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Book Yourself Solid & Get More Clients

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Develop Your Personal Brand

Michael Port

Book Yourself Solid & Get More Clients

Michael Port

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4. Develop Your Personal Brand


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Develop Your Personal Brand

Very quick review on the overall context cause we want to remember everything you're learning fits into a bigger picture. So what happens over here? Some marketing is done some self promotion strategies how many are there and what do they do? They create awareness now does that awareness get your clients know it's what you do once somebody becomes aware of you that book's you the business so that's why we need to build this foundation which is what we've been working on all day now once you've got the foundation in place, if you learn how to build trust and credibility, if you have a plan for building trust and credibility over time and you make sales offers that air proportionate to the amount of trust that you've earned your prices are perfect in the sweet spot of that client's desire and you know howto have simple sales conversations that book the business guess what happens? I told you it's a trick I hinted at it what happens? Yes you book the business that's exactly right and the ...

process repeats stuff again and again and again and it is so beautiful toe have that in place and you've done the red velvet rope policy raise your hand if you now have a filtration system allows in on ly ideal clients raise your hand high yes, how about this? We looked at why people by what we're selling so we have a target market, we know their needs and desires. We have a result that we helped them get, and we know what the deep rooted benefits are that that client is really looking for that's what they're taking away that's their investable opportunity. How many of you guys now have a much better defined target market needs, desires result and benefit? Raise your hand raise and I raise and I raise it high, good, nice still one or two, we got to get there, but rome wasn't necessarily built in an instant, right? So sometimes this takes a little bit of work. Let's work on personal brand identity. The personal brand identity is really my favorite part. This is where you decide how you're known in the world. You don't let other people do it for you, you do it, it takes a lot of courage. It does too boldly declare yourself this is what makes me special, it's like standing up and saying tara in front of thousands of people and just standing there, huh? Just like that that's not always really comfortable, but if you connected with why you do this in a really significant way, you'll feel comfortable doing that, and as I said earlier, you'll be comfortable saying, best thing for you would be me so there are three components to your personal brand identity that I want to focus on. So what I'm doing over these three days on picking out critical elements of the system because even though I have three days with you, there are still things I cannot cover because it's a significant marketing system, but I'm picking out the critical elements that I know you need to do. Remember how I said earlier based minimum requirement? These things are the minimum that you need to do to build your foundation, to build trust and credibility, to price your offers, tohave that sales conversation, and to create awareness all of the minimums we must have these in place. So these three components to your personal brand identity are a must number one you're who and do what statement you're why you do it statement and your tag line now you're who into what statement you're why you do it statement are as simple as they sound, who you serve and what you help them do that, sir, who would do what statement, who you serve, what you helped them do, and you're why you do it statement while you get up every day to do this work, your tag line is based on why you get up every day to do this work most will go quickly first to the tagline because it's kind of sexy it's cool but we really need to make sure that we're progressively working into that now the good news is if you did the work in the second building block of the foundation understanding why people buy what you're selling well then you know who your target market is that's where you served and you know you help them do so you've got it covered do you see how we're building upon everything we do? I help these people do this great so what? We're probably gonna need to work on its why and maybe we'll turn it into a tagline just for fun but that tagline is based on why it's not necessarily connected not since they connected it is connected it's not necessarily describing the actual work you do and the result you produce for example the reason I do the work I do is because I want to help you think bigger about who you are and what you offer the world it doesn't mean that I'm special it means for some reason that's a natural way of being for me I also want that to be my brand identity because I want to do it for myself it's a structure of accountability your brand identity can be a structure of accountability so that you operate at your highest self because I cannot show up and be small I mean I'm physically small but I can't show up and be mentally small I cannot be petty I can't put people down I cannot make fun in a way that hurts no choice I don't want to be like that, but every once in a while you know our lower self tries to rise up but what you stand for is what you're going to be known for and should be a natural way of being for you so then I certainly I took that and it created a tagline I decided to be the guy to call when you're tired of thinking small then it rhymes it gives a little giggle but here's the thing I'm not gonna introduce myself like that I'm not gonna walk up and say how you doing? I'm the guy to call on your tired of thinking smaller that would be ridiculous that would be the actual if you opened up the dictionary that's what you'd see for cheesy but in all of my marketing I talk about thinking bigger maybe wrote a book called the thing big manifesto when I sign my signature in a book I write think bigger about who you are, what you offer the world or think big keep thinking big when somebody says you got to go to michael port to help you get clients some says why does he's gonna help you think bigger that's how the message is usually spread so the clients will spread the message for you if it's in your marketing materials in a way that is organic and I might say to somebody well I do this because I love helping people think bigger I want them to think bigger about who they are you know you think if you think you can't think bigger about you know who you are and what you offer the world I say think again but you don't use it in a way that's trying to prove anything we keep going back to this idea that you don't need to prove yourself in the same way that you thought you did but also here is something interesting interesting to note this idea of the personal brand identity if it's based on what you stand for you can take that into any target market into any kind of work you do so let's day I decided to stop doing this and I wanted to go write a book about dating as I said before book yourself solid for dating marketing gurus insider secrets to getting more dates and you can handle even if you hate dating well can I still be they got a call on your tiger thinking small you bet you if I wanted to go into large organizations and do communications work or project management work or anything else could I still be the guy to call in and out of thinking small? Of course that's never going to change that's something that you're never going to get tired of talking about it's always gonna be a part of who you are as natural for you. You might have a business brand identity, like book yourself solid. You might have a tagline for that, but that's not tough, meaning you've got to come up with something, you know, really relevant to the people you serve. Renaming something is innovation. You know that, right? So book yourself solid could just as easily be called get clients, okay, but naming it book yourself solid is innovative because it takes a concept that already exists. It makes it proprietary to a particular system. And the reason I say that is because I want you to make a distinction between the way you brand your products and services and the way that you brand yourself it's not necessarily the exact same way. You know, my alliance mentoring program. The tagline is real people doing real work, getting really results. I'm trying to push away the people who want the quick get rich quick thing. Oh are willing to do the work. I'm looking for people in pursuit of mastery. It means a few less sales, but it means selling to the right people that's specific to that particular offering, but my personal brand identity will never change. So what we're gonna do is make sure that you have both who knew what statement and why you do it statement and will play around with taglines but if you never came up with a tagline you'll be fine you'll be fine as long as you can articulate who you serve what you helped him do and why to me that's enough so don't obsess on the tagline it doesn't have to rhyme or be clever it just has to be true because the truth always resonates the truth is what wins when you're trying to brand yourself if you try to pretend your other than you are it's not going to resonate with the people you're meant to serve because it's not true so when you get to my level of business uh uh people take your stuff all the time which is normal you have to expect that right um everyone so I'll see somebody you know using the tagline they got to call when you're tired of thinking small you know and then what we do is we'll often check like are they subscribe to the newsletter and if they are then clearly that's where they got it right um and from a brand perspective I want everyone to build a brand around helping people think big I think that's great because I really want people to think big and if there are other people who could help people think bigger then that's great if I didn't want people to do that, then I'd really be thinking small I wouldn't actually be now that's different than the say taking someone's registered trademark like got a corner tired think smalls register, but even so, you know we'll say please don't use that it's, you know, all the better to come up with your own ideas, that kind of thing, but I also I'm not sure that's someone who takes that would actually be the guy to call when you're tired of being small, so you don't need to worry so much about he's my idea different than everybody is, is someone gonna take my idea all that kind of stuff? When people start taking your ideas, you know you've got somewhere don't worry about that at this point of the process and he questions thus far from studio audience or from our online audience we'll question from the airline audience is, would you consider that the y statement like a mission statement? Sure, mission statement always feels very corporate to me, and I also think that when you're dealing when you're working with clients is opposed to being like ibm or something, they don't necessarily relate to the idea of the mission statement as much because it's seen as a corporate, uh, structure corporate concept or its corporate jargon, but they really get the idea of why you do something we want to make as much as we possibly can we wantto use do all our language ing all of our conceptualizing and take it and make it as pedestrian as possible and that's not um diminishing it in some way is making it more real more understandable if you feel there's a lot of hyperbole and a lot of highfalutin language it may not connect in the way that you would want it one of the things that's challenging is you see a lot of people who are leaders in your field using a lot of very hyperbolic language it doesn't mean you have to is not necessary sometimes when I see someone using that extreme hyperbolic language on their very successful from a financial perspective I often look and try to figure out do I get what they're all about who are they and often I really can't so can you get booked solid ignoring everything that I'm saying of course you can but you got to decide how you want to do it what it means to you how you want to actually show up in the world one of the reasons that I find the hyperbolic language difficulty is because I was raised um I was raised with the principle that as I said earlier there's no one way there many different ways and so I would hesitate to ever say everything is like this this is the one way people are always like this so I do my best to try to insert language that leaves room for other possibilities it seems like this you may often feel like this and when you start to use that kind of language it actually opens you up to you're always finding openings that's what we're doing so I I love study martial arts for a long, long time on dh when I moved specifically to brazilian jiu jitsu I was fascinating because it's all about finding openings that's all it is it's all about openings so someone might have you in a choke hold that you're literally thirty seconds away from passing out I mean that's how you don't think there's any way out of this all you're doing is looking for an opening that's it just find the opening relax finally opening relax find the opening and sometimes you don't but more often than not you can find it even if it's this big that's what we're looking for an opening michael personal brining tough tootle is saying I'm not understanding the difference between personal and business branding for a photographer aren't they won I am my business yes she absolutely is I'm assuming toodles is a woman you have to help a doodle tough to to tough too little I don't know if tough toodle is a man or a woman um yes they are absolutely very much connected and um in fact you could make them one in the same but you might also have a you might have a name for your business and you might have a very descriptive tagline that articulates who you serving what you helped them do helping these people do this and yes, tough toodle is a woman and tough toodle is a woman so she also would have her own personal brand identity with a tad line based on what she stands for, right? And the thing about this is it can change you start with what you have took me six months to come up with the guy to call into town of thinking small and I used all these different things that just were terrible but they were the best I had in the moment and they got me one step closer to figuring out what I really wanted and it also did get clients for me but it wasn't yet ideal you keep working on it and I actually came up with it because I was masterminding with a group of women and is giving everybody a hard time just happen to be four women in may and I was giving her about why would I hire you? I'll hire you why would I you know, doing that thing and one woman she just got sick of and she goes no, why would I hire you? And I said, well, I'm the guy to call it a tired of thinking small and they all want oh yes that's so you know what it's so cheesy what are you talking about? I put it out of my mind and I really, really thought that it was just too silly and then I asked one of my friends that I grew up with is a venture capitalist now he's a hedge fund guy but he's a venture capital of time you know, top five percent of his class at warden super super intellectual guy super serious I said, what do you think of this? And he goes that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard and okay, take it with a grain of salt we'll ask my clients and I said so why is it that you work with me? And I kept hearing again and again and again the same thing in different words they would say because you have anything bigger and I said to one of them cheryl was her name and I said, cheryl, I figured this tagline they got a call on a tired of thinking small she's what do you think? Uh and I said she said, michael, you dance, I think we'll yes, but you're gonna need to be more specific she goes to realize that I'm not here just because of your marketing ideas I said really does know I'm here because of what you stand for at that moment I got it and that's when this piece got inserted into the book yourself salad system we're now we're talking this is two thousand three four five in the early days so may take you a while what you come up with today may not be perfect but you're using and based on the feedback you get the way people respond or don't respond or what they say don't say that's gonna influence you so you change okay who's my two people let's go bring it on trina and caroline come on take a seat number these seats are hot be careful okay so we're going to start with the who and the what statement which you should have this should be pretty clever I mean pretty clear right who do you serve and what do you help them d'oh tell me I served um individuals and couples and uh coming home to themselves being in love with themselves for so that khun b in relationship yeah so I'm confused okay this is the six year old thing okay I helped these people do this what who are these people is their target market uh people in relationship crisis relationship crisis they're on their way in on their way out they haven't figured out how to be happy okay, so we have a sort of a general group of people based on their situation if their circumstances you're gonna go home you're gonna work on being more targeted? Yes to a particular demographic will you go home and do that? No, but she's gonna go home and do that now, once you have that that's your group of people, I helped those people do what? Well, if I haven't defined those people well, let's just say we're gonna work with this idea that these are people, as you said before, who are in a relationship you work with people who are in or want to be in, well, both so be working with individuals who would like to have more successful relationships it hasn't worked so let's just say we're working in this conversation on lee around the idea of people are in individual relations. Yes, well, that doesn't make sense that's like individuals that wanted the relationship, okay, they've been in lots of relationships, they've never worked a single yes single everybody gets that somebody who is single yes, you're with men and women or just with oh man and women ok, yes, ok, something to think about so you help let's just say it's women help these kind of women who are single do what be the man of their dreams fall in love well, that's what they think they're this's what I want, ok, I don't care what you think I'm coming for I wanted to know what I'm coming for you because I'm not gonna hire you for what you think I want yeah first I come member who do they help they help them do do they help me get what I want I'm single on a woman I know I don't look like one but I'm a woman and I've been in this relation and it didn't work and this guy was just a liar ji and horrible I want to be in love with the right man yeah that's what I'm looking for now then there's all this other stuff that happens in the you know there's all the benefits I might not even know I want those benefits yet for example a huge component of my mentoring program is accountability huge because we don't do what you say you're going to do you're not going anywhere but I don't sell the whole thing as accountability although that is a relevant talking point that people often say they want but they're not coming too because they want accountability is the big result they're gonna use accountability to get to the big result so the big result is what with someone who loves them back that would be helpful to you but they get the idea even you just said they're in love you know they would usually assume that they're in love with somebody else who loves them back but that simplicity is what we're going for here what about you? I help brides and grooms mostly well let's just say we're going to be specific so give me the word most okay okay you help brides and grooms do one get images get uh pictures of their big day okay, so this is what she's doing now she's following the lead of being really specific get pictures of big day and the photographers at home later that's not going to sell anything you're right and I get you so we can be a little bit more descriptive without going over the top without making it a long speech okay, so I helped them get memories a tangible memories of their wedding okay, so we're getting somewhere you know there's nothing wrong with your professional category nothing wrong with saying I'm a wedding for talk but if you leave it at that maybe they don't get to connect with you and they don't know that you do they're kind of weddings so there's nothing wrong with saying I'm a wedding photographer and I help these kind of people do this you see what I mean? So in her case what could be that this what is this started talking about this before and I don't want to make this session a continuation of that one but I think you guys can help her quickly throw it out to her what is this? What is that extraordinary photos? I mean something is simple is that I'm a wedding photographer and I help these people right captured their whole wedding just six years has got to understand this this is not how you're gonna talk about what you do necessary I'm not trying to create something that you're putting on your website right now I just want to make sure that you get what you do that's all his exercises for so there's no hyperbole, no comments just help these people do this help fitness professionals get clients is it? I help people who are getting married capture the whole experience on film that's it that's it because that's what you do isn't well not on film digital right in digital but they don't know the difference so you know on film we still call it phil okay okay that's it simple what about yours? You help people do what? Yes um I would you say that I help authors and speakers make more money is gets real simple it's great right? Great. We're just keeping it simple, simple keeping riel right? We have some coming in online. Yeah, we have a bet. Olsen creative who's a regular here who says I help off beat people captured their personality in pixels down in portland now I love that it's actually a little more clever than I'm suggesting we do right now but it's great it's great now I might say in pictures but one of the things that's unique about this woman is she's off beat yeah she's super fun yeah, so I want her to weeks uh exposed brick works to amplify her quirks because the people with those kind of quirks or who are quirky in different ways going toe that's my photographer I want her she's my photographer that's going to come out more and more in the overall brandon that's gonna come out in what she stands for. Great. Thanks for clarifying that. Yeah, good. What about you guys? I helped hr professionals who are within five years of retirement design a purposeful future. Great. So a retirement strategy right there essentially it's like a strategy for what they're going to do after retired, right? Okay, so this is good. This is closer. I want to take a cz many words out as possible just to keep its keep it simple, keep it real, keep it simple, keep it really? Yes, I help don't just realize that dentistry can be fun, but essentially yes, no, it doesn't sound silly it's actually great, but the result that you helped them get was something different. You said before well, I try to make the patient experiences because I have to start with the dentist because I think most dentists think that dentistry is kind of boring I really did like they're kind of focused on wasn't there's something to do with money well, I help to make more money that's definitely part of it this is what I want here though that result? Okay, so does that just make more money that that and then the way you do it is through these other things got it? I'm just looking for this is your business model. This is where people pay is the transaction this is when they go to the website they go I want more money. She helps me get more money. Great. Oh she's going to make it fun impossible but I'll talk to her about it. See, but there's gotta be an end goal there's got be a reason that you know I do this thing all right? I'll try to make this more fun but if you could convince me that I'll make more money doing that, maybe I'll consider it eventually. I'll realize that it's a lot more fun to do the work that way and it's not just about the money but initially is what they're working for uh nutrition coaches to get confident great good yes I help liberal arts graduates get a job great you see a simple and easy that is we have a couple over here as well coming from or lineu nidhi says I help people design beautiful brand identities and maze j says I help health and wellness wellness professionals get more clients online perfect jr says I help nonprofits express their impact and there is a writer help nonprofits expressing their impact on that one kelly says I help people who are successful ad substances to their life and substance teo is there something you'd like to share with us until here add substance to their life that's one of those that's very interesting and I would have to see how people respond to it it's not really clear to me what that's about I guess it z type of life coaching I'm sure and um and we we want that if there was some more specificity around it it may help it may help good and I'd love to help this this one out too because I help women see their beauty and again we have a lot of talk rivers in here a lot of people who are being wanting to be beauty photographers is that clear enough if she says that she's a photographer you see this is one of those things where sometimes your professional category could work against you and sometimes it can work for you so let's say I'm in the line of the supermarket and I've never used the stockbroker before except last night I watched a film called boiler room which is a film about these illegal stock brokerage houses that swindle people out of money and then disappear that's the film I watched last night that's my first exposure to stop and I mean the line of the market and we start chatting with his dude well about that so what do you do? Because I'm a stockbroker and I go oh, I think I forgot to get the eggs excuse me and I go because that's my on ly you know, we all come with certain preconceived notions about what different professions do you have an idea of what an attorney does have an idea of what a dentist does? So if this person who's a photographer or the dentist when the dentist was saying what they do er and they weren't clear about what professional category there in it might sound odd you know something about I help people you know feel confident when they smile really? You know, if if I don't know this verse is a dentist, I have no idea really what their profession is and I want to know what their profession is too so I think that's fine, but I wouldn't leave it at that I am a dentist or I want to say while I'm a coach would say what kind of team do you coach so your professional category can help you? Yes, please go I'm a documentarian that helps families who have loved ones with dimension alzheimer's capture memories of their loved ones before the transition from life is a beautiful, beautiful statement um it's interesting this is one of those areas when you're working through something like the book yourself sound system where as long as you know the context we concolor out of the lines sometimes when people are working through this kind of system they'll get hyper focused on doing it exactly the way that it's described in the book or michael says it has to be this way I don't say anything has to be anyway I've indicated that before what you have there is a little bit of an elevator speech it's not a bad thing in that particular case if you were language ing that on a website or somewhere it would be beautiful and I would get it if there's a way to boil it down even you know so that's even simpler with less words that's great too because it would just be a quicker connection to it and people can remember it and they can spread it easier do you have a suggestion? No I'm kidding yes well go ahead say what say what you're saying what you said again I'm a documentarian that helps families who have loved ones with dimension alzheimer's capture memories of their loved ones before they transition from life so how can we shorten that down? I'm a documentary filmmaker is what you are right you with film yeah so I do documentary photography you could cut out documentary but it does actually in this case help me understand this difference between what he does and and what other photographers do he's documenting this thiss experience so I think that's very interesting. Okay, so that's I think leave that how would that second part be shortened down? I'm not going to give you the answer because that's not really my way, but also because I'm not exactly sure what it is, but I think you got a look at these words and see what you can cross out. Plus I have trouble unless I write things down because I'm very dyslexic, so I don't I don't remember what you said and that's part of the issue is something that's long one of the reasons that I, um I think book yourself solid is so effective is because it takes all these different ideas and it organizes them into a very manageable process. This is why I can create information products because I'm dyslexic. I know that seems offices so well, I thought you have trouble writing and I do actually have trouble writing, but I figured out a way to right that works for me, but when you're dyslexic, you have to solve problems in number one. Number two, you often don't fit into the other people, structure's very well, number three, you're very good at getting other people to do your work, which is important for entrepreneurship and number four you are often good at taking all sorts of ideas and reorganizing them in a way that's easy to understand because you need to be able to do that. So I say that specifically because when you say that long thing, I get it and I meant it's like a meaningful and but I don't remember it very well remember he's, just something with people have dementia so it's harder to spread the message it's harder to say, oh, you got to call this guy, he helps you do this. So you're a photographer who helps, who works the people who takes photographs of people who have dementia so that what you've had two words in there that I really liked? What's the part what happened to leave a legacy? No in their anything you read capture memories of their loved ones before they transition, capture memories of their loved ones and the transition from what is another beautiful thing to say, but you don't have to say all of right? Uh, I'm a photographer and I take pictures of people with alzheimer's or dementia to capture what memories of their loved ones to capture memories of their loved ones. Now, here's, what century you're now talking to somebody else, aren't you? You know talking you're talking to the person who's going to hire you right? Yeah so you're not necessarily you don't need to use the word loved ones or the expression loved ones you would say so you I'm a photographer and I take pictures of, um people who have all terms of dimensions so that you can what so that you can it's there it's on the paper I'm not asking to make something new up I just don't remember it right foot capture memories of their loved ones forthe capture memories of their loved ones capture members of their loved ones I mean my intention my intention is to capture memories my intention is to I want to leave a legacy for the family members is like so when their loved one passes away you know they have something they could go back teo and is going to make him laugh that's gonna make him smile on the way say that right there's a lot of different things you've said in a minute I want to talk about how to talk about what you do maurice specifically but there is an only one way you have to do it who would do what statement as long as you're saying the people you help and that result that you provide and the result you provide is what the results live I provide is capture video and pictures of individuals with to mention alzheimer's yeah I mean my tagline is like I have you know I want to kind of bounce off you the guy that you called to capture the life that resides within because I really love that statement capture the life that resides me love it it's great that's great if it means something to you it'll mean something to people that you serve okay so that's where we start we start with the who and do what state and when you have unusual service type businesses it's not always that easy there's a very unusual focus but it's brilliant but you know it so well that is not that hard for you to talk about what you do it's a little hard for you now to try to constrain it that's okay more comfortable you get with it the easier you'll find to constrain it and constrain is not a bad thing by the way constraints are actually would give us more freedom we have a structure within which to work that's a constraint that structure allows us to create now what about why you do it let's go to our next exercise so this is why you do it so why do you get up every day to do this work yes carol one of the planet's great great it's a little big I know so you know that's funny from the god of co owner tired of thinking smell but sometimes is too well and to drill down it's the people that are happy in love themselves um those people are the ones we just you is it that you love spread use love spreading love yes okay so that's why she doesn't I want to spread love and peace and joy that's beautiful that's great I want to spread love I want people to feel love is that true? Yes I think that's what you stand for yes yeah that's all we're looking for I said it's not intellectual it's a motion but you what do you do what you do because I want to capture memories that might otherwise be forgotten or you know we we don't know what tomorrow holds and if we wait thinking well will capture these memories some other day they might not be there anymore so she does it because we don't know what the future holds and why you don't want the future holds so what? So it's important to capture these memories while we have them to capture these memories while they're here now I do this because we never know what the future holds and I don't want anyone to lose these memories and also as a remembrance of what we have just like you know, doing wet shooting weddings you know sometimes the marriages you're going tohave difficult times but when you look back on these photos agreement reminds you of that love and passion you had when it was at its height but do you see at the beginning this very simple concept of you never know what the future holds and I don't want anybody to forget the great memories they've had or whatever it was that she wants to say I don't want you to lose any of your magical moments see there's a connection you can make there now of course how you say it makes a big difference? Well, you never know what the future holds, so you should probably capture memories not going to make a cash in now nothing that's what you're doing but we gotta get her loosened up a little bit right way got to get her sharing share with them in a meaningful way tell them is if you want to get all of them up out of their seats because you're expressing how much you care about this tell them I can tell through a quick story I know okay, well see, I don't know how to explain it without saying the meaning it's had on me you know, I'm just giving you a constraint here I'm making it difficult on purpose just what we were talking about so you want me to do it again? I want you to get them up out of their seat because they feel so excited when they hear you say simply this you never know what the future holds and I don't want you to lose one moment of your life just say that's not I'm not saying that's the thing that is your why you do the same but just say it to get them connected get them out like an acting exercise okay first of all I'm just a terrible actor but you're a brilliant your husband told me come on get him up get him up out of their seats you don't know what tomorrow and you're sure you don't know what tomorrow holds and you want to be able to capture these memories will you still have these you don't want to lose thes moment scared let's do it again say it again say where but I can make them rise you want to capture these moments will you still have them you want to capture these memories that you might otherwise forget that's better right knocking warmer you're sticking your chin get down on the ground with you come on down on the ground hard enough getting in the way beg them ask them tell them this is your pleading for your life here that's how important this is you want to be able to capture these moments these memories will you still have them and you say this you never know what the future holds you never know what the future holds they're not turning into an actor or something but we want we want you to express what you actually feel and share it with them no fear, no reservation because if they don't see that deep passion in you, they're not going to make the connection to you to choose you. Okay, so how do you get that when you're a more reserved person like I feel this so strongly? But I'm not that good at conveying that much better right now, okay, you are you think you're a reserved person and you may be a reserved person, but can you share your deep emotions with the people that you're close with? Now we have to allow ourselves to be fully self expressed and share these deep emotions with people that we don't know that's the challenge but that's one of the things that you may need to overcome one of the things that you may need to work on to allow yourself to open your heart because the work you do is very emotional for the people that are buying it and even for you and they need to get in there you need to let them in if you won't let them in, why would they choose? You gotta let him in practice. Okay, okay, cool. All right. Did you ever think you're going to come to work and get down? I was scared to be here just in case the camera might point at me. Thank you, your honor around way of impressions or comments from the home audience of uh because I can't make them get down on their knees in bed you know I love that j k jones says I think he's doing a great job pulling this out of her as uncomfortable as it may b and people are really level listen thanking you for being willing to share all this with us training so thank you and so again you don't need to do it like other people you don't think I would do it like michael desert I'm gonna do it like susan does it? I'm gonna do like jenna doesn't your way as long as you look them in the eye and make that connection night means slowing down talking quietly when you say it but being open and honest and real and then they choose you what are you doing? I love ambition and I love passion I wanna help people realize their passionate ambitions is a good start good yes, I do it cause I love running and I want other people t enjoy the sport as well. You know nothing wrong with that it's simple but it's realist sooner face brightens up and you know look, not everybody is going to run to change their life so we will just wantto get fit and get a little bit better at running they they may find that they tap into something they never imagined before now you've tapped into that obviously if I can get more of that from you and why you do this that could be pretty amazing because I got to imagine you like running if you were running coach but why why does she love this so much? Why do you love this so much? I love the way it makes me feel I I love doesn't make you feel um really good physically really happy um it's just amazing feeling it's amazing feeling so I would encourage you to keep going in that line of thought to try to articulate what that feeling is and happiness is a great place to stay so you might stand for happiness just the simple kind of love happiness I think that the challenge though is like yeah, I can say that but most people and I hear this all the time I hate running hate it why do I want to do running s o tio change that mentality? I think just by hearing me say it isn't necessarily going to do that I know not necessarily right away but it might perk up there years if they're talking about well running to make you happy and I'm all about happiness I stand for happiness and I go well I want happiness that's cool at least I connect with her it's not this technical thing that about running does everybody in this room feel like they can think as big as they possibly could in every single area of their life or do you still think that you know right but you still can connect with me right around the idea of thinking bigger because you're a budding big thinker you know you want to you start to feel there's possibility there so you want to go on the ride with the person that's there and you're there you get that feeling from the running and I want to know that even if I'm not there yet I want that this is where the life comes out in your work michael I think there's still a little bit of a disconnect for some people about doing this exercise and then an actual tagline so let me read one specifically from jess elaine why are we making our taglines about us as owners? Why not make them about the clients? Why are we generalizing and pointing everything towards the owner and not the client? Because vision we do our best to stop saying I and making the statements towards them this is about your personal brand identity I'm specifically working on that and I'm glad she asked the question but she should make a distinction that this is about her this is about your personal brand identity this is about why people are going to choose you that is exactly what this is about this is not the tagline that you're going to put out there in the world you might put this personal brand tagline out in the world absolutely you goto some websites it'll say michael ports they gotta call in the town of thinking small it may say that but the business itself may have a different tagline that is specific to the results you provide for the people you served you don't have to have either one frankly but at the end of the day if I'm choosing a service professional and I have a whole bunch of people from which to choose from whom to choose and they all help me get what I want the one I'm going to choose is the one I connect with most deeply based on why they do this based on what they stand for this is difficult isn't it is this difficult say yes if it is why you're you stand for love you stand for playfulness yeah yeah you stand for living large there's a brand around thinking big I think you stand for ambition you stand for confidence you stand for happiness maybe it's something else I'm just using that because you mention the word happiness you stand for legacy you stand for what is it transformation one thing one thing mike I would say the reason why I do it is to provide the training I wish I had when I was a new mom okay that's intellectual we've got to get to that one thing that deep now look you understand, for lots of different things, I stand for democratic access to education I stand for justice, I stand for and take all these different things, but you could pick one to build your business brand around for yourself you can take that into any type of business you want you can take that into something else entirely take that into nonprofit work you can take it into charity work. This is how people are going to get to know you gonna think of you this way you gotta you hang around that you're going fail ambitious about connection love it this is it it's interesting because doesn't seem simple yet it takes a while to get to it because we want to make it something else more complicated we think it's possible it's marketing supposed to complicate his business development would be complicated. You could have a whole brand around connection doesn't matter if you work with authors doesn't matter if you help them make more money you could work with children for you believe in connection you could talk about connection till you're blue in the face you could talk about it any which way till sunday for the rest of your life but I would say empowerment great where do you stand for memories? Memories all alone in there? Is that a song this you guys all have? This is a defined why you do it it can't be one word romance or love I want people to feel more love that is why you get up every day to do this work I want people to play more in their life that is why you get up every dude I want people to feel more ambitious that's why I get up david and I want people to feel confident that's why I get up every day to do this work I want people to feel more connected that's why I get up every day to do this work simple is that you don't even need to tag along you could come up with a great tagline around confidence you know, but I don't even care so much about that I care that you can connect to this one thing just one word because you can start to build a brand around memories in your marketing material talk about memories quotes you put up next to your pictures are all about memories I don't want you to forget I want you to have those memories captured for the rest of your life and your children's life and their children's life let's go to our next exercise is three genes that our next one so here let's just play around with this for fun you could be the guy to call you could be the galata call you don't have to use that you know phrasing at all that rhyme too anybody have a tagline based on what they do, why they why they do what they do anyone I'm thinking of one so what I know is that, um you really can't be in love and left you unless you love yourself so it was like I hope you fall in love with yourself great. Okay have a madhouse a love affair with yourself or your own true know something about your onto your own true love it's a good start see what she does it's not going where she's gonna end up? No no, but if she has that she can at least start with something and then she can improve upon it. What else could she do? It's much easier to do this for other people than it is for yourself. What else could she do? The galata call what do you want to be loved by all who know right dating booth? You see? So you can play and have fun when I when we do this exercise and I have more time we put you into groups and what your job is to do is to come up with the most extreme ridiculous taglines you could possibly ever imagine because you probably won't even go far enough that and you just come up with crazy stuff for each other who else has any ideas for her? She wants to she wants you to say it again uh I forgot uh there was something the gala call when you want to be loved by all okay you're on to eleven you have one for no I'm sorry I is that you forgot the one that you said before that so I want teo here what you were trying to base it off fall in love with you I hope you wouldn't live with yourself okay let me think teo come backto please any other ideas for her you guys don't hold back thank you. I got three people raise their hand go ahead and uh follow in love with life fall over life great how about leading to love and to love there's a start I actually like you to play with the idea of you being the one that they call for this because this is about you you are the one to call when this when you need this right you are the one to call when when I need more confident so I need to know that you are the one to call when I need more ambition you're the one to call when I want to feel happy you're the one to call when I want to feel empowered so you know the gal a call when you're overwhelmed by it all right see it's cute it's funny nothing wrong with that playful, quirky funny just riel that's where we have to make sure that we are just really who else wants to work on a tagline? Who else has won for themselves? You have one minute I don't have one actually and I'm trying to rack my brain to think of one the guy to call when I got a call one tell them online to put him in if they have them because I'd like to hear there too. Well, I did I did want to shout one out for you that was from d m and m true love starts within very good. So these are those air external taglines, right? Not necessarily about her. I want to know what her personal brand tagline now let's do yours the guy to call when what? When you're tired of playing small um yeah that's that's a good start could start I give you full permission to use that to start thank you cannot keep it. You can use it to start anyone else. How about from matt when he when you're ready to release the inner lives that renegade that you were telling us about, it doesn't need to rhyme or anything it's good, right? You know they got a call when you're ready to be a renegade it's not fancy, it doesn't need to write this is not the slogan for coca cola it's not nikes low, you know, just do it it's just I want to know and when I'm talking about you I want to remember that you're the guy if you want to start being a renegade you know want to push the boundaries I'm going to think of you and I'm gonna be able to tell somebody else he helps you get a job and I think he does it by making sure that you act like a renegade you know because I get those two things really easy you want to mix it up a little bit goto man that's why we're trying to make it simple any questions? We have a good a couple examples online from people our faiths tagline is change your mindset change your methods change your life it's an external tagline she's good it doesn't tell me too much about her I do know that she is interested in change but I have to think about in this particular case in part as an exercise to get you thinking bigger about who you are and what you are for the world to know that you could stand up and say this is why you should hire mae this is what I stand for is what I bring so I think it is interesting we ask people for their one word what do they stand the call when you want to change it all see that's about her now I get she's all about change yes, I was just going to say wait we asked people I've got some words coming in as to what people stand for independence, efficiency, connectedness but then I think I see a lot of people still going back to that business tagline versus the new person and they will keep going back to it and that's okay, but if they're willing to keep playing with this to keep working on this to keep looking at, you know, what'll happen they'll see because you're gonna open up to a whole new world, you have a new perspective, you're going to see something you never saw before to me opportunities you like there's this like tennis balls all around they're everywhere you don't see most of all soon you start to recognize that there are opportunities all around you you start to see him go I'm gonna take that one I could take that one I'm gonna go take that one this the same way you never really thought that you could create a personal tagline personal brand about yourself you didn't think you're supposed to make it about yourself because everybody says, well, you've got to be about the other kind what's in it for them what's in it for them we've been talking about that this is who are you and who are you to do this work? Are you willing to show up that big and if you are, you get the job and if you keep playing it small, someone else gets the job wanna share a couple more of that? Okay couple tackle as people have shared this one's for ah, a website copywriter the tagline being the woman with words when words fail you great great great and uh here's another one looks like another writer or writing coach. I'm curious, jackie, be what it is that you do the gal to call when you want to put the writer's blocks back in their box. Great the blocks in the box, it's great, right? So there's some play there now a writer needs to have a really good because they're writers I don't expect the photographer to be a copywriter, but I want to know why she does this that's what's important, any others you want to share? Uh, the host the call when you want the most from it all you play and you laugh and you have fun and you fool around and you'll come up with something that you'll go now that's stupid, but everybody else starts going yeah that's you no, I don't want it it's arrogant to be the guy to call her entire thinking small, I could do that, I mean, I don't want to be, you know but michael sounds like you're talking about this is an eatery process you may not get this one hour it's gonna evolve over this week next week etcetera the point is putting energy behind it and sharing with others you feedback and have fun with it like everybody wants the immediate answer to every question in the world doesn't work that way I think that's I mean that's what what you're saying is you have to start and you have to start letting yourself be open to playing around with this it's called millions went in action frank because when you when you think oh I got to get it right the first time and then you stop and you quit like oh that's not good because that doesn't work it doesn't work I'm good yes it's very easy to do that they say oh well that doesn't work or or he's wrong or she's wrong or whatever it is are we open to continuing to try things can you learn how to run without running the answer's no it's a rhetorical question I mean I could read books about it I can you know but you got to actually do it you got to be on the track same thing here you've got to be in the game saying these things out loud to potential clients and then you really start to improve it okay go to the next exercise real quick three g o for a for a sorry got to go for a I'm not let's actually leave it I won't go for right now just cause it's simple but I'm gonna walk you through very quickly how to talk about what you do without sounding confusing or bland okay, you guys pay attention because this is really complicated really incredibly complicated, so we're not going to use an elevator speech anymore this may be something you've never heard of in your entire life we're going to do something called have a conversation yeah what? You gonna have a conversation with somebody that israel and it is based on what your target audience, what they need, what they desire the niggers that you help them get and the benefits of that result from a financial, emotional, physical spiritually but you can talk about this in three seconds, thirty seconds, three minutes, three hours, three weeks it doesn't matter it'll never go the same way twice. But now that you have those elements in place, you don't need an elevator pitch the reason that people pitched the elevator pitch and think that they need an elevator pitch because they don't really know what they do, they don't really have the business yet, but once you know who you sir what you know what you do for them once you know why they would buy what you're selling it's super easy now is a conversation right so let's say we're having a conversation and you say what do you and I might say I got a whole host of other things but I will often say that I'm a business author because not a lot of people write books I write books right they really I write books that's always how to start I write books that help people get clients yeah people I wouldn't usually say use that you know small business owners get clients I'm a little more general I can be you know it's one of those things I can get away with that really you write books that's the next question always I do what are they called and then I tell them they see how does it work and then instead of talking about the system I will go back to okay well look these people right I talk about the target market often they run into this challenge in this challenge and really what they want is this and this that is the needs and desires and she might say that's my sister you're talking about that's the exact thing she told me at thanksgiving and if I was giving the elevator speech I say shut up I'm not done right you know the claw you ever got the claw from somebody they won't let you go until you give you the whole speech no, no I'm not done come here right, but if she says this I cannot say but did she say she really wants this right? Did she say this? We can get in this conversation about her sister and I can say then of course that's my area of expertise you get it now I will help someone like your sister achieve that she was my god that's so cool and she might say, hey, can we call my sister right now so you could talk to her say sure, but she also by its say something else entirely and the conversation goes in a different way and I might be able to talk about well, you know, it's injury she thinks she wants all the clients in the world where she says really what she wants is this financial freedom showing security just real confidence, pride all of these things first feel more connected to well, now we're talking with benefits and it was her who is in the situation we would start talking about that as well, but I'd be talking so is this is this is this? I'd start asking her questions because I know why she would buy what I'm selling it's not a script you don't need a script now someone you might say well, you have a formula yes there's a formula formula is no your target market no what they need no other desire I know what you sell them which is the result and the benefits of if you know those things you're good to go that's how you kill the elevator speech that's what you never worry about it day in your life again you might say you know I'm a photographer and I helped these people do this you might use your who into what statement you might but you might not and I know sometimes guys people want me to say do it exactly like this this is the way this is the secret this if you do it it doesn't really work that way is not a trick there's no scheme you got it actually have a business that makes sense to the people you'd like to sell to and if you do then talking about what you do is easy to resonate with that. So yes, if you d'oh do you think you could talk about what you do now say yes if you do do you think it will be absolutely petrifying say no no it well maybe you'll be a little nervous but you'll get more comfortable the more you do it so what you should do is you should hook up after this exchange phone numbers and you should call each other up at random and you say, hey, what do you do and then have a conversation, play a role, then call him up four days later hey, and play some other role. One day you're stephen one day you're philip one day you're you know sally, which would be weird, but each time you play a different role and you have a conversation with him and you just take it wherever you want it to go and see if you could do it and I guarantee you can if you understand why people buy what you're selling, I feel what I've seen when people actually build this foundation for riel they start slowing down because they don't feel the need to try to get everything out. They don't feel the need to do an elevator speech, they don't feel the need to have to say every benefit that they've ever thought off. Also, if you're going to follow the book yourself sound system, you're going to keep in touch with that person so you don't need to get every detail out the first conversation you have with him. One link in the chain of destiny at a time one lake and the chain of destiny can be handled at the time and that's what you need to do and that is your foundation. You guys go sit down, thank you very much, give him a round of applause, they're awesome, so I'm going to give you again. One quick picture overview and then another view of what we're going to do tomorrow and then handed over to the hosts and we'll be there floor for closing up now remember the fourth module and book yourself solid are the six core self promotion strategies how many are optional? How many a mandatory do you know which ones yet no when will you know third day good what do we use those for creating awareness now people become aware of us they come over here and they check out our foundation if our foundation is solid then they will give us an opportunity to earn their trust trust is not built in an instant is it no it is built over time now if we have our standard credibility builders in place if we are likeable highly likeable to the people you're meant to serve everybody to the people you're meant to serve and you have a sales cycle process in place and you know how to price your overs and you know how have simple sales conversations guess what happens at the end of that process? You book the business and the process repeats itself again and again so tomorrow we're gonna work on this second and third module standard credibility builders likability sale cycle process keeping in touch strategy information product strategy pricing strategy and sales conversation history then on day three we'll go through networking direct outreach referrals speaking, writing and web marketing all of those who want to get tactical we're going to get tactical on the third day tomorrow we're going to get very strategic today we were very foundational foundation strategy tactics tactics get people to you the foundation keeps them there the strategy moves them closer to a purchase and it repeats itself again and again and again you with me what you're taking away from today that's really important for you go what's one of the big ones that you're taking away for yourself today crystal clear who your ideal client is good who's next has the mic the mic I help authors and speakers make more money and build deeper connection great excellent I need to get more clear about personal brent great niece again we're clear by personal brand who's next that just because I didn't want to be in an industry anymore doesn't mean that I can't help people who are still in that industry very nice and people you can share if you want to start sharing for people at home what they're taking away from today that was really helpful for them please that it doesn't have to be fancy or smarter just needs to be simple and easy yes, I am not fancy nor am I that smart I'm clever sometimes but easy is important and I'm easy that I don't have to have an elevator speech yes don't have to have the elevator speech who's next yes, that clarity is way better. Clarity is the best marketing, I guess. Clarity, plus self expression, you're good to go? Yes, who's! Next anyone before we go to the audience at home, anyone else want to share what they took away from today? Yes, get really clear about what your foundation is moving a strategy, moving the tactics and repeat the process again, and you'll book the business beautiful, excellent nicely said, well, I like, I like this one from briana tea, what I'm taking away. I don't feel like a headless chicken on jennifer, kim says. Define with more clarity my personal brand I love this one office snap, michelle, that I don't need the decision to be the right one just need to decide I would use it and I will change it yeah, like that. Make the decision the decision amazed j get a target market, mitter says. Create an emotional connection to find yourself clear from ninety smart again keeping it simple failed to plan plan to fail from tommy nikon, nitti last one I'll just stay right here is I can't please everyone. Well, you could try, but you might as well what? Kiss your ass good bye.

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a Creativelive Student

What marvelous three days those were! Michael Port is unbelievably generous and nice. A real blessing to the folks in the studio audience and us at home. I watched all three days, but felt compelled to own the videos as well, because it's by practicing and revisiting this content that we can all get booked solid. I want also say that Antonio and Kenna were great hosts. Book Yourself Solid has been my mantra for the last month and I hope it continues to be for years and years to come. Read the book (it's important) and watch the videos (they complete your view of the whole system). Thanks Michael Port. Thanks Creative Live. Good luck to us all!


I would recommend this for most. I loved listening to Michael but as a photographer I felt a lot of his applications and exercises did not apply. I heard reference to "Wedding Photography" more times than I would have liked. Since Creative Live is such a big photography learning site; I would have liked to hear more reference to where this would work say for a Day In The life, Pet or fine art photographer. I suppose just more photography relation's would have been nice. All in all I had fun doing the exercises and there was a lot of phenomenal info in these videos. I'll be watching them again soon.


This is an amazing course, this is what a lot of marketers are teaching but with even more clarity and with his personal systems added that help with your work in the world. This information is so easy and clear, he takes you step by step, and the workbook is essential and extensive and easy and fun to follow, I've been listening over and over again, because there is just so much info that you have to hear it numerous times, at least I did, if you follow all the steps this course is better than courses that cost thousands of dollars. And he's a great presenter!