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Book Yourself Solid & Get More Clients

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The BYS Networking Strategy

Michael Port

Book Yourself Solid & Get More Clients

Michael Port

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13. The BYS Networking Strategy


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The BYS Networking Strategy

Six course self promotion strategies networking direct outreach referrals writing speaking and webb we're going to start with networking but I did promise you won't tell you which ones are optional in which ones were mandatory did not do you think I should do that now I tell you I should tell you are you have you been thinking about it since I said I'm not gonna tell you two the third day well let's see what you thought let's see if you know which are mandatory in which are optional networking mandatory or option johnson are they right correct correct absolutely mandatory how about direct outreach reaching out to people that you do not yet know but would like to know yes see there's a little hint in there would like to know obviously then you probably need to do it jocelyn are they right correct okay how about referral strategies mandatory see, there wasn't really a big trick here you know I'm not tricky I don't do a lot of tricks but my point is those things are things you have to do ...

every day you gotta focus on networking direct outreach for lt's because that's where the business comes from for the most part now writing strategies and speaking strategies are they optional are mandatory well that's easy because I told you three and three right so yeah they're optional I mean look if you hate the idea of public speaking why would you do it I mean literally like if the idea of getting on stage in front of people is the most petrifying thing you could possibly ever imagine and you know it's not a natural talent for you why would you do it well because some books and you should use public speaking for no course not the marketing works for you when there's a strength that is natural for you that supports that particular type of tactic so you heard ever jerry signs will tell the joke about public speaking he says um so if public speaking is the number one fear and death is the number to fear if you're at a funeral you'd rather be in the box than giving the eulogy so I say if you don't want to do you have to do it now of course you're always have you're always gonna have to do some kind of public speaking meaning even just talking one on one to somebody in public speaking so you do need teo get good at talking about what you do you're going to need teo get good at the sales conversation but you don't have to give keynote speeches you don't have to go to the chamber of commerce and give a speech okay does that sound fair? How many of you guys um definitely think you're going to use public speaking as a strategy so almost all except two very smart that you guys say that's not for me smart. Okay, how about writing now? We said it's optional now, of course you have to write can have writing on your website you gonna write an email to somebody? Yes, you'll always need to write something, but do you need to become like a hard core blogger or try to write articles that get published in the big, you know, newspapers, things like that? Do you have to do that to get booked solid? Yes or no? No, you don't! Is it a great idea to improve your writing skills no matter what business you're in? Of course is it something you may do from time to time or maybe give a speech from time to time? Even if you don't love it, you're not terrible at it, but there's an opportunity there? Maybe you'll take it ok, fine, but to make it your primary strategy something you're going to do every single day is not gonna work very well if you don't like and if you're not good at it. Now, when we talk about writing, we'll talk a little bit more about this, but many of us are better writers than we think we are we just think we're supposed to write in a different way than we need teo for marketing purposes, we still think it was supposed to write like an academic I can't write like a damn academic that's just a bottom line. I mean, if I worked on like, every day for the next two years, I could probably figure it out, but that's not how I write, and in fact, if I wrote like an academic, the people that I serve wouldn't read my books so again remember you do it your way and their song, you do it your way, something I'll work on that at lunch, you come back, so so again, we're looking at speaking and writing as optional, but if you think that you would like to do it and that you would be good at it and that you get better over time because it's a natural talent for you, you know, we get exponentially better at the things were naturally good at and only marginally better the things we're not good at, but we know this from reading now discover you're strange to the work that, uh, the gallup organization has done now, here's the interesting one I said there were three optional and three mandatory, and we know that the three that are mandatory or networking direct outreach unfurls. We know that optional is speaking and writing, and if the last one is webb, who who's a little confused by that michael saying that web marketing is optional yeah he is now of course you need a good website that starts a conversation that gives you the opportunity to follow up and keep in touch etcetera absolutely and yes that is it a form of web marketing okay, but I make this very bold statement to make a point that you shouldn't feel obligated to do lots of search engine optimization paper click advertising right link exchanges you know there's a lot of different things you can do to drive traffic isn't an effective strategy if you get good at it oh yeah it's phenomenal the opportunities you have in the world of web marketing but if you don't have any interest whatsoever in that and you're a new business owner small business I think that would probably be a bad idea take your time doing that so why do it same thing with social media is twitter or twitter, facebook and linkedin excellent tools yes, of course they are are they affected for creating awareness? Yes they are but if you want to don't want to spend all your day in twitter, you don't spend all day in facebook you don't spend all day in lincoln or the kind of people you serve aren't really in those environments all day long what are you doing there? I've seen people think they're supposed to do tons and tons of that kind of work and yet their target market is not there so what they do is they end up creating this twitter platform with basically random people who are not even remotely related to what they do and then it becomes something fun to use for chatting with people but is not an effective tool and when we talk about webb market we'll talk a little bit more about that I mentioned I think on the first day how a lot of my friends who are sort of social media gurus are realizing now that there's ah a lot actually we talked about yesterday there's a big power is in the email marketing for the kind of business is we have and there's lots of people that would love to debate this with me and that's fine but what I know about people that I served because you guys keep shaking your head yes but a lot of you here don't want to spend all day long on those social platforms is that correct? You don't have to do anything that anybody tells you don't tell my son when you become eighteen then you could do whatever you want and almost all of you are eighteen all right you guys with me do you get this is it clear as a cz a beautiful blue sky so yes if it is good so let's talk about networking networking who get scared of networking raise your hand one two three four, seven good you know, this is actually, um anomaly usually it's more of the group you know network and could be intimidated who's doing really good consistent networking everyday this's one of those aa one of those things right? Okay, so just maybe a couple hands went like this antonio's hand went right out you can tell antonio likes toe you know, ham it up so that's good that's what we want but here's the thing you don't ever have to go to one of those meat agreed eat the shrimp shake the hand type of networking events if you don't want to I hate those things I don't go to them that's just that's my rule plus that means you have to shave and find clean clothes head it takes a lot of time it's not absolutely necessary is it good? Is it great? You know our they're wonderful networking organizations out there absolutely but remember you choose you decide what works best for you the pressure goes off when you stop feeling so obligated to do things that you don't want to do. So I say you don't have to do that if you'd like to do it go for it it's great what I'm going to teach you now applies there as well so the book yourself solid networking strategy is based on the principle that you share your intangibles now what are they three things your network your knowledge and your compassion and you do it on a daily basis every single day these are three things that you could do every single day and I'll add a fourth when we do direct outreach three things you do every single day should not take you more than ten minutes first thing you do each morning introduced to people inside your network who do not yet know each other but might find each other relevant now what is this d'oh does a couple things number one it shows these people that you're thinking about that number two it shows these people that you know what's relevant to them and number three it shows that you are a generous person who cares about their future this could be a business introduction it could be a personal introduction is not a referral per se that's different we'll talk about that when we're doing referrals I might say stan meet susan susan meet stan I think you guys might find each other relevant because you're both in this particular field and I know you live a relatively close proximity I'm wondering if you ever met I think susan is really cool because of this then I think stan was his name stand stand is really cool because of this here's contact information piece out see you later I'll leave it up to you guys from here that's it that's it how many minutes does that take, huh? Two yeah two minutes baby how many you guys think you could do that? Okay is that everybody? Let me see everybody's hand okay now here's some of the fears that come up okay some of the fears that come up are well I don't know enough people okay, fine. I get that school the other fear that comes up is well what if they don't like each other? Okay, I get that any other fears come up around this? What about the concern of confidentiality? Sure so we're feeling like oh, I don't have their permission to share them with someone else so how would you handle that? Great. So that's another one? So the three things we need to address to make sure that we feel comfortable with this is number one um what was number one I know number two is what if they don't like each other number one was oh, I don't have enough people in my network I don't have enough people aren't at work what if they don't like each other and confidentiality or permission? Great. So I don't have enough people in my network I get it. Um there's something called factorial math really study this? Yeah factorial map and the idea is that just a few connections if you're introducing them to all the other connections is actually many more connections than you might realize so we johnson did an illustration in the book book yourself solid illustrated where she showed that if you have ten connections, you know, ten people there was actually think forty five connections could be made among these ten people. Remember? Five. The exact math, right? But the point is, is that just this group here? Think about this. Just this group here. Let's. Say this is my network and there's eleven people here or something nice. Okay, I'm going to introduce darby to trina darby to matt darby to jenna darby. Teo jean darby to caroline darby, etcetera. Etcetera. Coming and then I go nominations trina to matt. Trina to jenna. Trina to g you thought you only to eleven people, but in fact, this is probably, you know, forty five, fifty connections or something. Now, of course, not every single person is going to be relevant to each other. So you want to do your best, but you also might introduce them because they have something personal in common. That's relevant. So you might say, ah, steve, meet, stand, stand made. Steve, you guys are both scratch golfers. You guys are obsessive golfers. You're insane with your golf, and I know you're always looking for a fourth. On dure looking for golf was at your level, because I know you never invite me because I suck. So I thought maybe you would wanna hook up if you're ever looking for a fourth here's. Ah, contact information. Piece out. See you later. That's it that's all it is now. Second question. What a stan and steve getting a fistfight at a in a golf, you know, tournament man hating each other. Is that really your fault? No is a very I think personally it's a little selfish to be afraid to introduce them because you're more concerned with what are they gonna be mad at me if I did the wrong introduction or something? You don't worry about that, you just try to find well, what do I think would be relevant? And you know what? You're going to focus on the people in your network who would like those kinds of introductions, if you know some of your network that's total loner, they don't want talk anybody that hate everybody that's probably not like a great person for you to be doing your business networking with but most people you're going to be doing your business type networking with like those kind of introductions there's some value there and if you find that you make an introduction and some of that person doesn't respond to the other one well maybe you don't make introductions to that person anymore but if you're really concerned about permission then you ask hey can I introduce yourself so I think it be a great introduction now here's the other thing you got to make sure that the status professionally is relatively equal because you know let's say s o somebody recently email me said hey I know you know tim farriss can you introduce me to tempt paris and this is a person who is like the first week in their business and I said no I can't introduce you to him because I don't think right now that's gonna be a relevant introduction maybe sometime in the future but right now you just want to meet him because he's a high status in the business and you're trying to get there you're not there yet now somebody else who I've known for years and years and years who have great relationship with who might be new in their own business but they have some success or something you know in something else and I know that tim would find that person relevant and that person would find tim relevant I'd make that introduction because I have a different relationship with that individual so we're trying to build these deeper relationships so um when we need something to say hey can you make this introduction for me you get it it was a very good time to ask someone for something uh is not the first time you meet them right? You're developing these relationships of trust over time so that's how we start we make these introductions simple how many people here say yes if you think you could do it how many people here think they could do these kind of introductions five times a week say yes if you could how many could think you could do it four times a week say yes if you're good okay three to one good so everybody could do at least once if not five times a week now I want you to remember this mathis is easy man this mouth aiken d'oh as two people two people a day for five days that's ten people okay you're adding value to ten people there's this relationship now ten people the next thing you do right after you make this introduction is your share some information with at least one person in your network that would be relevant to that it's not necessarily something that you've produced because it doesn't need to be about you in fact this probably shouldn't be about you you share an article you guys read everybody read okay so do you come across articles that might be relevant to potential referral partners marketing partners, colleagues of all different stripes of course ugo so you want to save all those articles and want to share them a cz you think of that person and you find that article relevant to them think you could do that at least once a day how about for two people a day yeah could you do it for two people today for five days? How many people is that? Ten we're introducing to people that's ten we're sharing too are an article with two people a day that's ten ten and ten is what twenty could you share some compassion with somebody each day maybe you call him maybe I mean look you share compassion all the time I'm sure but specifically identifying people in your network who you want to develop deeper relationships with and noticing following paying attention to what's going on in their life to try to add some extra compassion think you could do that with one person today how many people a day without b if you did it for five days not a trick question five five nights sir your your math is even worse than mine so now you've got ten ten and five is twenty five people a week you're keeping in touch with what's twenty five times four one hundred one hundred people you're keeping in touch with every month you think you might build a strong network if you kept in touch with one hundred people a month now I've been talking about this for a long time people gotta love that that's so easy I could totally do that it's so like so much integrity in it it feels great I have to go get any shrimp but they don't do it always we're sad about uh well I don't know I got busy really ten minutes how many ministers you waste today? Yeah. Okay, so there's there's the time thing shouldn't be uh an objection. Well, what else might be an objection? I really can't think of anything that would be an objection at this point but still it doesn't always get done. So I worked for two years to create a software program that helps to do this. The problem is I was funding it myself and it takes a lot longer to create these kind of products than I thought I do everything quickly it wasn't happening quickly which really frustrated me but my idea was okay put your network in there we'll give you suggestions you should introduce these people will give you suggest you should share this article with this person and here's where you should share your information with share our compassion and a company called contractually came to me and said, hey, we love your protocol we want to put your protocol into our system we want to do it contractually plus book yourself sal in addition of the software so now there is a software you put your network in there let's call this your network of ninety even though it's about one hundred people nineties an easier number remember because it rhymes with network ninety network of ninety so network of ninety you've got about ninety people that you focus on these air the ninety people I'd like to now you don't know ninety people yet thes air the ten people in my network in ten twenty, thirty, forty, fifty whatever it is as it grows but don't go over that network of ninety unless you're keeping in touch with every single one of them every month you don't need bigger numbers that's why the social media thing sometimes I think is it just a distraction? You don't need the bigger numbers you need more connected relationships with people who are influential in your field simple if you know the top five authors in your category you're booked solid forever dot that's just fight maybe he's you know ten oh my god then you know everybody in a you know fifty so it sze it's not it's not the you know when you get married you marry one person generally you know mary fifty people are a hundred people or three thousand people you need in order to make a relationship work a commitment time to develop that relationship same thing in networking so one could think so this software you could get a thirty day free trial go to contact actually dot com forward slash b y s anybody here use it you're using it matt isn't working for you I've been searching michael for something like this forever and every serum I used was just complicated and there's just too much with it I just wanted to stay in touch with the people I was with and when I saw that you had that up I started using it and it's it's amazing it's really very easy how many minutes a day does it take you matthew time ten yeah that's the point ten minutes a day each day you'll get an email here's what you should do take about ten minutes then you could go out on with your day go on with your business and you stay in touch with you know ninety to one hundred people I mean it's really quite extraordinary so it's contact chu aly dot com forward slash b y s you can get a free trial tried for thirty days um there's actually a free edition but it doesn't have the book yourself solid um components to it but it's think it's nineteen dollars a month or something I think it's pretty affordable we tried for months see if it works and here's the thing if you sign up for that you know trial for thirty days and you use it twice and you say it doesn't work I will laugh at you you you have to do it every day for thirty days and then you tell me if it works or not that's the key every day for thirty days or five days a week on the weekends don't do anything else you had a question general should we be focusing on our specific field or how many people should we'll be looking for outside of our field? Great question people outside of your field we'll send you referrals if they know your target audience so when you're looking to develop this network and we're goingto we're going to get into the direct outreach piece after our break in our next session in your network you want people that can open doors for you and send you referrals so if you want to do speaking you need meeting planners the organizers of events other speakers because that's really where most of the meeting planners find their speakers they say hey mike I need a speaker to talk about this do you know anybody because if they like you they know you're a good speaker you're going to recommend a good speaker so those kind of people you want on your network of ninety and you're going to identify when we do our direct outreach who those people should be and you're going to start figuring out how to connect with them answer your question great your question trina yeah I am not really great at mark will networking, I can network online, I have lots of people, you know, in the wedding industry on facebook, and we do something, we just take a slight adjustment in your language, okay? I'm not really great at something like this. Maybe we could look at it as I haven't typically been effective or haven't typically focused on it, or I haven't typically felt great at it is different than me saying I'm not really great at math because I'm really not great at math. I mean, that's, you know, we can document that you can give me a math problem, I can show you, but this is something that is about making connections with people. Do you have friends? Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're in, you're in a relationship, you're married, you're married, so you know how to connect with people? I guess I just sometimes I have a fear of doing it, and I can work with people online, but I haven't personally met a lot of these people. I was in los angeles for a few years came back to washington not too long ago, so I'm just starting to get to know people, and I feel like if I tried to introduce people to other people, whether it's wedding vendors to other wedding vendors or brize twenty vendors, I feel like I'm then endorsing them, and if something doesn't work out, it's not so they got in a fight and didn't get along as I feel like my businesses reputation. So should I be concerned about that, or how do idea, I think that's I think that's a fair concern, certainly, um, you know, ideally, what you're doing is you're developing a relationship of people that you respect, and if you are introducing people who don't really know a lot about you might wantto pull back and get to know them a little more first before you start making listen, productions or you might say, hey, look, I know I don't know your superstar, boyle, I haven't, you know, senior work yet, but I I've heard good things about it, and I thought you guys might like to meet etcetera, so you just clearly articulate your relationship to those people and then essentially, it's your managing expectations. That makes sense. Great. Excellent, yes, a couple questions online of people are really, really be inactive and charming. And on this question I have michael, this one briana team, so out of these people you're identifying in your network, do you have to consider them these people? You're your friend so what is the level off the relationship of these individuals? You're identifying your network if he entered him into that c r e m is it are they friends people have done business with I went to college with them I met him one time at an event like what's the level you know them well enough that they remember your name and you remember their name and you know what they do and that's enough to start but your job is to learn more about that your job is to develop a relationship with them as well so you're going to be sharing information with them you're going to share in compassion with them and you're going to get to know them and look, you know it's a really simple thing it's it's uh mentioned scott strong the other day scott's a friend but we live in different countries it was in toronto I living we don't see each other I think we've seen each other once um and we in every once in a while we sent an email here and there but I just call them the other day just to say hi we chatted for half hour and that was it so you know those that is how you keep these relationship developing and as a result of those small conversations I know more about his relationship more about his son more about the work he's doing and that's, your job, your job is to develop those relationships so let's say you want to make an introduction, he said, I don't really know this person that well, well, let's, just call that person get to know him a little bit better and then if you're talking, you can say, hey, I have an idea when I introduced you to so and so what you think great again, there's always there's um, I'm creating a structure for you, right? I'm creating a structure for you inside that structure you have room to play, you use your social intelligence to use your emotional intelligence to assess each situation individually, specifically, and then you act accordingly. But what I've done is I've tried to create a structure, something that you can follow, like mad every day is saying I'm going introduced to people, I'm going to share this information and of course, what the book yourself salad edition of contractually does is allows you to save as many articles is you want, so if you find something that's relevant to people in your network, you khun, you know, send it multiple times to different people. You don't send it as a bulk email, you're sending it individually, right, so let's, talk about that one, how you do that. So if I'm reading the wall street journal, the new york times or something and I see an article that I think is relevant to jean I see this article about running barefoot running or something that's happening you know um I say hey jing, I just saw this article I immediately thought of you have you seen it if not here's the link? What do you think? And now gene and I are in a conversation about something that's relevant to her and we might trade a few emails on it, but the great thing is now you know what to talk about what you're talking about something they're interested in I mean it's a kind of simply genius concept but I learned it from my dad but my dad goes over the top he sends me all day long you sending me articles and he's my dad so I can just lead to leave tau what did you see that one? Oh, I sure did that, you know? But I did I learned this from my dad he would send things that and I knew he was thinking about me I knew that he wanted to help me I knew that he cared about what I cared about even if he wouldn't have cared about it otherwise but he knew I cared about it so etcetera and I said, well, why can't you do this with other people too you don't do with the same person every day let's be clear about that you don't do it the same person every week so you're keeping touch with one person in your network each person in your network you're keeping in touch with once a month and each month you'll keep in touch with them using a different one of these things one month you'll make the introduction one month you'll send an article another month you'll share some compassion maybe the following month that's four months later you will make another introduction so none of it's overwhelming and it doesn't get repetitive because there's a longer time frame and if you just saw that person at an event and you chatted well now you know maybe there's another thing you could do for them maybe you decided to send them a book he saw a book that was really interesting like book yourself solid illustrated you should read this book changed my life I think I know you said you needed more clients I think there's a hug so you are also demonstrating that you're a learned person when you're sharing articles that you pay attention to what's going on in the world that you know what's relevant to them that you're thinking of them once again you're showing up as a leader in your network and when you need something at some point you have more capital social capital to make that work quest to back up that request to support that request and then third thing you do each day's just share some compassion now this is not something I need to explain but you can call somebody you could write to somebody should send a card number that thing card can write it by hand and you just say, hey, you know, I know you're going through this tough time, you know, just want to make sure you know, I'm thinking about you if you ever need anything, let me know but you could also say, hey, I saw you just won this award how cool are you on so jealous oh my god wow right you could say I just you have to come out that so cool I'm really excited for you whatever it is compassion doesn't mean you're just dealing with something that was difficult for them and of course if something is personal that you weren't told about by them or you shouldn't be privy to then you don't say anything about it hey, I heard you just got divorced, you know that you know right that unless of course you have a close relationship with him that's different um you know, uh a friend of mine's father passed recently and a mutual friend of ours told me so of course I write a letter immediately because we're friends we're not the best friends in the world we don't talk all the time, but that's we have enough of a relationship for me to address that kind of thing so again it's social intelligence, social intelligence, emotional intelligence um we have later on we'll put another image up there one of the sheet she drew its social intelligence and emotional intelligence yes quick question it's not a question I just was thinking about this while you were speaking and I was like anyway, you're fantastic because what I realizes people here networking were like we think of the shrimp and we think of getting dressed up and being a little bit false and as you're saying, you know, you need to reach out to people and you could even send a card and part of me thought there's some people in this room that I was going to send a car to afterwards I thought, oh no, I don't want to think I'm networking I wanted to think that I thought this what you're what you're teaching us isn't network it's a strategic friendship is teaching us fred and I thought that's it because of that we're going having mr to is just being more intentional about development I should say intentional and I thought that's awesome because like I said, networking can still a little bit slimy but it was not quid pro quo you know, I'm not introducing you two guys could I expect you're going to then make an introduction? Maybe that's not something you do where you never thought of because you never read book yourself solid so you that's not what you do, so what? But if I find that you're you know never responding to me and you don't look like you care at all, then I'll just take you off that list what you're talking about being associated with greatness when that person thinks about you that think a while uh merrily sent me this article they introduced me to this great person you associate with greatness, which is cool on the question of jennifer kim akhund I think a lot of people get hung up on this doesn't have to be one hundred new people every month no, I don't like people saying people but also could be the quantity over quality over quantity, it's quality over quantity so it's the same people this is your network I keep in touch with less than ninety people on a regular basis that our colleagues less than ninety that our colleagues or somebody that might open the door first speaking opportunity or for a writing opportunity I don't put potential clients in this group my keep in touch strategy that I taught you yesterday as it relates to the sales cycle that's where they go that's a different process and that's what? I suggest you use the book yourself solid edition of contractually for for your network not for the client acquisition although you can but this is what it's so good at is keeping in touch with your network the people who can open doors for you that's its specialty and most people don't do that with a c r a m a c r m is usually just try to move leads through a sale cycle process so this isn't a typical cr m in that way, but again, it's contractually dot com forward slash b y s and you get a thirty day free trial. Yes, I would I would love to keep going if we have time for some more questions here because people are very engaged in asking a lot of questions. And what it's a some of them are about that methodology of the communication methods and is there sort of ah hierarchy so photographic ce in miami and tt thirteen what is the best or suggested means to communicate with people in your network to introduce them to others? Is it email? Is it facebook? Is it linked in? Is it it is in what is what is your preferred? Well? Or is there here's the way that I see it? I look at this is ah hi hierarchy that looks like this at the very bottom of the hierarchy of connectedness to me personally this is just my personal is twitter then it's like it's facebook then it's linked in then email then phone then in person that's that's that if I meet someone on twitter I want to try to get that relationship off twitter and into my inbox so we're emailing then once we're emailing let's get on the phone once you're on the phone if you continue develop that relation like that person let's get together one link in the chain of destiny at a time so for example often my assistant will get an email saying, hey, I'm goingto from somebody I'm going to be in michael's area I'd love to have some coffee with him and it's not somebody I know and coffee as I indicated before just like a networking event requires shower shave, clean clothes, driving somewhere all things I don't want to so that's a big huge commitment to mei if jim collins send an email and said, hey, I'm gonna be and you know your area loved of coffee I'll be there in a heartbeat because jim is very relevant to me but if it's somebody that I don't know or I don't and I lookit I don't see as relevant and there's nothing wrong with making these kinds of judgments is this a business judgment it's you have to have an opportunity intake filter just like you have a red velvet rope policy now, there's, nothing wrong with going out meeting everybody that ever existed, but you have to make a choice. I do that I do this, I do that, or I do this there's an opportunity cost associated with everything, and as you get more and more successful, your professional status will rise. And so the people that you'll be meeting or want to meet will change. And I don't think is a fair to make those kind of discernment. I think so. Would you agree? Yeah. So question you want to go home or I just how about snail mail in that? Oh, I forgot snail mail love snail mail so funny that it's called snail I love snail mail, I think it's just wonderful. If you wrote a card every day two peoples to people in your network, it would be the most wonderful meaningful thing. When people write me cards, I save them and I saved often emails, I'm I save all my emails to I archive them, but I have like nineteen thousand archived email, I don't have nineteen thousand cards, I guess thankfully, because that would be a lot, but no, I save them, I put them on my desk, they said they're so nice it's really meaningful yes I'm just curious mission earlier someone if they came to you and ask for a connection tim affairs I think a lot of people think they need to get access to that big name person a big name guru I need to get my report can talk about like within people's networks right now what they note or not are people that could be supportive and extremely helpful in their career they just got identify them correct absolutely so when we talk about director outreach will talk more about this after the break in our next session yes you want to meet very influential people in your industry certainly because that's they can accelerate your growth but they're not the end all bill your referral partners for the most part will be people closer to your development level in your business as were most of them will come from so what your network made up a lot of people there growing with you that air at the same place or a couple pages ahead or even just a couple of pages behind so I have lots of people in my network who might not have achieved you know as much in my field as I have and I have people in my network that have achieved a heck of a lot more than I have but you're keeping in touch with these people for different reasons and I think for me the primary reasons because I like him I mean that's where it all starts I like him and there's probably something that we may do together at some point or I might want to ask a favor at some point so this is ahh this is very important all I'm asking from you guys and from you guys at home is to try this every working day for thirty days and see what happens and I can pretty much promise that you will find extraordinary results and what I'd like you to do when you get those results is I want you to send an email that creative live at michael port dot com we made a special e mail so I can get your feedback from this creative live at michael port dot com and tell me what you experienced of course you can do this for for anything in the course that you experienced um no doubt because I'd love to see it you guys have any questions before I move on? Yes let's have a tip for that maybe even put on your calendar today that in thirty days teo email you so you get that reminder excellent of it because it is I just I was thinking about how I recently bought cards so that I could hand write notes for every day for thirty days just like you said didn't even write one didn't even write one and it's it's so you can get these grand ideas but it's about making this a plan and giving yourself that ten minutes a day or whatever and that's why what I'm trying to do with the self promotion strategies for you is to give you a cz little two doas possible so that you actually do it and uh and as a result you're much more effective doing less than you would have if you felt you were supposed to do more it makes sense doesn't um I I thought of this this morning because I got up to eat my breakfast this morning I you know in the in the in my little hotel fridge I keeps him greek yogurt and I wanted to put it in the bowl that I've been using each day and cleaning and then you know I used it last night and I ate yogurt last night too it's pretty much all I've eaten since I've been here and sushi but yogurt and then when I went to get the ball in the morning I hadn't cleaned it from the night before and it gets all hard and then cleaning it is like this and I'm like what an idiot I should just clean it immediately the first time we're taking me a heck of a lot last time to clean it then then cleaning it now and I'm annoyed because it's the morning I don't want to be messing with this it's the same thing with your business because what happens is you know you don't do it for thirty days and you think oh my god I was supposed to do this then you try to do all thirty days worth in a day and it's incredibly frustrating you get down on yourself and then you say well the heck with it it's sort of like when we're working on her eating so I went really really well you're eating really well for a few days and then all of a sudden you have a piece of cake or something you matter yourself you're like well the whole day is ruined I'll just have to take all day so so be careful of that with your cake and with your networking okay good um what I want everybody to do right now everybody here and everybody at home because I want you to think of six people in your network six people in your network that you could introduce the others and I want to know who they are what top your mind. You know we do that constraint remember susan we said just do it fast okay uh where two people you think you could introduce to each other matt inside your network I was talking to darby earlier I'd like to introduce her to my grandmother who has done a lot of work in diversity and inclusion which is red darling let's get into great beautiful there's one right there. How about you general I was thinking I know a woman who's, part of a nutrition organization and I have a friend who's starting up a nutrition company, so I'm going to introduce them to get great. Wonderful. How about uses and stand up these pop quizzes? Okay, so let's see, I just met a self publishing company and so I could definitely introduce some of the speakers to that foursome extra projects. Great. Excellent. There you go. How are you? Come on, you got it. I'm thinking is like, who it can introduce to who? It can be also personal, remember? Oh, yeah, I can do it. Yeah. Okay. I can call my friend j d and and introduce him to hey, just because I'm going great. Good. How about you taking mike let's? Go. Let me see some energy in this group on personal. Great. Um um my ex husband's mother has alzheimer's uh and I love her. Yeah. There you go. Yeah, wonderful, beautiful thinking that this is more related. Tio previous venture of mine had started a nonprofit about ten years ago. And I recently met a woman who is also starting a similar nonprofit. So I want to connect her with some of the people in my community. Wonderful. Look at what leaders you guys are when you're doing this good I'm in aa networking group of local photographers and I've been following to makeup artists on facebook for a long time and I just personally met heard this week and she's amazing and I would love to connect her with the other photographer friends I have wonderful great darby have ah graphic artists and my network and I have ah gentleman who's a director and diversity and I was talking to him last night and he was looking for something in graphics I'm going to connect the two of them together so wonderful great I have a have a friend who's, a retired g condo do instructor who lives in philly on his boat so I think perhaps he probably meets mitch if he lives on a boat does I have to talk to him on his boat? I love you already it's one of the women actually actor in my alliance mentoring program introduced me to a friend of hers who is a former owner and adding see left and started writing books and he's he's he's doing what I'm doing she introduced us because he also has a boat and she knew well know they both have a boat and they both write books it's the first time I talked him I loved him I just said I have a bromance with you right now you are like the greatest dude in the world and so that's that that little thing is such a nice thing to do I love it good stand up when my friends who just started a business and a fantastic accountant ben, I'm sorry wonderful, excellent. Um merrily and I were actually talking at dinner the other night about sorry about starting like a networking group where we can keep each other accountable and I have a friend who's been like in a lot of different businesses and she's really great at just like communicating ideas and keeping people accountable so wonderful that's great just like that off the top of your head you found one all you have to do each day is do that that's it with those other two things same way all the top your head don't make it a big to do please thiss one or this one I don't know I have to think about this it's not that it's just boom boom boom, boom boom done but with whom you've done nobody I've been doing this for I don't know maybe a decade nobody has ever come to me but I'm really pissed off you introduce me to those people, I'm pissed off you shared that information with me I'm pissed off you were nice to me nobody's ever said that, so don't worry about it don't worry so much I'm spending a a little more time on just these three things that I might on some other things because honestly, if you did nothing else you did no other marketing whatsoever this alone can get you booked solid because your success is in large part based on whether other people are going to give you the opportunities now you have to create the relationship and of course either asked for the opportunity or add so much value that they just keep bringing those opportunities to you so it's on you first but ultimately it's whether these people opened the doors that's why this strategy alone can get you booked solid we've got jocelyn back there who's been creating this check please let's talk scooch over a little bit so they can see let's talk about what's happened and you see that so tell me what's what we're what we see here walk us through it yes oh this mural is basically about the three required mandatory strategies and so I'm just kind of listening in this first piece it's all about the networking strategy um and so a key piece of that was to share your intangibles, which is something that we don't I often think about we think it's more about sampling the shrimp at the events were all nervous and just eating more and more because we're nervous about introducing ourselves to others s o what michael is laid out here is that there are three kind of key things within that it is to introduce people in a relevant way. So I'm making sure that those introductions air relevant to both parties, um, it's all about sharing information again, relevance is important, and then sharing your compassion because it's something that we all I need more of, want more of, and it creates that human connection. Um, so there's, all kinds of little ancillary things in there that I tried to capture as well. I really wanted to draw like a shower, because over here, we're talking about whether or not to have coffee and cash. I'll get a shower, you know, so I thought that was pretty funny, but really, it's just kind of listen. I'm just listening for a lot of the little nuances of the discussion and trying to capture it. Bring something new and fresh to what I hear and and sort of organize it for you also.

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a Creativelive Student

What marvelous three days those were! Michael Port is unbelievably generous and nice. A real blessing to the folks in the studio audience and us at home. I watched all three days, but felt compelled to own the videos as well, because it's by practicing and revisiting this content that we can all get booked solid. I want also say that Antonio and Kenna were great hosts. Book Yourself Solid has been my mantra for the last month and I hope it continues to be for years and years to come. Read the book (it's important) and watch the videos (they complete your view of the whole system). Thanks Michael Port. Thanks Creative Live. Good luck to us all!


I would recommend this for most. I loved listening to Michael but as a photographer I felt a lot of his applications and exercises did not apply. I heard reference to "Wedding Photography" more times than I would have liked. Since Creative Live is such a big photography learning site; I would have liked to hear more reference to where this would work say for a Day In The life, Pet or fine art photographer. I suppose just more photography relation's would have been nice. All in all I had fun doing the exercises and there was a lot of phenomenal info in these videos. I'll be watching them again soon.


This is an amazing course, this is what a lot of marketers are teaching but with even more clarity and with his personal systems added that help with your work in the world. This information is so easy and clear, he takes you step by step, and the workbook is essential and extensive and easy and fun to follow, I've been listening over and over again, because there is just so much info that you have to hear it numerous times, at least I did, if you follow all the steps this course is better than courses that cost thousands of dollars. And he's a great presenter!