Basic Portrait Retouching


Basic Portrait Retouching


Class Description

Every photograph is unique and there’s no one retouching rule that will work for all photographs you encounter.

In Basic Portrait Retouching, Julia Kuzmenko McKim will discuss how to develop a solid retouching workflow that will have you quickly and efficiently achieving the kind of results that keep clients happy. You’ll learn how to retouch skin while preserving its texture, fix makeup and hair, and finalize your portraits without spending countless hours doing it.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2


Rob Stewart

Happy to have purchased this course. It is a great introductory course for anyone beginning to retouch portraits and looking for a good workflow with the goal of saving time and effort. Frequency Separation is explained and tips given on how to properly select pixel radius to avoid bringing too much into the high pass layer along with many other tips for retouching. It is a basic course as the title states but it's a great place to start.


Julia is such a pro at her trade! her passion for detail and knowledge of the human form along with the subtle maneuvers of Photoshop are incredible. I'm not sure how she manages to spend so much time on a single image - must be her dedication to perfection. This is a course well worth the asking price!