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The BYS Speaking Strategy

Michael Port

Book Yourself Solid & Get More Clients

Michael Port

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16. The BYS Speaking Strategy


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The BYS Speaking Strategy

We're gonna work on our speaking strategy and are writing strategy now you have to remember that these are optional strategists if you choose to use one or both it's going to put a lot of horsepower into your marketing, no doubt, but if you don't want to do public speaking at all, if you don't want to do writing as a strategy, then fine don't have to do it. Yes, of course you will need to talk to other people you will often need to present your ideas in some way. You probably will need to write something at some point, like an email, like copy for a web page copy for promotions, things like that you could only get help with those things, no doubt, but doesn't mean you don't have to write at all you guys with me, okay, so yes, thank you. Now we want to make sure that we remember how it all fits together. These two strategies that we're working on in this section are two of the six core self promotion strategies. This morning we worked on networking, direct outreach and referral strategi...

es. You feel better about those strategies now you think you can now use them good, and then after a break for our last session today, we're going to work on the web strategy, and I'm going to be looking at some of your websites live on that screen right there and I want to tell you here's what's working here's what I think needs improvement that's always how we do it plus delta we're not gonna look at it go that socks that stupid or are you thinking their idiot no, we're not gonna do that. What works? What needs improving we always plus delta plus delta what works? What needs change that's all we do that's what we do is business owners we just continuously improve generation, generation, generation generation and a website you know is, uh is is, um it's a trance informational thing meaning that you can change it all the time it's not like you built the brick building and you know oh should put an extra floor now we've got a major project right it's a lot easier to change that than an entire structure. So that's what we're gonna do this afternoon but we must remember that these self promotion strategies do not get us the clients alone they create the awareness that we're looking for so that when people become aware of what you have to offer, they come check out your what foundation if your foundation is they will give you an opportunity to what earned their trust now you then go about earning their trust by demonstrating your credibility overtime? Yes tear me overtime because trust is not necessarily built in an instant so we make sure our standard credibility builders in place we make sure that our likability factor is high, and yesterday you learned how to make sure you could keep it high and improve constantly get more likable who would have thought, but you can and then make sure you have a solid sales cycle process in place you know how to keep in touch with potential clients that's called future clients future clients in that sale cycle process so that they actually become clients. Now you also learn to create information products that build your brand identity so you khun, increase the speed of your sales cycle and demonstrate more credibility faster. You also learned perfect pricing strategies, and you learn how to have a simple sales conversation that what books the business and that's, the point of all of this work to get more clients than you can handle even if you hate marketing and selling because remember, I am on a mission to help you fall in love off with marketing and selling not a weird way, but really, maybe you can learn toe like this whole concept of promoting the value that you offer the service that you offer. Maybe if you realize that it's an opportunity for full self expression and it's not some manipulative, sleazy, scary thing all it is is you expressing your worldview to people that are excited about that worldview who share the same worldview and want the results that you can provide. Well, then you might have a mad, passionate love affair with marketing and selling call me crazy people have so that's what we're gonna do now in this session, we're going to look a tte speaking and writing in it first believe that we're going to look at speaking speaking first, then right doesn't really matter which one you look at first, second but working look at first speaking and writing now let me give you a framework around both of these things the reason they're next to each other and it's not speaking and web then writing there is a reason I put these two things next to each other and in the same learning session now there's a lot of similarity between how you go about using, speaking and using writing as a marketing strategy as a self promotion strategy there there is consistency across both of those with respect to how you get those opportunities either to speak or to write. So there are two things you can do for both speaking and writing you can either for speaking, have somebody put you in front of an audience or you can invite an audience to you for writing you can either have someone put you in front of an audience, so you write for that audience or you can write to try to create your own audience so as a speaker now we're not talking about becoming necessarily a professional speaker at this point you might develop into that that might be your primary career right now even if you're just starting and you know you're going to charge for it and build up that part of your business is in a significant way but you might just use it now to get in front of potential clients to start that relationship same thing with writing someone may pay you a lot of money at some point to write for them but maybe right now you're going to use it simply as a marketing strategy so makes sense I guess if it does good so as I said people can put you in front of their audience either through your speaking or through your writing or you can invite people to you now for speaking you might go and get booked to speak at aa local chamber of commerce ah local business association on for profit etcetera there's lots of different places you can speak both um in the real world and the virtual world for inviting people you could do something in the real world and you can do things in the virtual world you remember the always have something to invite people to offer that is a speaking strategy but you could call it a demonstration strategy too you could call it a community building strategy if you this is the one where if you don't plan on using public speaking, you can still use they always have something to invite people to offer because you don't need to do it as a public speaker, you don't necessarily need to be a great speaker to create and always have something to invite people to offer. For example, you know, if you're going to a running the workshop every month and people come here every week or whatever it is, you have to give a speech at the beginning of it. You just tell him here's what we're gonna do and then you go do it, but you're still inviting an audience to you that makes sense, I guess if it does now same thing for writing you khun get other people to put you in front of their audiences. Influencers have blog's newsletters there are journals, uh, magazines, newspapers that all serve your target audience and you can create your own content hub via a what? Blah yeah, I mean it's, it's, simple, simple, simple these days to produce your own content and share it. Now you've got to get people there that's a little bit different meaning let's say you're the organizer of aa meetings for an association and you say, michael I love you to come speak the whole you've got one hundred people in that room are a thousand people are ten thousand people well there's the audience that's what you're trying to get to but if I just rented a room and I showed up there's nobody there except me so I would have to get people to it so obviously that takes more work because you're building the audience but when you do that the assets yours same thing for the blogging so if you're going to use one or both of those strategies as primary marketing strategies meaning the strategies we went over this morning we're all mandatory you're going to your networking every day as we discussed you going to do your direct outreach every day as we discussed, we're going to do your referral strategies every day as we discussed but if you decide I'm going to add speaking or add writing you're going to make sure every single day you're getting book to speak somewhere I'm gonna get booked to speak x number of times per week or per month I'm gonna write x number of articles for why number of publications each week each month etcetera what was my point? What would I say it's not like a post lunch complete shutdown but where am I seattle right? Ok good who I really don't remember exactly what I was saying before I started going into that but I'm sure it had to do was speaking of write you can let you can look over at this lovely illustration over here reminder yes, so it may take more time to build up those assets when you're inviting people to you, but over time if you do build those assets it's a very effective way to own an audience, so to speak. Now you gotta you can't keep earning their attention so that they stay it's not like you own them like I own you, you know, it's not that doesn't it's not how it goes, right? Okay, all right, good. So what we need to do then is mean to identify a couple things both for speaking in for writing. We know what we need to identify if we're going to use these strategies where we want to speak and for whom do we want to write? If we identify these places, then we can identify individuals who are the gatekeepers, the decision makers at those places and guess where they go, where did they go get it? In the last russian list of twenty on your list of twenty because you're going to now start reaching out to them to try to develop relationships with them, you're also going if you're gonna do speaking, you're also develop relationships with speakers so the speaker can introduce you to that planner simple, right? Yeah. So you're going to need to look at those different places for speaking and for writing. And then, of course, if you're going to do the invite people to you, you're going to need to decide what kind of medium am I going to use? So if it's for speaking, am I going to do a call every week? And I do something locally in person every week think of speaking also is demonstrating we're creating an experience or an opportunity. And if it's writing, am I going to do it is a blogged am I goingto start, uh, printed easy are now that would be not an easy that would be a printed magazine. Yeah, probably not. Yeah, probably not going to go through all of that unless you decide you want to become a publisher of that kind of material, so you might need to start a block, create blogged, decide what frequency att what frequency you're going to post what kind of content you're gonna probably need to learn about. Ah, a little bit about seo search engine optimization so you can optimize those posts so that people are coming to that blocks that make sense, so we're gonna do some exercises. To help you identify the places that you can go speak at the kinds of things that you could do to invite people and same thing for writing sound good we're also going to look at actually had to write an article I would love to teach you guys how to speak to work with you on your speaking that we don't have time for today he said jugs but uh but that's fun to do and you got to make sure that if you decide you want to do public speaking you know how to get to carnegie hall how'd you get to carnegie hall taking mike if you know yes, you say it for them genesis you're the mic somebody practice let's go people let's go practice practice practice so certainly that's a part of what you need to do but also you need teo be masterful at the content you gotta know your material inside and out and of course you probably want to do some training get some education from somebody who has a lot of experience in public speaking just make sure the person you pick has a style that you like you're not gonna necessarily like if I tell you how to speak publicly, I wouldn't try to teach you to do it like me because that would be weird because you're mad that I just know but meaning that the way they approach it resonates with you right you like the style that they use and you want to find your own style that um that is similar in some way so fourteen a I'm going to take up here for fourteen we're looking at speaking who wants to be a speaker and wants to use public speaking okay so merrily and jena come on up come on let's go let's go let's go great outfits today guys hey, castle during that same with you thank you so much. So first we're gonna look at um a way that you can add value by invitation this is not getting other people to put in front of the audience but you're going to start to create something that you could invite people too. So maybe it's a type of always have something to invite people to offer but they're different mediums that you can use different formats that you can use so let's start with you merrily and let's look at it do you think you might and you don't have to I'm giving you examples in this exercise here. Do you think you might want to start some kind of club? I don't know if I wanted to start a club that seems a little that seems like a lot of work to me yes, it could be or it might be a way of looking at it always have something to invite people to offer do something once a month you still necessary creating what is the masons or something right? You know not doing that and you don't need like, funny hats you need to sit around smoke cigars you know that kind of thing so so butt club makes people feel like they're part of something that's true well there and that I have to admit when you said club that's what I thought of like kwon is there something I'm like? I don't think I could do that but yeah when you're saying like a medium type group or something like that I could do that creepy little funny story I was on an airplane when jake was about to and um we were in like the third row in the first two rows there was a big plane all of all of these older white guys with those funny hats there you know that you know those guys oh, the funny hats and jake was screaming because two year old do that right at the beginning of a flight often and so what I was doing I was getting himto laugh instead like play and it still was noise with his laughter instead of screaming which is better one guy turns around to me and goes could he be any louder? I said yes he could on I will show you and of course here's what's funny I'm thinking well he's probably never had kids or he had kids and he didn't like his kids and then at the end of the plane ride when he got up, I saw he was reading a deepak chopra book and I thought who this connect? Maybe he hadn't started the book yet. Okay, so, um conference calls do you think you might use conference calls? I have to say that the leader in my mind right now for for always have always have something to invite people to offer. Wonderful now, of course you can do one off conference calls or you could do something that is consistent like and always have someone to invite people to offer you might decide I'm going to put something on I'm going to write lots of people he's going to a specific topic I'm going to teach or you could do something that is consistent and I always have something to invite people to offer that is a conference call khun b like a club they think big revolution was a club, but nobody were funny hats. We actually did make t shirts and stuff on the coffee mugs and clocks, but no funny, although that might be fun funny hat so let's go next two tours or experiential event so when I put tourists, you know a realtor might do tours as part of their always have something to invite people to offer even a photographer might do tours of all the different types of locations that one could shoot at exteriors interiors you know you're giving people this idea of landscapes makes sense you guys with me say yes if you are okay, good, anything for you on that one tours? Because when we talked spoke yesterday, I think we're talking about if I did the skydiving extreme sports there's actually works with a nonprofit where they do mountain climbing with dentists they have taken in this once you're on this a huge amount of coming events, so could be, like one of your big, extreme, you know, skydiving or bungee jumping or something where if they want, you know, that could be part of the conference. So I guess bob heart is not a good idea for dentists. Hockey is also, I think he's also out okay, all right, good. And then retreats would be similar, right treats a similar there. And then of course, educational events can be by way of clubs by wave conferences, webinars, et cetera. And then what about contests or different types of challenges? I haven't thought about that one, I think there's potentially yeah, what do you think? Contests, challenges like you know you could do something really cool is some kind of contest or challenge for all your for all your either potential clients current clients past clients people in your environment to create something to do something gets them closer to having that job right so it's a lot of different things you could do with respect to a contest good ideas you like? Yeah ok. What about you, jenna? I thought yeah it's funny because I was thinking like the old boys club with clubs myself but I was even thinking like, uh like secret facebook group that nobody else knows about baseball waken all congregate yeah, that idea, huh? And indefinitely conference calls I actually that's my thing that I think I want to start doing weekly calls and then maybe add in a contest if you are part of the call and you have whatever you could hear you can get this prize a free session or something. Good. Great, huh? Excellent. Um, what about experiential events? Tours things like that that air a little bit more hands on potentially. I don't see that right now, though. Okay, good. See that's what? The exercises therefore maybe yes, maybe no, maybe some day later. Yeah. Okay. Um so that would be the same for retreats, I think retreats definitely, but not right now, maybe maybe a few years from now, okay, on dh you already mentioned contests challenges ok, so for those of you who are at home and you either have the app or you've got the pdf or even if you're just writing down the things we're working on it, see, you know how many different ideas you can come up with for each one of these categories, so you don't need to limit yourself. I always say, like I said, with the mayonnaise and the hero sandwiches go farther than you think you should go and then go farther and you probably have gone almost far enough, right? You know what I'm talking about, so we don't need to play it safe. You just go all the way, fall down on the floor because you can get right back up again. The audio guys told me, don't do that! Apparently it's not good to follow your microphone. Okay, good. So now let's go on and now let's, look at the hierarchy. Okay, you guys can stay up here while I teach this. Okay, when you are going to get book to speak somewhere else, okay, this is exercised fourteen psi. When you are going to get book to speak somewhere else, you need someone else to give you that invitation to say yes, please come there are lots of different organizes from which organizations from which to choose it's generally a good idea although I love skipping the first two steps just as a general, you know way of doing things if you can to work your way up the ladder meaning you might it might be harder to get booked to speak at the main ted conference you're after bill gates. If it's the very first time you've ever done a speech unless maybe you know you discovered the cure for cancer, then probably you could get that as your first speech so that maybe at the top of that hierarchy but you might have easier access to local organizations, nonprofits, clubs. I'd like to see you at the masons club with all the guys in the funny hat they'd love you, so so you start to identify well, what are those places that I could probably get some access to? They're always looking for people to help present, and they need somebody like me they don't pay, and I go for twenty minutes or half hour, forty five minutes, whatever it is, but in that audience would be potential clients. Just make sure that it's targeted unless you want to go just to work on your speaking great place to go work on your speaking is for an audience that you don't really want to hire you as long as what you're teaching is still relevant to them in some way that's they probably won't choose you uh if not, but if they did choose you and when presented something it's not relevant to them, you'll think you're a bad speaker and you feel bad about yourself because they won't respond so you want to look at those organizations, then you want to start to look at the next level up maybe businesses, maybe regional association so you know, there's associations big international, national, same organization, but they have the international meeting, they have the national meeting, they have the regional meetings and then they have the local meetings easier to get into the local one. First you kick booty at the local one, then maybe you get the regional one do great in the region, one that he maybe get up and when I say kids skip a couple steps, if you can get right to the regional water right to the national wonder to the international one go for it, but generally it's a little easier to move up that hierarchy and also you're going to build tape videotape on your performances when you're starting with these smaller ones and going to need that to get the bigger one. Okay, so let's start with you, jenna let's find your audiences, nonprofit organizations or community groups any idea who this who so some of these organizations might be or what some of these organizations might be not off the top of my head but like some place that I was thinking that I might be able to get into is going to like organic grocery stores and stuff like that and talking to them groot actually because they might be a good resource yeah sure sure absolutely no doubt and so then what we want to do is want to identify the organization you wanted then identify the decision maker or the decision makers that may be a number of them because that's the person that you eventually get to say yes and then as I said that a person goes on your list of twenty now what's the first thing you do start to learn about that what's the second thing you do you start to see if you know anybody who might know them if the answer is yes then you decide how are you going to ask the person to ask for to make the introduction and you're gonna go about asking for that getting the introduction then doing the follow up and then building that relationship as we've discussed if you can't find somebody who knows them then what you going to do you're going to decide here's how I'm gonna reach out by myself right now um you should probably go right into those kind of places you know because they go she looks really nice doesn't look scary or you know one of those people with slicked back hair so I shouldn't like my hair back well, you could slick your hair back and still get away with it that would just be stylish supposed to cheese you wouldn't have their curly mustache right exactly so so that's it how we look we want to find is many of these groups as we possibly can because then what are we going to do each day? Yeah try to get to these decision makers now you're gonna need some um you gonna need some materials to help as I said you want some video if you're in a video right now final space like this I have someone you know have a couple your friends come to watch because it's easier if you talk to people than just, you know, talk like this about tonight and then on film here's what's interesting. You know, you see a lot of speakers with sizzle reels sizzle reel is, you know, there's a there's a sizzle reel on michael port dot com you know, it's probably years old, I probably still have my hair and most of those things but but it's like, you know, it's the name it's the books and the blah blah blah and then it's a little clip from this event that clip from this event that clip from this event that clip from this event those air very, very effective when the events you're at a huge they say, oh, I see the caliber uh events that he's at but really you can't tell if someone actually can speak or not from a sizzle reel because anybody can do a good one liner any good editor can make you look really good when they're just cutting clips from you know, a presentation and ate any clip of you talking about something telling a story if that works, you can speak if you can hold that for eight minutes well, she could probably hold, you know, a whole hour, forty five minutes, so I think it's a very good idea to make sure that you have some longer tape that they can look at as long as the beginning gets right into it. It's not a lot of putts ing around at the beginning because otherwise they're not gonna pay attention because also you don't have enough footage yet to make a sizzle reel, so I think just have something great straight on ten minutes here you go with me doing ten minutes of it's ten minutes of a presentation that I would be giving to this group you might want what's called the speaker one sheet, but again all this goes online now, right? You don't you know, in the old days you gave him a desk and a piece of paper, but it describes you know, as your bio describes, this speech is that you give the key takeaways benefits, etcetera some basic stuff you might want some reference letters that you know like testimonials but a little bit more official reference letter type thing and you know then you photocopy them because the letter looks better than just you writing the text and those go on your web site about you for your speaking she likes that I can tell that you're so so those things you'll need to have because you want the people that you're reaching out to to notice that so of course, now what you do when you're reaching out to that person is you'll have your main website or maybe not maybe you just have the linked directly to the page about you is a speaker, so they just go click on that you don't have to say necessarily even go check out my page or although you could but they can go click on that just to see there's a little video there boom oh she's great oh, I like she's got some good endorsements from some people some good referral you know, reference letters and I like that top it could be good, I'll respond to her and maybe we'll talk about something makes sense, so what about that next level up? Maybe a little bit bigger groups, bigger organizations I definitely think that there's so many nutrition organizations out there so I definitely think going through picking ones that I resonate with and seeing how it go with that would be that's the key there's tons of yeah and you might want to start with some of the smaller ones first and then build up on there might also be um some groups of those professionals that sort of organized their own little things and that's also an easier way to get in to start great you were really cool right now if you knew what some of them were and could identify the decision maker but that may not be possible but what you can do when you go home and you go online start to investigate they got this newfangled thing called google it tells you so much love you go there you find the organization and start to search around and you don't always find exactly to the distance the decision maker is you don't always know that you start to look into it what's a good way to find out well maybe go to one of those events start to ask around you start to look at other events they've done and see well who are the speakers? You put those on your list you reach out to them you start to learn more yeah right yeah right on what about bigger anything bigger next step up level of um not off the top of my head nothing's coming to mind right now but I'm sure there is I'm sure I can use this newfangled thing called brutal to fund that are there any associations not just schools that serve these nutritionists nuts of schools that train them but associations that are either national or international yeah definitely and actually I have a contact I feel very fortunate I have a contact that reached out to me for one of those so I'm going to reach out back to her and remember don't forget guys your potential referral partners also have organizations and associations that you can go speak at uh a couple years ago felony brent burns came into the book yourself solid school of coach training to get certified but he wasn't going to practice as a certified book yourself salad coach as his business because he was a mortgage broker he wanted to learn it so he could do presentations on book yourself solid for realtors you said this is my value add to you I'm gonna help you get more business and then he would develop relationships with them so you might go speak to doctors groups yeah all right as long as you what use could speak about something that is relevant to them where you build a relationship with them and then maybe they're gonna introduce you to nutrition is they have relationships with definitely yeah cool like love her attitude, huh so positive thinking it's good that you're in the confidence yes but maybe you should go into the confidence visits every thought aboutthe okay so you guys I think our dime give him a round of applause have a seat you're well it's another suggestion that came out from online was utilizing google hangout as well as another method for the newfangled thing yes for merrily specifically when you were talking about doing those calls that google hangouts would be another another way to go with that absolutely yeah yeah for sure. So there's always some new technology coming out of that you know makes this easier and easier and easier and you know try not to be afraid of it let's go find one that works for you and you practise and practise and practise first couple times you're going to be really scared but then eventually to be old hat your lunch while you're doing it you know michael d member what your nails while you're doing it you know what your very remember was your very first speaking gig was what that was like for you? Yes well, I don't know what is the very first one but I do remember one at the jcc in manhattan that's the jewish community center in manhattan is actually a very big minutes manhattan right? So in his jewish community center manhattan I can say that because my family was jewish it was like a seventy five million dollars I mean there's like thousands of members I thought it would be this big to do I was giving a speech on projects caroline coles is the one who got me the that spot so excited and I went there and it was in the huge auditorium and I was setting up my power point is this huge screen behind me so excited and two people came on they were both retired chuck's but I actually did a lot of things there because um because caroline gave me that afforded me the opportunity to do that she believed in may and she gave me these opportunities so I I was ableto practice and get better and you know, I gave that presentation of those two retired folks like I would if the room had five thousand people in because the two key is two of the keys to being successful as a speaker number one make sure they respect you before you get on stage so your bio the way it's red weights introduced is essential you know let someone else you know make up how they're going to introduce you the introduction sets the stage and then number two you've gotta love them no matter what they're doing they be going you gotta love them you try to wake him up that would be a good start but you have got to love them no matter what so maybe I will come back and do something on speaking because I let you know I love to teach speaking because it reminds me of when I used to teach acting, you know, not so dissimilar. Okay, so can I ask a question on that which you touch on the beginning that it's okay to have these fears but transformations uh is alfa my name is alfa from miami and wondering what tips you do have for people with fear of public speaking or who tend to stumble their words with public speaking, any top tip? Yeah, sure so again, not not necessary. There is a lot of information in both yourself selling illustrated about how to prepare speeches, what to do in advance of the gig what to do at the gig what to do after the gig etcetera is not necessarily top like I want to spend a lot of time on here today, but remember for this individual that you don't have to do public speaking, okay, if they just tuned in now, you don't have to do this as a a regular thing for self promotion. However, we also have to remember that it's okay to stumble over your how many times you think I've stumbled over my words or, like said something like, I just said something backwards or wrong didn't just before I go where was I of course did you think I sucked it speaking about no of course not because it's especially for three days there's no way you're going to be perfect in three days so that's going to happen and the more natural you are about that, the more comfortable you are with that the better one of the best things any speaker can do I think take improv classes enacting improv classes because I've the speakers that I find most engaging are the ones that you don't know what they're going to do next but in a good way they're in the moment because of a speaker comes up hello how are you? You know they're so stayed you know what's coming I've seen speakers actually decent speakers not great speakers I've seen decent speakers give the same exact speech word for word verbatim in different speeches that's how they need to do it and you know it's okay if their contents good but not excited all right? And I think if you're gonna be a professional speaker at some point where you make the big money is when your content is exceptional and you're entertaining you can perform those two things together that are the key and that's why I say for the performance area you could get a little bit better at speaking no matter who you are but it's got to be a talent, a natural talent to get exceptionally good to, you know, to improve exponentially on and on and then also all you're doing is just talking to people. I mean, that's really all you're doing, they're just more people that you're talking to, but I think I'm talking to one person at a time. I look in your eye every single person's eyes, don't I? All the time I'm moving around, moving around, I'm talking to each one of you individually and that's how I think about it. I don't think you know what? I'm talking about twenty thousand people at home, I just think I'm talking to one person right here and people are watching and that's ok, that's cool, you guys are much more comfortable now and you were the first day remember, remember the first day? You know, you don't even know if you were supposed to turn, but I would see your eyes move a little bit, you know, very strange, but no, now you're comfortable, now you're loose and look, we keep going back to this but it's so key it's, the real nous that works it's the humanity in your marketing that makes you attractive for this kind of business, I think for anything, frankly, but for this business, especially

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  • How to understand your clients' needs
  • How to master the 4-part simple sales formula to book the business almost every time. 

Michael will also show you methods for reaching out to prospective clients and referral partners, tips to help improve your website, and strategies for building your social platform to help grow your business.

If your business is just getting off the ground and you need help finding the perfect client, this workshop is a must-see.  


a Creativelive Student

What marvelous three days those were! Michael Port is unbelievably generous and nice. A real blessing to the folks in the studio audience and us at home. I watched all three days, but felt compelled to own the videos as well, because it's by practicing and revisiting this content that we can all get booked solid. I want also say that Antonio and Kenna were great hosts. Book Yourself Solid has been my mantra for the last month and I hope it continues to be for years and years to come. Read the book (it's important) and watch the videos (they complete your view of the whole system). Thanks Michael Port. Thanks Creative Live. Good luck to us all!


I would recommend this for most. I loved listening to Michael but as a photographer I felt a lot of his applications and exercises did not apply. I heard reference to "Wedding Photography" more times than I would have liked. Since Creative Live is such a big photography learning site; I would have liked to hear more reference to where this would work say for a Day In The life, Pet or fine art photographer. I suppose just more photography relation's would have been nice. All in all I had fun doing the exercises and there was a lot of phenomenal info in these videos. I'll be watching them again soon.


This is an amazing course, this is what a lot of marketers are teaching but with even more clarity and with his personal systems added that help with your work in the world. This information is so easy and clear, he takes you step by step, and the workbook is essential and extensive and easy and fun to follow, I've been listening over and over again, because there is just so much info that you have to hear it numerous times, at least I did, if you follow all the steps this course is better than courses that cost thousands of dollars. And he's a great presenter!