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Think Bigger, Make More

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Team You Q&A and Discussion

Jason W Womack

Think Bigger, Make More

Jason W Womack

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21. Team You Q&A and Discussion

Lesson Info

Team You Q&A and Discussion

So I'm I'm realizing as we talk about the team you, uh exercise that my own um limitation is a ah I'll put in the more positives in my ah ha moment is that my team doesn't necessarily have to be human beings right here with me physically that my team can actually be very global it sounds like so um that actually to me is an ah ha moment on very liberating because I find myself having a hard time you know, all the names I put down our people I'm immediately you know, connecting with on a day to day basis right here rather than sort of expanding my horizon to form a team that's more global people that know me from, you know, childhood and know what my passion are r and can really help build and strengthen that part of me rather than be sort off limited by my geographic location. So context is that am I getting just I'm smiling here to hear because I get what you're saying to me my on ly limitation of who I will let influence me is who I can imagine letting influence me that's what my lim...

itation is why several years ago I started picking up doing a biography a month and I talked a little bit about that yesterday how every month I'll pick some one and I'll dive into sometimes superficially, sometimes very deep into learning about that person ken robinson, I showed you the picture of ken just a while ago. I told you that I watched his talk eighty two times in ninety days. Can if you're watching now, you d'oh. He has no idea he was on my team. No idea, but I can tell you right now watching that twenty minute talk eighty two times reading both of his books the week they were published doing my little research on him, going toe wikipedia and seeing if there was an update that someone made on sir ken robinson absolutely influenced me. So on that note, I just wanted I just discovered a new team member in my team for women's empowerment work on that is the sixteen year old malala yousef cy who's, the youngest nobel peace price nominee. What tv is last night? I was listening to her watching her talk at the u n malala day event in june on and she's just mind blowing, I mean she's amazing in her strength and also her eloquence. But so this excites sort of helped me kind of pull her into my team, which is which is wonderful because I need more people like that. We all need more people like that and that that for me is that help us get arm or that accept us for where we're growing, that support our so that joshua you had your hand shot it's a question actually but something just happened I think here in the end I've realized that what you're asking us is to be conscious of who's influencing us that's really powerful my question is what happens if I'm looking at my team and someone on that team needs to be curated out but they're close maybe they're france family, friends, roommates someone that's really close how would you what would you say to someone like me that's it needs to do that um because you seem to have a delicate way of approaching these things tailoring out time spent adding someone else time and what could you say to help us edit people that might you need tio we might need to be influenced less by is there another part of that question that you're holding on to um what do you mean? I don't know I thought that was and coming no don't make sure no it's it's just the idea of like this gets incredibly emotional right? Because there could be you know in my life there's friends that I know I need to take out of the equation not that I wanted in the friendship at all that's not the intention there but they're not helping me get to where I need to go and just now I'm realizing that I haven't been conscious of the influence that they've been having on me I just became conscious of that I know what I need to dio and I guess the follow up is how do I do it in a way that keeps the relationship intact but still allows me to take responsibility for the energy that I have data date and time that I have day today so there's two things I'll answer that from two different perspectives both of which we talked about yesterday and you have read the book so kind of bring it the speed the first one is I don't change things like habits I replace them the second one on my mind is along these lines of and you used an excellent word to me don't you use the word cure rate and so when I start curating where my interests lie and I start letting the universe no here's where I'm going and why I'm going there and how this is my natural next thing something really amazing happens I found when I'm honest with my world I didn't have to say to anybody I'm not spending more time with you oh I had to do was tell the world I'm spending more time in this now what's going to wind up happening and every single one of us in this room and everybody watching this if we look back on our history we have relationships that we had that we don't have any longer that's something happened along the way so what the second thing that on my mind is for you, joshua again we talked about yesterday I'll do it again right now is I like toe ad sixty to one hundred twenty months to pretty much anything sixty months to one hundred twenty months from now will that person who's kind of? And I don't know did you draw a dotted line to that person on your team that sometimes they do it right it's kind of a dotted line like yeah, but not really what kind of I go sixty months to one hundred twenty months from now, where will they be ready for this? That I will not be of service to them when when jodi and I you know, we've gone through our life together for the last twenty years, we made some decisions along the way that have by default separated us me out from certain relationships. I don't spend a lot of time with guys that have kids, not because we don't get along I don't have kids they're so darn busy hanging out with other people who have kids that that's where their time goes so my two friends that do have kids we have to state that stuff up months in advance sometimes now going back you know, when I first met my one friend qana, I knew him p k actually appear before marriage and three kids and then over the siri's we've had to continue to come back together and and I'm back to that honesty part I've actually said to qana hey sixty months from now we're still going to be hanging out I said that before is like up till now the answer's been yes up for constant change will I be of service to them sixty to one hundred twenty months from now that might make it where I can come up with ideas about where they could be spending more time so those of the first two things that I might I don't change anything I replace it with something of equal or greater value I got that a long time ago and the sixty months and that's just my number you may have a different one you know you might be a little bit more about that might be a little bit less but for me it was really impactful too to cure I love that work to curate that network with those kinds of things in mind thank you thank you thank you cheryl. You had a yes so as I was thinking about this on the people that I want on my team or who are on my team versus the people that I think like mike might like to let go there's a common theme about interest so the people that I wantto I really want to let go we were on the same team, because we're part of a similar community, but that had nothing to do with whether or not we should be in partnership together. There's just this common things so let's just say, it's yarn spinning it's not, but, you know, to say this, yeah, and I'm thinking, no, we don't need to be doing business together just because we have that other interests, because what I need and what I'm looking to dio is not what they need, what they're looking to d'oh, so we're only onto this threat just because somebody introduced us on the flip side of the people that are on my team, they're infrequent participants, because I assumed they weren't interested in what I was doing. It turns out I had conversations with one of them yesterday, and another one a few days ago, when they realize they have been dropping hints that they are interested, I just didn't pick up on it because they're the rest of their business is different than me, and that so I'm assuming I'm not of interest, not knowing that they want to expand, what they're doing, and they are interested. So now I get to have new conversations with people, but for some other people say, you know, it's great when we get together, if you aren't spinning, but that's it let's stop talking about the business stuff because it's frustrating for both of us let's just be happy getting together on the social thing what's extremely present for may is how valuable some of the portfolio tools that you've been around for the past couple of days specifically cheryl I'm thinking of things like ideal day at my best win and so that's so we take those people that you go oh my goodness I didn't catch that hint of what they were offering let me just go show them hey let me just share this thing blame me you totally blame me right? Jason had me write this thing down what do you think and an axis kind of that buffer in between and that will mean honesty is so much faster than anything else you know, when I when I share with people selling my so that's I just read them as they're interpreting it and I can pretty much tell yeah probably should never bring that up again they didn't quite get what I'm going for there's a lot of people that when they look at my business model when they look at what jodi and I've created when they look at what I've got and they start talking about monetizing and compensating and so when are you going to exit and what's your sales strategy is like yeah no and can we go help a school and that's where I am right now and I want to build that team around that, yes, I want people to push on me, but I want to have that honest back and forth that that he let me show you what I've got. You know, one of the reasons and seminars and in workshops like this to the global community, I was sharing things like here, the some of the things that I do by ten thirty a, m and here's some of the tour was that I use when I'm traveling here, so my habits because I know if someone out there has a better idea about something, they will put it out there for me, the more that I write for entrepreneur magazine, I've written thirty five I think thirty four, thirty five articles from trip in your magazine, there are now start ups who are finding my articles, and they're asking me to will you test my product to write about it for entrepreneur trying to get that product placement? And before, even though I had a book that was written now that there's that consistency out there, I'm more people are attracted to that content, so I'm having to be even mohr clear about why I'm doing what I'm doing about what I stand for. You've probably noticed over the past couple of days that I do shy away from the specifics. The tools I use thie aps I've downloaded the websites that I belong teo for a couple of reasons number one there are some that I'm testing that I haven't run through that entire program I will test something and experiment with it for a year before I talk about it publicly that's always been my commitment and that year what do I do in that year while I find out about it? I research it I practice with a little bit I generally will journal and article maybe blawg I might write an article or two about it and then you'll hear about it from the stage some things I've been studying for seventeen learning style seventeen years of trying to understand the audiovisual kinesthetic thie three types of conversations we've been married for fourteen years you know trying to understand the transactions, the relationships the operator opportunity development now owens and verbs that was new now owns and verbs that was about six seven years ago when I started exploring all of the different has ever taken a personality assessment so those different personality assessments and I was trying to figure out what could could I and could this little brain understand all these letters and colors and take the animal one anyone to the animal one like are you a dolphin or a tiger anyway there's all these ones and what I found was for me the way that I understood that is they were all coming down to these two different perspectives for me and so six seven years ago I started exploring I started watching clients and like someone said online last night they were at this meeting realizing that they weren't miss communicating about the content they were looking at the same project from two wonderful perspective imagine if we could work together hey you handle denounce figure out who we should talk to and where we should go and what it'll look like a the end all handled the verbs I'll tell you what calls to make and in the order to make those phone calls as opposed to having this battle about oh well you said you were going teo and well I thought you envisioned and it makes it that much I say it's unpack a ball actually do you do you mind if I share it yeah ok so going on the whole group on building your team and finding the people that are around you you don't know this but we watch these relationships build all day long online and recently you know they're saying we have to skype where how can we connect again they're exchanging information and actually emily barani says it's about having the opportunity to engage with new people that align with your new life so I think that's really powerful we wanted answer though going back to what's next for them so one thing that flower says is they will be asking clients when they're at their best and learning their their audio visual kinesthetic styles in order to support them more. So that's what they're up to next and you had a few things to say, well, we do, but I don't know if I really want to put tony on the spot here, but I will tell you, tony, your parents are watching this, andi, I really do want to share this because I think this is a very powerful have full message, but on I apologize in advance, tony, but I think you'll be very, very pleased because they're obviously very proud of you, george potash eo is saying, jason, jason, we want to thank you for being a guiding force and an inspiration inspirational mentor to our son he's in the audience today and we've been part of the life feed audience, and now we've had the opportunity to learn much circular, many new principles to win hearts and more productive operation in our businesses. We thank you for all the doors you have opened for our son and that's a georgian, lou and natasha it wasn't too bad, but it is very empowering. I would really wanted to share that we thank york to san francisco thank you, thank you, I'll tell you what they really said afterwards, but it's great to have that connection there in a hope. I didn't embarrass you, tony, but I thought it was a really great comment but it's it's, amazing how many families do follow this harmony, peace, how are already it's do connect with our studio is do connect with our online audience, and, well, we always get that connection going. It's really wonderful to share. Sorry, jason, I love it. I I I love that you're there, and and that I'm here, and many, many more things that we could say. However, we have one more element to cover together.

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