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Book Yourself Solid & Get More Clients

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Develop a Sales Cycle That Builds Trust Part 2

Michael Port

Book Yourself Solid & Get More Clients

Michael Port

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7. Develop a Sales Cycle That Builds Trust Part 2


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Lesson Info

Develop a Sales Cycle That Builds Trust Part 2

So I'm going to start straightaway with an exercise which is going to be seven a one o six a star six eh? Andi I have two people matt and tiffany come on up madame tiffany real quick like this yeah, okay remember prices right there come on down people would run so come on down ok, so six a is not up there yet so you're gonna go to that first what you should do is go to the home and then you can go to the sale cycle and then you can go one forward and there's the six keys to creating connection that's what? We'll be working on the six keys to creating connection some to start with you matthew are you ready? I'm ready the six keys to creating connection this is how you remember? Are you ready? Who, what? Where when why? How who what where? When white house for those of you were at home write that down. Who, what? Where, when, why and how and then we're going to fill in the blanks. The six keys to create in connection are essential to put into place before you start to figure out what you...

're going to sell our offer in your sale cycle so the six keys to creating connection starts with who who is your target market? We did that yesterday in our foundation if you're just tuning in today maybe you didn't do it. Maybe you don't have the target market, but you need to you need to decide on the demographic the specific group of people or businesses that you serve. So that's why we're gonna start who's your target market, liberal arts majors who don't have a job, a liberal arts majors. You don't have a job now who? What what's the next question. What you see there? What are they looking for? Okay, what are they looking for now? I'm not talking about the kind of help they're looking for because this is for your sale site. I'm talking about the kind of products or services they're looking for. Because if you can identify the kinds of things these folks want, then you can create and often so when they go in search of help for the particular problem, what are they looking for? Looking for a book? Are they looking for free stuffing and download? Are they looking for articles? Are there looking for webinars? One of these looking for looking for networking groups? What are they looking for? So what are they looking for? I think probably articles, k articles, one thing good. Anything else? Um, did they got the books and go to amazon and look for books? No, no, is that because they're dropouts? I mean I wasn't being I don't know I just I haven't heard that great so he's a good sense of his market great. What else were they looking for? I would just say advice face to face in both right so that's the that's, the that's the kind of help that they want but in what form is that? They want it I want face to face I'm going to ask you and you're gonna tell me advice so that's where they go out and look for you so now you gotta figure well, how do you do that in a way that is no barrier to entry and also maybe is monetized so obviously you can monetize that by they paying you for your time but also how can they get that in a way that is no barrier to entry weapon yes, or we may have talked about it this morning. The always have something to invite people to offer so you could decide what that's going to be what? You're gonna call it right? So that might be one kate now let's, look at our third one where so who was the target market? What? What kind of products and services do they go and look for who what where where do they look for you? This is critical because then you know where to show up up so where do they look for you? I would say that the career services for your college or online online but where uh google good I think that's really does anybody not news go so that's a good start now of course you're gonna want to look for the kinds of phrases they're using and you're going to try to figure out how to you show up there when there using those phrases right um do they go to friends do they go to other types of service providers maybe not for the advice but tow asked where they could get the advice so just like you fine uh looking for a mortgage broker I might call my realtor say hey do you know a good mortgage broker? I'm looking for a handyman I'm gonna call the realtor and looking for any man I'm looking for a floor say might call the photographer I'm looking for a photographer I might call the wedding planner the florist etcetera or just somebody I know who's in the creative arts you see so there are many more places that they look and you might think they're looking and you want to identify as many of those places as you possibly can you with me say yes if you are ok now let's go to when when do they look what needs to happen um after three months of working in fast food s so basically when they can't deal with working mcdonald's anymore exactly got it so this is interesting very interesting and there might be some other scenarios as well, right? Maybe when the parents say you're gonna leave the house you're out of here this is ridiculous what else? Um I would say directly sometimes directly after they graduate right after they graduate absolutely see that that's an easier time period to attack, so to speak then when they're tired of working this out soon place because how do you know how do you get to the fast food place unless you just go to the fast food place a lot you know and say hey, so how's your jobs like you're enjoying you know? And then I say no I say oh, so and you know, maybe really I'm not kidding but um but that's a lot of work and probably not good for your body heat a lot of fast food so they just graduating is very easy to find those particular people and there are lots of other people that have access to those who are just graduating and those people are where you'll find these people so you're trying to find identify as many places any associations or organizations or clubs um not that I've identified right now okay any thoughts, any ideas think out of the proverbial box alumni organisations, alumni organisations are there? Are there any particular types of hobbies that you think some of these folks might be engaged in um now these are of course really broad strokes I mean obviously I everybody appraised plays frisbee golf is doesn't have a job that's that would be a routine so frisbee golfers please don't take offense but you know I was thinking hey intramural soccer is you know, soccer or skateboard parks that kind of stuff right gaming forums video facebook at that you see so that's something to think about now we all want to look for as many places as we can identify that these the people in the target audience might be hanging out is we can start to do our marketing there okay what's next why why should they choose matthew well I understand them I've been there huh um this you don't have to answer right now because you should already have this answer if you've done the foundation work why should they choose you because you're an expert in this and because you're the guy to call when right that's where your personal brand identity comes in coupled with the expertise that you have in producing the result gotta be crystal clear that's who your target market what what are they looking for where they look for you who what where when do they look for you when maybe when they can't stand working in fast move as you said who what where when why you and now how how? Are they going to start the conversation with you so this is the always invite them off yeah it's some kind of call to action what's the first thing you want them to do I want them to join the always have something to invite people to offer I want them to come to that or I want them to download this thing from my sight or I want them to come to this tweet chat that I do I want them to come to whatever it is when I was going to start that that's the first stage in the sale cycle you guys with may say yes if you are see how important this exercises I'm telling you this one particular exercise is the full marketing picture right here it's the linchpin of the book yourself solid system who what where when, why and how who's your target on it's what are they looking for so you can create products and services that they're looking for where do they look for you so you know where to go show up do your marketing so you could become known as the go to person in your field in that space why why should they choose you? This is your expertise your category authority and personal brand identity the reason you do this work who what where, when, why and how how do you want them to engage with you was the first thing that they're going to do the beginning of your sales cycle okay now because I think you guys get this we did this very thoroughly with matthew just now I'll take a few questions if you have them um and I won't do this exercise with you I'll do maybe the next one with you yes any questions they're basically for those of you who teach there's three different reasons people might not have questions either number one they absolutely get it hundred percent good to go number two I have no idea what you're talking about so I don't even know what to ask for number three then we'll care and ask the worst they just don't care you guys I think get you in the first category say yes if you are good that means people at home get this too so let's move now to six b now six b is actually starting to plan out the sale cycle so now we gotta look at well what are the different stages in your sales cycle and you always want to look at your object what's my objective for offering this particular thing and then what's your strategy to get them to do that so what might be and if you don't know it let's just make it up let's just start with some brains what might be a first stage for you in your sale cycle like a block post maybe about how to prep for bhutto our session okay so essentially an article block post something like that first stage now huh when somebody can have access to a block post like that they may they may not take another action afterwards because it's out there already they got the information they needed the question is can you get them to take an action off a block post you can uh every post on my block is automatically followed by an optimum offer get free chapters from these books and you will learn etcetera etcetera and you'll also get my newsletter and other promotional type offers because you got to tell them we're gonna give them and we find that we have a very very good success rate with that so what you want them to do is often so if you're running that blonde post how does the block post encourage them to opt in if it's a totally different topic than what you're offering for opting in maybe it's not relevant to them but if it's similar it is related maybe they will okay so that's that's one idea you also might consider writing something you know some sort of reference guide saves a reference guide but you put that behind the wall so to speak but the wall is just an e mail and you tell him exactly what you gonna do with the email what you're not gonna do with email so they're comfortable with that because of what that block post could be the same thing that you put into that special report type thing so that could be the stage one now what might be stage two way uses an example before we use maybe there's some sort of our two or even half day type uh shoot that you could do for them that doesn't take a lot of work on your part maybe it's candidates right of some part of the wedding process could you do something like that? Yeah for sure yeah actually really love the idea of just you know, shooting the dressing is actually something that I've been kind of somewhat pitching to my plants already great so now we got to go full board so that might be something that's monetized okay, now chris is how you're going to get them to accept it so that might I mean you need to create a web page for or a page on your web site for it, you know, really great copyrighting that's goingto inspire them to want to do that to take action you're gonna need maybe some video of you doing that kind of shoot with somebody else you might need some photographs ofthe other shoots that they seeing oh my god, I would love to have that you might have some testament et cetera when we I'll go over this again tomorrow when we talk about websites but all of these many of these offers that you're making in the different stages of your sales cycle are through your website and when you think about a website I encourage you not to think about it is this big thing, but rather to think about each page individually and focus on three things per page who's coming what do you want them to do? How are you going to get them to do it? Who's coming, what do you want them to do? How are you going to get them to do it? Because you may have different types of prospective buyers or marketing partners referral partner's coming to different pages of your website and so you want to make sure you're speaking to that particular person and then each page should be specifically focused on getting them to take an action and how copyrighting videos et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Is that helpful? So yes, if it is, it makes a big deal when you start to look at the you're the pages you're building in that way and you might be your goal on that made page maybe to move them to another page on the site to move them through a process, but then that's your goal of the bond of that page and you're trying to get them to do that and it might be mixed into the page itself so if you look at your website and you look at the bottom of the of every page on your website and there's no action for them to take you want to start to figure out what am I trying to get them to do on this page you know what they did to scroll back up and look for some other random thing okay so that might be the second stage in her sails like now what might be the third stage in your cell cycle? Um well I don't know if this would be along the same lines but like even what about like throwing like a mini like you know, photoshoot party so you have like like you were talking about those networking people having those group of business professionals coming in but having like many like sessions that they walk away with like a printed hand would that be free or that he monetized um I would say that kind of more like you were talking like they always have something to invite people great so that will go before for this session thatyou're doing say you're shooting the bride picking her dress because you want him now here's the thing that's interesting about sale cycle most people look at it like a straight funnel okay, so you see the image here we have this thing that sort of looks like a funnel right but it's specifically designed to be open because when most marketing educators talk about the funnel, what they're suggesting is that you have lots of potential people coming into the top and it's like this big space and then you try to move people down in, you know, to the neck of the funnel um and then everybody goes was through it in this linear fashion of two issues with the concept one not everybody goes through the sale cycle in the same way and number two, I don't really like the idea of choking my potential clients and that's the way it feels like you're choking them down into this thing that they have to do. So, you know, I've had people who have joined who have who have bought programs from may, six years after discovering and everything they've done in those six years was free. I've had people who discovered me and the next day they bought a big high level program and in between a million different ways, you know, people who would buy a little thing and then go back to free and then by a big thing, and they go back to free for a while, then by little things, you know and of course that requires that you have many different offers and as you develop your business, you may, but I want you to remember that not everybody comes the same way because look if if I have, if I worked with matthew and matthew totally saved my life and got me this job I was working at mcdonald's I just was hating it and my brother, I don't have a brother my sister, I have a sister, my sister let's say she ran into the same problem that I had and I said, you gotta go talk to matthew gotta hire him right now you've got to start tomorrow. What do you think think she'd do it? Of course you would, because we have enough trust for her to just say yes, I'll do that because you said I should do that so people will come to you with different preconceived notions, different perspectives and different buying habits and patterns some people like to buy real quick. Some people like tio make a much more analytical there's, different buying behaviors from types of buyers, so we don't wantto choke them down. So the idea of our sales cycle is this much more open. Another way to look at it is to think about it like you know what, the kids playground, where they have that round thing that spins and there's like a number of bars on it, and each bars it's own set makes the bars makes sections and you can like, get on or off in any section and you hold on to the bars but if it goes too fast, it spins you off if it goes too slow. It's, not fun. The sale cycle is just like that if you don't try to move people too fast through that sale cycle from right out, if it's too slow, you're never gonna book the business, you're trying to find a fun ride and guess what people get on and off whenever they want, they're not chained into that and they can move through different sections of that, you know thing, if they want, they can walk around it while it's moving, and they walked back the other way. That's how I've always seen the sale cycle, so I want you to think about it as you're designing it in a linear fashion because it just makes sense to do that free small minute monetization, little bigger, but just know when you're applying the sale cycle that people may come in a different places, you're not trying to force them through that. I might just skip over that middle offer entirely because somebody's ready to go higher their wedding photographer somebody may need you to sell than that so that they could be more comfortable with you, but somebody else may not, so you may have a number of package that include different offers like that, like you buy this one, we do the wedding and we do this this and this leading up to the wedding you buy this one we just do the wet by this one you would do the wedding photography on the video whatever so different packages for somebody like you is essential to talk a little bit more about this when we talk about pricing but the frame that you put around the different prices that you offer is very very important to help focus the mind of the buyer so you see all she needs to do to start it's just look at three things no barrier mid range and then something that is higher than the main core often which is really where you bless you really where you generate most of your revenue that makes sense give these guys a round of applause and have him sit down I have a question from from tough tootle who is with us yeah ueno is a she uh and me maybe we just talked through this but what what kind of photographer do it stage two instead of many shoots what are some other well, I mean you probably could actually sell information products if you want it you know, low price point that we're very comprehensive that were very relevant to the needs of a new bride or groom so certainly you could do that. Um it would be really interesting because I know there's a lot of photographers um uh in the community of creative life it's really interesting and some of them might not want to do because they have this brilliant idea. They don't want to share that one any other photographers to do, but I like the idea of sharing ideas because I think that, um, you can end up doing a lot more with others and you could do alone, and, um, people are hiring you for the work you do and who you are because remember there certain people you're meant to serve and others that you're not. So I think you're going to see tons of illustrated books in my category after this one came out because it's been so well received, I think that's cool because it means more people are going to be able to access the material doesn't mean I'm gonna lose any business because of it. So I think we should look at the world that way that's my worldview. So with that said, I think they should post some of their ideas for these mid range offerings because I bet there's a lot that there's many, many different things that they could consider even just touch up sold photographs because, you know, I've got all these photographs that are really great, but they really need touch ups, they need a little photo shop to make him great, I don't know for sure. I know you're offering of course on beginning photo shop I'm going to ask them to give me a free access to it all right? Because I'd love to learn that, but that kind of thing would be very interesting I would certainly by that I would buy you know, I don't know how to do it, so I want a big picture of on the wall of something that you know, I experienced in my past some something from when I was younger, maybe a family picture that was older well, I wouldn't know what to do with that and I'd rather just keep it to a professional and say, hey, can you photoshopped this, blow it up, make it really cool, put it in a great frame done yes, uh, caroline and then yeah, I'm always looking for stock photo that is really interesting and not all that stuff that you see over and over and over again and I have bought photos from photographers like for fourteen bucks to use for things so that's a mid range thing that's a great way to start the relationship now remember a lot of folks who are photographers would thank you, but I'm only trying to get the people who are getting married if their wedding photographer say or whatever the target market is, but a lot of your business comes from referrals, so if caroline is buying the stock photos for fourteen dollars and she thinks the photographer is great in this photographer does weddings when carolyn's friend gets engaged because I know this great photographer you got to go check him out let's also put the credit next to course anything a block post great ready when you also want to say something I thought that was a great idea and I was thinking maybe having an option where people could send in their dating photos and then they turn it into like set it to music you know they choose the music and then you turn it teo video so it could be something even for men who are thinking about proposing could use it when they're proposing so then you're then top of mind when they get engaged so something where you could use it even if they're not quite getting married but in a serious relationship then you're getting you're starting to build that relationship even before they're engaged well, for example petra and I we live together we're not married um and we have two mortgages together so we effectively think we're more than married because in pennsylvania you could get a divorce in less than ninety days that's the cooling off period you cannot sell two properties in ninety days anywhere in this country right now so we think it's a stronger commitment but we're not planning on getting married but we probably loved to do photographs you know, portrait's together, all sorts of fun stuff dot documenting, you know our life together, right? So there's a lot of people who are in relationships that would love to do that kind of photography but are necessarily getting married. A lot of naughty heads, right? Yeah, one. We're dating profile pictures, please. Dating profile figures. He's true. True, actually, I found one of my headshots being used in an ad on facebook for a dating website. They just stolen. It was like supposed to be a real person on the website they took. It was one of the pictures on my book covers, and they took it off line. It was like adult friend finder or some on the thing is, if it was like a, you know, a non controversial site that's. Okay, fine, I just want my royalties, right, but it wasn't so good they did that to my husband, too, and I saw the ad. Oh, not good. See not good at all. That could cause a lot of problems.

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a Creativelive Student

What marvelous three days those were! Michael Port is unbelievably generous and nice. A real blessing to the folks in the studio audience and us at home. I watched all three days, but felt compelled to own the videos as well, because it's by practicing and revisiting this content that we can all get booked solid. I want also say that Antonio and Kenna were great hosts. Book Yourself Solid has been my mantra for the last month and I hope it continues to be for years and years to come. Read the book (it's important) and watch the videos (they complete your view of the whole system). Thanks Michael Port. Thanks Creative Live. Good luck to us all!


I would recommend this for most. I loved listening to Michael but as a photographer I felt a lot of his applications and exercises did not apply. I heard reference to "Wedding Photography" more times than I would have liked. Since Creative Live is such a big photography learning site; I would have liked to hear more reference to where this would work say for a Day In The life, Pet or fine art photographer. I suppose just more photography relation's would have been nice. All in all I had fun doing the exercises and there was a lot of phenomenal info in these videos. I'll be watching them again soon.


This is an amazing course, this is what a lot of marketers are teaching but with even more clarity and with his personal systems added that help with your work in the world. This information is so easy and clear, he takes you step by step, and the workbook is essential and extensive and easy and fun to follow, I've been listening over and over again, because there is just so much info that you have to hear it numerous times, at least I did, if you follow all the steps this course is better than courses that cost thousands of dollars. And he's a great presenter!