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Book Yourself Solid & Get More Clients

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How to Become a Likeable Authority

Michael Port

Book Yourself Solid & Get More Clients

Michael Port

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5. How to Become a Likeable Authority


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How to Become a Likeable Authority

So this is a course on break dancing, and I'm going to teach you how to break dance right now way that's not what I'm supposed to be here for. Oh, okay. Good. Because that's all I know and that wasn't much a zit. Waas. So we're working on getting you booked solid, right? And for those of you at home, booking yourself solid is what you want to do, what you need to do and why you're here. So yesterday, we worked on your what foundation? And we learned how the whole book yourself solid system works, did we not? Yes. So, what do we know over here in our fourth module and book yourself salad, which I will be teaching tomorrow. There are how many self promotion strategies? Six. How many are optional? How many are mandatory? Do they get you clients? Over? What? Do you have one of those, like aids? Automatic defibrillators? She just said yes. No, no, no, no marketing. Just what creates awareness. Thank you very much, it's. What we do without awareness that books us, the business and that's. Wh...

y we need this solid foundation and how many building blocks are there in the foundation for, and we worked on them yesterday, didn't we? So for those of you who are new, this is your first day, make sure you buy the course so you could get the foundation, because without that foundation, our whole plan for building trust and credibility, which is what we're going to do today, won't be solid. It won't be supported by the people who come and check you out won't know that this a foundation that you built us for them, so today we're gonna build trust and credibility. We're gonna look at likability standard credibility builders, most importantly developing your reputation as a category authority. That's what we're gonna do in our first session this morning, we are also going to start this morning toe work on developing your sale cycle, and the sale cycle is the linchpin of any marketing system and especially the book yourself solid system, because remember what I said, the marketing over here creates awareness. People come check out your foundation, they like it that's not enough, but they'll give you an opportunity to earn their trust so very quickly they'll move in to your sales cycle and you need to move them through that sale cycle by building trust over time, because trust is not necessarily built in an instant it's built over time, so we're going to work on building a multi stage sale cycle. Then we're going to work on our keep in touch strategy because if you build the sale cycle but you will keep in touch with anybody in the sale cycle now what's gonna happen and then we're going to look at creating information products, brand building information products, taking what you know and turning it into packaged experiences packaged learning people love to buy package learning package experiences we look most of what you would want to know is out there on the internet somewhere. So what of people buy books while people by courses like this because it's packaged the result that the course of the promise that the course makes is what I want and it has a start and it has an end and everything in between is designed to deliver on that promise, so I know what I'm going to get I'm going to start here, I'm gonna go here it's going to be over this period of time this we don't have to go out and search for it. Plus if something looks at a product even that tiny little beat you product that is based on what you know you seem more credible you seem like ah higher authority like the higher authority but a higher authority so that's what we're going to work on today it's going to be a lot of strategic development tomorrow we work on the tactics of getting people to pay attention to you getting people aware of you tomorrow's tactics yesterday was foundation today strategic tomorrow I'm just trying to get a workout while I'm here because you know it's a long day you've got to get your exercise all right? So that's what? We're going to do any questions before we start guys yeah I don't know about questions but I just want to comment on that what exercised about your exercises is that just like your book where you have illustrated it or you and and it's so visual even how you're teaching is so visual and just that moving back and forth allows me to remember what those steps your so and when I didn't actually when I do this on a very big stage I used the entire city that you do all over and I planned all these different ideas in different parts of the stage because then you remember and you'll have it in your mind this is why I took the original edition of book yourself solid, which I wrote in two thousand six and it did multiple editions since but that's why I came out with book yourself solid illustrated this past april because you know book you're so solid the regional auditions ninety thousand words that's a lot of words and that everybody loves to read and as I said yesterday brooke yourself solid as straight as it is is not the great american novel so you're not reading it for that kind of experience you're reading because I want the information in it I want it as quickly as I can possibly get it and I want to be inspired at the same time so it doesn't have to be all words no so I hooked up with jocelyn wallis who is a visual strategist extraordinary and she's gonna be here tomorrow actually drawing as I'm teaching it's going to be really, really cool and so we cut two thirds of the text we replaced it with images illustrate so you look at the illustration and go that's what he's talking about and you don't have to read twenty pages then you could go back you know, six months later go now I know I need to know was that sale cycle thing what was that six keys to creating connections you go look at the image you got it you don't even need to go back and read the whole thing now of course I write supporting techs to help clarify to help illustrate the illustrations but nonetheless I think you know we have different styles of learning and we want to as teachers try to find as many different ways as we possibly can to help our students access that experience doesn't have a treat tomorrow that you're illustrated your graphic designers will be joining us here tomorrow correct? Yeah absolutely she's gonna be drawing while I'm teaching and so that you're going to see a whole beautiful golden expose. Noah yeah, right of sort of forget that word of of of what I'm teaching all of those six core self promotion strategies cool, right? Okay, can I start with my content? Is anything else you need for may? All right, here we go. Credibility is the first thing people look at once they determined that the foundation is for that because they got to know first and foremost is this person talking to me is this person dedicated to me is this person I'm going to give me what I wanted? The answers note they go away the answer's? Yes, now they start to look at why we worked on that in your foundation yesterday. Why do you do this work? Do they connect with you emotionally? Do you see the world in the same way they do that's what they're looking for now once the answer is yes, once they see that, then they'll start to look well. Is she credible? And there are some standard credibility builders that we need to make sure are just not going to close the door right away hey, they're not going to get you the business they're gonna make you stand out, but they're just not goingto lose you the business and what are they? What are some of them shouted out what are some of those things sort of occasion may now here's the thing about certifications this is very interesting in some industries it's a must you don't have the certification you either can't practise it you're not allowed to or people won't consider you in some fields newer fields it may be irrelevant or it may identify you with a specific brand which is known which allows you to get business a lot faster so it can be very effective so in some cases it may make you stand out from the crowd in other cases it's just what's expected if I go to the north a pedic surgeon I expect that he went to medical school and you know there's a diploma on the wall and that's not goingto make me choose him over somebody else I just I'm happy that he went to medical school um somewhere legitimate okay, so what else? Ah who you're associating your yeah so one of the things you could do is put together a board of advisers now these people can certainly be industry experts if they will lend you their credibility this might actually help you stand out a little bit so it's not an absolute but it certainly can even if they are not incredibly well known but they are in your industry or related to it just their endorsement can add some credibility which is great yes trina years of experience years of experience can certainly help but it's not a requisite is not a requisite you khun you know get booked solid in your first year of business without having ten years of history testimonials, testimonials good standard credibility builder unless the testimonial comes from oprah it's not probably going to make you stand out in a huge way if you have industry experts so if you're uh you know you're working with also is a few have testimonials from me or from tim farriss or from john jansen that's going to make you stand out but otherwise it's just okay good she she's worked with some people that's good but a testimonial and says you know what is great and then it says hc you know san francisco that's that looks like you just made that up demonstrable results you know, because I look at testimonials when I'm checking out people and if it's very specific and target and this is what result you're going to get it actually does what you do for testimony is when you ask for testimony you can ask the person to write very specific structure testimonial in this way first what their problem wass I went in search of help for this first thing they write okay, I chose susan initially because of this I saw this in her or she I knew she could help me this way I thought she could help me this way so first what the problem was I had this problem I went in search of help and I saw susan and she seemed to be able to deliver this then with susan we did this that's the third this is what we did forth this is the result that we produced and fifth this is who I now no susan to be like that yeah you do it's good right because then it covers all of those foundational elements doesn't it but it helps you build trust because you're demonstrating your credibility through very specific foundational elements that your client is writing what else the photographer's probably should have mentioned this first come on guys seriously your portfolio your pictures I mean for photographers report fully of course but for any type of service professional your picture right you're you with your cat while wearing your pajamas not gonna work unless maybe you own pet store that also sells pajamas then it's perfect but you need a professional picture and generally a white background is good unless you're doing some kind of sort of edgy type you know pictures I have some that have different color backgrounds but often for publicity shots especially when other people are using those shots a white background is very helpful because they can do more with that picture and they can use it in different layouts without having to deal with the color of the background you also should probably look like yourself so when I shaved my head I had to go back and do a whole new syriza photographs or else when I'd show up people would be a little confused who is that guy and then the whole first half hours about my head I don't know why people care so much about whether you have hair on your head or not you know but these things are just simple standard credibility builders how about your business cards perforated edges not so good yeah but now it's so easy to have a good standard business card that looks normal you know, sometimes I don't see realtors with this sometimes they take out the business card and it's like an accordion and it is his long, long thing with all these different things that they write and about them you were seeing these big business cards you ever seen those? Yeah it's kind of ridiculous it's a little over the top so for me I think that sometimes the business card can actually close the door when you do too much with it because it's just over the top not too much not necessary to keep it simple. Anything else? One big one email address yes right juicy tushie a well dot com we talked about that yesterday not gonna work. What about your webs? Thank you very much now we're talking about web strategies over here right that is one of our core self promotion strategies but the website itself just needs to be professional and start a conversation so if your website looks amateurish it looks like you created it yourself I'm not gonna ask anybody if they did their website themselves, but if they do their website themselves and they're not a designer, you must have a changed immediately because it's too audience yes you have a question? No, I just want to chime in from what the internet is saying and let's see, it was greg d you talked we talked about testimonials but what about case studies for certain types of service providers who I did here is my problem x this is what why happened when I when I was a great idea absolutely one of the types of of businesses you think that my case studies might be good? Well, case studies will work really for any business it's a it's a it's a redirection and allows the person who's reading it to see themselves in this situation and it's especially effective in b to b when you're looking at this the corporations are looking at this kind of work and if you can do it in a way that is relatively sophisticated you do it as a white paper, right? You make it more than just a little case study as a testimonial type thing so it's an excellent idea love it it's great so you guys with me on the standard credibility because this is what you gotta look at first, and then we look at likability before we look at category authority and as they introduced in my morning keynote yesterday, my opening speech, there are four factors we need to look at. We need to look at friendliness, real nous empathy and fear relevant. Yes, relevance. Thank you very much. Relevance. Remember what word we're going to replace marketing with relevance, relevance, it's all about being really more relevant. You are, the more people pay attention, you more pay attention to you. More opportunities. You have to sell more opportunity. You have to sell generally more business. You book. So, do we see that likability relates to popularity? Yeah, yes, it. If people like you, you're generally popular, right? It wasn't a trick question. I know sometimes you think he's got to be asking you a question because that just seems too obvious. Like nancy say so, yes, likeability is related to popularity and that doesn't mean everybody in the world is going to like you or should like you will like you believe me, there's. Lots of people who are not fans of mine, but the people are meant to serve like me. And I like them and that's the key so what you're trying to do is to try to connect with the people that you're meant to serve that is one of our philosophic principles that supports all of the work we do and so you need to be fully self expressed to demonstrate who you are so they can see that they relate to you they connect with you and what you could do each days you can make an assessment for yourself if you don't love marketing and selling this is the easiest thing you khun dio you could do nothing else except become more likable and you'll look more business because we will extend trust faster to people that we like so this is what you do every day the end of the day assess yourself on a scale of one to ten in those four areas so you say have friendly was I on a scale of one to ten today was I asked friendly as I possibly could be rarely do we get to ten but we could try every fund you know what? I was a little grumpy today I'm kind of down here like three and you've got to be honest I could do better tomorrow so you recognize you are reflecting on your behavior the way that you behave in the world and remember the way we behave in the world is influenced by the way we see the world so if we see the world as an unfriendly place we might not be that friendly but if we actually start to be more friendly we might start to see the world is a more friendly place so one of the things that I have found book yourself salad does is it creates a whole new world we start to see different things that we hadn't seen before so assess yourself on a scale of one to ten how friendly was now on a scale of one to ten how real was I today and I'm not talking like what did you do with your hair now that kind of really and I wasn't looking at you because you did anything with your hair it was fabulous but really how real were you did you feel like you had to give this like you know show off kind of pitch you know when you're at the networking thing did you kai inflate you know some story exaggerated in some way did you play yourself small because that's not really did you play down something great that you accomplished her did that's not riel so works on both sides assess yourself it at the end of the day how real was today did I tell the truth? Did I say to somebody the best thing for you would be me and here's why you don't realize is that one of the most comforting things to do experience you know when you're speaking publicly is often people get very nervous or scared like sometimes when you guys were up here I see you like this move right on I get it I totally get it I get nervous too but but what works really well is just being really and being helpful and that requires empathy because in order to be helpful which is relevant we need to be empathetic you need be able to stand in someone's shoes and see how they're feeling now guys guys I'm just going to make a crazy generalization here but women are usually a little better at this natural I have no scientific data to back this up maybe there is this is just my personal opinion but it has always seemed to me that women have a tendency to be more empathetic so maybe that's easy for you but maybe you're too empathetic so what happens is you nurture, nurture, nurture, nurture your leads forever but you never make the offer right? You know what I'm talking about? Yeah so we want to find a balance. So for example, if you're assessing yourself at the end of the day on a scale of one to ten how empathetic was I and you found yourself a twenty yeah, I got to bring it down right? So we want to make sure that we're appropriate in all of these categories as it relates to us personally what is your ten what is your ten? What is your tent and then finally on the relevance when I was in a conversation with somebody was relevant to them was I hearing what they were saying and was a responding in a way that is relevant to what they're saying was the story I telling relevant to that person or that just a story I like to tell where were you on a scale of one to ten when you're doing your marketing on twitter, facebook wherever how relevant is what I'm sharing right now are saying right now this is the kid yes sir I'm curious and michaels you talk about how relevant was that when you say relevance that's synonymous with how much value did I create for them? Yeah, absolutely you know and in marketing off in this this the word value is used a lot right? We'll create value value value on, you know, it's interesting sometimes I find people get a little intimidated by that word because they feel like they need to do so much that they couldn't possibly do enoughto add value to someone does that make sense? Does it resonate anyway? Guys you're shaking your head yes so I used the word relevant simply because it just helps me listen and pay attention well is relevant to this person well they're talking about you know what it's like you know to work you know nine hours a day okay well so now you know some sort of solution to that is relevant I don't know if I could provide it but I could be relevant at least by listening I could be relevant by saying I get you I totally hear you and sometimes you know those of us who want to help others first thing we do is try to solve their problem okay no here's what you're gonna do that's not relevant always so this is social it's emotional intelligence people often say well what what book should I read to improve my marketing and sales I would say read a damn goldman's books social intelligence emotional intelligence because marketing is an exercise in social intelligence understanding the world around us how people see us how we interact with them and emotional emotional intelligence of course is being able to understand your own emotions ah and to manage them positively I'm not an expert in either of those some I'm just giving a sort of uh you know a paraphrase er my own perception of those things but if you think about it you guys all khun do this because you do this is human beings every single day so you know oftentimes because well I hate marking I'm just I'm not like a marketer what is the market it's just some idea you have in your mind is usually you know, some kind of hyper aggressive pushy hyperbole filled person but that's not what marketing needs to be that's just bad marketing, right? Yeah. So marketing is about being relevant and that's why I always put this likability you know, peace in here right at the beginning with the standing credibility ability because if they go like susan and I do I mean so it means you right away I liked you, you know, I like gene right away later she's like solid she's grounded you know, I just really need to prove herself just like, you know, right a great yeah, and so then you want to pay attention to them you wantto stand in their shoes so that's why we put this here so every day you can do this assessment if you're not willing to do the assessment that's cool, but ask yourself, how likable are you when you're showing up in the world so that such that other people want to help you? Because if you want an introduction to an author, it would help that the person you're asking the introduction from likes you I mean it's not a complicated process. So if we just if we now we know what to focus on just certainly being friendly being riel being empathetic and you guys have been great one of the things we asked the beginning this is a very intense purity of time of three days for me so during the breaks I just go by myself and I decompress and I don't talk try to save my voice you guys have an awesome about every single one of you what's his interest because oftentimes if I do it works I'll say hey guys give me the yellow breaks you know, if I'm in the bathroom or something just let me be because I need teo you know, decompress or else I can't you know I don't need I don't give recover and people will come up to me right away right away what did you not? So they're not empathetic, not relevant yeah, same thing one of the things that I'll talk about a little bit later we're talking about networking is I don't think you should ever give a business card to somebody who doesn't ask for antonio like that and I'll tell you why later but interestingly enough, if I'm giving keynote speech, they say there's three thousand people the audience and I'll say this and I'll teach you this will be really specific about it guess what happens as soon as I walked off the stage? Hey, I'm sewing so here's my business card and they're not kidding they're not that would be funny if someone was doing it to be funny, but they're not there's no there's, no irony in it there is irony in it but not the way that yeah so in any event that's why I think this is very important stuff it also helps you move into this concept of being a category authority an expert in your field and being comfortable saying so because you feel like well I'm very likable I have my credibility builders in place the standard ones okay then I feel a little more secure and they are you know, held up by my foundation now I can look at demonstrating that I'm a crowd a category of what what does that do for you being in it being known as an expert in your field what does it do for you I'll give you a hint there's a picture on the wall with some bullet points now matthews like twelve should be able to read this because his eyes are going to be better than you know than are he's not he's like twenty six or nine five four yeah, here we go twenty four so anyhow do you see any what do you say on the wall there? What bullets say can you see that? Can you read that create visibility expanded to more markets gets your message out in a big way earn higher fees, increase your confidence stand out from the crowd and of course it gets you more clients so we gotta look at making sure you're positioned as a category authority and I need two volunteers from the audience and those volunteers I've decided will be jean and darby, gene and darby come on, we have a big round of applause for jean and darby we're going to do exercise five a so you guys can turn two five eight and you guys I can turn to five am here just advanced that forward so now we're gonna work on becoming a category authority and I want to start with you here, okay? And if I may on the flip this a little bit like this so we're gonna work through this uh this exercise in front of you and we want to look at where you are today, where you'd like to be and how you're going to get there so we're actually planning our strategy for a feeling comfortable saying I'm an expert and be demonstrating it out in the world and each one of you guys going to different places some will feel already I'm an expert this I'm good to go no problem others will feel may be those who are a little bit newer will feel how can I say that I'm kind of just starting so let's start with where you are today? Where are you currently an expert in what areas spurt and taking an idea and making it into reality and people's idea could be a dream who could be a thought whatever that is taken it from that space into becoming a reality greater so this is one of those things that's a little amorphous no, it is a little hard to demonstrate that a little easier to demonstrate and being an expert in running um but but I'd like you to put it on there to start with that and see where you go from there what else? I'm also an expert in taking spiritually concepts and making them very practical so you can walk him out every dad that's great I can I could dig that that's taking something you know, fluffy and making it more solid yeah, good you're decreasing your increasing the viscosity of an idea wonderful whatever that means. Where else are you an expert? I'm an expert in human relations so for example diversity and inclusion yeah um I can work with you to take a culture and make that culture shift where every person feels valued and recognize and can bring their bells that's so something like that is that something that you can demonstrate like based on my experience I've done this this and this yes. Okay that's often helpful all right that's often helpful there are ways to position herself as an expert in something new even if you haven't done a lot of work but with integrity there are ways to do that certainly ok now let's go over to you what do you currently an expert in? I would say running, running, that's, that's a good start running coach, um, okay, and what else in running running is like a big category? So what else? You know, specifically coaching people to reach their goals, so very performance based, okay, I feel like I'm coaching you pretty good at that, helping people go from either starting to just be coming around or a finely tuned runner wanting to be better. Great. Now, are there things that your expert in that are more technical? So what were those? I'm definitely running biomechanics that's kind of ah big specialty area of mine doing gait analysis, work use, you know, special software in cameras for that see this? This is all we got little or chills on this this's more specific it's kind of cool, too, and so helping somebody achieve the running goals is a result, but what? I'm going to be looking at his issue, an expert in different protocols, processes that will make that happen. So for my certified book yourself salad coaches, they're able to say they are experts in book yourself, so they have mastered that system because they learned it from me over the course of a year, so you see, you want expertise in a particular protocol or system packaged experiences protocols are essentially a package experience now she might have an expertise in biomechanics is that said by mechanics and gait analysis and that stuff now if she can package that in some way then it becomes even more attractive because then they know what they're going to do with that anything else you want to know? You know, I would say that's a piece of my business I haven't really branched out and yet primarily because it requires a certain kind of space for that you know, I have the equipment but just a matter of space but ultimately I'd like to have that be a component for all my coaching clients because it is a pretty important element to be ableto watch somebody run and very intricate details to help you know, with injury management, injury prevention great um and you'd be surprised at the things that can make you an expert of something even before you've done a lot of it. So when I started public speaking, how could I say, well, I'm an expert public speaking what was my first career? So I was able for the most part to get onstage with very little content and perform really well and when I developed content well then it really you know, meshed where sometimes someone's you know, on a great performer they got great content, the contents great but then it's not that exciting to watch so you did so when I was trying to convince people to give me public speaking gigs, I would use my experience as an actor. I wasn't just an actor got off the bus, ivan n f a from one of the two best graduate schools in the country in acting so I would use that experience demonstrate you know, I was on the sex and the city was on third watch I was on loan order was on all my children in the daytime I play bad guys night time I've been cops or fireman that's basically so so, so you can use historical experiences and reconfigure them to apply them to what you'd like to do. Now I can use historical experiences, we configure them and apply them to what you'd like to do now. Okay, good. Now let's, look at where you'd like to be. I need to develop expertise in this particular area that's very, very important. That's our next step is there anywhere where you need thio develop mohr expertise movies out of your way? Um, you know, actually, when you were just talking, I realized that I've already designed the process so I can actually I have actually designed the process where I can take your purpose, help me discover what that purpose is and then create your dream and a vision and make it into reality and I have a step by step ten steps because us in what you can do that good so that's that's in that already have right expertise are there other areas that you need to work on to develop mohr expertise? So I was say, more expertise in communicating that in larger groups. So more expertise in a speaker developing your speaking yeah, great. So here's one particular example now if you look at it if you looked at our right column in the first exercise how'm I gonna get there what you going to do to develop your expertise in that particular area? Get into mohr situations where have more opportunities to speak? Get on my own workshops, live events, things like that when I'm in front of people speaking excellent. Any other training, any other development take speaking programs grow that kind of thing. Great. Excellent. Excellent. From a great speaking program look at matt church. The church is he's out of australia, but sure you can do is, you know, is training from anywhere in the world but he's top notch also to look at it to see an extraordinary speaker in action she does speaking, coaching but it's like a grand a day, so if you're new, maybe you know a little pricey but victoria labalme l a b a l a bomb just look at her on her web she's also a former actor and she does these extraordinary performances and she teaches communication because if you're a well trained actor, you often uh know how to communicate not always it's not the first case for all actors but for some of them okay, good. Now what about you? What areas do you need to develop more expertise in so others see you as an expert? I would agree with darby I think part of it is just putting myself out there, you know, I've been working on kind of my standards of public presentation on running by mechanics and injury management just cause there's so many injured runners or potentially injured runners kind of getting that word out there on dh so sort of the skills necessary to do that great so she needs to develop a marketing skills so the work she's doing here she needs to start to master, which is of course different than what she needs to do to be seen as an expert in her field just to make that distinction is very important there's a lot of things you need to master as a new business owner, but what we want to make sure is that you've got enough demonstrate herbal mastery as an expert in your field so that people see you as a category authority you don't need to be the category authority don't need to be in book yourself, sal. I would be the category authority because I created my certified coaches are category authorities. They are experts in book yourself, sound anybody teaching book yourself solid who's not a certified coach really shouldn't be, but they're not experts. They haven't been trained. And so that's that's a very important you want to look at. What is the buyer looking at? I want expertise in this area because that thing solves my problem. What about you guys actually let me dio um, okay, I'm gonna put you guys back. Can we get a round of applause? Thank you so much. Okay, so there are u c for those of you who are doing the exercise for those of you at home who are working through the app or the downloadable pdf ce there's more to do there, but I can only cover a certain amount with each one of us in the time that I have. But this is definitely for those who don't feel comfortable standing up and saying, I'm an expert in this and especially in the sales conversation. They say, let me tell you why the best thing for you would be made because I'm an expert in doing that, I mean expert in helping you achieve your goals. So if you don't feel comfortable saying that yet you want the confidence to be able to say that you might need to develop somewhere expertise and how are you going to do it what's your plan now they're certain books you're going to read there's certain activities you're going to do to practice as you said to put yourself in a situation where you do learning action as a part of the mastery development but you need to learn in action that's the best way you do it you read a book you go I think I get it now I got to do something with the information and then you really start to get so what are those things what's your plan over the next six months I will do x y and z month by month by month by month in my uh mentoring program I work with uh students over a year and everything is very organized around project plans scheduling calendar's I'm going to do this these two weeks this this month this three months from now this because otherwise when you wake up you kind of just do whatever comes to mind and that is not a very strategic focussed way of getting things done so you guys get me you with me on this okay? I can take some questions certainly from the audience now and then I'm going to move on to our sales cycle after that just a quick question loud people are asking this online and it's the question from sistine who says at what point do you consider yourself an expert? I put a lot of weight behind that term so you mentioned you have a master's degree from a top school so that's credibility of course we can think about that for an hour rule you know when it comes a mastery so in terms of expertise how can you really say I am an expert? Well here's here's the way I do it you see in the second part of this I'm currently I concurrently make the following promises that position mia's an expert if you could deliver on the promises you make then you're an expert in that you might not even need ten hours you just need to be a far uh enough pages ahead to be able to deliver on that promise for example, I don't consider myself an expert by any shape of the imagination in search engine optimization is very technical, very analytic, but I could see it you guys I don't know maybe some of you guys have expertise in it, but I could teach somebody who has no experience into the basics of search engine optimization because I know that much and there's probably a little bit more than I know just threw us most us by working with people who you know are experts in it but I wouldn't go out and claim expert in it but if I was going to say to you look I don't take fifteen minutes and I'm gonna walk you through the basics of search engine optimization I know I could deliver on that promise and that's enough does that make sense? The key is you know what is the business about the business about making promises and delivering on them that's what you do I'm going to help I promise to help you do this you never guarantee results right especially when you are in service business you know ifyou're coach can guarantee the results they got to do something themselves but I can promise to deliver x y and z what you do with it that's up to you I promise I can teach you a system that will get you booked solid and I can demonstrate tens of thousands of people have used it to get books up what you do with it is up to you I think what what I love about this about becoming a category authority is similar to will you were talking about yesterday is you can't be everything to everyone and you can't be a category expert at everything so having the confidence that you are somebody might say but I thought moguls like I felt like the wall street journal said michael's, a marketing guru how can you not know everything about search engine optimization because there's, more than one thing in this work, and you know what I focus my expertise on is the bigger picture is the systematic approach is knowing what to do when to do it, and then you gotta develop expertise. You know that. Then you gotta go out and, you know, and focus on the specifics that you need to know in order to achieve that particular result and something that don't want to get missing. This dialogue, something emission. Earlier, michael was creating that plan to becoming experts. Not just you. Wake up. I'm an expert in this category. No, you talk specifically about creating that, having a strategy over a course of not day. I don't think you'll find too many books in my category that I haven't read multiple times.

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a Creativelive Student

What marvelous three days those were! Michael Port is unbelievably generous and nice. A real blessing to the folks in the studio audience and us at home. I watched all three days, but felt compelled to own the videos as well, because it's by practicing and revisiting this content that we can all get booked solid. I want also say that Antonio and Kenna were great hosts. Book Yourself Solid has been my mantra for the last month and I hope it continues to be for years and years to come. Read the book (it's important) and watch the videos (they complete your view of the whole system). Thanks Michael Port. Thanks Creative Live. Good luck to us all!


I would recommend this for most. I loved listening to Michael but as a photographer I felt a lot of his applications and exercises did not apply. I heard reference to "Wedding Photography" more times than I would have liked. Since Creative Live is such a big photography learning site; I would have liked to hear more reference to where this would work say for a Day In The life, Pet or fine art photographer. I suppose just more photography relation's would have been nice. All in all I had fun doing the exercises and there was a lot of phenomenal info in these videos. I'll be watching them again soon.


This is an amazing course, this is what a lot of marketers are teaching but with even more clarity and with his personal systems added that help with your work in the world. This information is so easy and clear, he takes you step by step, and the workbook is essential and extensive and easy and fun to follow, I've been listening over and over again, because there is just so much info that you have to hear it numerous times, at least I did, if you follow all the steps this course is better than courses that cost thousands of dollars. And he's a great presenter!