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Chef Carrie Brown's Transformation

Lesson 1 from: Eat More, Exercise Less & Lose Weight

Jonathan Bailor

Chef Carrie Brown's Transformation

Lesson 1 from: Eat More, Exercise Less & Lose Weight

Jonathan Bailor

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1. Chef Carrie Brown's Transformation

Lesson Info

Chef Carrie Brown's Transformation

Hey everybody, jonathan baylor back with a special bonus rebroadcast of my creative life course etm or exercise less and lose weight and I'm so honored to be back we recorded eight months ago time really flies and since then, thanks in part to your support it has been just a wild ride and a wonderful ride and I'm happy to share with you some wonderful updates and some special surprises, some cooking demos and then also to have a wonderful bonus rebroadcast of the course and again, I just want to say a special thanks when we did the first course we talked about this book that was coming out in that book launched in january is called the calorie myth and this might look familiar, but what may not look as familiar as this little black thing on the front that says new york times best seller and that's because of you and I so appreciate that and again so excited to bring you this rebroadcast. But before we get into the rebroadcast and some special bonuses that we have in store, I wanted to ...

share with you over these past eight months, I've had such an amazing opportunity to chat with and meet with so many people all around the country and actually spent some time in canada as well, so intercontinental travel and this this mythology around calories and this focusing on numbers and complexity rather than food and just enjoying food and keeping things simple has has really just bubbled to the surface, and I wanted to give you some tools, some quick because, you know, from from the original course, we talked about a lot of science, and in the rebroadcast you're going to see a lot of science because what we talk about is pretty radicals. We want to make sure that their science to back it, but I wanted to give you some common sense tools that have resonated all around the world to help heal your relationship with food. I like to call these the six reasons that calorie counting is crazy because no matter how much science we learned, sometimes we have to do take a little bit more of an emotional angle, because food and our health is certainly very emotional. So let's, get into these six reasons. Calorie counting is crazy, and then a very special treat, which I am so excited to share with you. So first and foremost, we have to understand and appreciate that this guidance we've been given to just eat less is unreasonable it's a bit like telling you, just breathe less, and I know that might seem a little ridiculous, but implied in this eat less guidance is that the seventy percent of americans who are currently struggling with their weight are somehow gluttons and that's false seventy percent of americans are not gluttons the seventy percent of americans that struggle with their weight ninety nine percent of those people do what every other american does and that's eat when they're hungry stop when they're full and treat themselves occasionally. So honestly, the the question is why aren't one hundred percent of americans overweight? We'll get into that in the actual course, but understand that if you were one of these individuals who is struggling with your weight and with your health and you look around your peer group or you look around your office or you look around your school and your just thinking to yourself, I'm eating just like everyone else. I'm not a glutton, I don't think I'm stupid, I might sit at a desk, but so does everyone else in my office so has it harder for me? The answer is not to eat less any more than if you were struggling with allergies, it would be to breathe less hunger is not sustainable, just like holding your breath is not sustainable and certainly you could eat less for a short period of time and it might work, but you can also hold your breath, but it's not enjoyable or sustainable, so just eating less right from the get go it's out the gate, we have to focus on the quality of the food we're eating and by doing that, we can eat as much as we want whenever we want is long visits from sane foods, and you will learn what those are in the rebroadcast of the course. But now, back to the six reasons calorie counting is crazy and again wanted. Dispel these calorie myths because, again, it's not about eating fewer calories it's about eating mohr high quality food to heal your body so the first reason calorie counting is crazy and and remember, the message you're given day in and day out is you must count calories. In fact, the recent revision to nutrition labels makes the calorie count on nutrition labels gigantic, as if it's the most important thing about our food choices it's absolutely not. And in fact, and ironically, nobody in the mainstream knew what a calorie wass prior to the obesity epidemic, the term calorie didn't really enter the mainstream until the seventies, the sixties and seventies and it's right when the obesity epidemic started. So how could understandings concept be required? Toe turn the tide against the obesity epidemic when prior to the obesity epidemic, we don't even talk about it in fact, the scientific community didn't even use the term calorie, which technically is a scientific measure which is not something we should be doing at the dinner table there are tables for food not for math the scientific community didn't even use it until the eighteen hundreds yet prior to the obesity epidemic we saw dramatically lower incidences of obesity and diabetes in fact, there are more overweight people alive today than there were total people alive prior to us even knowing what a calorie waas so we can't have to count calories to manage our weight, as evidenced by the fact that nobody did prior to the obesity epidemic and that's a reason calorie counting is absurd number two first and foremost no one knew what a calorie was second of all nobody counted calories prior to the obesity epidemic ever so again, this this doesn't mean calories don't exist it just means this single minded focus on calories cannot be required to avoid obesity as evidenced by every single person who ever lived prior to the current three generations reason number three calorie counting is ridiculous think about everything else we eat we eat a lot more than just calories and even if we want to stick with nutritional science let's talk about vitamins and minerals or maybe amino acids so the amino acid losing do you have any idea how much of the amino acid lucienne you consume in a day and excrete out or how vitamin c vitamin c is an essential substance if you don't eat vitamin c you will get sick do you have any idea how many milligrams of vitamin c you take in per day and how much say you excrete out in a toilet bowl no you have no idea but yet somehow your body automatically balances vitamin c vitamin a vitamin d reiber flavin thiamin all the amino acids all the essential fatty acids basically everything else essential to your health you have no idea a mountain and amount out yet somehow you are able to maintain balance and health why what's because your brain is designed to balance a mission critical functions for you we all have an area in our brain and all animals have an area in their brain called the hypothalamus that is again designed toe beat your heart and inhale and exhale and balance energy and balance vitamin c so that we can focus our brains our neocortex the uniquely human part of our brain on things that we should be spending our time on like our families and our mission and our purpose and our job and our friends and our passions not doing math at the dinner table that was reason number four and I forgot to advance my slide so let's move on to reason number five reason number five is that we can't count calories in so even if we were to believe this calorie mythology it's not possible to count calories and first of all, the only way to kind of do this is to eat foods foods that have calorie counts on them so that come in packages but studies have shown that even those packages are only about ninety percent accurate and while that might seem pretty good at ninety percent when you think about the number of calories a typical person eats in the course of a year a typical persons eating about a million calories per year well, if we have a ten percent margin of air that's about one hundred thousand calories plus or minus or even if everything you ever ate had a calorie count on it you could be up or down one hundred thousand calories which works out to about thirty pounds of body fat every single year. Thank goodness your brain does this math for you because could you imagine if we really had to count every single calorie we took in that's crazy then finally calories out is even more outrageous. We're told we need to walk on a treadmill and see how many calories were burning and where little devices that tell us how many calories were burning based on physical activity when the scientific fact is that about seventy percent of the calories you burn throughout the course of the day have nothing to do with physical movement let alone exercise for example, you are liver just being your liver every single day burns about four to seven hundred calories do you know how long you would have to jog to burn seven hundred calories or just even the amount of protein yui if you start eating the same amount of protein taking that protein and using it to regenerate all of the tissue in your body can burn upwards of five to seven hundred calories per day just from the food you're eating so how are you supposed to count that you can't calorie counting is ridiculous again the dinner table is for food not for math and remember this can't be complex it can't be complex anytime you hear any sort of health or weight loss claim that seems like trickery or complexity remember being healthy is the most basic ability we have we did it for generations and every other species on the planet does it despite the fact that they're much less capable than us so this can't be complicated we just need correct information that's the challenge we've been given incorrect information when you're given incorrect information anything could become complicated but remember health isn't complicated avoiding obesity isn't complicated your body doesn't want to be over fat any more than it wants cancer but we just need to feed it the proper things so that it can keep itself healthy so with that of course you could always pop overto baylor group dot com to check out our free program and now it's time for a special special surprise if you checked out the first broadcast of this course, you we're hopefully as delighted as I was with carrie brown, who was the wonderful sane chef well, since our last broadcast, carrie has made some amazing changes in her life and this is me and carry eight months ago and you're about to see me and carrie right now. Ladies and gentlemen carrie brown carrie, welcome back here. How you doing, it's? Good to see you, it's good to see you as well. Well, I think we're over here and carrie again I'm just so delighted to have you back and I wanted to spend the next ten or fifteen minutes telling our viewers about the amazing transformation you've made over the past eight months. Okay, you've been you've been such an inspiration to me personally, I can't wait to share it with everyone else, so just to give a little bit of context viewers so you of course all carry eight months ago and at that time kari correct me if I'm wrong is going to set the stage here a little bit. You were you were in a very stressful professional situation yes in a very stressful professional situation which I know we can a lot of us can empathize with and you've also had some some medical challenges all throughout your life and I want I want to set that stage because I really think the transformation you've made over the past eight months. It's one of these. Where if carrie khun do it based on what you've had to face in your life, really, anyone could do it, and I hope you khun draws its inspiration from carrie as I have so carrie let's get started let's, talk about so set the stage for us a little bit. Give us give us a little bit of your history in terms of your health and weight. So I've I've always been skinny. I was always a skinny child. I was skinny until I got to my late twenties, and then one day I woke up and I was no longer skinny and despite the fact that I wasn't doing anything different, so I wasn't eating anymore. I wasn't eating any differently, and I wasn't exercising anymore unless suddenly my body seemed tohave a different agenda than than my brain. All right, two leading up to about your third. Decade you were a naturally thin person so so you and I share this in the sense that for the first thirty years of our lives we didn't really have to worry about our weight we ate whatever we wanted we didn't really do a lot of compulsive exercise but then in your third decade again changing nothing about what you're eating, how much reading what you're doing for exercise or how much you're doing things started changed what happened? I just started teo gain fat okay? And I think a lot of the viewers can empathize with this where as we age it's again if this whole eat less exercise, more mythology was true that would imply that as we get older we get lazier and lazier, which is not true. In fact, as we get older, we get smarter and were much more active, much more involved in the world so you didn't become lazy and and a glutton you just continue doing what you're doing, but fat started accumulating on your body, okay? So fats accumulating on your body than without right? So then I actually realize that I wasn't magically going to be slim anymore, that I would have to do something about it, so I started doing what we're all told which is eating less and exercising more and nothing happened I still continue to accumulate fat, so it didn't matter what I did I kept getting bigger all right now in terms of bigger, I'm glad we saved bigger because people know from our original airing of the course which we're about to re broadcast, that we're not about wait here or about measurements were about health, so back before the weight started to creep on the fat sort of creep on what size were you so you recite so again, natural this is and this is important listeners and viewers you'll see this again in the course, but we don't talk about wait because this is about your goals it's about your body structure so again, this is specific to carry but carry you started out at your fittest, which is a great goal tohave think about you at your fittest at a size zero so now you're in your mid thirties approaching forty what size were you at that point? S o I think at my I probably got up to about a six, all right? By the time I was fourteen, I was at a six, all right, so age forty, size six and then also some other things happened in your life medical related would you mind sharing those with us? Because I think again, a lot of our viewers can empathize with them, especially because they're often correlated and science shows that they are it's, not just in our brains with further weight gain right? So so the big thing was that I was diagnosed with bipolar to disorder which is that the depressive end not the crazy manic in but you know whatever it is thie the treatment for that is anti psychotic medication on day one of the problems with that is and it's world famous for making you put on for making you gain weight and this again is not in your brain viewers if you've had this experience and also bipolar runs in my family is well, you can look through the clinical literature and you will see very clearly that these anti psychotic medications are one of many pharmaceuticals which have been shown to work directly on your set point or what we talk about in the course as the area of your brain that works to automatically balance calories for you and what these anti psychotics do is actually do elevate your set point so that it's a bit like tying your hands behind your back when it comes to burning fat so you've got you've got one hand tied behind your back in terms of you you were put on these anti psychotic medications and then you also had some surgery as well, right I did I had instruct me so having his directory of course has a big impact on your hormones yes, and you'll learn in the course that your hormones again a huge part off your weight regulations so your brain your hormones and your gut are really the three key players here it's not your willpower. So here we have a wonderful professional woman who was naturally thin, changed nothing about her lifestyle, started to get into her third and fourth decade went on on anti psychotic medication which actually about one in every three americans is struggling with some sort of psychological challenge. So this is something I know a lot of you can empathize with that would act directly on carrie's brain in terms of fat regulation and then also having a hysterectomy which impacts your hormones, which are two of three pieces right there, sort of both hands tied behind your back are chemical disaster so you've got the deck stacked against you, so tell us so so what was what was the chronological age of carrie brown it at this point and then what was your size? So, um that would put me at forty eight, forty seven somewhere around there and I was a size eight that was the biggest that I got was a size eight and a funny aside for the viewers were recently carrie and I were recording for our radio show and I had no idea how old carrie was and she told me that she was and you you are currently the next year so she's fifty next year so I personally didn't think carrie looked like she was almost fifty, so I was a little bit stunned but so way have ah ah forty eight year old woman with the sort of to metabolic hands tied behind her back and I believe you've you've shared a story with me where you actually went to see your physician and this is most of us are physicians are are wonderful in a lot of things, but sometimes it could be a bit of a challenge when we go to see them for metabolic related issues and this is kind of ah little joke but what do you call a primary care physician who has never ever taken a class and nutrition or exercise in their entire life? I don't have doctor, right? I mean there's no, there is no nutrition or exercise requirement in medical school not at all the criticism of the medical profession it's just important to note both of my parents are college professors, my mom's an english teacher and my dad is a philosophy professor. That doesn't mean that my mom can teach me calculus, right? Just because she's an educator doesn't mean she can educate me in everything. So you went to go see your primary care physician because you were struggling in this way what was the device you were given? So he told me that it wass also my dynamics that it was a case of calories in both his calories out he told me to go away and for ten days drink sim fast just invest just them fast so three meals a day and to continue cycling seven miles a day which is what I was doing okay and so I went away and he said at the end of that you will lose ten pounds and you will feel like your backing control of your body again and it'll be goodness so I did that and ten days later I went back to the doctor and nothing had changed, so I drunk what fight eaten four hundred sixty calories a day that was all for sixty for sixty a day for ten days and I've been cycling like crazy and I was exactly the same way and I know viewers that you can empathize with us and I personally canepa thighs with it as well my story and you'll learn more about this in the course that's about the rebroadcast is I like carrie started out as a naturally thin person and continue to be a nationally thin person but I was a trainer when I worked with clients who are not as genetically fortunate as I was and I would put them on low calorie diets justus cary's position put her on a low calorie diet this all at the same time I was eating about six thousand calories per day because at that time I was trying to gain weight. I wanted to be a big, strong football player like my brother, so I was sitting in my office as a trainer eating six thousand calories per day, telling my clients to eat twelve hundred calories per day and just thinking to myself, what? So am I supposed to put them on six hundred calorie dot five hundred count like this can't this isn't sustainable, so I believe you then fired your physician, correct? Because, I mean, you know, even my cat could tell that calories in calories, al was no, that was not a valid theory that he was telling me because I'd done that. I'd reduce my calories to a ridiculously low number on, and I had, you know, continued teo duel the exercise, nothing happened, so if it was just the most thermodynamics by law, I would've had to have lost way, and I didn't, and the reason it didn't work for carrying the reason I titled my book the calorie myth is because, as carrie mentioned this calories in calories out, and this is often where the media tends to misrepresent thing it's not that calories don't exist, they certainly exists it's not that the calories in calories out equation is fiction, it's that this idea that we can just barbarically manipulate it by violently ripping calories out of our body through abrasive exercise and by starving ourselves and that the body will just put up with that that's what's a myth the body will not just put up with that every single scientific study that's ever looked at it. And carrie, I know you experience this personally has shown that when we just eat less of our existing diet, our body doesn't just burn fat, it slows down. If you don't believe me tomorrow, don't eat see how you feel, you'll be cold, you'll be tired, your brain won't really work. Your sex drive will go away that's because your body is slowing down it's trying to maintain balance automatically and carry what your physician and frankly, what I did in my previous life was trying to tell people whose brain hormones and gut these systems were distributed. We said, take that dis regulated system and starve it it's a bit like if your car broke down and the mechanic said, we'll just just drive it less or just put less gas in the gas tank you like, well, that's not gonna help fix my car, so carry what you've been doing here over the past eight months is what we call saying eating, which, of course, you'll learn much more about in the course and nutritional therapy, so instead of eating unless you've actually eaten mohr but of the right kinds of sane foods to heal your brain, heal your hormones and heal your gut so you were a size eight you were sizing on what's going on now on what's going on now nam a size two size to end it and you but so to be a size two you must you're skipping breakfast and lunch and exercising all the time, right? No so t eat so much food I just was like no more food on dh my fifteen minutes a week in the gym so you're gonna set it a yoga class so you're doing the eccentric exercise again we talked about that in detail in the course you doing the same eating? So do you sometimes we talk about you just eat when you're hungry stop when you're full and let that be your guide never be hungry is that is that what you've experienced right? Although I had to be so what started this? Because you know jonathan, I known better and there I am a size a and I'm teaching you all howto howto make recipes that'll make you slim and healthy and there's me at a size eight so actually what happened in january? So a couple months after this, my adrenal glands decided they were going to stop working, which is fairly catastrophic you can't function without them and so I realized that I was going to have to become really hard core about my health, so what I did, I didn't. Once I've been diagnosed, I kind of went often did my own thing, and I decided that what I was going to do, wass this I was going to follow jonathan's plan in the in the belief that it would also because of what it does it he heals your body, that it would heal the problem I was having with my adrenal glands. So I I became hard core following what jonathan, teachers in the calorie, methanol and what we talk in the the show that we we recorded last november, and I became hard core about doing that, and three months later I had gone from a size eight to a size two, and I have never felt better in my life and that's three months, carrie and I really want to emphasize that that was three months that looked nothing like what you would see on a reality television show you didn't check into a resort, you didn't way food, you didn't spend hours on a treadmill. What did you do? I did the jonathan's eccentric exercises for literally it takes fifteen minutes if that ten to fifteen minutes a week in the gym, I also did a restorative yoga class. Just because I felt that would be good for me on dh then food wise I followed the recommendations very, very closely, which meant as much food as I could eat breakfast as much food as I could eat a lunch as much food as I could eat at dinner but of the kinds of food that jonathan explains to us in the course and in his book on dh that's right id on dh but I always at home there was no gimmicks there was no pills there was no snake oil there was there was nothing else I simply followed what jonathan taught us on the course and what jonathan writes about in the calorie myth and and three months later I'd lost four three four dress sizes and as I say, I've never I've never felt better when it's incredible for you to carry because we focus on this in the book and in the course you're about to see re broadcast is always using yourself as your benchmark wouldn't want you to compare yourself to anyone else or do anything else or to a number on the scale so carrie who in her you know is naturally a size zero or a size to you you essentially reset your set point and the way she did that was through improving the quality of her eating in the quality of our exercise I make that point very explicit leaks I know ah lot of people viewing this will feel like they've tried everything I know carrie, you felt like you tried everything and prior to doing all this research I felt like I had tried everything with my clients but what I had actually tried and what you've been told over and over again is really just different variations on eat less and exercise more so if it's slim fast shakes if it's this pill if it's skipping meals whatever if it's portion control it's still eat fewer calories and if that didn't work in the past it's not going to work in the future either. So if the quantity of calories you're eating is not a viable option, there's really only one thing left and that's improving the quality of the food you're eating and what's great about that and we know this if you want to make your car run better, what do you do? You put higher quality gasoline in it the quantity of gasoline you put in your car doesn't actually affect the performance of the car. It might change how long it can run, but it's the quality of the fuel that affects the system it's the quality of the fuel carry a she aided in abundance, she healed her system and now carrie, you actually are telling me in some offline conversations that you don't want to lose any maur fat and in fact, it's it's like your body is trying to lose fat as aggressively as it was trying to hold on to fat previously, right? I think I turned on my fact boning hormones your body is going to do what it's going to do and it was like I melted and then then I had this the same problem and I felt like I had no control but in a good way, whereas before I felt like I had no control but I couldn't lose the fat. Now I have the opposite problem and someone wants to stump up money from you wardrobe all carry on using, but I'm kind of like no stop and that's so exciting and that's again, well, you'll learn in the book and in the course and that's just as aggressively as your body is trying to balance you out at an elevated set point right now with the right kinds of foods, which will show you how to prepare some of them. Right now, you can actually get your body to balance you out automatically around a lower set point and again, if that sounds too good to be true, just think of your naturally thin friends or maybe think about yourself in your youth we all know people who eat whatever they want don't really exercise and stay silent how does that work well, that's, what my research looks into and that's what you're going to learn in the course, and you'll learn in the book.

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