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Book Yourself Solid & Get More Clients

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Develop an Automated Keep in Touch Strategy

Michael Port

Book Yourself Solid & Get More Clients

Michael Port

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8. Develop an Automated Keep in Touch Strategy


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Develop an Automated Keep in Touch Strategy

This is how you start to look at the sales cycle your first look at the six keys to creating connection and then you start to build out the actual sale cycle stage by stage by stage now you want to look at well, how do you start keeping in touch with the people in that sale cycle and that's why we gotta look at now how many people use facebook how many people use twitter how do people do email marketing? Okay, how many people keep in touch just by calling up people? How many people do keep in touch with cards cards so interestingly enough, you have a pretty, uh, good number of hands going up for almost all nicey email again okay email marketing either one toe, one direct email or one too many, you know newsletter type email it's very interesting the social sites facebook, twitter linked and etcetera art incredible for so many different purposes. However, what we're finding is that for selling email marketing still wins the day and you have a lot of people arguing disagree with me but y...

ou gotta look at the actual statistics I have a friend chris broken is his name you guys may be familiar with him really successful guy and he's got about two hundred sixty thousand followers on twitter it was one of the sort of early adopters incredibly popular great at what he does and he called me up some time ago said hey I want to build a newsletter list because I'm finding that even with the large numbers on twitter it's not as effective a sales medium as I believe that the email marketing is because people are still in their in box but this is where you spend most of your time in the inbox and this is this was the perspective I took right from the beginning not because I was smarter than anybody else but because I just don't want me all day long on the social sites so obviously I'm on facebook I'm on twitter I don't do anything with lincoln I'm there but I don't do anything with it I just don't want to spend all my day there so I decided to take a different approach and stay with the email marketing even though when all these social sites started all the social site expert said email marketing is dead and it's not and I'm sharing us about chris because he wrote about this recently on his block so I'm not sharing something out of school and and he he showed statistically with with a tiny newsletter list compared to this huge following on twitter he was selling mohr with that smaller list I'm not saying don't do twitter not saying don't do facebook I'm not saying don't do linked and of course it could be incredible tools for a lot of different things but just understand why you're using the different tools you're using remember in the exercise that we just did I said what are you trying to achieve what do you want to make happen and then you look at what's my strategy for making that happen so for me I used the social sites primarily to share my block posts because you need content to put up on twitter and facebook and all these things to stay relevant and I'm not really a pity I don't particularly like to write like little pithy twitter things that made these big broad statements and generalizations it's just not my style so I'd rather share a comprehensive you know piece of content that I have produced and that's what I use those sites for primarily however I will interact with people when they interact with me on those sites uh my point nine times out of ten but if I'm not there for two or three days I don't care it doesn't stop the world my marketing doesn't stop you know why? Because all of our follow up sequences are built into an automated system via email marketing now that doesn't mean that you should take yourself out of the equation when you're doing your email marketing follow up or any other type of follow up keep in touch strategy you want to be in there but you want to be in there at the critical moment of the decision making process in a more timely manual way but moving people through that process can be done with lots of automation. For example, if you go to michael poor dot com you can download a whole slew of chapters from my different books for free and it starts because that's that's the goal right? And I wantto get them to take that action so I give them like this you're gonna have all these free chapters like chapters from all these books and that's good incentive and I think it's four chapters there's another website where I do it is two chapters but then they do that and they get an email for me immediately that says ok here's where there's chapters are but you know what I know I said I was going to before but forget about four here six why for just take sex then when they get to the page it says, you know, I said it's going to be six but forget about six years eight so you show up and offer deliver on more than you even said you were going to deliver at a friend in college who when he'd order his hoagie sandwiches is hero sandwiches he was they put so much mayonnaise on it that you think you've ruined it and then put more disgusting I think he sent stop eating that way but nonetheless the same concept of plots so then they get those chapters then I follow him say so how is it going with this chapter? Because the theory consumption is as important as the theory of enticement you want to entice them to take the action but you want them to consume what you've given them the consumption is what creates the connection so I was okay so I gave you all these chapters what most people usually do is not read them because you know he's got it online and then the doorbell rang and you went away. So where were they? Did you put them somewhere if you did go get him is not here's the link again so you know where they are and I imagine if you are you know in this situation and business you might want to know this this and this well go to this particular chapter scroll through two page x because on that page I specifically talk about this consumption that's good now you know where to find it. I will go right to that thing if they read that one thing and they like it, then they might go on read more then the next email that follows up says okay, now I'm going to send you mohr content strategies tips I'm also going to need your promotions for things which I told them in the furry first often because you have to say that if you're gonna do it I just reiterated so we both know we're on the same page and I say but here's the thing I do a couple different things and I don't want to overwhelm you with stuff I want to make sure that whatever I'm setting was relevant so you tell me do you want this this or this is what the whole enchilada click this now because of the system that I use use aa system called infusion soft for which I'm a partner so it's important that I disclosed that, um for those people who are interested in fusion soft I can get discounts for using my name there's actually a specific link I think it's book yourself solid dot com forward slash get infusion soft think that's what it is it's a big program it's not necessarily for the person that's just starting, you know right away because it's it's a big program but the point is, um it allows me to capture what people want based on what they click on so they click. The first link will tells me this is what they want so it assigns a tag to those people and then those people only get certain follow and then the people hook on a different link are tagged with that other link and only yet certain follow up which is different so for example, if I have the book yourself salad school of coach training and I have the alliance mention problem with michael that they're two different programs school of coach trainings for people who want to become coaches in book yourself solid but the mentoring program is for any service business owner who wants to get booked solid or go beyond booked solid so they're different people so if someone clicks that beyond clicks the alliance with michael one I know they're not interested in learning about the coach training programs so why should I send them anything about it? So you're trying to be relevant in that follow up and you let them tell you what's relevant it's much easier to be relevant and then you can do your follow up accordingly and I entice them to tell me which is relevant by saying if if you tell me which one is interesting to you um and you click this link you'll you'll automatically get a twelve part course email of course on how to do this and that's the thing that's relevant to the clicking of the link and then that's a very comprehensive twelve part course and all it says at the beginning and the end is one reference each time to that program that it relates to so if it's the alliance it will say so this is something I teach in the alliance and the alliance is a hyperlink and then I teach it. And at the end, if you're interested in more about the alliance, go here. So that's soft it's, not aggressive, the content is significant and nobody's going to say, well, that was just a sales thing. Content, content, content, content a little bit little bit. And then that goes over a particular period of time. And based on the actions they take, whether they'd click those links or not. Now I know something else in a different type of follow of sequences used. Now I gave you that there's, obviously mohr that we do because we have experience in this. I have been doing this for a long time. This is the point where you get overwhelmed. I'm just telling you what I do now I'll tell you what you can do, okay? If that's not where you want, if you get them to come to the always have something to invite people to offer, you need to get them to come. So what you do is you send them an e mail the morning off, that particular thing or if it's once a month, a day before so you can and you say, hey, so great that you subscribe to be a part of this. Here's the information for today's call always the same you complete it in your book and here's what we're going to be doing today or for today's run or for today's you know experience and then they go oh, I like that one or now I'm not so into them when I don't know I don't have time but I'm able to get the recording if you do something that can be recorded that's very simple and you can just do that in a few minutes give yourself a constraint every time you write something or make something or produce something, so when I would do those uh think revolution calls at the beginning, it took me a long time to decide what I was going to talk about to write the email whole thing I said I'm not gonna want to keep doing this if it takes so much time wasted fifteen minutes that's all I have I have to do in fifteen minutes to come up with the idea to write the email and have to send it in fifteen minutes and eventually I could do in about five and I said if I'm not done in fifteen minutes I have to force myself to send that thing out that's not done really and I would make myself do these things because that kind of pressure that's why you're giggling is going to make you get it done gonna get a lot done without some kind of external pressure from deadline I'm not going to finish my books unless the publishers expecting it were based on a signed contract and a check being written to me by a certain date I'll just do it whenever I want to do it so those kind of external deadlines help so that's one specific simple thing you can do you might decide once they often for that thing on your website you send them that consumption email how they can take advantage of it now here's another really, really good one, especially for those who do consulting or coaching of any kind if you give them something that gives them something to do like okay, here's two things that you could do right now to make this change you could follow up with him two days later and say, hey, did you do it if you did you rock because most people don't but he didn't you still have time to and if you do here's what I'm gonna do for you I'm gonna give you twenty minutes of my time to help you with that particular thing but here's the rules you've got to go to this website and use like time trade or something and you schedule because I only block out certain times certain hours of the week on a particular day you go there, you schedule if you're late you don't get to come it's done if you're there not there on time it doesn't happen if you miss it, you don't get to reschedule and you need to send me x number of days before we do this session, the work that I asked you to dio sixty plus percent of the people with whom I did that bought either an information product or some sort of program is incredibly effective because you heard the expression pre qualifying essentially it's pre qualifying people they've done something which means you know they'll take action, they've followed a direction so you know they can follow direction and they've honored the commitment they made to do that with you now if they have to reschedule twenty four hours or whatever that's fine, but if they don't make a reschedule on that time trade thing, then they don't get to come again and you've got to be really strict with that now, so if you do that for twenty minutes, you focus right on that particular issue. Now why do you knock it out of the park? Because they've sent you that information in advance? You know what the problem is and they go, oh my god, you're a genius and if you need more time because you want to start to talk about what you might do together if they ask questions about it won't talk about you take more time so you always book a twenty minutes with twenty minutes free time twenty minutes with them twenty minutes free time twenty minutes with them twenty minutes free time so if you decide that's it want to over the phone or conversation not appropriate at that time you get off only twenty minutes then you follow up with them with uh so what did you take away from that? What do you going to do next then you follow up with him again two weeks later so what results are you seeing? Have you been following through? But if they buy something right there they're going to go into another type of follow up sequence because you're not going to send them the same thing going to start to move them through something else. So the reason that I used the infusions office because when someone takes one action you can take them off another type of follow up see? So if someone's on a follow up sequence for example, some was on a follow up sequence where that particular sequence is trying to compel them to buy something and then they buy it you don't want to keep sending them the same follow of sequence so they come off that one and they move on to the new one which is delivering what they bought and making sure they consume it the consumption is critical guys in all my programs, my director of admissions keeps tally on every single person. How many facebook communications are they doing with others in the group? How many seminars are they coming to are not coming to how many calls are they making during the week or not making during the week? And then if we start to see people missing in any of these areas he calls what's going on because sometimes something happen in their life that we don't know about that's really important or serious and we want to be there for them you won't understand what's going on with them and sometimes it's not getting stuff done and that's our job to help him get this stuff done so you're making sure they consume so they stay doing the work that they intended to do when they came to you same thing is true for a photographer who's working on ah wedding and you have different things you're doing with the bride? Well, they said this is the schedule they want to do this they will do this they would have this thing with the family here they want to have this uh try on thing they want to invite all these people well, if you actually help make sure that they do these things sort of like being a planner without being there planner just encouraging them along the way they're goingto consume or of what you offer because it's going to stay top of mind that's what you're trying to do, you're trying to say top of mine, whether they have bought from you or whether they haven't either way, you're trying to stay top of mind and move them forward towards the goals that they have and you have for them, so I want to do real quick, please bring two people up, tammy and merrily, two people up for exercise. Seven a I'll try to get to both of you if I can't, uh, I can't, but we can work on the other one later some time. All right, so we'll start with you merrily keep in touch strategist we want to look at what we're going to send them, what we're going to sell them and of course, what else? We might show them or tell them now, let's start with helpful information with every industry information that's relevant to the dentist. You, sir? Yeah, I really worked with young dentist's. So with those who have recently graduate, so as that was saying as they're coming out of school, there's a lot of information is they're setting up their first practice, and so I think I could. Possibly either hold weekly calls us they're setting up their practice because it truthfully is overwhelming how much have to do is they're starting their business and so that's what I'm thinking is a good way to introduce myself to them by helping them it's it's information they're gonna be looking for it right? So now from time to time other industry information pop out like there was a change in some regulation or some company came out with some new way of doing something that is pretty innovative that's great keep in touch for somebody like you so industry information could be very effective, very helpful and you can always offer your opinion on it and if they connect with your opinion on that information give you very powerful I just felt from trust yes, absolutely do you see how powerful that khun b that's? One particular piece of information industry information it's relevant information okay, good. Now uh what about any tips or tricks that you could give them are there are there? Yeah, great. Yeah, I could definitely get tips lets no one is going to the dentist. Of course that could make it right. So this is a never ending stream of content opportunities, tips and tricks. Yeah, how many people can offer tips and trips, tips and tricks to the people that they serve? Raise your hand if you can absolutely. Every single person in this room and likely every single person watching at home. Great. Now, what about other information from other experts? Yes, yes, because dentist that they need to be building their clinical skills too. And so that's, actually where they generally focused a lot of their time. So I think I could yeah. There's definitely. Tons of experts out there that could help them become better. Dentist. Absolutely. What? Um, what kind of experts might you bring on to share content? Either through articles newsletter conference, call's webinars instead? I mean, I could bring him, like building experts I could bring in. I could bring in cosmetic experts I could bring in tech experts absolutely like the follow up, you know, those kind those kinds of things, absolutely communication experts, different ways of staying in contact. Absolutely so, really again, another great opportunity also for your network, right? Because she's going to then developed relationships with these other experts and they made then bring you to their people as well. Ok, now, your offerings. Okay, so, that's, what you're looking, you're also going to be selling using the eighty twenty rule, eighty percent content twenty percent sales they're gonna be selling through those newsletter, so we're not to do that now. But you know what? They are different things that you sell and that's you develop those in the sale cycle process so again remember how each of these things bill I'm trying to walk up stairs doesn't really work only walks works if you walked down just reverse it, just reverse it yeah, so so that that's the work you do in your your sales cycle process when you look at the different offerings you're building the model there, so then you've got your services and your products and maybe that you also offer special deals. We'll talk about that later when we work on pricing strategies, but the new the email he's a wonderful place to make those kind of special offers I can also do in facebook you could also do it in twitter you can also do it you can do it in any place that you have people paying attention to you oftentimes we find it very effective email because it feels more like a one to one communication from their perspective and it may actually be once one communication or maybe you want to many okay now what about, uh, cool self expression ideas like for example, if you are a hairstylist and you are a major dog person anybody like a big big dog person huge dog, no dogs usually one yeah so in tow to dog people often people have dogs success with dogs like I am with my boat just live and die for that adorable dog well let's say you are a rich are not starving for am although you could do this a photographer as well but if you wanna hear a hair salon maybe in each of your newsletters you do some summer like hairstyle with color job to your dog as long as that's not mean or weird I don't know I wouldn't do that to mind just cause I don't have one so I don't know but if that was cute and funny and didn't you know embarrass the dog hurt the dog maybe that would be really funny and even if you're not a dog person but you you know, like in your hair done you might think those air really cute when they come that's cute funny self expressed keep in touch and is a photographer sky's the limit here? No doubt so what might be something you could do? Oh I was I would love that their help for your help because I have to say that I what are your hobbies um why have kids so I have limited have you believe I would like to sing? I'm terrible at it but I would like to sing more um I think because I would love to bring play into the office and so you know singing is interesting because one of my certified coaches is actually a trained opera singer she's saying the national anthem I think it was that madison square garden or yankee stadium or one of those things so she does bring singing into her work she's really good at it you might not be an honest but if you're at least decent you could do funny little you know songs, rhymes yeah I have ah another one of my coaches is a video guide he does these crazy like really whacking ridiculous videos that are hysterical names lube or tone of anybody knows who he is but anyhow so it's okay to do quirky, funny things and people will still take you seriously as long as the work you do is serious work and you are an expert in people love that so you says I'll play yeah and then as you are saying that I have an idea what about, like skydiving there's kind of more extreme sports type totally what I have to do it every week no it's a lot of sky but certainly if you feel like once a month you did some sort of like really outrageous extreme sport thing and you you did it and then you whatever your content was related to that particular thing jumping out of an airplane there's a lot of content you can do around that you see so it's fine it's cool keep in touch I might I was thinking this summer to start doing more keep in touch from my boat because that's, where I spent most of my time and it's not a bad brand thing, you know when you see me on a really big boat that's not bad for the brand if you want to get book selling I wanted, you know, build the business like that. So as long as it helps the brand, it doesn't hurt the brand. Scott stratton is a really good person, tio tio watch for this kind of stuff. It is a good friend of mine. You can find him on twitter, facebook, that's where spends most of his time, wrote a book called on marketing and he's just hysterical he's just one of those people who could come up with funny, funny things in one or two lines and you'll do outrageous stuff of himself, pictures, videos and it's great and his people love him it's not for everybody, but his people loved him so over the top cool, wacky, quirky keep in touch can be an incredible way of making connections with people as long as what you do is obviously really good, incredible and serious make sense. So what about you for keeping touch? What about industry information for your folks? Uh, well, because I have a back a big background training I've done tons and lots of different ones so I can pull resource is from lots of different places, so industry information, I'm just constantly giving them different tools and techniques that I've learned and if that could be applied in different applications, wonderful. What about tips trick there lots of tips and tricks behinds times like and so I will tell them I have a tool belt full of coaching tools and I will deploy them on you at random cool I love it so some of them are fast, some of them are more involved, just it's an easy way to sort of keep touch great. What about information from other experts all the time? Yeah, constantly always collaborating or if I'm having a live seminar going on, if I'm timing alive seminar and I don't want to fly you in because that do you like your boat? And so I will do a six minute segment live on a webcast in my room so you can see them, they can see you, they still feel like you've been there, although just recently I did take my boat to event in philly was only five hours from the chesapeake and then I could stay on that side of the hotel, so if it's in philly or around the chesapeake, I will come by boat, so what about, um so you're offers we'll skip that for now what about anything like quirky cool keep in touch yeah radio wisdom from a warped mind calls on wednesday which is sort of just odd off the wall thoughts for how to solve people's problems but it was the wisdom from wisdom from the warped mind it's cool and then I have flourished fridays which is a little bit more specific will have a topic and so those are both free calls I'm so glad we chose you for this particular exercise I mean this is very thoughtful very well organized I think it's great actually done what was hard was sort of finding a balance between the serious and the fund right? Because too much fun wasn't my target weren't hitting it and too much serious was not fun so and it's you know, sometimes it is it's like walking this line and sometimes you step over your lap will too silly and sometimes you go but that was a little too heavy, you know? You're trying to find a balance and when I say heavy, I don't mean when heavy I mean, that was just a little too like, technically heavy, right? And you'd be surprised what people respond to sometimes I'll let a block post and I write I go, this thing is gonna kill this is going to shared everywhere and people like sometimes I write something like you know, this it's fine, it's good, but, you know, uh, whatever, I'll just get it out there, people who do not like the greatest thing in the world, thousands of shares everywhere. Why? So you don't always know there are patterns you'll start to see over time, and you try to follow those patterns, but we don't obsess on it. We produce something that we think is relevant to get it out to produce something else that we think is relevant. We get it out, we produce something else that we think is relevant. We get it out. Questions from the studio audience questions from the internet audience on I have about five minutes to do that, and then I turn the floor over the host and we have lunch, which is always my favorite time of the day, even if I'm not doing this. Yes, matthew, having my are you might already good if you have automated, keep in touch strategy and you know, you're doing these kind of off the wall things, how do you balance that? Make sure you're not being too to relevant are too much information at once, we can never be too relevant. Where you're asking, it seems, is how do you make sure you don't overwhelm them, right? Well, you gotta look att ifyou're doing email marketing you gotta get your own subscribes or if you're doing a facebook keep in touch you gotta look at your people if there unlike in you or if they just stop paying attention it's injuring sometimes um two little doesn't get them to pay attention something so much they just okay I'll look at this later and they don't pay attention so this is one of those things where there's no absolute science I mean well that actually is because you can follow metrics but that's a very big complicated thing but I'm saying just from, uh an answer there's no science to the answer the only science is you gotta watch the metrics if that's something you're going to do and you seem like somebody who might do that kind of thing so you'll find people respond most too you know, when I do this number of emails per week people opened the most when I send it on this day at this time and your you are trying to look at those things katrina it's such when you're this is not something you need to worry about you know remember different strokes for different folks this might be something you want to do because it's you enjoy it it's natural for you, right? You're welcome uh did you ever question okay, okay yesterday so I just yesterday we learned that my personality and enthusiasm aren't that great so learn that so just I'm not really that or not no, I'm not really a fun or funny person, so doing something you know extreme are putting things out there it doesn't have to be I got to get down for this one it doesn't have to be fun funny type quirky it could be engaging different types of photography something unusual even something just good that's it it's a relevant that's all you have to worry about in fact you don't have to worry about anything but just think what are a few things that I could do for the people that I'd like to serve that would be relevant to them? What kind of photograph could I send out every week that people would like to see even if they just looked at it for an instant? You stay top of mind and I think the photo photographers they're so far ahead of all of us because they can take images that connect so emotionally in an instant and that is your you know I mean that's the best tool sharpest tool in the toolbox so I'm a little jealous of you I wish I could do that can you can you do it? Yes, thank you, your excellency I have two minutes you want to ask and answer any questions from the home audience that's too when I just want to say thank you for that that was awesome for everybody in the chat rooms to see in here cool and take it so a question let's see from tough toodle again sorry great questions from tough turtle how is the keep in touch on email different from what would be on our blogged interesting question with email as we have more sophisticated, you can have more control over um the follow up sequences with a block you post a bit of content and it's there and you can pre schedule content, of course, but the big difference is that the sale cycle can start automatically with every new person that comes into the sale cycle and it can happen same way when you're on a blog's, someone will come to the block and then they read a new poster on old post, but after that you want to get them into the sale cycle so that the following sequences you've organized well actually follow it over time. Your blogged won't follow up overtime automatically with then they may subscribe to a blogged and they will get new block posts, but you're not necessarily writing those blogged posts as specific followup sequences for new people in your sale cycle does that make sense? You think I answered tough toodles question say yes if you do okay hope I did tough tootle that's another question real quick, and this is one I think that people get stuck on. A lot of mary jo wants to know when starting with email marketing doesn't have to look pretty. No, no, I write most of it, just text. I mean, I might use html so that I can put a linking it with words rather than the actual, you know, h, t, t p colon, forward, slash forward, slash also because I'm tracking all of those links, so I used it, but it's still just looks like text. People were hung up. I'm not a great designer, I don't know ten places in an email. I don't have it. And look, most of these systems that you may be using, whether it's infusion, softer, a weber, constant contact, etcetera. They'll have templates that you can use their satisfactory they're fine, but you don't need to. You need to make a connection, however, you can do that.

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a Creativelive Student

What marvelous three days those were! Michael Port is unbelievably generous and nice. A real blessing to the folks in the studio audience and us at home. I watched all three days, but felt compelled to own the videos as well, because it's by practicing and revisiting this content that we can all get booked solid. I want also say that Antonio and Kenna were great hosts. Book Yourself Solid has been my mantra for the last month and I hope it continues to be for years and years to come. Read the book (it's important) and watch the videos (they complete your view of the whole system). Thanks Michael Port. Thanks Creative Live. Good luck to us all!


I would recommend this for most. I loved listening to Michael but as a photographer I felt a lot of his applications and exercises did not apply. I heard reference to "Wedding Photography" more times than I would have liked. Since Creative Live is such a big photography learning site; I would have liked to hear more reference to where this would work say for a Day In The life, Pet or fine art photographer. I suppose just more photography relation's would have been nice. All in all I had fun doing the exercises and there was a lot of phenomenal info in these videos. I'll be watching them again soon.


This is an amazing course, this is what a lot of marketers are teaching but with even more clarity and with his personal systems added that help with your work in the world. This information is so easy and clear, he takes you step by step, and the workbook is essential and extensive and easy and fun to follow, I've been listening over and over again, because there is just so much info that you have to hear it numerous times, at least I did, if you follow all the steps this course is better than courses that cost thousands of dollars. And he's a great presenter!