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Book Yourself Solid & Get More Clients

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The BYS Direct Outreach Strategy

Michael Port

Book Yourself Solid & Get More Clients

Michael Port

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14. The BYS Direct Outreach Strategy


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The BYS Direct Outreach Strategy

So direct outreach as a reminder reaching out to people that we do not yet know but would like to know referral strategies is getting people to send us business, so I'm going to show you some very simple strategies for meeting people that you do not yet know but would like to know and a few very simple strategies to effectively get maur referrals sound good say yes, if it does, we're going to assume exercises as well. So you all got your exercises there. We've got our ipads up here and we have jocelyn on the board. Yeah, jocelyn, direct outreach this freaks people out who gets freaked out by trying to reach out to somebody they did you know, I don't know what would like to know raise your hand if you do yeah, that's a lot of people sometimes freaks me out too, but being in the position that I'm in, I've been very, very fortunate to have a lot of direct outreach team to me and I have this wonderful label in my gmail called d are gone wrong, and I saved them all because a in book yoursel...

f selling illustrated, I've actually put for those who have read book yourself solid, illustrated in the book on direct outreach, I have actually printed out the different emails that I've received with the names redacted, of course, tio to protect this sort of innocent but it's really remarkable the way that people do direct outreach and not only does it not help meet that person, it can actually hurt the potential relationship development, you know, for example, I think I put one in the book someone sent to me on facebook and somewhere on my facebook profile it says don't email me on facebook cause I don't check it that much on don't feel obligated to have to check nonetheless, she emailed me on facebook and she said, oh, I see you've written books, what are they about? I'd like to know let's talk really? And and I thought that was interesting because on the same facebook page were pictures of all my books and links to where you can learn about them in amazon so what's that what was wrong with that strategy? Anything? What was wrong with that strategy? General ahead information that she could have easily gotten if she googled your name? Yes, that's exactly right, this is one of the key components to any kind of reaching out. If you're going to ask something of someone, make sure it's not something that you could have found out on your own for example hey michael, I'd love to connect with you and find out how to get more clients right or hey, michael, I'd love to connect with you what's the red velvet rope policy do you know things that you could just go and read and you know, so those kind of strategy is not great um I've got some really remarkable ones that are very long um often people say have got this product I'd love you to promoted for me and I'll give you a commission on first of all, if you paid attention anything I do you'll hear me say I very rarely do affiliate type promotion very rarely for some software products I am a partner and so I receive commissions on those products, but when I introduce you to somebody threw my newsletter there's ninety nine percent of the time there's no financial arrangement whatsoever so it then it demonstrates to me what that you don't know what if you're asking for that stand on the position? Exactly. So what am I? I'm just some cold, you know, outreach that they're doing because they think, well, maybe michael's got access, so we'll reach out to him and just try. And then of course the other problem is that also demonstrates that there's a form aspect to it so I one letter in that I reprinted and book yourself salad is the most extraordinary of them all I honestly in the email it was like this long and it contains something like nineteen different website links to go to uh this whole thing and it was a guy who is working for somebody else as like the affiliate manager trying to get them trying to get me to promote this guy's thing so what's the first problem there who should have been reaching out to me jenna who should be reaching out to me the guy directly if he wants you to help him out the guy direct the time tio reach you directly unless it's oprah right then it's ok if oprah has somebody else do it, so again you're always looking at well, what is the status relationship between the u and the person you're reaching out to now it's important that I say there's nothing different between you and that person as a human being you're not a lower status person but it's important from a social intelligence perspective to understand why you might or might not be relevant to somebody from a business perspective but don't ever think that you are somehow less than that person because they make more money than you or they have some more access than you have they just been doing something longer? There is no difference between you and I in any way, shape or form is human beings at the same age as human beings might have different hobbies, different interests it might be a different places in our business development of human human we're on the same level and that's incredibly important for you to remember any time you're doing direct outreach to anybody, it'll hopefully take away a little bit of that fear. Ok, now, the other thing is this when you write a long, direct outreach email to somebody or just call them and want to talk to them, what are you asking for from them time you're asking for a lot of time to read a long email, you're asking for a lot of time for someone to get on the phone, and when you're trying to develop a relationship with somebody, especially somebody who is busy, you want them to know that you are not going to take up their time in any way. That's not absolutely absolutely relevant or useful to them. This is a critical component. They want you to know that you want them to think that you are the easiest person in the world that you make their life easier, not harder. So I'll give you a perfect example of someone who does this very well. I mentioned before tim ferris, I think he's done an event with creative life before his very first book came out, and this is like two thousand eight, I think, um, I get a call from a guy named tim. He says, hey, I'm tim farriss sewn, so gave me your number, and so once it was a person that I knew soso gave me your number because I I asked for it because I wanted to ask you this specific question I've been searching for the answer, I haven't been able to find it in the way that I, you know, I'm satisfied with, and I think you will give me a perspective that is unique that only you can give me now, of course, it's a question that doesn't have one answer to it. You can't find the answer there's no one answer there's, lots of different opinions that's a great question to ask, and then he said, and I will not take up any more than five minutes of your time that's it can I have those five minutes? I said, sure, he comes from somebody I know, even though I wasn't super close with that person come from somebody I know and the only one in five minutes, and he wanted to get my perspective on something that you couldn't get somewhere else. Three things wasn't sure, forty five minutes later, I'm saying, dude, I'm going to bring you and do a tele seminar with all my subscribers. Because you're cool that was it right that's basically it and then from there you know you do and he had no book out he had no platform there was nothing that he had at that time that would be relevant to me except I like what he was talking about and I thought I'd be relevant to the people I serve but the approach was one link in the chain of destiny to time and then I was the one who decided let's keep talking I was the one who said let me bring you to me and he wasn't like tricking me wasn't some manipulation but anybody that he would reach out to I'm sure at that time were even now you'd do the same thing I got a question I got five minutes I want five minutes bubble block have so nice so easy right you wonder why he's so effective and so successful what he does so you want to really respect time because remember relevance is the key to make their life easier okay, now there was another time somebody reached out to me with basically a form type letter they said we'd like you to do um a summit like a tele summit that we're doing you know to tell us something is lots of people uh each one is an hour there's interview whatever what do you do this tell us summit is going to give you all this exposure this is somebody who had never done a tele summit before had no following of their own and wanted to bring in people who had followings to do it tell us how is that giving me exposure? It's not so the first thing is there's something false in the statement it's hyperbole second of all, you don't really know why I would or would not do this there's the relevancy question maybe that's not why I would do that you might think you might assume but it's very dangerous to make those kinds of assumptions okay? And then it was very formal and very long and sort of kind of impersonal, but there was a link to a web page that she said please look at the web page here are the people that I've invited to participate I go to that web page, I'm already on it and so our other colleagues of mine it says something like, um considering it or you know, it doesn't say we're doing it yet, but we're on it so they're using us to try to position or promote to other people, okay, so I said to her, you said he looked you know, you seem lovely I think it's great that you're going out there trying to be aggressive and make this thing happen, but please take me off that list because there is an implied relationship between us that you're trying to capitalize on and we don't have a relationship said very nicely um and I didn't hear from her again. That was the next day, same exact letter from another person, same exact thing with the website I wrote back and I said, this is very interesting because yesterday I bob blah, blah turns out both of them took a course in how to develop these kind of tele summits to build their list. The difference in the second woman was when I roll back to and I say, well, here the issues that I see with this approach shiro bang goes, you're right, I'm so sorry I wasn't a hundred percent comfortable with this, this is what I was taught, so I thought maybe it would work, but I did have a feeling that maybe this wasn't a great idea, but I didn't know another way I'm sorry, I apologize, I wrote back email dan and he can schedule when I'm going to come to your tele summit he's nothing uh, benevolent on my part, but the point was, is that the kind of person that I would say yes to? Because I figured this is somebody who's really, you know, trying to do the right things trying to make something happen and and I was always taught in time you take a step up you reach out your hand it doesn't mean you can say yes to everything right there's always an opportunity cost but most of most people who you would want to participate in something like that are going to do it because they find something about you positive or interesting or relevant they might say I can't do this right now but when you do another one let me know and maybe I could do in that so you got to be careful to make assumptions about what somebody finds relevant so you know, I got a long list of these things and I'm sure I made mistakes you know, uh you know, in my past in some way shape or form um so with that said the direct outreach becomes much easier because you don't have to try to figure out what's relevant to them you don't try to go for big asks all you do when you're reaching out to somebody and say, hey, I wanted to reach out to you because I think you're really cool because of this peace out see you later don't have to stay cool if that's not your word right? I appreciate what you're doing here a friend of mine said you were, you know, a really neat person and I checked you out and I think I agree that's it so all you do and you'll generally get an email back that says thanks that's really cool and I checked you out too but you seem pretty cool yourself because of course in your e mails your signature block with your email address I mean with your website address and the website address with maybe a phone number etcetera maybe you know like I've got a couple images of my books but that's not flashing thing sign up for my this sign up for my that six this that's not for the signature block fifteen different colors eighteen different emails do you know what I'm talking about right that's why you're giggling no no no simplicity when your simple you seem like you have more significance there's more gravitas in simplicity then there is in over well you don't need all of that so that's simple now of course what you do once you first reach out if they then say you're cool too or thanks a lot or whatever they say you start some little interaction you leave it there you don't then come back right away or a couple days later so hey, I was wondering could you do this for me know what they do is they go out of your list of twenty and I'll get to that in a minute and they go into your network of ninety and then you start working on the kind of networking to develop deeper relationships with the people that you already know that we discussed in our last segment kind of simple concept isn't it think you could do that say yes if you could yeah so what I would like you to do is identified twenty people that you think you would like to meet that might have a positive influence on your business and we're goingto start that list today and I want everybody at home to do the same thing you might just come up with three or five but remember we talked about the particular activating system now that you are looking for this you're noticing it you start to see I think I'd like to meet that person I tell you, man, I've seen people do the greatest direct outreach just by simply every once in a while sending a nice note that's all it wass and those of the people that you end up connecting with its not a pitch I know when they teach this they keep saying you got to figure out what's in it for them gotta figure out what's in it for them have you been to those types of lectures or read those things in books? Of course we want to figure out what's relevant for other people but that's not how you necessarily need to approach somebody for the first time too many assumptions okay, so I'm gonna do an exercise I want to start with twelve a believe and I'm going to start with caroline and jean coming up have a seat give a round of applause for a little excitement for what they're about to do now your list of twenty also goes into your uh book yourself solid edition of contractually in contractually you set up buckets and each bucket is designed for a specific group of people so you have a list of twenty bucket you have a network of ninety bucket okay then you say I want to and here's the key there's a reason there's twenty I want to keep in touch with each person on this list once a month that's how you program your bucket and then the bucket will remind you went to do that it will tell you when to do it and what to do now why twenty? How many days in a week are there? Five how many weeks in the month are there for so that's twenty days if you have a list of twenty you are reaching out to one new person every day. So then you say well what if you make a connection with them? You take them off the list you put them into your network of ninety but when you take them off the list what do you do at a new person to that list of twenty so it always stays a twenty why twenty for two reasons one it's a small enough number that it's manageable you can pay attention to twenty people but it's a big enough number that those twenty people could actually book you sod now will you make a deep connection with every one of them? No. Well, some of them not even respond. Yeah, so what if they don't respond the first time? Put him at the bottom of the list and they'll come up again? If you're using the contractually dot com for its last beware, then they'll come up for you automatically at the right time that if you're not, then put him on the bottom of your list. So what do you do when you reach out to them? Hi, I thought I saw this. You do this on facebook, it was really cool and you could do this on facebook you do it on uh, twitter, you can do it on linked and you could do it via email. You could do it in almost any way you want generally I don't do this over the phone because remember you're going up this hierarchy, but let's come up with some names. Who would you like to put on your list of twenty it's really interesting because I love love, love, love, love, networking, I promote a lot of people myself and I connect really easily with and so whenever I really love somebody, I'm automatically thinking about how to connect and all of that I'm terrible and doing it myself so this part really you haven't historically done an effective job yourself okay right doing language is very, very powerful yeah remember we talked about not using generalizations yeah oh are not using emphatic statements right? I can't do this right everybody is this way nobody does that so you might just say you know historically have been great for this but I'm going to get better at it and here's how I'm gonna do it so so I'm actually going completely blank like oh my god let's go rogue let's go instead of blank that's just ron person who is another relationship coach that you might like to meet uh well actually I'm thinking of somebody who would actually help me build business night uh marie for leo okay marie so marie goes on the list okay? All right, well, you know not to put it now, okay, but we get right. So that's one okay. Now remember this list is not necessarily like oprah on dr oz although you might have a superstar celebrity list but marie, you could get to know problem you're going to meet a fifty people who know marie I mean that's an easy thing right? So you might not develop a relationship with her but you might which is easy to get well, I sent her a video for macro morning when I saw that she like well there you go thank you and then you know then you keep in touch with their overtime because he started the relationship so it was a number number two who is the next one? Um as far as a relationship it doesn't have to be that I just give you an example you think he might use writing or speaking as a strategy I'm ariel ford ariel ford there you go because I don't know all these people by the way I'm just saying I think there's people all around you who know these people that's not too far from you ok good. So there's another one who's a third uh katherine woodward comments they're coming to you fast all of a sudden just like they were in there it just like opened up a little hatch you yeah, you know they come out who's another one mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm uh oh that's interesting. Um craig hamilton hamilton I don't know craig but sounds great he was in there too. All you had to do was open the hatch and yeah, I'm really interested I love working with men and I would love any suggestions I'm again going to like what you're talking about is exactly what you do if you run into a blank you ask your friends hey, who do you think might be relevant to what I wanted ray's awesome yeah you know actually yeah it's yeah whatever he's coming up with now it's really quite interesting so this is not so hard right no and you just sat down here for literally sixty seconds I know amazing alright good what about you don't you put on this list you know I'm kind of like caroline I can't really come up with the names ofthe hand there's their specific genres of people that I want to meet well let's let's hear those on within you know the physical therapy community several contacts already but hoping to use them to kind of branch out more within the sports orthopedic community running stores thie running club so trying to identify with then those agencies who might be those people I want to meet I can't say their names off hand yet but what she's got is the exact right way to approach it and what she's also it's interesting here's member we did work six keys to creating connection all right where do your potential clients hang out who are they associated with well they're associated with all those groups aren't they and now all she has to do is identify well who is influential in those groups then she reaches out to them she develops relationships with them it's a simple process that does take some time but it's not something that you need a degree in marketing for you don't need an m b a for this you don't need to analyse p and l's you don't need to do ten year forecast and you with me on this say yes if you are good excellent. Great. So what about you? Do you have anybody in mind matt or susan or jenna jenna at bernie brown burn a brow fantastic there's a new dentist conference every year and just to have her heads that up, I just I need to do the research then to be reaching out to them. Yeah, right. Yeah. Good. Uh, penelope trunk. Penelope great sandra yancey this's wonderful. So here's the thing guys what's the easiest way to get t meet somebody that you do not yet know but would like to know what's the easiest way and generally the most effective connected way to do that. Janet, I saw you reach for the mike. I would well, it would depend on who it was. I would maybe send them an email or I would send them a card because normally when you're getting subscriptions to people's emails, the address will be at the bottom so I could send a card to that address. Well, that's an excellent strategy. What about even mohr effect active? What about talking to the people you already connected with? Yes, asking if they know people in the areas you want to get? Yes if you get an introduction like I said tim had a name he sort of cold called me using that name and that that that was enough for me but even more effective is hey susan, I would love to me jenna I know you know jenna here's why I want to meet jenna and here's what I'm going to do when you introduce me those two factors must be expressed now sure susan here's why I want to meet jenna and here's what I'm gonna do when I meet you now if susan and I go back to childhood I probably don't need to tell her because she knows I'm not gonna do something weird but if suze and I only know each other from a networking uh framework she it's just helps right? Someone says michael, I want to meet uh maria I want to meet tim I want to meet so and so my assumption is you want to pitch them something, you know? And then I'm I'm facilitating this interaction which that person might not appreciate but if it's I want to send them this thing because they mentioned something about it uh and I'm going to do it in this way and then I'm going to be done and out I go cool, I get it all right fine I'm happy to do it so you comfort you allay the fears of that person who, you're asking something from cool. Say yes. If it is, yeah, I don't really give you a choice to say no. So you so you have to say yes.

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a Creativelive Student

What marvelous three days those were! Michael Port is unbelievably generous and nice. A real blessing to the folks in the studio audience and us at home. I watched all three days, but felt compelled to own the videos as well, because it's by practicing and revisiting this content that we can all get booked solid. I want also say that Antonio and Kenna were great hosts. Book Yourself Solid has been my mantra for the last month and I hope it continues to be for years and years to come. Read the book (it's important) and watch the videos (they complete your view of the whole system). Thanks Michael Port. Thanks Creative Live. Good luck to us all!


I would recommend this for most. I loved listening to Michael but as a photographer I felt a lot of his applications and exercises did not apply. I heard reference to "Wedding Photography" more times than I would have liked. Since Creative Live is such a big photography learning site; I would have liked to hear more reference to where this would work say for a Day In The life, Pet or fine art photographer. I suppose just more photography relation's would have been nice. All in all I had fun doing the exercises and there was a lot of phenomenal info in these videos. I'll be watching them again soon.


This is an amazing course, this is what a lot of marketers are teaching but with even more clarity and with his personal systems added that help with your work in the world. This information is so easy and clear, he takes you step by step, and the workbook is essential and extensive and easy and fun to follow, I've been listening over and over again, because there is just so much info that you have to hear it numerous times, at least I did, if you follow all the steps this course is better than courses that cost thousands of dollars. And he's a great presenter!