon I'm going to start getting some text messages and they're going to let me know on or off they're going to let me know it seems like you were there here's what you need to fix for tomorrow but I've created this little is anyone ever taken kids bumper bowling? Have you ever done that when you go to the bowling alley and they put these two kind of balloon things so that the ball just bounces back and forth but it always hits a pin? I always want to hit a pin so um the location my ideal client is anywhere as long as they have the computer phone and they actually how to use those things that's all I need um their objective is business growth. They want their product in multiple channels, they have this demographic they want to hit, but their issue is they have squirrel moments there's so many things that they could pursue and each day it's something else and then you wonder, you know, can you be on six different tracks and try to get to your goal? My answer is no, the whole irony of it is is that I'm the sort of analytical amish in person these people are the creatives, which for me used to be the starving artist they're not they're just super creative, so many ideas they need someone to provide that bumper so they don't go off track, but they can stay within something that can still get that creative juice going but still achieved their goal and not be talking about it five years from now because the one client thinking about she's been at it for ten years part of it's because technology wasn't ready. But the other part is she's had too many squirrel moments and no one to say stop and she'll listen when someone says stop but she needs someone to tell her, stop go back laughter go back what's so present for me right now is you're sharing that is the absolute gift of you being with a share specific example stories. One time I worked with a client being able to share with people if they relate to the story that she just shared, they have tio the challenge that would just be low self disclosing here is I think we have a little bit in common where we can kind of do a lot, yeah, kind of looking kind of yeah, I have my fingers in a lot of things and there was a run of quite a few years where I was known as the guy who did everything he does this and he does this and he does it, so jets jason he's doing this mine has actually been for the past seven years changing that story. We're now I do I I really do too I think things I help people think and I help people make now how they want to think if they're going to play in my world is bigger and what they're going to make if they step onto the stage with me is going to be more I, um, share with you the short story of my grandmother passing a year ago and she spent the last two months in bed and I fascinated because every now and then I'll see a tweet go by or I'll read an article or I'll be in conversation with someone and someone said, gosh, I wish I could just I wish I could be in bed more I wish I could be in bed all day long and I think to myself, that's not the more that I want to be making and so it acts. Is this almost line of oh, you want more of that? You know, almost and what you were just sharing? Oh, you want more focused down one track that's. Why you would invite me into your world. Alternatively, if someone wanted mohr creativity and innovation, they want a white board with rick full well, knowing that you're going to bring them down that path asses up and then this is the idea that's the germ of that one thing, that next thing did you have one it's a little bit different, but I realized that my more is providing more valued student who were studying abroad. Um and the idea is to save the money uh, and so on. Ah ha for me was I need to figure out a way toe have forward this to your parents forward this to a family member and grandmother who might support the purchasing of this discount book. Uh, so that the value is added and they don't actually even need to spend on it as my ah ha while writing this out, and and, you know, any time I convey give to understanding that demographic understanding, that group of people that I support for me it's always done two things. Number one, it attracts more of the right people. It lets them know how they can participate. You know, when I throw the invitation on the table for people to come to the grand canyon with me there's a very quick line of people who say no way and almost anybody who's been somewhat interested. There was something beyond that. Then just oh, let's go for a day long hike we met in many different areas. You know? Someone asked me recently, jason, why do you keep doing this hike every year? The main reason is because there's one guy who's been a mentor to me for about nine years now, and I get thirteen hours of walking next to kevin. So to me it was a total win win of being able to hang out and be in that more. I feel compelled to check in with the online community and just say hello and thank you for being here today. We got such a terrific audience than there really live being really reacting aims for four for four says I'm a college student right now. I'm finding I'm serving my professors and my protect potential employers, but I have to balance that with serving my friends, my classmates by current employer, my family and myself it was interesting the way they're trying to balance everything that what I just saw in my head j k o as well as, uh, aims aims for four for four was going through that as I saw a wheel with spokes I saw his name in the middle of that spoke and then outward where these lines and then what's neat is to go through maybe every three or five days a measurement of how connected are distant I am from those people and I do this quite often where I'll put my name in the middle of a suit, a wheel with these spokes and the closer I can draw tick mark, the more connected we are, the further out we go there's been some distance beyond their the challenge as I see it j k o is, when is it time to create distance something a lot of people will look at that and go, oh, I'm a little bit distant, I should bring them back in, and it may actually serve me to take that one professor or that one family member or that one friend and say, you know what? If I'm going to be thinking the way I need to be thinking that influence does need to stay out for another conversation, another week long respite uh sometimes a little bit longer we'll leave that one off to the side well, a few people talk about family they did mention family members acceptable summary you have some comments to yeah actually a well meant asian family fda says the who I do want to do more for are those people who already have given me all they have to get me where I am and I feel like it's my duty to succeed for them as much of it as it is for myself and follows it up with my parents come to mind as that who as well as my future children because the ultimate goal is to continue the patterns of support that I was brought up with so it's this sense of duty it seems like right yeah definitely yeah that's coming up a lot and there is a lot of relationship what I love is the online audience connects with all of you so they're relating to that squirrel moments that you're speaking of on and actually uh oh I lost it but anyhow there's some fun comments in here related to that the just to come back a moment I was working with a client of mine in new york and he was sharing with me that he wanted to be the best dad he could be two he's got a three and a five year old right now and I've checked in with them we talk about once a week and so I'm asking him how are you doing as the best dad, you, khun b and I let this go on a couple of weeks, and then I stepped in and I said, have you asked your kids what the best dad in the world would do? And across the phone, I could kind of feel this like, don't you know when dogs do that window? And I said, why don't you just experiment? Asked the three year old what the best dad in the world would do when he got home from work and asked the five year old what his friends best dads are doing when they come home from work and what was fascinating when I checked in the next week, it was I don't think this or a lot wrong way it was so low that all he had to do for the kids where these little things he had been holding himself to this standard that who made up he did, and so that comment for me really is important. Where, if it's on someone's mind to give back to those who have given us so much let's, go ask what that would look like to them. You know, I have a saying in my workshops that I deliver around the world, I say let's, just be honest with each other a little bit more. Ever called someone that you needed to get some information from, it would take one conversation on the phone and and they pick up and you say, hey, it's, jason, do you have a minute? I'm asking all of my clients when they call someone, and they think of the phone, hey, it's, jason, I'm dealing with this problem. I probably need about ten minutes of your time out of the gate. I just wanna be honest, here's, here's, what I need and when that person on the other side of the phone, if they say no, they don't have ten minutes, right? I don't start crying. I ask a follow up question. When might you have ten minutes? Oh, and then if they say yes, then for the next ten minutes, I'm gonna plan. I'll be out of there by nine, because I want to be the guy that always asks, but gives a little extra.

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