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Think Bigger, Make More

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What Does it Mean to be Productive?

Jason W Womack

Think Bigger, Make More

Jason W Womack

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2. What Does it Mean to be Productive?

Lesson Info

What Does it Mean to be Productive?

As we step into this first element of the portfolio, it's really time for us toe roll up our sleeves together, I'm gonna walk over to this white board off to my right hand side and from you. What I like to do is just get a beginning of a list we've got some from over here actually know what? Let me get some of those just so we can get the pump moving here, you have to work more and it's always fascinated by hard, I heard more less stress, and I'm always tempted to ask people if they had less stress, they would have more. We'll wait for them to fill in the blank. Jake, we're a couple of things that came in, so I'm always doing mohr in less time, having more time to do more important things, you know, I actually haven't acronym that we're going to talk about today called the m I t he's the most important things, I think I'm gonna steal that right now we get one more from the online on being mohr in the moment, enjoying like spontaneity. Now, when, uh, is anyone ever tried to write and ta...

lk at the same time it's it's really hard, so joe maria's you were sharing some of those you saw my head turn to the audience because I'm always looking my peripheral that when you said something that was one where three people nodded their head up and down and I saw you on teena marie that on that one but let me just get jackie I'm going to start with you what it was something that came to your mind when you thought gosh make more that I'd like some more more freedom room for about four more here more impact on my efforts what can I give more like to share more of my skills and talents so I can learn more wanna break those into too because I think as we go through these couple of days we confined tactics around how can I give how can I share and then as that lifelong learner where it doesn't stop it kind of keeps on coming this to me might be the first tactic that you walk away with from today let me dive in a little bit deeper once I've qualified what the mohr is that I'd like I want to jump to the other side of that column and quantify it so in the case of freedom what would show me that I have a little bit more freedom in my life in the case of learning what would learning look sound or feel like all three of those learning styles tony one of the conversations we had in new york a couple of weeks ago where you were looking at getting mohr people on your mailing list and you remember the question I asked you to give me a number all right? What number would be something that says yes, I'm on route to that and what it does is it gives me that that room on course off course I shared with you that I do this hike from the north rim of the grand canyon to the south rim of the grand canyon and for me there's a couple of morse that always come to my mind when I do this more health more safety, more fun, more conversation but at the end of that day I want to be able to look back and say I would like to do this more in fact as we were driving away this year and this was barely ten days ago we've already booked our appointments for two thousand fourteen and by the way that's a good indicator that something was a good time for one when they leave it and they're already booking that next one if anyone remembers from some time ago the first year of saturday night life the freshman class and ms radner was on that crew and I just remember learning about and watching her and and watching as she went through that process and talk about a life that was taken too soon where she understood that impact of whatmore meant to her and to those around her just last weekend, I actually have the opportunity of gathering together with my family and almost three hundred people from the small city of nevada, california, and we enjoyed a celebration of life for my grandmother who had passed away a year ago, and what was fascinating to me were the legacy stories that showed up halfway through this event three hundred people in a ballroom and they just kept passing the microphone around and it seems that anybody had a story. It was the simple stories that were the most lasting it was the things that we knew my grandmother for, and the legacy story that I got to share was when I turned sixteen I went out for my driver's license test, we were all excited. There was a cake waving at home long story very short, I failed my driver's license test, we got to my grandmother's house and I know I was sad or pouting or bummed out or whatever I was at that time and I remember my grandma pulled me off to the side and she said, you know jason one foot in front of the other and you'll get anywhere you need to be now this methodology or this philosophy of thinking bigger, of making mohr of being engaged it wasn't always this way as I know, every single one of you in this room has a story, every single one of you online has a story of what it was like to what it is like and then over these two days, what it will be like, but I remember the time when I was at work and the phone rang, I picked it up and there's jodi on the other end, she gave me the question I've been kind of used to, she said, jason, will you be coming home for dinner tonight? I looked around my desk, and there were some things that we're not done yet, some unfinished business, and I remember saying, no, no, I'm not going to make it home in time for dinner tonight, and then she said, well, um, should I wait for you, or should I go out and eat? Will you be that late? And I said, why don't you go ahead and eat? I'll be there when I can, but how much you can relate to this little story, okay, good. And right before she hung up, I remember her saying she says, jason it's well past seven pm, and it is saturday night, that was an indicator to me, by the way, it was when I could start to take a look at this idea that mohr of that was not what I wanted it wasn't where I was going I didn't want to be working at eight o'clock the following saturday my next big shift came the following holiday season we were over at some friend's house for a party a get together and I don't know if anyone's ever been over to a friend's house around the holiday season anyway I don't know howto totally ease this story but went down the hole to go to the loo and they're in the restroom underneath the counter was a scale I don't know why we have scales and bathrooms I guess it's just one of these things but hotels have them and my friends had them and I thought, oh this would be fun let me just see so I slid the scale out, I stepped on it and the number they're shocked me one hundred seventy two passing on five foot four and that number was not right there was something else that I didn't want more off. So big question for the online audience and big question for you sitting here because I know some of you in this audience is it creative to be productive? I will live in a artists community ojai, california a lot of artists a lot of small I should probably say micro business owners and when they think about being creative I think they separate that out from being productive and so what I'd like to do is as you're sitting here and an online, I'm going to turn to the online audience as soon as I put this question up because I'm going to get some more from you here is when you think of the word creative I mean, here we are creative live and you've attended some other creative live courses I know when you think of the word creative, what are the other words that come to mind? So here in the studio and have you just make a short list there of the kinds of words that come to your mind? Did I give enough time for the online audience to share a couple of there? We have got a couple of moves they're becoming is be talking so thank you for showing but three eighteen media saying is it created to be productive? The saying? I don't think so a lot of people confuse being busy with being productive, and that doesn't always equal creativity and the definition of define creative creative is resourceful, its expression and that comes from mike in a and k poma so and creative according to love daniella creative means flexible and coolness, says a creative is new I just take things from the dictionary when I confined them, so I threw this up on the screen is just kind of a reference point for where I'm going it seems that we can easily blame someone else for a definition if they started it for us but when I think about that imagine word so we got imagination there I long ago I was in my journal one night and I don't know why my hand did this but I wrote the word imagine and I separated out that word into two words and I had image in and being a budding triathlete and on the periphery of sports psychology I know a little bit about what athletes have to do or what they're trained to do actually went out and studied at the u s olympic training center and when I went out there and one question on my mind I got to talk to three athletes on my one question on my mind was how much of their training day was in mental rehearsal and how that had impacted they thought in my favorite story was actually from a kid from montana grew up on a ranch he'd flown in they brought him in he was going to be the superstar in china as a skeet shooter one of the shotguns shooting a clay pigeon as it flies through the air and I remember talking to this eighteen year old and I said so what's it like here he says I got to tell you the hardest thing that we're doing is I have to sit in a room with soft music the lights are down low and my coach walks me through a story of getting up in the morning of walking out to the range of putting on my gear and he had this whole long ninety minute image in nation this next word this's it's very important for us to unpack is now I want to get from you and don't write this one down I'm going to write for you as I walk over this flip chart, but I'm gonna get from a couple of you and then I'll turn to the audience that will do them first and we'll go online. What is the word productive? I mean, as you think of that word and if you want to break it apart into different pieces, but what are some things that come to your mind when you think of the word productive? I'm just look around who's ready to share one action action tony, I think I saw half a hand there check marks next to all your to do it to do items I think getting things done faster this product tony on tomorrow, we're talking, living about automating things often ask people I say, what is it that you never want to have to think about again and that could be an interesting inventory to start to create for yourself, but if I start to think about things that I just want to have happened whether that's a speed component or whether it's just some kind of automatic auto control autopilot um we go one two three well separating the emergence stuff the urgent stuff and the important stuff I don't know what you meant to but I heard emergent by two urgent important I'm gonna put all three of those I've never had them all three come together so later on I'm sure all can e emergent and then her gent and then important and it you know brings to mind for me that eisenhower principal the urgent down one axis and the important down the other access that guy stephen covey made that very popular in his well there's a couple of books that he wrote before the seven habits of highly effective people for that one actually went over to normandy a couple of years ago and I spent four days over the d day celebrations so june june sixth nineteen forty four and the little history behind this as ah a european I know you were schooled in it much more than us on this side but when dwight eisenhower was planning the invasion of normandy across that channel everything everything passed through the urgent and important chart and it was this a staple s o it's the eisenhower principle productive for me focused and effective and I know rick having spent a little bit of time in conversation that those two you come together because we've all been focused and not effective and then we've all been effective kind of by accident and for me it's again how do I put that back on? O I know what to do and I know how I'm doing it those two back and forth miss jackie empowerment productive as empowerment so those of you who are tuning in law online jaco did we miss anything? Did anything show up there that isn't on my list up here? Well people reacted very, very quick thing it's very interesting some of the answers we got a new rock rod says productive for him is all her is ticking items offered to do list emily barani saying productive is turning inputs into outputs I like that one on curio so is often with us welcome curious so making a product that I won't keep that was very interesting we have a few more we have let's see here, erin deneen says productive is producing, producing whatever it is that you're on a mission to create uh k palma it's about transforming intentions into results and let's see here um pixel frau getting something done that brings you closer to achieving that bigger goal and jacob says it's about doing the right things one more from amman pia spirito who says productive for them means managing time effectively and doing the more some great reactions that how about to you too I wish you hadn't done that presenting you're kind of in it right well what we're writing it right now thank you jason his productive just now is deflecting that was very productive I think I think actually some of the answers that we've seen I really like they're turning inputs into into our present that was very clever but I think productive doesn't mean to me getting things done for me productive means that the effort that I put into it it was worth the end result that came out of it so it was worth the time worth the effort it's fascinating because in my experience with you two over the past couple of days it makes sense the two that stood out to you and j k I watched as you read that one turning and puts the outputs and you had a strong reaction to that and summary you know having spent time with you you're you're carrying care ring through these past two days it's just it's amazing how it's right there and in a twenty four hour period sometimes we can go through the day and not pause long enough to notice that I mean has anyone made a to do list after the fact I had a real busy day you got a lot of things finished you're moving a lot of directions and then at the end of the day you just kind of you know what? Let me just make an inventory here of how far I've come and it's that cleanup process.

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As a staunchly creative person, I have never been that interested in many of the business-minded productivity books, blogs and websites out there. I find them too dry and too focused on doing less and making more (money). I am at a point in my life where I want to do more and hopefully make some money doing it. But the “more” is the most important element. Jason Womack is the first person to help me encapsulate and identify just what “more” means to me. I have always been great at envisioning the big picture and I’m constantly daydreaming about my Ideal Day, but I get hung up on the details of how to get there. For me, the envisioning and organizing myself in a way to make it happen, seem like utilizing two sides of my brain and I find it nearly impossible to make the two halves work together. A stalemate ensues, and once again, I’ll find I’ve done nothing to advance my own cause. Jason’s method of unpacking, and breaking things down into elements, each with its own set of exercises, is perfect for my type of mindset. Even though there are exercises to complete, they are part of an ongoing process of organization and behavior modification. There are no cookie cutter answers here, and last time I checked, life didn’t work that way. The exercises are meant to be ongoing and fulfilling; teaching you why you do the things you do, as well as understanding the people around you. The methodology here can be applied to any business, including, and probably most importantly, the business of you, creative or otherwise. The workshop is, at times, an emotional experience, forcing you to really dig down to what matters and why. It reminds me of being a child, daydreaming about what I wanted to be when I grew up, never once thinking that anything would ever stand in my way. I feel the wall breaking down, and the two halves are talking. Thank you, Jason, for helping me get out of my own way.

a Creativelive Student

If you want to make more time in your life and you want to create more of what you've been wanting -- whatever it is -- this course is for you. Jason has created some very doable tools, even for the non-habit-prone, ADD-minded, to help you prioritize, focus and get more of what you want (yes, by thinking bigger!) I attended the live program and have turned much of what I learned into habits, something I rarely do!

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