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Eat More, Exercise Less & Lose Weight

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Cooking Demo With New Recipes

Jonathan Bailor

Eat More, Exercise Less & Lose Weight

Jonathan Bailor

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2. Cooking Demo With New Recipes

Lesson Info

Cooking Demo With New Recipes

Without further ado I know there's some key recipes that helped you in this transition and I wanted to share those with our viewers I would love to do that all right so what is what is first on the docket? First on the docket is I'm going to remove these silly issues because I don't know about you but I can't cook in heels jonathan well so do I take off my heels too? I have low little so now you'll also see people that not only am I sais tu I'm also carries shrinking in always my feet actually are smaller now than they were three months and there you go sew for me and as I say when I when I embarked on this what now it's five months ago my my number one goal was to heal my adrenal glands so it was really a super important to me at that point because I was unable to function that I got maximum nutrition in the smallest possible quantity and so there's there's a couple of ways that you could do that most effectively and that smoothies and soups and so I'm going to make a smoothie for you...

and then I'm going to make a soup and then I'm also going to make something if you're a serial lover and you miss your cereal I'm going to show you something that you could do for breakfast oh keep the serial monster obey and carry you made a point there about really tryingto pack in that nutritional density and it's something we talked about a lot in the courts and a lot of the book that again that nutrient density so what we're going to show you here are some recipes that they're literally they're so nutritious and so delicious that's what carrie brings to the table I've got some recipes but they're not his versus is that really there? They should be thought of almost as medication and when you think of it that way the idea how eating mohr can actually help you makes a lot more sense because again with this calorie math, one of the reasons I hate calories and I say hate intentionally is because it paints food is adversarial if calories air bad than food is bad and you should neat whereas in reality food saying foods the right kinds of food are the single most enjoyable and effective cure for and prevention for obesity, diabetes and all the other diseases that plague us today. So carrie let's get into this nutritious and delicious smoothie all right, so smoothies are awesome because you can cram a massive amount of vegetables in a smoothie one if you have the right recipe, you don't even know it because it doesn't taste like a spinach unlike jonathan's, which just tastes like a delicious so the first thing I'm going to do and another great thing about smoothies as you'll learn in the course and you'll see in the book is that what we call it? Non starchy vegetables there's four key food groups, non starchy vegetables, nutrient dense protein, whole food fats and low fructose fruits and we eat those food groups in that order and like kermit said it's it's not always easy being green so our green vegetables can only be a challenge to eat so some of these air a great way to do that in a delicious and convenient way. All right, so I just put in here and these one of the one I developed recipes, I try to make them very simple so that, you know, you don't feel like you have to spend hours in the kitchen creating a special diet that's not what this is about this is about getting super nutrition fast and delicious. So in there I just put one cup of unsweetened coconut milk I'm gonna put this on magic glenda a lot of people use smoothies for breakfast, but you can use them for any time of day personally and you get to see how easy this is as kari does it here preparing smoothies in bulk so you could imagine just making a bunch of this put it in your fridge, do it on sunday, monday, tuesday wednesday breakfast done right that pre prep could be extremely helpful, so here we're packing in four handfuls or I always measure it to make sure I'm getting enough, which is four ounces, so four handfuls of spinach goes in there, and then we're going to take this avocado and jonathan can talk to us about healthy fats, yes, and howmuch spinach did you put in there again? Carry four ounces or four handfuls, so four handfuls and again, you'll notice that that is actually a what, like if you were to try to sit with a fork and eat that could become a little bit tedious, so I know it sounds a little bit silly, but even seen a good blender as a chewing machine, it can be very, very helpful, so lots of vegetables and now you've got the avocado in there, which carry I remember the first time I tried one of your smoothies containing an avocado. I never thought about putting an avocado in a smoothie before, but it really helps with the texture doesn't it does avocado because of the fact access in the multi fire on dh, so it makes things really smooth and really creamy, so we've got avocado in there, and in terms of the food groups we talked about, we've got our non starchy vegetables and avocado was a great example of a whole food fat, so fats that are found directly in nature such as avocados, chia seeds, flaxseeds, cocoa, coconut and even fats from animals and seafood that were raised in a humane way are really, really helpful to heal your brain hormones and guts so I'm glad we got him in there, so we got the fat in there and now this is why protein powder so because we got to get our protein up if we're going to heal our metabolisms, so again we've got way protein in there there are other protein powders available. There are things called casing there's also a a rice or a p or a hemp protein for the vegetarians out there and another option we sometimes use although it affects the taste a little bit is just powdered egg whites right powdered egg whites although you will if you're using powdered egg whites, you will probably want to add a non caloric sweetener because most protein powders do have some sweetener in them so and then this is five ounces off strawberries now normally they would be frozen I would get them out of the freezer and put them in a frozen, which helps you get that fixed smoothie field, but obviously I had to bring all this them so they are slightly defrosted and then there's a cup of water here now we may not need all this water because the strawberries are half defrosted so I'm going to start off with half a cup and the strawberries are key that's the low fructose fruits and we're often told to eat more just before you start the blending vita mix is allowed were often told to eat more fruits and vegetables but I'll give you one really important tip fruits and vegetables are not interchangeable for example, grapes have eighteen times more sugar in them than spinach, meaning that you could eat eighteen servings of spinach and on lee at that point would you have a cz much sugar in your body is if you ate one serving of grapes so when we eat fruits we won't eat fruits that provide us with the most, uh, vitamins and minerals and at least sugar berries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries as well a citrus fruits like oranges provide us with that proper ratio, so I'm glad we got some berries in there so now it's gonna get loud? Yeah, wait is gonna take a little bit more water way so we're using a vitamin splendor here there is a more affordable a thing called the ninja blender, which is also pretty good fighting mix is my preferred brand just cause it's so powerful and there we go and there is your breakfast actually could have blended a bit longer, but in the interest of time I know you can't jump through your computer monitor tv set to try this but the key thing that you'll see when you try this or any of kari's other smoothies we've got someone of recipes in my book as well terry's recipe books is that I had this ought to be fun just just do it just humor me make one of these and give it to a niece, a nephew one of your children and just tell them it's a treat you will be shocked when they consume more vegetables in a single glass than they likely do in an entire week thinking that they're getting a treat because it tastes that good so this actually I call this my green smoothie is my strawberry shake because I know it's green but it actually does taste like a strawberry milkshake yeah, you couldn't spinach is especially good at this you will be shocked just try it just you know don't believe try for yourself spinach when you combine it with barry's for citrus especially when you've got some nice flavored way protein pattern there can't even taste it right so that's your strawberry shake amazing amount of nutrients in there a boatload of protein I may or may not just drink it throughout the show here so that's that and as jonathan said, I actually wrote a book on smoothies and sides which was how to maximize your getting your vegetables in and there's a whole bunch of smoothie recipes in there and carry just one real quick just just shout out to the book here, folks here smoothies they might think jonah juice or go to the store and buy the packaged ones. You'll know that this is a collection of whole foods whole foods, nutrient dense foods when you go to the smoothie bars, what you often get is apple juice mixed with grapes mixed with bananas mixed with other nonsense and what you end up with is with the glass like this sugar, you literally have significantly more sugar in a glass of a smoothie than you would in a glass of soda. So really, unless you're making the smoothy yourself let's just put it this way make this movie yourself recipe number two so so when I was healing my myself over my three month where I was healing my body, a smoothie was what I had for breakfast every day because it was the only way I could get that amount of nutrients into into something I could actually physically eat. Those smoothies was was that the other thing I did was so smooth is was my breakfast on dh then the other thing I did was make soups and actually I wrote a book on that as well eat smarter soups because soups are another way of getting a huge amount of vegetables into you very, very easily so you could eat a ton more when they when they liquefied then if you were trying to eat them whole so in here I have just carry I really wanna highlight point you just made one of the key differences that terry experienced over the three months where she made this transition is you've probably heard in news recently that for example, the idea that fat makes you fat right that's out the window? We all know that protein is essential for human health and we've all heard since we were children that vegetables are good for us, but most of us don't understand just how important vegetables are for us and a lot of us it z z to eat more fat that is delicious and it's easy to eat more protein he's a meeting feed fish is delicious, but ah lot of folks have a hard time eating those vegetables was non starchy vegetables, so that really is priority number one eating double digit servings of non starchy vegetables per day and you know if you can get three servings of vegetables in one little glass like this that's really helpful if you can get four servings of vegetables in a bowl of soup that's delicious again that really helps you to get to that double digit number deliciously all right, so here in the interest of time I wasn't put so what I've got here is chicken stock I've got some cauliflower I've got some celery and I have some tomato paste for if you're not from britain that's tomato paste are you mocking? I might weigh did take the lift to get here today so let me just get all of this out of here can I lick the bowl when you don't know what you look at your own fold? So I'm not gonna worry about that last bit in there, so you've got celery cauliflower? What was the other batch of chicken stock and tomato tomato, tomato paste? Excellent start so very simple and I I just I bought them to the boil and then I simmered them until the vegetables were soft, so nothing complicated there it'll put those four things in a pop heat them up when this image okay and now with a lovely blender going some nice fat, some butter in there some butter, I guess falsely accused of being bad for your grass fed butter would definitely be part of a healthy night, especially if it helps you to eat more vegetables. If you try to feed your kids broccoli, they might not eat it, but if you sought a broccoli in a healthy fats, just bacon grease or in butter especially using one of cary's compound butter's, which are incredible makes vegetable's delicious, okay, all right in the interest of time, I'm not going to keep lending it, but I would typically blend that until it will smoother and what's cool about the high powered blunders is if you never used one before if you were to just let that run for a while it would actually boil so you'd actually hot soup a powerful day but I'm sure you're bored of hearing the blender so then but I've got some seasonings here I've got a teaspoon of chopped fresh dill I've got some sea salts and black pepper and some cumin seeds when we talk about flavor learning how to use spices which again carrie is a master of I am I am a novice at but when you can enjoy things like the taste of sweet which we of course can using arlo fructose fruits and are healthy natural not pork sweeteners like stevia and lo han go in silence all in a row three tall when we'd enjoy fats, proteins and seasonings again, all of the flavors you've come accustomed to you can still enjoy it is not about deprivation it's about substitution that's what cary showing us here okay, so I'm just gonna blend those in also remember that typically this is hot at this point we're giving you the number this is the cliff notes, so then you're going to return that that super bass into your pop everyone carry introduced me to soups for the first time I had never really done soup. So the night of course john bailard them which just means to ruin them and approach them like an engineer a scientist would and I just I made it. I literally made three months worth of the bass. I just spent a sunday just and then I froze it all and then I thought out piece by piece and then you just add some protein to it like some chicken or some tuna fish or something like that like you're probably gonna do now come on now. So now so this is for a chicken tortilla soup so it actually tastes like tortilla soup, but it doesn't have any talk here, innit? So what I used instead was cabbage and this is again very simple no skills needed for this just a tiny bit of water in the pan and then soto the cabbage for a few minutes until it's soft. And this is a great example of something we dig into in detail in the book and in the rebroadcast of the course you're about to see which is taking things that you like today like breads and pastas and cookies and rice and tortillas and not doing without them just doing them smarter so we provide you with simple swaps you can make like this and then if you want to add approaching you khun use double the cabbage if you just want that, but if you actually want to put a protein in there's ten ounces off simple group chopped chicken love a tortilla soup I'm carrie brought some of this over to my home and my wife is a big fan of tortilla soup but of course she hasn't eaten it for for many moons because I don't know how to cook like carrie and we don't need thirteen's anymore and then she tried this and she just said we like literally carry brought over three different soups and she was just like jonathan you can try this, but the rest of it is for me so this actually looks a little bit strange but it's not pot so the base looks a little or it doesn't look a smooth as it should be in real life force that anyway beautiful photography is very beautiful picture wonderful book my goodness I'll find it baroness boom so that that is what it looks like warm so and that was incredibly easy to make no special still skills required and you could see that there's a massive amount of vegetables in that nothing bad it'll just seasonings chicken on a whole bunch of vegetables in a very small bowl maximum yew tree and it's in one bowl, so two really important things that this allows you to do three all the vegetables we only talked about that already but preparation in bulk one of the biggest challenges I think people have with quote unquote healthy eating and what the reason I say quote, is what you've been told this healthy is not at all healthy which will learn in the course it in the book is that if you have to do cooking every single time before you eat it's like I'm hungry I don't want to cook a bunch so you just make a bunch of soup all at once you freeze it and then you've got frozen dinners, right? So you literally I would put this in a tupperware container or something you'd freeze it you bring it out twenty four hours before you want to eat it on then you take it with work on you eat it at the desk it's all self contained super convenient and this is also super convenient for lunch for the same thing so I make huge batches of this up put it into individual bowls and then just walk out the door I got my smoothie I've got my soup you know, that's two thirds of my eating done right there and and it is wonderful comfort food it is where on it it tastes exactly like and I had all these soup taste testers one of developing the recipes in the book and my girlfriend, who tasted this said it tastes exactly like a traditional tortilla soup, but it has nothing but nutrient dense vegetables packed into it and that that comfort food is important because this is not one of the reasons healthy is so hard one, because what you've been told is wrong and to because if all you can eat is tofu and raw steamed vegeta or are steamed vegetables, it is disgusting. And when you've had a hard day, you don't come home and eat a bunch of tofu is just not true. Are rice cakes that's not the way it works, but I can tell you personally carry that here when the rainy winter seattle months I love ah hot bowl of saying soup like it just literally warms it warms my insides and you actually, if you find if you if you find the right flavors, the right seasonings, you can actually get the exact replica in the flavor of whatever comfort food is, you don't actually need to use the same ingredients you can use healthy ingredients with the right seasonings, you can make it taste just the same, and what you'll find is really like anything else if you've ever switched from some people. Again, I'm not saying this is the right thing to do I'm just saying it's something you could probably empathize with maybe if you've switched from regular soda to diet soda or you've switched from home milk two percent milk to skim milk at some point you become used to the new thing and the old thing actually doesn't taste good anymore, so we encourage folks to us for twenty one days if you go sane as we talked about in the course that you're about to see and in the book this will literally taste dramatically better to you probably on day one but if not on day one on day twenty two, it will without question taste better to you than conventional brain hormone and gut destroying tortilla soup. Okay, so um so that's that's my breakfast and usually actually I had soup for dinner, so then my lunch would be this enormous salad and a protein, so ah hardboard eggs or chicken or smoked salmon is favor of mine on a huge salad, so that would be a huge amount of vegetables who added all up over the course of the day absolutely on dh for those who our missing serial lot of people eat cereal for breakfast and and they just some people just the smoothie thing is they want spaceiy this movie is a drink, but they don't see it as a meal so I've I have quite a few people that follow along with my blawg they have this cereal that I'm going to show you on then they'll have the smoothie as well so they get that feeling that they've eaten something as well as having the drink and this is super fast and carry your this this I believe is the number one most viewed recipe on your block it's actually number two there's a hot one that we actually did it in the course yes that's the number one this is the number two and what is your blawg? Hey it's carrie brown don't come carrie brown dot com this's super easy this is another thing that I'm making bold look on the sundial make a huge old dish of this and put it in the fridge and then just take a bowl every day and it's also great toe have in the fridge is of snack if you get the munchies there's something ready for you so I've got coconut milk in here I'm going to tossem favorite little siege your seed she a scene I love also if you're having any sort of digestive or bathroom problems and you start teo chia seed, they will solve what ails you more than likely and I swear and until someone can prove otherwise, I swear that she had seemed to make my hair grow fast what is that well actually I mean carrie it's it's funny that you say that is what a lot of people notice is when they go saying and start eating all these nutrient dense foods that it takes a while for your brain got and hormones to heal and thus for you to shrink but when they are healed the shrinkage is that was an unintentional phrasing with shrinkage is very, very rapid and almost uncontrollable but what does happen immediately is your skin your nails, your hair, your eyes, those things they just light up they become just glowing and that's because of again all the nutrients you're taking it so then I'm what makes the seed and I'm going to add some of our favorite non fat greek yogurt jonathan can explain to you why I said non fat yes oh again of course not afraid of fat healthy whole food fats are wonderful for us but right now one because it's works very well in this recipe and too because we're looking for a concentrated source of protein in this recipe so we've got our coconut milk that's a great source of healthy fast we've got our chia seeds which are a great source of healthy fats but we're missing vegetables but that's ok because we could have a green smoothie for vegetables but we're still missing some protein so if we wanted to eat some protein non fat greek yogurt it has maur protein in a calorie for calorie than a full fat greek yogurt does so it doesn't mean full fat greek yogurt is bad for you it just means if you're looking for a concentrated source of protein than a fat free greek yogurt that of course has no sweeter and it will be more concentrated just like for example on egg a whole leg, wonderful food for you but a whole egg is about sixty four percent fat, whereas if you look at the egg white just the white of the egg is ninety plus percent protein. So if your goal was to just get some protein into a meal, egg whites would be a more concentrated source doesn't mean they're any better or worse for you it just means again what's your goal if your goal isto add concentrated protein fat free greek yogurt would be a more concentrated source than full fat greek yogurt. So then typically again these would be frozen strawberries I would put them in straight from the freezer and I would mix them in and then I would leave this overnight because cheer seeds are just amazing little things they swell but they take time and so normally I would just mix in the frozen strawberries cover it, put it in the fridge on dh leave it in the morning here's one I made earlier in the morning you have this wonderful thick much oatmeal like consistent, very oatmeal like consistency and I'm going to make you try some of this I would you don't have to make dry will ask to dress so when you when you get up in the morning, give it a stir because those strawberries will have defrosted overnight in the fridge. Mix it all up and there you have your your very delicious cereal, mr bela jackson's, excellent, I remember in the course we had people were actually like don't throw that away, I'm sure it's good stuff and it tastes it doesn't kinda hate saying this because healthy has a negative connotation it in our country, which is sad, but this doesn't taste healthy and that's what you'll find when you get this way when you go saying so, we don't really use the word healthy. We talk about eating sanely eating, saying, satisfying, unaggressive, nutritious and inefficient foods because eating saying is delicious and this is very delicious. And so the purpose of my books and the purpose of the recipes that I post on my glogg us are foods that are extremely healthy but taste naughty, which I think you know all of these things do that tastes like a strawberry shake thiss tastes like regular tortilla soup, and this tastes like nothing I know, but it tastes delicious and so eating healthfully does not aftertaste offal and I think that's one of the biggest problems that people face is that they think being healthy is dull on dh tasteless and they're not going to enjoy it we promise you and jonathan has taste tested a whole bunch of stuff been kind of my guinea pig I even have a book which is full of saint ice creams and you would not be able to enjoy earth and couldn't come back me up you cannot taste the difference between these and premium ice creams that you would buy at the store on yet they are crammed full off super st super healthy ingredients so I just eating healthy does not have to taste nasty and if this sounds too good to be true obviously you have quite a bit of proof here carrie you've been such a wonderful and inspirational example and in the course as well as in the book we cover over thirteen hundred studies will not that's a long course summarize you better pack it in for this rebroadcast we're going over thirteen hundred studies but it's all backed by science and as kerry said, when you make nutritious delicious slim become simple and aim again it really isn't too good to be true your body doesn't want to be overweight anymore than it wants tohave cancer right overweight is not healthy so your body will fight to maintain health and fitness if you fuel it appropriately but when you're told to fear food because food contains calories and calories or of course bad for you that's nonsense it teaches you to starve yourself it teaches you to fear food and it teaches you to eat low calorie edible products which cause the very brain hormone and gut dysfunctions which cause obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. So what? We're going to show you in the course you're about to see a special rebroadcast of what you learn in all three of carries books as well as my book the calorie myth is how instead of starving yourself with disgusting edible products, you can eat mohr but smarter saying foods and heal your body and enable it to keep you thin like it might be keeping you heavy right now because remember a healthy body doesn't want to be an overly fat body any more than it wants to have cancer. So carry with that again I want to thank you so much for joining us again today, sharing your transformation with us and helping us to transform the way we eat in such a delicious way. I just want to share one last thought I knew that this worked because I've read the book and I've known jonathan for two and a half years and I've seen it work in other people, but this this experience for me over three months I've now I don't just believe it because the science makes sense and the program makes sense, I've actually done it. And so it's been a it's been a fascinating experiment, if you like for me, and I just want people to know that it does work and I am proof of that, but also I'm still have bipolar to disorder, and I still don't have a uterus, and so I still have approaching fifty, and I'm still going to be fifty next year on, so I still have those counts against me, but if you follow the program, you can overcome all of that and I'm you know, I've I've done it, and it took me three months are obviously your mileage mayberry, and then let the time or what struggles you're facing. But despite the fact that I'm taking antipsychotics and despite the fact that my uterus has gone on despite the fact that that the clock is marching on age wise, I have been able just using this to get my body back into its fat fat burning mode back into its skinny self, and I will probably be backto a size zero in a month or two absolutely back to your natural state because our natural state it is not one of obesity and disease, it's not that is not it's natural that is not normal and if we can just heal our bodies it will. Our bodies will pursue our natural state for us, which is one of health and one of slim nous. So I'm so excited for you to see the rebroadcast of that's, not what I expected it to be, but that's ok of how to beat mohr, exercise less, lose weight and live better. Coming up next. Thank you so much for joining us and carry thank you again.

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This course if phenomenal! I've been on a 20+ year journey of trying to find the solution that will help me achieve my body goals that I can stick to, without going crazy. I have tried everything (keto, paleo, low fat, weight watchers, dash etc). Jonathan goes over a massive amount of research to help you understand the 'why' of why these diets don't work longterm and how to eat in a way that's sustainable. In addition, I've always struggled with exercise. I was an athlete growing up but as an adult it's been very difficult to find something that I like and will stick to. This exercise methodology is perfect because it's fast, results oriented and doesn't take longer than 15 minutes. I've recommended this course to everyone who asks. It's absolutely brilliant and I'm so, so grateful!

a Creativelive Student

This class was great - I love that it is presented as a framework so you can fit your own personal needs into it. Jonathan exhaustively covers the ideas, examples, and benefits of this strategy for better living.

Amy Seagram

Excellent class!! I've never seen anyone able to talk so much and so knowledgeably on a subject for so long, great job Jonathan! Carrie was the perfect pairing and I can't wait to try her recipes... so simple.