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So one of the many questions that I get asked all the time from photographers is what's in your bag. And what do you shoot and to me, that's never really been important. I mean, I don't think it really matters. What camera you shoot it, it's, how you shoot it and what your vision is. But I actually really super cited because about a year ago I completely switched directions. I was shooting one of the two major camera brand, and about a year ago I switched to shooting sony, and I'm sure people know that somebody's in the professional market. But this is an amazing camera. I shoot the a ninety nine, andi it all started. I was just sort of interested in I was hearing great things about their product and their cameras and their lenses and one of the things. When I first started shooting in my career, I shot hasa blood and zeiss made all the lenses for hostile blood, and I knew, and I heard that zeiss makes a lot of the lenses for sony. So it was a little bit of a nostalgic thing for me. I ...

was like, I want to shoot dice class again, so, anyway, I contacted sony any of you can if you're a professional photographer and if you're interested and say I'd like to try your cameras and they will send you ah body or in some lenses and you can actually shoot them in trying for a couple weeks thirty days they sent me body and five lenses and for said you can have them for thirty days and shoot them and so I did and one of the first things that I noticed about the camera was how amazing the sensor wass especially the dynamic range in the sensor the first one of the first portrait that I shot was a girl under a tree backlit by the sun I exposed for the shadows just like you used to do with film and I let the highlights blowout and when I saw the raw file of it I was really amazed of how well it held the highlight so they weren't blown up they were blown out a little bit but I use light room and pull them back to us a little bit and I mean it was just really shocking to me how great the sensor was on top of that the color that color in the sensors brilliant as well as the sharpness of the lenses again going back to those ice that I really really liked so I was very intrigued and I kept shooting this camera and sending sony images and they loved them and so fast forward a year later really just a little over a year I'm now a sony artisan which is one of one of eight photographers in the world that tony sponsors and I'm a wedding and portrait photographer selling their wedding in portrait guy so I'm just really like in love with this camera it's kind of brought back a new excitement to photography for me I mean I love it before and I never was burn out but it's really was just sort of like that you know, getting a new girlfriend and a new car you know, any new toy and so I really love it so I'm going to show you some of my favorite lines as well let's start off with the one that's on the camera this is the twenty four to seventy two eights ice and people often ask me um all right, what what's your favorite linds I don't know that I have a favorite one but I do answer like if I could only shoot a wedding with one lens it would be the twenty four to seventy because it's the most versatile but with that said one of my other favorite lenses is the eighty five one four this is a really great lens um I use this a lot for portrait it's sometimes small family groups uh very start very clean probably probably my favorite lens except next to this one which is the one thirty five one eight now this lens uh also is iceland's really reminds me of my one fifty on my hostel blood it has the same boca it's just beautiful how it blows out the background I've done some amazing portrait, sis I really love it. One of the ambulances I like is my seventy two, two hundred two eight this is a sony lens I use this lends a lot at the ceremony, you know, getting close up to the bride and groom without having to be on top of them during the actual ceremony. The other thing I like to do with this lens is walk around cocktails and get candid head shots of guests it's my couples really love these pictures basically I'm like looking to just catch it a nice smile and single out the guests and, you know, maybe get ten or fifteen or twenty of these people. Um so those are some of my friends, favorite lenses, the other little sony camera that I have that I love is the n e x six now there's newer versions of this camera all but the one thing that I love about the six is that has actually y fighting the camera so a lot of times, if I'm doing a photo walk or just shooting photos for myself, I don't want to take my big cameras the quality of those cameras justus good is a ninety nine, but with the wifi in it. The great thing is that you can wifi the picture right out of the camera to your iphone or whatever phone you use as it happened, the camera and app on the phone and instantly I can send it right to that and then I consent it out. Instagram, facebook, twitter, whatever I want, usually instagram it and send it to the other ones, but the quality is amazing, you know better than this phone. So regardless of what gear you shoot, I think one of the most important things is really just shooting from the heart and shooting what you wanna shoot. So I'd like to talk a little bit about, you know, finding your own vision and really shooting for yourself and that's really where it comes from. I personally think, uh, there's three things. The separate a photographer from any other photographer. The first is your eye and how you see something and it's very much like your fingerprint. No to wear the same every photographer sees a different. The second is your personality again, no, to have the same personality. And then your heart is what ties those two together so really if you want to think of it in that way we don't have any competition because you're out there selling yourself and you're selling you and how you see and so you shouldn't have any competition yes there are other photographers in your neighborhood doing the same thing that you do but that's how you've been set yourself apart and really the shooting from your own heart one of things that I see today in photography I've been shooting weddings for twenty five years now so I've watched the industry change and of course there's a lot more photographers today but if I look around at the work on the internet and I see what's out there I personally feel the majority of it all looks the same everybody seems to be kind of doing the same thing same poses you know, a couple standing two feet apart in the field holding hands and to me that was really there's like it's lacking something there's a lack of emotion there's a lack of feeling in those photographs and I really feel that like people really need to start thinking about like what makes them tick what makes you excited when you are at a wedding and your shooting the wedding so I'd like to leave you with a little task and a challenge for yourself at your next wedding at your next event shoot something for yourself go out there take five minutes ten minutes you know of course we need to do all the photos the bride and groom want we have to have excellent communication to make sure we get what couples want but take ten or fifteen minutes to do whatever you want lay on the ground get in a tree shoot it from a different angle use some odd light you know I even use shock value sometimes in my work I did a wedding one time it was in a very historical estate but there was this big fireplace outside and I was like how cool would it be if I put my cup pull in the fireplace because you could on lee see from here down I couldn't see their heads so it was just I got up in there myself it was clean you could eat in there and I just passed from a couple I'm like hey would you guys given the fireplace and do this shot and they agreed and that's a really cool photo so you know things that you might not think about doing but you just have to ask when I learned that for the first time years ago I was doing a wedding that was trampling in the corner the yard I wanted my couple up on it and I kept thinking oh she's just going to say no she's just going to say no and I was talking myself out of it but I asked. And she surprisingly said, yes. So that's. The point in my career where I learned you just have to go out. So I challenge you. Do something for yourself that your next wedding, and I promise you, you'll get more excited and continue to love what you do.

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What’s more important than the perfect wedding day workflow? Nothing, according to award-winning photographer and creativeLIVE instructor Robert Evans.

During this segment, Robert will teach you how to plan and execute each step of the wedding day, explain time managing techniques and enable you to spend more time capturing heartfelt images impress your clients, but keep you from burning out on the big day.