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Think Bigger, Make More

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Student Hotseats & Learning Discussion

Jason W Womack

Think Bigger, Make More

Jason W Womack

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Lesson Info

19. Student Hotseats & Learning Discussion

Lesson Info

Student Hotseats & Learning Discussion

And what I want to do is I'm going to ask for you ready for this couple volunteers. I'm gonna meet you appear of the table because I want to walk through the exercise that I've built just for the in studio audience for the online audience toe watch but want to walk a couple of you through looking at your communication styles, your product and how we can start to build that up for you. So I'm going to ask two of you to decide come on over here. Got tony, so come on over you two right over here for the online audience, lou, all you're going to need for this activity is a piece of paper where you can build something like this. It's a matrix down the one side. I've got the three learning styles and up on top because I have two volunteers were going to go through two of these for those of you watching online, if you want to move through both of these along with us fantastic and those of you in studio pick a project, pick an event and let's see what we can do. So I'm gonna go ladies first so...

rry, tony so it's, just this it's, how I roll hey, how are you, excellent, thank you for being here thank you. Absolutely. So what I want to do is I'm gonna ask you to share with me. I'll have you think about it for a little bit, but I put up here was I put clients slash project now, obviously, what I'd love you to be thinking about is, as you're considering, the more and the so that and today than in the collaboration is there a client that you have on your mind or a project that's kind of mme or on the surface than anything else? Can you at least think of one of those? Yeah, tell me a little bit about that one it's ah website, that I have a partner with called epic uring and it's, a culinary travel blawg, and we also list events of interesting local food experiences and try to get people into california. Now, when you think about it, we won't go in any particular order, except we just go from the top to the bottom as far as the audio. What component of the narration or that sharing and what can people listen to relative to that new website, that new project that new even so, what can they listen to when I'm describing it or story it interact with it, start there, ok? Um so my partner and I will meet people at events or will sponsor an event like it the farmer's market here in san francisco and talk to them about how they can be writers on the website or about how they can subscribe to our newsletter our facebook page and learn about interesting classes and um, talks coming up thinking through some of the things I was sharing publicly now of course a website is visual and the pictures are visual I'm curious and kind of put us both on the spot here. Is there anything on the visual side that right now you're thinking of relative to the epicurean experience of talking to these people around the bay area anything on your mind you think oh, that's a visual thing that we could incorporate or include definitely we've have have some youtube videos which I guess would have audio and visual we haven't done enough we have some photo galleries which you khun meant pin on interest and drive more traffic to the website and that can engage people who don't want to read. So I recently put a gallery of another local farmer's market um I'm about to say but yes and yeah, so there are lots of photographs and some videos so we try toe I know it's definitely with food worth a thousand words we use instagram a lot for the photos and the engagement that way one of the things that I'm listening for as she's sharing is the noun verb interaction of the learning styles, so when I hear someone say, we're getting them to see the food now and we'll get them to get involved, so I've got the noun side here's the thing though look at we've got to get side the action that they're going to take, and that leads me into the kinesthetic so anything on your mind about that, that physical thing that people get print have received tell me literally at that it's really the in person physical experiences, so we put on some chocolate tours we put on interesting tours of local of a distillery, so when the people who have medicine person have really become ongoing connections and invested and just have loved the experience they can get by being involved with epic uring uh the website itself let's see that's not as kinesthetic, but but my partner leko and I like to be out in person meeting people and talking to farmers and connecting people and that's the rial kinesthetic aspect of it. What I'll invite everyone who is in this kind of a field where there's components visual audio kinesthetic is always asking myself, how can I get one to do the other? So across our website we've had several sections where we say click here for a pdf of this page and just the wording click here the user gets to do something print they get to do something page now they at least have to move it from one side of their desk to the other one of the things but like, thank you, thank you, thank you. One of things I was sharing with the audience come on, tony, because I'm going to talk to them and then I'll come out come over to you I shared with you when I'm working with a client and if they say things that lately me believe their audio sounds good, I like what you're saying at the end of the day, I remember I said I will call them a voice mail if someone says, oh, jason, it looks good. I see what you're saying I'll send them some kind of a something to look at or or pull up on their screen either a slide show or something like that with mike anesthetic clients with the canis thetis people that I'm working with, it feels good. I like where this is going. I get what you're saying, I'll actually put my book, my dvd and my audio cd all the products we have in a fedex envelope bring it down to the folks of good fedex and ten a m next morning use about ten o one I get a phone call jason I'm holding your stuff I couldn't wait to open the envelope I've already started unwrapping and something and of course you did you're a kinesthetic you had to open that documentation so as you were sharing about that experience of people coming to you leaving you know, the other one that's on my mind is how important it is that they use the vocabulary when they talk about your product that you want them using one of the things that we've been very interested in over the past year or so is getting people who have read the book to talk about the book in the way that we want them to be talking about the book and the easiest way of to do that is to let them know the messaging to share tony we're gonna go backwards up the list we'll start with kinesthetic will and with audio for u s o project a client which one are you thinking of? Uh kind of have a guess imagine client right? Because that wasn't against I was taking your website. Yes, the project is study abroad savor dot com er and I guess my client in this tradition would be, uh well, I'm stuck between the vendor zone a sign and they and the students or schools that I want to convince um I can add value to so vendors, students or schools pick one vendors because I think way just pick one you just see using, you know might be wrong, but you pick one in your role with it vendors I feel might be most difficult kinesthetic. So what is something that they can hold, that they can unwrap, that they can have to put off to the side that would let them know about the product that you're that you are standing for, imagine a principal, uh, pdf of our value proposition and what we can offer, and as soon as I come up with something like that, my research brain kicks in and I'm going to go look around for other web or services that have some kind of a printable service offering. I don't know if I share this example to someone off line or on camera, but back when I was a high school teacher, so many stories of being a teacher I guess I'll just roll is what I've got is what I've got. I had a student who was interested in going to a college, so I called the chamber of commerce for the community that the student wanted to go to college in and I put him on the mailing lists for the local sports event for the music academy for the community development organizations for all these things about fifteen twenty and he just started getting things in the mail with pictures of the community with offerings from the community came back to visit mr womack all we're getting is all this stuff from this one community and it was surrounding himself by it that really activated them so you know, on the one side is like yeah, you could send someone and he may also hate print this it's my service offering all also challenge you a little bit let's see wouldn't come up with five, maybe seven other ways to get that experience to them I imagine because of their vendors, their addresses online and I could just put it that's where I went immediately visual for visual and vendors I imagine uh photos I mean instagram and social it comes down to who the vendor is and how engaged there on social channels um but, uh well branded document well branded site uh could be what a visual needs to see him out, you know, for for tony's example on because I know a little bit about it a cz well is I would look for the vendors that I were going after. I know I shared this yesterday our original client list when jodi and I started our company I went to my garage, my closet, my bookcase and I wrote down every product I had ever paid for what I saw in my head was going to the vendors visual and seeing what are they doing in a visual nature that I can meet? I don't know if I would want to exceed it that much you know I don't wantto outdo them if you will but to kind of meet them where they are if they have a color line if they have ah graphic photo if it's a drawn or if it's a picture of those kinds of things uh you know what's coming right uh as faras audio and that this is this is going to be the interesting part as well as um well for a number of reasons is gonna be working with italian vendors uh and so the audio because my language skills are I have been better on dh may be a bit rusty now the audio I feel could be potentially difficult but also could be easiest via skype most most italians in florence at least have a strong uh, english understand understanding and can communicate well so actually, as they see it now might be a easier way to transact is on the phone on skype lightbulb uh oh here we go. Glad to be of service was also a big round of applause tony thies stage the internet goes crazy with the pulse so many comments sorry tony this sweater from yesterday beats this sweater from time got to go back to the purple next time but they're loving the gold leather that's been a big hit so well done thank you both for being congratulations the ah ha might take away where I want to step into is how doe I incorporate all three ways in that communication or in that sharing and as we head toward our our afternoon break I think I have just a couple of minutes with them then turn it back over to you I'm going to put myself on the spot here and what I love to do is fill up this flip chart now that you've seen kind of the under my sleeve secrets of audiovisual kinesthetic what I'd love to do is just little debrief from you I'm gonna walk to the flip chart what have you seen me dio that activated those three learning style so in order out of order for since things that you've experienced here or online those of you have tuned in I mean there's a very different experience with the online community with you so we just pop around all philip a flip chart I have a question quickly before I go so new in this space you've been doing it for a very long time. So how much of this as as I hear you say it, how much now giving you cues right uh how much of it is semantics like how much is it just he chooses I hear you I see what you're saying uh ok, yeah, I feel you know how much is that it's semantic? Or is it over time? You kind of it leans one way or another, I need anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes to get a good, solid running start in five, ten minutes. They'll say they'll drop a couple of things on me if I can get him in person even faster because I'm kind of looking around the room as well. You know, I've literally walked into someone's office and I'll walk in and they'll be something like this all walking they go oh, my gosh, jason, I'm sorry. It's so messy. Sorry about that visual right then I have to tell me anything, but they just let me have that walk into someone's office and they go yeah. It's here somewhere hold on its it's o hear this hear this? This is this is what I was this is what this is I want to give you like they knew where it wass that kinesthetic that stack ability. Um jason, welcome in my office. You know, I got to tell you this thing right now I've got to share with you right now. What is it? I'm thinking audio, so semantics, yes, but just keep aside, keep listening and they'll they'll serve it up for me your hand went up a little bit different yeah, I was noticing that, um today as opposed to yesterday you were holding your book several times so that there was that feeling of the book um I thought that was an aesthetic you have um and then of course the visuals are always effective and you're very audio effective as well. So you changed the media for a number of times uh from the whiteboard to the easel a swell as you bring up guess the have indeed talked out the many examples were helpful. Give me a little bit more about that you gave lots of examples of how someone who's more into audio or visuals how that might manifest itself so kind of drummed it into our heads you know, for me I called story yeah it's it's it's can I find another story? There was a comment earlier from the online community about you know, me being on stage and you know, people ask me jason, how did you learn to talk? How did you learn that? And my first answer is always there's a lot of miles on these tires there's things have been around the world and then the other one is a lot of trial, you know? I'll try things let's see what it looks like let's, listen to see how that how that comes across by the way, are you all now listening to every word I used to try to figure that out? You know, that was a kinesthetic. Oh, that was an audio one. Oh, my goodness. All right. And I wore a predominant and one seminar one time the floor was a little bit bigger than this one, but I did a four hour seven or I walked free k so I got low exercise in yes, I was going to say, you walk around the stage a lot that that, um to me feels, uh, both visual and kinesthetic, but, um, yeah, I had a question. Do you also do this? You said you practice or you try it out, do you try it out in front of the mirror? Oh, yeah, that's a great question. I think what we'll do is when we come back from break because this afternoon we have a little bit of stuff around practice that I'll talk about that's the classic one you know, the other one is, you know, imagine they're all naked. That was some advice that I got as a public speaker, so I don't practice in front of a mirror so much, and I don't imagine they're naked but there's some other pieces of advice that I'll share that I've come on

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