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Eat More, Exercise Less & Lose Weight

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S.A.N.E. Eating Testimonial - Dr. Mike Keen

Jonathan Bailor

Eat More, Exercise Less & Lose Weight

Jonathan Bailor

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12. S.A.N.E. Eating Testimonial - Dr. Mike Keen

Lesson Info

S.A.N.E. Eating Testimonial - Dr. Mike Keen

I'm so so so so honored for the next ten minutes we're gonna we actually have one of our wonderful members of the same community joining us from the united kingdom gentlemen by name of dr mike keane who michiyo thank you so much for joining us in can you just tell us your amazing story and you have been a medical professional for decades and tell us about your history and then your transformation to sanity uh greetings from the united kingdom jonathan um yeah I've been a qualified doctor since nineteen seventy seven andi at the beginning of my career I usedto work in the prestigious harley street dia clinic in the middle of london to just to earn some pocket money while I was slaving away for hundred twenty hours a week in the national health service the way that they tended to earn huge incomes wass not dependent on the dieters success but dependent on their failure because as many times as they came back there would be more in come for the clinics. I managed to stick with it for a fe...

w months prescribing diuretics and appetite suppressant but really wasn't very happy with the situation so I decided to cut right out of it then went into general practice in nineteen eighty three on dh started its thousand the value of soluble fiber high protein not too high protein on dh at that time low fat diets all that time my way started to creep up on dumb to cut a long story short, I got up to over eighteen stone, which in your money is two hundred fifty two pounds on dh decided in april this year where I'd start googling around the internet looking for something that was a little bit more long term than my yo yoing, which I had been doing for maybe forty years without success because every time I tried to lose weight I found it more and more difficult each time I just happened upon smarter science a slim by accident on dh thought I'd have a read and listen ana listen and another listen to another part cast and yet another podcast until I was pretty well hooked on decided that it was sensible to perhaps try an evidence based process rather than an anecdote based process so I cut out the bread I cut out the past I cut out the rice I started eating more mean, I started eating more fish. I started eating more low starts vegetables on dh the way it started to drop off as I expected it would the first eight pounds of any dart obviously is water as you like virginia's converted on de so I thought, okay, well let's stick with the little one, see what happens and I started losing a pound two pound, three pounds a week whilst filling my belly with the most wonderful nutritious, satisfying foods on dh not really feeling hungry and not really having any room to eat anymore um so I continued on dh since april I've lost forty eight pounds my b m I has gone down from over thirty two twenty six point two of my waist hip ratio has gone down to below one andi I feel incredibly fantastically energized mike that's it's so wonderful to hear because you touched on a some amazing points that I really want to highlight and that's first and foremost that that you are a medical practitioner with over forty years I believe of experience you've seen that you've been on the front lines of this and you've seen what people have done you've tried that yourself and what do you think causes even the most myself? You everyone out there before we see this science we continue to keep trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results why do you think we we do that not to get teo jonathan we're scared of trying something different we're scared of the unknown we're comfortable with what we know we're comfortable with what we hear people telling us is right even if even if it is anecdotal and we're comfortable in our little boxes not having to think outside the box and dr mike I know you have since obviously you're example has started to inspire so many people around you can you tell us a little bit about how your sane lifestyle has has permeated the lives of those you love? Indeed, I'm a prolific facebook, right? I have to say, and I have quite a number of facebook friends on dh a number of those friends I used to be a senior divisional police surgeon working with half richard constabulary for about twenty five years on a number of them are overweight senior ex police officers who have been reading what I've been writing on facebook and have decided that they like to try your way rather than the other way. So I'm in mentoring. I had them over to my house talk to them, I've been supporting them and they've never felt better. They're losing weight, they never felt better, they're not hungry. They go out to restaurants, they live their lives, they just modify their lives according to this new mantra, uh, which seems to work, mike, I think it's, so important to highlight not only your success but the fact that your success is having this ripple effect because it can let's be very clear. It can sometimes be hard to make this transition, but when you realize that we have the power each as individuals, too literally saved the lot I mean you're you are saying obviously your doctors you've saved many lives throughout your life but even now outside of your practice your example is literally saving people's lives I hope so I hope so they're listening on dh they're doing and it's working so they're keeping on doing because it's not interfering with their lives as a diet would do on as their diets have done they get in the way they're boring they don't last very long because they just can't stick to them but this they're seeing the results but more importantly jonathan they're feeling the result they're feeling incredible they're feeling as I am energized I mean hello I'm I'm in the gym at six thirty every morning and that's and that's on greek yogurt cheer seeds and on blueberries so that like I love that what what have you found to be just a few let's say maybe the top three things you do personally that you found really help you to maintain your sanity as as quickly and effectively as possible like these these are your top three either go to meals or go to strategies okay first strategy is I don't hunt anymore at night jonathan at night I used to after I've eaten an evening meal perhaps sitting down watching the television I used to get up going to the kitchen open all the cupboard doors open the fridge looked something sweet look for something that would satisfy my craving so that number one I don't do that anymore that's been extinguished me and when you say mike, when you say you don't do that, is that because you're just like gritting your teeth and powering through it? Absolutely not, jonathan absolutely not. The urge has gone, it has been extinguished. I don't grit my teeth to do anything, but I certainly don't feel the need to go on a poor sugar into my body or carbohydrate. However, having said that, I do it carry brown's ice cream churning, which I've got churning in the kitchen at the moment. So that's the second that's the second plant is that I am finding an alternative that satisfies the cravings that I used to have, that I don't have any more that's keeping me full of the longer and stopping me from hunting brilliant mike well, I so appreciate know it's late there for you and you continue this this amazing mission of not only sanitizing your entire life but setting in lifesaving example for everyone who knows you and your example is an inspirational to me hopefully it's inspirational to everyone washing this and certainly to the studio audience so thank you for for saving lives, dr mikey and I so appreciate it thank you, jonathan has been a pleasure, thanks

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Want to lose weight without starving yourself or logging endless monotonous miles on the treadmill? Join CreativeLive instructor Jonathan Bailor for a workshop on how to slim down by eating more, exercising less, and listening to your body’s needs.

Drawing on the methods from Jonathan’s groundbreaking book The Calorie Myth, this course will debunk common misconceptions about calories and dietary needs. You’ll learn an entirely new way of eating that focuses on using fewer calories and more satisfaction. Jonathan will teach you how to stabilize your blood sugar, feed yourself efficiently, and consume the right nutrients. Jonathan will also introduce you to new methods of exercise that will overhaul your muscle physiology and help you achieve efficient, dramatic results.

Whether you’ve been trying to find the right diet for years or you’re just beginning to take control of your nutrition and health, this course will give you the tools you need to feel better and live better.

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This course if phenomenal! I've been on a 20+ year journey of trying to find the solution that will help me achieve my body goals that I can stick to, without going crazy. I have tried everything (keto, paleo, low fat, weight watchers, dash etc). Jonathan goes over a massive amount of research to help you understand the 'why' of why these diets don't work longterm and how to eat in a way that's sustainable. In addition, I've always struggled with exercise. I was an athlete growing up but as an adult it's been very difficult to find something that I like and will stick to. This exercise methodology is perfect because it's fast, results oriented and doesn't take longer than 15 minutes. I've recommended this course to everyone who asks. It's absolutely brilliant and I'm so, so grateful!

a Creativelive Student

This class was great - I love that it is presented as a framework so you can fit your own personal needs into it. Jonathan exhaustively covers the ideas, examples, and benefits of this strategy for better living.

Amy Seagram

Excellent class!! I've never seen anyone able to talk so much and so knowledgeably on a subject for so long, great job Jonathan! Carrie was the perfect pairing and I can't wait to try her recipes... so simple.