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Book Yourself Solid & Get More Clients

Lesson 3 of 19

Identify & Define Your Target Market


Book Yourself Solid & Get More Clients

Lesson 3 of 19

Identify & Define Your Target Market


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Identify & Define Your Target Market

What we're gonna do now is we're gonna give a brief overview of the system to remember the context so we know why we're doing what we're doing and when we're doing it that's very very important so remember what happens over here? We use the six core self promotion strategies how muneer optional how muneer mandatory do you know which ones are optional mandatory not yet but you'll find out on day three so we use them what do they do? They create awareness once something becomes aware they step onto our if our foundation is solid do they book do we put the business right then? No, not really not enough we do then what build trust and credibility over time yes so they will extend their hand. We will take it and we will start to make sales offers that are proportionate to the amount of trust that we've earned. And if we have a plan for building trusting credibility they will move deeper and deeper into the sale cycle and because we have to stay with me perfect pricing yes, we have perfect p...

rices and we know howto have super simple sales conversations. Then we book the business and it process repeats itself again and again and again and again and there are four building blocks in the first module which is called your foundation and we worked on the first which is your red velvet road policy now we're gonna work on understanding why people buy what you're selling this afternoon we're going to work on developing your personal brand identity so you decide how you're known in the world and then we're going to make sure that you could talk about what you do without sounding confusing or bland or like everybody else and without ever using what because we're on a mission do it with me, everybody at home do with kill and that's your foundation and then tomorrow we'll work mohr start today I think I don't remember, but we'll start at some point working into this foundation so your standard credibility builders are in place your likability factor is high, you know howto design a sale cycle that builds trust over time so you can make those sales offers at the appropriate time so that when your prices they're perfect they will raise their hand and say I'd like to have a sales conversation with you and guess what happens you know howto have that sales conversation so you what you book the business and that's the goal so remember you just create some awareness people come check because does market get you? Clients knew it just creates awareness so people become aware they come check out your foundation it's solid it's secure they give you an opportunity to what earn their trust you go about earning their trust over time through standard credibility, builders threw likability through the sale cycle process through your keep in touch strategy through your information product development strategy you know how to price your offers you know how have simple sales conversations and you have it with the right time so what do you do? You book the business so now this morning we worked on the red velvet rope now we're gonna work on understanding why people by what we're selling sound good say yes if it does, we need four elements to be in place in order to understand why people by what we're selling number one target market how many people know they have an incredibly clearly defined target market raise your hand I see like this for those for those of you at home this is what I see but that's like only three people so that's good we can make sure that we have a very well defined target bergen and I think a couple of you have a better to find target market than you actually I realize you don't want to raise your hand because then if it because then if I said no, no that's, not a target market so you're kind of holding back until you know how I'm actually defining a target market and then you say, yeah, I got one all right don't have one right? Okay, so this target market is essential and there are three reasons you need this target market to review number one so you know where to do your marketing you know what a fine clients otherwise what do you do it anywhere and what you're trying to do with your marketing strategies with those self promotion strategies is to produce a lot in one place because if you if you take that same amount that's a lot in one place and you break it up and put it all over the place it's only a little bit in each of those places and a little bit doesn't get enough awareness need a lot of awareness before people even come to the foundation they need to keep seeing you showing up again and again and again and again and again and it's a lot easier to do that in one place then one hundred places so that's the first reason you need a target market the second reason you need a target market so that when you show up there they know you are what dedicated to them and if you know where to find them number one and if they know you're dedicated to them when you show up that's number two number three they already have established networks of communication they're already talking to other people that are in that same target market the influencers are the same influencers so if you connect with them if you develop a relationship with the other influence of that target market and the whole target market knows about you, so the people in the target market are going to spread your messages, and the influencers are going to spread your messages. But if you try to do it all over the place and I get that kind of awareness so that's, the first element that we have to make sure is in place now, the second is quite easy, actually, because of you know who your target market is, then you know what they need, what they desire, but if you don't have a target market, how do you know what they need and desire? Because there's just too many possible needs and desires, so that kind of clarity is essential, so we've got that specific target market now we know what they need and what they desire. If you've got those first two elements in place, then you can determine a big result. That's, the third third element, got to have a big result on which you can hang your hat on, but you get known for it's the thing that people want to come and buy, but they're really looking for the benefits that come from that result, and we remember what those benefits are with the acronym phipps financial, emotional, physical and spiritually say with me financial, emotional, physical and spiritually but let's think about this okay how many people want to get booked solid raise your head ok what comes with being booked solid from a financial perspective money what else security what else? Well yes but that's not financial yet that's another thing that we're getting there but what else financial we got more money financial security freedom so those air I generally see those of the benefits that people are looking for the more money comes from being booked solid and the financial freedom and security are ultimately what we're after if I said to you look you don't need to be booked solid but you you will have financial security and financial freedom for the rest of your life would you be okay with that? Yeah of course you would that's called the trust part I'm really into this trust fund thing today I don't know why but since we don't have one we need to get booked solid to get those financial benefits makes sansa as it does so now we want to look at what emotional benefits do we get from being booked solid what do we get say with tell mae when your book's all how do you feel yes please do feel happy what else confident can we get to that one a little bit later that's a good one fulfilled yes empowered you see there's so many emotional benefits that come from being booked solid that's what we're looking for what about physical benefits now? It's kind of weird well physical bet physical benefits from being booked solid huh? What do you think? Less stress yeah, what else? Energetic sleep better at night maybe because you're less stressed maybe how many living expression before you have to have a sales conversation you get butterflies in your stomach? Yeah is that comfortable now maybe that feeling starts to go away that's a physical benefit of being book sal because now you're super comfortable. Now what about the spiritual idea again? Spirituality means different things to different people some people it's religion some people it's ah connection other peop well, some people doesn't get anything at all but you wanted to find what it means to you and what it means to your clients. So you said connection to purpose, right? Yeah that's a that's a really cool spiritually benefit of being booked solid well service yes, I see even more connection to family because of all of the emotional benefits that come from being booked solid and the financial benefits that come from being books out. So to me this idea of the of the spirit based benefit is usually the aggregate of the financial emotional physical benefits and remember full self expression, full self expression so that's what we're going to work on now each one of you should be able to define a target market is what I want everybody at home to do as well. Target market needs desires of the people in that target market, the big result you helped them get and the benefits from a financial, emotional, physical and spiritual perspective. Very important to remember, though I know you helped them get lots of different results, but I'm trying to find one that you get known for a lot of different things I could do for my clients besides help them get booked solid. In fact, I wrote another book called beyond a little book called the thing big manifesto I wrote a book called the contrary in effect, he's air all if slightly different um uh, ideas on a similar theme, but still I focus on one for the overall brand identity. You want to get books, I'll go to michael. Why? Because he's going to help you think bigger about who you are and what you are for the world. That's, why you choose him and that's? Why the branding piece is so important and that branding piece, which we'll get to a little bit later after the break, is that emotional connection with the client? First they look for you, does he help me get what I want the answer's yes, why? That's why we need to start with the target market we need to know what they need what they desire the big result we help them get because that is what they're going to look for first they become aware of you because a few of these self promotion strategies then they look at you and go does she help me get what I want? The answer is no they go away answers yes why that's the personal brand identity so you see how it's all building one block on top of the next that's why we do this in order that's why we don't jump around as we want to start with module for it's a reasons module one two three, four but once you do this kind of developmental work this kind of building you're going higher and higher and higher and higher until you're at this place where you feel like you're on top of a mountain and you feel like you comfortably and with full self expression could go out and do those core self promotion strategies because in the words of leonardo dicaprio I'm the king of the world that's how you're gonna feel he did say that right and that movie okay, so let's work on this I'm gonna bring two of you guys up I'm bringing jenna and matt right? So come on up to these chairs please pick a chair any chair uh huh that's like a hemorrhoids commercial that's something I'm gonna take a little drink that I'm gonna tell you for those of you that have these exercises were doing two a to c to d to e into efforts were a lot of work to do and they're gonna walk us through everything that I articulated in the last ten minutes you with me say yes if you are say you rock a target market is a specific group of people or businesses it's a demographic so in this first exercise I want you to in those boxes at the top grew baby c d or e just put what groups you think you would like to target this is a potential target markets what groups would I like to target and then we're gonna go through actually don't do it yet I'm gonna do it with you so that one down what groups would you like to target and then we're gonna look at we're gonna make checks in the boxes that um uh that that correspond to the groups above so for example if this is a group you relate to our feel most excited to work with you going to check that box if you these air groups you know people in or already have clients in you might check that box and we're going to see if there is one group that gets the most checks that makes sense is that witness your clear right? That's a pound not so why don't we do this together verbally you'll start to put yours in uh here and you guys can put them in and also interact with us here so good all right jenna so um you have a target market ideo well, who is it it's typically entrepreneurs who lack confidence and that's stopping them from moving themselves forward. Great that's not a target it seems like it is but it's a very big group a lot of rumors so you're talking about entrepreneurs who are raising fifty million dollars in capital to start this new venture you're talking about entrepreneurs that are on their sixth business andare financing their business themselves with fifty million dollars are you talking about you see, you see how there's a lot of sort of verticals within that type of market yeah yeah so what do these entrepreneurs look like? I'm their typically woman who are in some kind of helping her wins and we just got a little bit more narrow little more targeted good they're typically in some kind of helping profession like what would be coach healthcare provider something we're getting closer now can they be in one of these? They can and I think that they would be in kind of the nutrition exercise realm do you see? Is it easier for her to reach those people than to reach entrepreneurs? Any trepidation, any hesitation around making that kind of really specific choice, definitely there is still some fear, because I'm the kind of person I want to help everybody, so there's some fear in, um, I'm going to be closing some doors to people who I would love to work with your and you will. Yes, however nobody has ever in the decade that I've been doing this come back to me after I encourage them to pick one out of their possible two or three groups booked solid and complaint no one's ever come back, and I'm so mad at you, I got booked solid with the wrong target market. That does not happen, because once you are booked solid means you've had a certain amount of success, you can make changes at any point. They're gently to different ways that a service business bills and this is what they look like. Number one, you choose a target market, you bring a particular service to that target market, and then once you get pretty booked selling that service to that target market, you can either eh bring additional products and services to that same market that serve other needs and desires that they have, or you can take that one service and start to bring it to verticals, two additional markets that have the same need very similar to that first market and you sell them this particular service for example let's say I started working with fitness professionals at the beginning of my career and I brought them the book yourself salad system I could bring that system to them earn credibility, demonstrate results have an audience and then start to bring them additional services like courses on information product development say and I'd stay with that mark or I could say good I book yourself south I'm going to stay with that brand I'm gonna make it all about that brand I'm gonna take that two other health and wellness professionals verticals now we're booked solid here repetitions getting bigger, bigger the company's getting bigger we can handle going out to other markets so now let's take it into financial services let's take it into a attorneys, accountants, etcetera and you can go that way it's a natural to be afraid to say I'm going to focus on the specifically because it seems like you'll be limited and that means you have to say no but let's say you focused on nutrition's escape that's her thing nutritionist if somebody who was a personal trainer or chiropractor or something outside interest but still in that health if they came up to jenna and said, hey, I think you're awesome you could help me get what I want I think you're I love your brand identity, you're so cool you're so like nice and sweet honest, I'd like to work with there. She say yes or no, wait and they're an ideal client that you say yes or no? Where did you say yes? Of course she does. So it doesn't mean you will necessarily not work with anybody outside that market. All it means is now you know where to do your marketing and howto language your messages so that in that one space you build up so much more awareness, all of that market you're doing is producing a lot of awareness in one place, and then you get known, oh, you need help us. An attrition is to go to jenna. You need help us a nutritionist go to janet as opposed to oh, yeah, you're an entrepreneur. You need help. I met this woman once. You sort of do something with entrepreneurs. I don't really remember exactly what. Yeah, uh, see the difference. So for example, the question here groups most relate to or excited with. Would that be? Yes. Okay, how about groups? I know we're going to put this, I think it's on matt. So it's unless I can't read this because I didn't bring my glasses so I can actually read it here. Um so what about groups? I know people in our already have clients in with that b a a yes ok have groups that have the most that you have the most knowledge about with the ps and how about groups I would find fascinating to learn more about it definitely that's a target market that's what we like to say okay, we're not yours. Career changers liberal arts graduates, college dropouts unemployed professionals home home schooled students okay, what do you think what's he got here? He was a god. Does he have one target market or a number of target markets? A number there is absolutely overlapped there's connection, but they're still different groups for example, people who are changing careers are very different than college dropouts now let's see, you write a block I'm gonna guess you do? Yeah, ok, so he seems like a guy that would write a block. How did I know that? I don't know why it just seems like the kind of guy right a block that doesn't mean that all the people in all of these groups won't come and read it they might. However, if his language is specifically focused and his offers are specifically focused to one group, he'll get more business faster and then you can start expanding generally the more focused you are, the faster you build the business and then you can expand from there with either of the two strategies I just introduced. So let's, look through this of these groups which do you most relate to or feel most excited to work with? Bnc being cb is little arts graduates and sees college dropouts, so they're graduates and dropouts. Right? So that kind interesting, right? What wonder group's graduated once dropped out. So, is that the same group of different groups? Different, different groups. Okay, so but we got a checking both of them's. Okay, so you put a check in there? No, I don't think. Yes, you can go. That's. Cool. That's that's our app. So he's got checks in both of them. I didn't realise it. Good for the check, okay, groups that you know, people in or already have clients. So we got two in group b and one in group c and one a group. Great. What about groups that you have the most knowledge about this. So we got three. And ruby ruby is winning the tally so far. And what about groups you would find fascinating to learn more about? You have a winner. He has a win. How would you feel about making a commitment to focusing on that group from here on in first, eh? Three months I feel good there is a kind and I have a question about I should just sit here so yeah so this is actually you know really who I do focus on um I have ah couple clients right now who have come to me and said I know you typically focus on x y z um but you know, I think I fit all those intentions crew changes I you know, I would really love to work with you I love your work and you know, they fit everything else they fit on my values and what I do apply it but they might not be in that group so I turned them down what is your thoughts on that? So what do you think weii just went through this right for you? What do you think if I would say if they're an ideal clients and you'd love to work with them, work with them you see what I'm trying to do he's trying to get you more clients but with less work and mohr resolves with the work that you do so if someone comes to you who's outside that group and they're ideal for you absolutely sure, of course, but your marketing then is focused on one group which makes it a lot easier to get into that market faster he is with you guys now have some target markets yes, thank you I gotta stop his eye like his thing but um but if you're hesitant you know for those who are home and you're hesitant about making the choice what about making a full non reversible commitment for three months you know we can chunk these things down you know you don't have to stay with the group for the rest of your life you're what twenty something yeah uh you too probably so when you're old involved like me you might decide to focus on different you might go into a whole nother business entirely we don't know what the future holds but you can make non reversible commitments for right now to produce results that well please you that's what you're trying to do and when you know you've made a commitment you can follow through on it with a lot more confidence good stay up here any questions from the audience or from the studio audience yes please go ahead trainer with a microphone I'm just having a really hard time coming up with my groups as a photographer do I say that my group's heir you know start with people in general people you could take photographs so so I narrow it down to you know bride's family's whatever or do I say that I want to focus on wedding so I need thio create my target market out of certain kinds of brides are engaged couples almost all of the above? Yes so remember before we said there's a group of people we want to serve and there's something we want to get known for that's the result so in the photography industry certain people are known for producing certain kinds of work, right? Is there a particular kind of work you'd like to get known for? Ah that's hard I mean ideally I want to be doing higher end weddings going for more of ah fine art look to it grin so listen let's let's not say ideally some other time later in my life when I'm old and gray let's say I'd like to do this now because every single second is ticking away what's this one, two, three as three seconds that you just lost that you did not get closer to making that choice and doing that kind of work so it's not sometime in the future it's now, so if you're going to focus on that kind of high end wedding and and what do you call it? Our fine art type photography? What kind of people would you go after seeing this? My heart thing? I don't exactly know I don't I know what I want to do I don't know who they are necessarily ok, so let's, open it up and discuss this and he thought I've been antonio has some thoughts about this what could she do I don't know I wasn't throwing it to you I'm just saying that he does what you guys have an idea it's a lot easier to figure this out for somebody else than yourself isn't it yeah so what do you think yes please tell me where I'm wrong uh fine art brides are usually married in large churches in bigger cities I mean often and large churches but then there are a lot of just hire and venues so it's not necessarily going to be a church so now here's the thing when you think about target market thing about demographics you can also focused on areas they're certain groups of people that usually inhabit certain areas. So you say I'm focusing on this area because the people in that area are the kind of people that do big weddings the do big bar mitzvahs the do big confirmations so now you've got an area which means you can connect with all the influences at this church at that church at this other church now you have a target audience the people in this area they probably have a similar socioeconomic condition they might have similar religious backgrounds they might have similar ethnicities. All of these things group them together now as a way of seeing the world I don't like grouping people together but we have to understand from a marketing perspective people do group themselves together and they spread messages through those groups so you can also look at when you do something that you actually have to do in person you can look at geography as long as that geography contains a particular group and that's the group we're gonna focus on that makes sense to you guys make sense that you gotta say yes, if it does it make sense to you, trina yes remember other people are the ones who opened the doors for us, we have to get them to open those doors, you have to be the person that they want to open the door for, but if you think about a particular neighborhood, there are certain people that influence that neighborhood aren't there you think about a particular community? There are certain people who influenced that community once that influencer starts saying you're the one your head, there are people who are very popular in each community. You booked that gig all their friends want you to, so we're trying to stay within this particular group because we'll build faster there and then we can start to expand beyond it. Are they getting that at home? I think you're really, really, really striking a nerve and makes me think about something, a grad school professor told me once he said, you could do anything you want, but you can't do everything and so online, tommy nikon says my struggle deliberately wanting to be a generalist amy make a brown says, I think a lot of us have the struggle because we think it will serve us to look for everyone, but it really does. And so, michael, I'm thinking there's some fear, and then if we only focus on this target audience, we're going to lose all this possible income. All these possible people like liza let's, that's related to dating, right? Generally, when you date, you have a pretty good idea of the kind of person you'd like to date, don't you? You don't just say anybody with a pulse and a checkbook. I hope not. You have a pretty good idea of who you want to date and you focus on that, and I think actually people should probably focus mohr, right? It would actually help in the dating process to be really clear about who is ideal for you, there's the same thing here. And you, khun, grow into being a generalist, almost it's, actually, interesting. I work with all kinds of service professionals now because I can. Once you are really well known, you have the credibility to say I can work with all those people. Also because all those people start paying attention, they choose you as I want to be in your target market. And your target markets grow because they're choosing you because you get so well known and that's when the ideal that's when the red villa road just gets tighter and tighter and you're choosing only people with whom you do your best work that you want to work with, you have a question stand up for another group of people is like for example, my target market, our group, my target group on would be families have members that have dementia or alzheimer's that are being result that reside in a self paid residential facility so I can narrow it down really narrow there but where I get caught up on our the word that we have to check off so like groups I most relate to or feel most excited to work with, I relate to them because I have friends that have person this situation on dime I'm excited to work with these people, but I can't say I'm most excited cause it's really hard it's emotionally draining and hard sometimes but it's a service that I really want to provide and then the other thing I get hung upon is groups that have the most knowledge about so I'm sure that there are probably people out on the internet world that may not have all the knowledge if it's like I fall into the category I'm starting a business, I'm starting a serious so that's a great point to bring up, so let me speak to that this idea, you know, I said, and they're people that your groups you feel knowledgeable about, that you already knowledgeable about and you know, that could be a hang up, so I don't I'm still starting, I don't really know a lot about them, and I don't know who to pick because that's just a way in that there may already be a group that you know a lot about that you're not yet serving. No, you hadn't realized you could serve, but most important question is the last line that you want to learn maura about, because then you'll engage in the learning process, what you're talking about runners, experience runners and then injured runners so runners, right now, where do we find these runners? Well, one of things I'm struggling with this right now, I work with primarily women, um and I enjoy that, and I'm not sure if I should really hone in on just focusing on women, a lot of guys who room too and there's while they're all runners there's, some vastly different parameters and all three of these groups, so I don't know if that's too broad, I'd say right now I have people in all three I think it's I think it's a very strong choice is to say I'm only going to work with these kind of runners either beginners or elite level I think it's a strong choice to do that and I would often recommend people do that I don't think it's an absolute requirement in your particular case I do think however and here's what's interesting you can pick a target market let's say you say women okay and you're gonna work with different types of runners I think that's okay but you could say I'm going toe let's say you have a lot of tech industry around you I'm going to focus on the tech industry women in the tech industry why? Because I like women who run that happened in the tech industry no, they're they're they're people who run period but now that you're focusing on a particular industry it's easier to get to them and it's easier for them to spread the message is and you know more about what their life is like in that industry so you can relate to them around that so it's just a tool to help you get to them make sense could you see a possibility there good good anyone else? Yes please. Yeah mike okay, so I feel like it's so intangible but its women it's um they won't make a difference there spiritually minded and they want to redesign your life that's pretty broad, huh? Yeah that's the problem with self help so broken do that because she's open tony robbins khun do that cause he's tony robbins but had to start somewhere I think tony started with nutrition see? And then as I indicated before he started to grow into more markets and he could be more of a generalist same thing with oprah once you're famous you could do anything you want so is there a particular field that women who are like that might be in particular job that they do? Career service oriented good has a good star, right? What do you think? Give me some examples where might you find some folks like this? Healing industries definitely health industries, churches, health and dusty you see? So remember you think about the marketing thing for the target market. Just think about what makes it easy to find them that's it what makes it easy to find them? How do I know what associations they belong to? So I could go do a speech there, write something for them network there what? What influencers do they pay attention to? Because then I can meet them and hopefully they will share my message. What publications do they read so I can show up in those publications? What networks do they already have established? If you confined three networks these people are already in then you've got a target market ok, ok this is often the most challenging part of the whole book yourself solid system for folks who are at the newer stages of development but when you get close choose when you get close choose when you have an inkling choose and just see what happens over a few months and you'll start to see the marketing the creating awareness so much easier and the conversations you have with them about what you do so much easier this is helpful yes so kind of similar to what you were just saying way we continue to see a lot of people who have sort of these multiple target audience is that they're trying to define or figure out which one but dari from connecticut says as a web design company of sixteen years we can basically design for any business we did a lot of real estate websites and also don't designed an online auction system for real estate but what I would like to target is new markets should I just pick what interests me and target that for three months? Look if I am an author which I am I'm interested in a web designer who knows how to build a site that promotes a book I'm just not looking for somebody who could do pretty pictures I want to know someone who knows that world who knows that field who knows that industry who knows the critical components of making that kind of website effective so if you get known you know if me and john and tim farriss and et cetera et cetera you know all use you as long as you don't make all our sights look the same everybody else is going to use you go well tim and michael and john and all these and then you get no oh my god those are also good because then when the potential buyers looking at it it looks like a website they would want that looks like what I would want it looks like it was made for me remember goes back to what we've been discussing thus far that foundation they will stay if they feel it was made for them did you have another question for you have followed question not on that topic with a different topic and kin tv brings up a really good point how does this work michael if we're looking business to business where he says maybe there isn't that strong emotional component that's they're saying personalized services I'd do this with b to b well it may be a little bit more of an intellectual exercise which is fine too I do think it's nice if we could make an emotional connection to that group but nonetheless but yeah maybe a sort of a best choice scenario like this is a group that I feel like I can get access to that it's the right market for what I am selling ah, and I'm going to focus on that group so it's okay not to be as emotionally connected you know as say, jenna maybe, but the point is you're just trying to use it to get to the ideal client inside of it that's the point now I know where to do my marketing and when I show up there they know oh he's dedicated tow us and then they'll spread the message is also because when you look at me to be you might be working say your consultant you're selling something too the cfo of a particular company let's say in aerospace, right? Well, that's cfo, maybe twenty years in aerospace they just left that company they're going to another company in aerospace guess who they know who does that kind of consulting you and you're an expert in the aerospace industry you might not even be working on them working with them and anything related to aerospace. You might just be working on with them on projects or communication, but they see you with somebody who is an expert on their industry doing communication within their industry. So though people in those businesses will move from business the business often within the same industry and then you get taken along for the ride and that is also a network of communication that's a marketing referral system built in to the target market you guys with me say yes if you are ok let's, go to exercise to scene I so feel with this table up here what's that show our survey says, you know, I thought that was funny, okay, so now we have the target market now here, this is actually where you're going to put in your possible choices after you've done that first work, if you still have, you know, different options, this will move through now because I think we covered it in our discussion, but I want you to know, especially if you're at home and you're working through this either in the app or you've purchased the course and you're working through this in the worksheets this would now be where you put in your different choices and then you decide on your final okay, so let's go now to the next one urgent needs and compelling desires. Once you have your target market, then you can identify what they need and what they desire so let's go over to general what do your idea clients inside your target audience need meaning what's the things that have to get away from right now I need this now I have to get away from this thing they need to stop being perfectionists and just start taking action, okay, so that's one with us they need to start putting themselves out there more even if it's not going to be the perfect opportunity or everything is in place that they need to things like that right that's too what else they need tio have more clarity's they can stay focused on what they need to stay focused on good so then maybe something they need to do but it's not something there I have to get away from right now sure um do you see the slight distinction? But when we do this kind of specific work the way that you talk to your client's changes or potential clients who've become clients changes dramatically you're so much more in touch with them. So what are some of the things they have to get away from right now but they will pay to get away from um I guess thinking about the nutritionist that they have to have perfect eating habits before they can help someone else have better eating habits. Excellent that's very interesting I hadn't thought about that that's a interesting what what else? Um that's they don't need to know absolutely everything before they start so the things we're trying to get away from is they feel like I have to know everything and I wanted to everything right now can you help me know everything right now? Okay it's important to think about it that way yeah, because that's how they feel so instead of just automatically trying to find the solutions right away to their problems we first need to identify what those problems are things they want to get away from right now our problems okay, what are some of the things? What are some of the needs that your clients have the things they have to get away from the problems that they have what are they? I would say that my clients need ways to expand their work since their authors and speakers what I found is that a lot of them travel a lot and speak a lot and so that prevents them from actually growing there was a painful deep knee like I yes I want to get off the plane yes you wanna travel that's that's my number three on there hey, they want travel less so the big thing they've got to get away from too much travel too much travel what else they want a wayto maximize their work now that they've spent all the time writing this book I want to make some money they want to make money off of it so the thing they're moving away so that's what they want that's what they're going toward you wanna maximise their work right? They wanna exploit or leverage all this intellectual property they have created for the thing right now that is so painful is what how can you see the distinction do you guys say yes? If you do say no if you don't see the distinction, say what you have just said they want to leverage, you know, maximize their income. Okay, that's what? I want to go toward what's actually happening right now that would make them want that the thing that is problematic doing all this working really hard and I'm not making any money, right? Two dollars a book as a commission is not gonna cut it that's not where the money is made true, which is why they keep traveling and speaking because the speaking, they actually get paid for that. What else? Some other people? Police? Uh, yeah, go ahead. You have mike? Yeah, I'm feeling guilty. You feel guilty, they want to get away from that good and that's the only one I can really think of at the top of my head is I know that, um, my target audience feels guilt, while the other thing also is you feel guilty because they're not taking care of their livers and the loved one ship so there's a lot of other things, they want to do it so they feel guilty. But the truth is, they also don't want the burden of the full responsibility, correct, they may not be willing to admit that right off the bat but there may be going on with inside them not with all of them but it may be and what it allows you to do if you know that is allows you to talk to that issue without putting it on them so you can use redirection for example right you can talk about applying who had this particular issue and through your work they no longer had that responsibility and as a result they didn't feel guilty anymore for feeling that way and what it did is it actually made them or connected to their loved one so they spent more time with them on the other complainant that I'm trying to figure out verbally for is that my overall product is to capture video images and photography so that they have a legacy after their loved one has passed on and so I know that my vision is that I won tell people see the life that still lives within when people are stricken with these diseases is like they see the disease and they know I understand what you said you had a problem with language does have a problem with lightning so you're done that's it out you got thanks great doesn't everybody gets that it's beautiful it's totally connected I get even better if you purchase the course you can push rewind see exactly what you weigh one from online I share one of the linesman says that my ideal cleanses from amber hi amber my ideal client needs to create more quality time for themselves pain point equals working hard to meet everyone else's needs and not taken care grow themselves excellent so let's go to desires what they want, what they want bring it what do they want? Tell me talk to me, jenna what they want they want to feel confident so that they can move forward in their business you won't feel confidence good? What else they want to have the freedom to be able to do the things that they want doing their business is there not spinning there? We don't want some freedom good? What else they want to feel like they're an expert and like people really respect incredible yeah interesting do you notice how these are all going to show up in the benefits of the result that you provide? So in doing this exercise when you're looking at here is what they want, you're actually discovering the benefits and in book yourself solid I give you a lot of different ways to get at these things if the first one members I talked about perspective before first one you didn't get it did make sense you might get it on the next try in the next exercise because we have different ways of getting into this good what do your clients want? Yes well usually it's a relationship crisis that brings him and oft and we'll be they don't know how to communicate their needs in a way that inspires their partner to meet them. So that's a that's a problem they have right now, something they've got to get away from. Yes, yes, yes. So what they're looking for is just a way to get their needs met that, um, brings them closer, deeper intimacy, often different. Yeah, I get that really very clear. I get that better sex, better sex. I get that seriously. I I'm serious. I'm being cirio wrong with you. Perk up when I bring that into this as well. We should. And I think everything works up. But not anybody express it in quite the same way. Yeah. Yeah. So so that that's that's something that you should be talking about it's. Something they want to desire? Yes. I mean, who doesn't want anybody not want better sex? I mean, maybe you have it already. So good you couldn't ever class. We'll get off that top moving on your next one. Next one. Next one. Go ahead. Um, actually, what it really boils down to is that really if they can get out of judgment of themselves, so they're moving away from judgment. You two loving themselves away from judgment toward loving themselves write if they can't do that they really can so this is what this particular exercise is all about understanding the urgent needs and the desires how can you do this if you don't have a target market, you do a little bit of it but not quite as well you would have had a hard time doing this yeah, but now you got how do you feel? I feel awesome I can't wait to just go okay, we'll see you later. Thanks for going all right now let's go into our next exercise before we do that, michael, as you know, we have a lot of photographers in our audience and I'm seeing in the chat rooms that they're struggling in particular with this one can we look at it again from from over dogger photographers and let me see if I can find a way okay, here we go. Yeah that's what I was going to say is that I mean, there are things that my clients need and want, but I don't really see them as a problem, so I'm having trouble figuring out how to what's right down as my client's problem anybody here ever got married anybody ever had photographer at the wedding? Well and you were looking for a photographer to hire this photographer what were you afraid of they take all the wrong shots I had a family member do it as a favor and don't do that right? So first of all yes hire professional but they're afraid to take the wrong shots they're going to show up and interfere in some way act inappropriate dress uh badly yeah, what else might be some of the concerns that you would have? Yes be unreliable unreliable? What if they're late? What if they canceled the last minute? He's a roll really things there are anxiety provoking feel anxious just thinking about what else? Anything else come to mind? Yeah, like they're not they don't have the kind of equipment that is needed. They showed up for a sunny day and the way they're turned and all of a sudden they don't have the right lighting the thing to balance light off and all that kind of stuff. So these are some of the issues that they're coming up the potential buyer has now what I want anybody had a photographer that they hard what did you want from that seamless smooth? You don't have to think about a thing don't have to think about a thing just remember this don't make me think don't make me think if I'm gonna hire you to do my wedding, don't make me think don't make me think I gotta decide what the setup is for the shots ever been in that situation where you have a professional photographer there but you don't like the way they're setting it up you end up having to control this thing manage this thing now that could just be a problem with you and you should let them do it and that's a whole another story I know the photographers alike are talking about the dud clients will do that but we're not talking about that now what else do you want what else do you want to feel like they capture your authenticity that you don't look like someone that you're not yes and that you look they know which is your better side and and you do have a better side of photographer told me it's this one by the way what else? Anything else you want to make sure that they have backups in case something goes wrong you could come to them a year later when your album is room and a fire something like that and they have backup copies for you absolutely so these are the very practical very practical considerations that a potential buyer would make for that photographer that resonate with you guys yeah now when you get into benefits you'll see that it goes deeper so to e this is the biggest result you help them get the number one biggest result what is it for you I say I teach them to own their awesomeness that's not really result what happens when you own your awesomeness you are able tio I guess move forward in your business let's move forward in the business yeah I know um you're able teo do the work that you are meant to be doing and that you really want to be doing brass tax if you're gonna explain this to a six year old what do you help these people dio sell more stuff yeah this is something that is the absolute brass tacks run faster I mean run faster this is not need to be clever this's what people do they think it's supposed to be clever and cool and sexy I'm just looking for the actual result for me get clients not gonna use the brand name book yourself solid because you know that's the brand but I've always get clients so what is it yeah that I help them get to the point where they're comfortable selling themselves and putting their yourselves coach no no see what is it? What is the actual thing? Are they getting more clients potentially yeah ises it's tough because even though I'm working in the business world I'm not technically a business so it's like I'm selling confidence to these people so I could be okay with that as a result conference simple six year old would understand that right they know what the word confidence means that's cool anyone have a problem with that? Anybody not understand what that is I get it do you get it? Say yes if you do help me out here yeah, of course. What about you? Uh help them get the job they want to enjoy the job that they want enjoy get the job, theo job that's it a job. The other stuff is good and it's you know we khun put in languages appropriate but fundamentally it's a job. What about you? I help dentist get great clients and keep him group I love it. It's fantastic. Good. Um away some a photographer so I give clients authentic moments that they cherish forever. So you capture authentic moments. What do you think about that as a result? What do you think? Uh, ok, ok, we're getting there. What? What? What could be a sort of a bigger picture thing like from the whole experience? Like, maybe I want more than just an authentic result. What might it be? An experience, maybe maybe that's a benefit that comes along with the result any I d o we'll make it complicated or smart. I said put me on the spot you know absolutely doesn't need to be complicated there's no need to be clever. They're gonna hire you for a wedding, right? What are they gonna get they're gonna get they're going to get photos? Yes, tio so I know this sounds crazy and the photographers at home like but that's not a big deal yes they're going to get photos off every moment in the entire wedding from soup to nuts beginning to end I'm gonna shoot everything that happens in your wedding that's a particular result the benefits of that result might include capture an authentic moments that you will treasure forever you see because if you said to a six year old, why capture authentic moments now I know you're not selling wedding photography to a six year old, but I want this to be that simple that clear it feels like it feels almost like two simple right so like to give you like the straight answer like you're going to get an album of you like a wedding album it's like right but really care how many people love listening to the elevator pitch once it starts getting highfalutin or lots of hyperbole think if there's a lot of commas in there it's too much they think you're trying to prove something in the conversation those things may come out but keep it simple to start who else give me a result yes please I like the run faster one that's a pretty simple one but because I deal with a lot of beginner runners they're not even thinking about running fast yet so for me it seems to be more of their able to do do something that they didn't think they could do before they didn't think they could run and now they can and that seemed to be kind of a big result for some folks right it's really clear and simple why is it so much easier for her to articulate that then the photographer why I think it's just I mean I can time my people so there's like actual data this isn't right it's easier when there's a metric and she has a metric good I think it's because she has a really clear target market and so for what photography there khun is a really broad range that depends on what the target market is it's true you know you're the result that you're producing if you're a fashion photographer might be different in the result you're producing if your wedding photographer which is different than the result you're producing ifyou're shoot commercial food you know for that would be different as well yes please I think another thing for photographers is that we have to differentiate ourselves like there there are so many photographers the industry is saturated and it's not just about taking a picture because anybody can take a picture so we have to prove experience or the quality and our images yeah and I think the thing that you have that nobody else has is you have the pictures why don't you let the work speak for itself if you are somebody who's super sensible doesn't seem like you're putting on airs try to prove something but your work does exactly what you say it does you don't need to say it I don't need when I mean introduce myself to someone I don't need to say well I'm a new york times best selling author of double bubble bottom of the liver but I just might say I'm an author and I write books to help people get clients really because you know you don't need a lot of people who don't do that kind of thing and they can read it and if it's good I got last guy but if I tried teo do that whole pitch right at the beginning I met them guys guess over the top if he's gotta prove something is probably not that good yes please um when I was looking for photographers um what I was looking for is what how they represented themselves online and what kind of experience I had there and it was really easy to sort you know so looking at the picture yeah so does it fit me as a person yes no yes no it was easy so remember what happens is they look at the pictures yeah, they don't like the pictures that go away they like the pictures they talked teo now what are they looking at likability credibility right what you stand for all those foundational items and what we're going to work on tomorrow she's building trust and credibility first thing is those pictures I don't care what it says on your website if you're a wedding photographer I need to see images of weddings that blow my mind they go that's what I want that's why you need to have ideal clients so you can take the kind of pictures that allow you to do your best work so that's your portfolio so the other people who are like them I want that too you become known for something this is what's called the dramatic pause off also in the theater known as a pregnant paul's is the big balls is to f okay jenna, what is the financial benefits of working with you make more money good what else they'll um so she's trying to make a difference what michael said before you know financial security and why I can't say the same thing because it's not different no, you can see the exact same thing. Okay then financial security financial freedom because someone's going to jenna because they connect with jenna is that's what makes her distinct some will choose me because of who I am certain people were meant to serve maybe we're meant to serve the both sane people and at some point they're working both of us have you read any other books besides mine from business people yes, the answer is yes of course she has of course she has so this doesn't need to be that clever and different than everybody else. What else any other financials you want toto emotional let's go to emotion ok, I think that they'll feel good about themselves you feel much better about themselves yeah, they'll feel like they can create deeper connections with their client deeper connections with their clients good they'll feel like they can create deeper connections in all areas of their life because they'll have that confidence that will carry in tow a lot of areas and what about physical? Physical will not be so stressed out all the time maybe they don't get shakes like this every time they're trying to talk about what they do yeah um what about a spiritual? They'll feel like they're truly living their purpose like they're doing what they're meant to be doing now what she'll do is she will work on over the next few days going deeper with these things and more specific so she can articulate very specific benefits because when people hear those specific benefits they'll connect to them much better than words when that then they were generalizations. Ok, good what about you? Uh financial? They'll have a study ways your salary have a paycheck yeah on again financial security and freedom good emotional the film less jealous of the of their peers feel more fulfilled and the work that they're doing and they also feel less um judged by family members and friends which is a big thing or a target yeah, you know, not having a job for a long period of time can be one of the most self destructive things what it does to your sense of self you watch everybody else goto work and you're not going to work it is a big big deal physical I think it's kind of it's weird to say but there's almost this wait and this like people get into on the job and when they start getting out and doing the job search it's like this this weight is lifted good good and there'll be more of course but you'll get deeper into those and what about this idea of connection spirit? Uh well I think they're going toe you know you feel like you when you find that job you really love you feel like this is what you're meant to be doing it's not a bad way to get up every day, huh? Doing something you're meant to be doing now let me ask you what are you taking away from doing these exercises he's very specific book yourself solid exercises what are you doing? What are you taking away from it? What did you discover? What did you learn that we can take those questions from the audio answers from the audience also yeah, good yes I want to say that I am getting a better understanding of what my clients actually need or what they get from working with me. A lot of them have said how much they enjoy what I do but even I've been at a loss of trying to put my finger on what it is that I've done for that thank you excellent who's next I would say I always thought my biggest benefit was money you'll make more money and then I realized that there is a better benefits maybe that will strike people more to their core and then you do it is through your process your protocol for teaching them howto make a better customer experience right? Because when you say what you did earlier but you told me is how you do it but you didn't tell me what they get from it the result that they get right well that's what I've taken away nice who's next don't be shy come on now let's go so I feel like um what I've learned is is you've got to get really really clear and you got to be very specific about that target group otherwise you will not be able teo identify who they are and therefore you cannot market to them yes, yes he said it so well one more what I learned was that my clients feel very alone and that the big benefit is that they're able teo, that I give them is that they're able to re come in to commune with other people that were feeling the same way beautiful, what we're getting from the virtual yeah, there's one online and think it's ah, by claps that mentioned she's, a wellness coach, work with women to fully embrace the aging process and sounds bigas result would be improved quality of life. Great, really nice now reverse the aging process is the result the benefit is improve quality of life now that might come under the spiritually there's an emotional component to that, but what's she doing she's helping reverse the aging process? Now you've got to be careful with that kind of language because, you know, some people might think that it is not possible you can't actually do that, so she has to know our target market and what they resonate with. If you're going to, you know, like a medical school class at mount sinai, and you say I can reverse the aging process, they'll think you're from an infomercial. So you got to make sure you know your audience, anything else you guys want to share? I thought maybe we could just ask a couple of more questions before we go to break that's, all right? You're fantastic sea one from j k jones seventy seven can you give us an example of how we would use the biggest result as a way to differentiate ourselves from other photographers that focus on the same target market? I wouldn't use the result that's the thing I certainly would use the benefits but other photographers can still provide those ven influence I would use the personal brand identity, which is what we're gonna work on after a break hey look at that perfect it's almost like a lay out there but that's the key remember the way that we are most unique to the people were meant to serve is by being most authentic most ourselves the my photographer who does you know my head shots and all those publicity's figures he's like just the coolest dude in the world when he shoots you, he makes you feel like you are king of the world he always was hears these things oh oh all the time and it's not stupid, it really works, he doesn't cool, you know he's cool I'm not really cool, he doesn't cool and can't make that up and that's just him and that's why I like shooting with him the work is great but there's lots of other photographers that could do great work, but one of the reasons is because he keeps doing this thing which I find so cute and it makes me happy and then I do a better job in the chute any other questions? Yeah, one more question michael this one's from office snap michelle's like oh snap, I just made that up myself but for you specifically going back to the target market says michael, what target market did you initially start out with? How did you define your target market in the beginning so we know where you are now at the beginning I didn't I was the problem I didn't at all but I did quickly realize that that was a problem because I wasn't getting any clients, so I started trying figure out why I can't so I focus on the fitness industry and the reason I did that is because I had been in on the business side in the fitness industry for a number of years before I went out of my own but I was resisting focusing on the fitness industry because I thought I wanted out of that industry. So I like the industry and I went out now I didn't like what I was doing in the industry is people are people you're looking for the ideal people within the target market remember so I said we'll have a little bit of credibility with this group because I have some experience I can speak to that I know some influence or some people let me focus on that group first and it was, you know, it was a light bulb moment. I felt so free because I was doing different work with those people. It was about the work, not the target market, which is why the actual target market is not as big a deal as some people make it out to be. It's what you're doing with them that's the key. And then I progressed from there and I started bringing in mohr wellness and health type professionals and then expanded on down the line is that is that you find that answer helpful, relevant. That was a light bulb moment for me, really, really, because I come out of diversity and inclusion industry. I really loved the work, but I've done it for so many years, and I don't want to be doing that. And when you said it's, not the target group it's the work, the people in that group have all of the elements that I mentioned a minute ago. Come hug, give me a hug. Come on, give me, oh, it's, a big deal. Discovering this opens up possibilities like you've never seen before.

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a Creativelive Student

What marvelous three days those were! Michael Port is unbelievably generous and nice. A real blessing to the folks in the studio audience and us at home. I watched all three days, but felt compelled to own the videos as well, because it's by practicing and revisiting this content that we can all get booked solid. I want also say that Antonio and Kenna were great hosts. Book Yourself Solid has been my mantra for the last month and I hope it continues to be for years and years to come. Read the book (it's important) and watch the videos (they complete your view of the whole system). Thanks Michael Port. Thanks Creative Live. Good luck to us all!


I would recommend this for most. I loved listening to Michael but as a photographer I felt a lot of his applications and exercises did not apply. I heard reference to "Wedding Photography" more times than I would have liked. Since Creative Live is such a big photography learning site; I would have liked to hear more reference to where this would work say for a Day In The life, Pet or fine art photographer. I suppose just more photography relation's would have been nice. All in all I had fun doing the exercises and there was a lot of phenomenal info in these videos. I'll be watching them again soon.


This is an amazing course, this is what a lot of marketers are teaching but with even more clarity and with his personal systems added that help with your work in the world. This information is so easy and clear, he takes you step by step, and the workbook is essential and extensive and easy and fun to follow, I've been listening over and over again, because there is just so much info that you have to hear it numerous times, at least I did, if you follow all the steps this course is better than courses that cost thousands of dollars. And he's a great presenter!