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Fat Myths and Protein Intake

Lesson 11 from: Eat More, Exercise Less & Lose Weight

Jonathan Bailor

Fat Myths and Protein Intake

Lesson 11 from: Eat More, Exercise Less & Lose Weight

Jonathan Bailor

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11. Fat Myths and Protein Intake

Lesson Info

Fat Myths and Protein Intake

So it's obviously also not about being low fat like a lot of the foods we've talked about today are fat and eating fat is critical to burning fat. The easiest way to wrap your head around this is your body burns what's available to it let's make sense of that for a second let's say you eat eighty pounds of sugar every six months like the average american when your body needs energy and you didn't just eat a sugary snack your body's like I need energy and the energy I'm used to burning is sugar there's no sugar around your body doesn't store sugar your body stores fat there is some sugar stored in your body but for all intensive purposes energy stored on your body as body fat so your body says I need more sugar any more energy. The only way to get more sugar is to eat more sugar and that's. Why people who eat high sugar high carbohydrate diet it's are always hungry they're hungry every one two three hours because your body burns through the sugar that just says I need more fuel but what...

happens if you eat the vast majority of your calories or just the majority of your calories depending on your preference is from fat your body starts to become used to using fat is energy, so now if you were to eat eh breakfast that had a lot of non starchy veggies, some wonderful proteins and a bunch of whole food fats, and your body burns through that four to six hundred calories, it says, well, I need some more energy and I like using fat for energy there's some fat over here and there's some fat over here. There's some fat over here! I don't need to tell you to eat more fat because I've already got some fat to eat on the body by fueling your body with fat yu condition your body to fuel itself with fat, and if you want your body to consume the fact you already have on your body, the way to do that is to condition your body to metabolize fat for energy. The way you do that is by eating fat makes sense, so you can't fear fat. You also can't fairfax, if you fear fat, you're gonna be like I can't eat anything that's saying, except for vegetables and some fruits, and instead, the only way I could get calories is by eating a bunch of pasta and potatoes and corn and all this other nonsense. You have to get your calories from somewhere protein isn't an energy source it's, impossible to eat a lot of carbohydrate if you don't eat starches and sweets, so you have to eat more. Healthy whole food fats questions about fats I just I have I just think that's really important the overcoming the fear of fat it truly I hadn't thought about it that way and like you said, if you're thinking, oh, I can't eat an avocado because it's fatty so let me eat some spaghetti instead that's mine and the other thing that we're really free your mind and actually in the last segment of today we're going to get into even more of like a like a phobia, the fear of fat and how to how to get rid of that. That whole avocado example is a brilliant example because here's here's how the calorie myths have invaded our brains we think this avocado this whole avocado has whatever three hundred calories let's say I don't know how much how many calories already has, so I can eat this avocado I can eat this hundred calorie snack pack once you realize that your body will continue to be hungry and continue to make you feel like crap. So you need a certain number of calories like if you ate three hundred calories from an avocado, that means you're just gonna want three hundred fewer calories later like it's not like you can trick your you will never we will never trick our bodies into being like, oh, I'm starving and I don't realize it your body knows when it doesn't have enough energy, so even if you did eat an avocado and it contained a lot of calories, if your metabolism is working properly, if your brain isn't inflamed, if your gut bacteria where they need to be, if your hormone levels or where they are let's say you were really high fat breakfast, thousand, calorie, high fat, high vegetable breakfast, you're just not gonna be hungry for the rest of the day. Same food is not about deprivation, right? It's about if you think about it, when you go to restaurants like if you were to go to an asian restaurant, you don't leave saying then that rice it was so good like I really like that rice. We need to go back to that asian restaurant because the rice was so good, right? We use starch as filler, use fat to fill yourself up, use protein to fill yourself up, use vegetables to fill yourself up. You don't need diabetes inducing fillers, which is what sugar and starch are in the fear of fat is fat loss failure. We talked about this tips, tricks and techniques, and we're going to fly through these and weaken doom or q and a afterwards, but also remember that these tips, tricks and techniques are about marginal cost marginal benefit so this is about what can we do with the least amount of money and the least amount of time to get the most results there's a lot of people who are really passionate about nutrition who happen like if you really want to geek out on nutrition we could do that that's not the point of this segment the point of this segment is to be like most bang for the buck I'm a single mom with three kids what the heck do I do tomorrow right? Okay cool deeply covered vegetables and at least thirty grams of protein three to six times per day so that's it just tomorrow don't worry about anything else just figure out how to get deeply colored vegetables and nutrient dense protein as your three meals like those of the primary constituents of your meals we'll talk about how to do that but really like boom vegetables protein vegetables protein then philip on fats just do that just do that it's no more complicated and then you do that it's super easy just cook what you would normally cook for dinner just cook more of the main dish and more of the vegetable sides and don't cook a starch it's just like you go out to eat hold the starch double the vegetables that's all you have to do with any restaurant except for a sandwich stops at sandwich shops just don't eat the bread hold the starch double the vegetables you can make almost any meal saying that way thirty grams of protein here is just a way to do this because I'm gonna say oh my gosh thirty grams of protein three to five times per day how would I do this? And if you can do this you will experience a level of fullness and satiety that you've never experienced not only will you not eat insane foods, but you will be like oh my god, I cannot imagine eating insane foods and that's a pretty cool feeling when you when it's literally impossible for you to go off the ranch it's really easy to not go off the ranch so whatever you eat for breakfast at a much egg, whites throw some eggs in there throw some way protein in there easy breezy thirty grams in between breakfast and lunch have a veggie fruit away protein shake will show you how to do that tomorrow for lunch. Whatever you're eating, just double up on the same main course so just like if you have a sandwich, don't use the bread use lettuce and just eat more of this stuff in the middle of another shaking between lunch and dinner and then again whatever you eat for dinner, just double up on the protein triple upon the veggies and hold the starch that's easy eleven to fifteen minutes of marginal time per day cranking through it this is a little bit redundant. We've already covered it, but again, doubling up on meat and veggies at meals very easy you're already eating these things, I just want you to eat them in higher quantities. The general of thumb we've covered is if people ate this one hundred thousand years ago, chances are it's okay to eat today so people did not actually eat, and we'll get into this and later segments ah lot of what we're eating one hundred thousand years ago, and even like whole grains and these ancient grains we hear about, they're really not that agent when you look at the entirety of human civilization. So the less cooking, the less processing, the less modern nous that's applied to food inedible products, the better we touched on this earlier, but shop in bulk, wholesalers and farmers markets. People hear about eating sanely, and they say it's expensive, it absolutely is expensive. If you don't shop in bulk retailers, you have to shop in bulk retailers and farmers markets to make this affordable. But if you shop in bulk retailers such as a costco or a sam's club, it is less expensive in a traditional way of eating on the average same meal, predominantly non starchy veggies, nutrient dense protein, a whole food, fats purchased at a costco is going to be about one two three dollars per meal depending on for example if you went like fresh wild caught alaskan salmon versus canned salmon, a value meal at mcdonald's is like seven dollars so again, if you do this smarter if you buy in bulk if you buy on sale and freeze things it is less expensive to eat sanely than it is to eat insanely not to mention medical bills and gym memberships go down the drain if need be, which is helpful lots of water and green tea you've heard a lot about drinking water so I won't bore you with that anymore just understand that drinking water does actually help your body's ability to burn fat not only isn't just good for you it literally helps your body to burn fat yes that valerie noticed that just watching you drink so much water is a lesson in well that's a great value for bringing that up is when you start eating this way habits form and you become you develop healthy addictions right? So this is probably ridiculous amount of water to drink but I'm just used to drinking water so when I don't drink water I feel thirstier then a normal average person would so you start eating more vegetables you start craving vegetables you start liking the taste of vegetables same thing with water give it twenty one days just twenty one days for the rest, your life will be much better so but in addition to water actually helping you burn fat same thing applies the green tea a lot more about that in the book if you're not drinking water or green tea you were drinking something else and black coffee is also fine, but if you're not drinking water green tea, black coffee or another form of tea you're drinking nonsense like the amount of calories we're consuming in liquid sugar form is ridiculous and liquid sugar is even more damaging than actual like sugar in a food product, it has almost no satiety response in your brain and even a negative satiety response meaning it can make you hungrier cold water causes weight loss that's what we talked about which is great lots of water so at least eight glasses of water per day that's what we here in popular literature it's a good starting point I would recommend doing a bit more than that I would recommend filling up a gallon jug in the morning and trying to empty it by the evening. That doesn't mean you have to drink a gallon of water it means like if you drink coffee if you make green smoothies if you make tea that gallon of water is what she would use for everything makes sense and as a general thumb if you're p isn't clear you should be drinking more water right he should be like very light yellow, if not completely clear. Green tea is also another great way to drink water all the green tea and herbal tea you drink counts as water green tea is a bit like vitamin c. If you look at the actual research, it's hard to find another substance that has as many studies showing as many positive health outcomes as green tea. The reason for that is it has a substance in it called cgc, which is an incredibly powerful polly final, which helps to do all kinds of wondrous things in your body. It sounded concentrations in green and white t that are really just not existent anywhere else. So green tea is great it's been shown to have a negative or our, uh, preventative effect on all of these conditions and more, which is good, but we need to drink a lot of it. So like up to ten bags of green tea per day. That doesn't mean you need to drink ten cups of green tea because you, khun bruce, six bags of green tea and eight ounces of water if you want right, very simple, like again, you know there's, no green sea police that he'd be like up one bag per cup know you could just make ten bags of green tea in the morning and then drink one cup and you're all good and you might say, oh my god, I'm gonna be over hydrated while we already talked about all the green tea you drink council's water so use the same gallon jug you can also brew a lot of green scene a little bit of water from a caffeine perspective a bag of green tea contains about thirty milligrams of caffeine. The average cup of coffee contains upwards of one hundred fifty grams or milligan's grafs hundred fifty milligrams of caffeine, so if you like caffeine, ten bags of green tea per day that are fully caffeinated will give you about the same amount of caffeine as two cups of coffee. If you don't want any more caffeine, just drink decaffeinated green tea easy enough problem solved overspending green tea can be very expensive just like wine can be very expensive there's also very cheap wine there's was a very cheap green tea from a health perspective cheap green tea is fine if you like high quality green tea because the taste keep drinking it but supplement with cheaper green tea I use amazon subscribe and save to ship me bigelow bulk green tea every month it breaks down to about eight cents a bag, including shipping and handling delivered to my doorstep that's less than a dollar a day pretty good preventative health insurance what we're talking about drinking the quickest and easiest way to clog and kill our metabolism is to drink insane calories don't do that and also alcohol from a high level is not saying it's not going to immediately kill you but remember when we say something saying we're saying we want you to go out of your way to consume more of it obviously the recommendation is not going to be out of your way to drink more alcohol so alcohol there is saner forms about call so clear hard liquor is the best and then beer and sugary mix drinks are the worst so like wine moves more towards seigner relative to other alcohol's but like beer especially for guys out there you want to suppress testosterone production you want to increase estrogen production you want to get visceral fat a k a beer belly drink beer like there's a reason it's called a beer belly it's been shown to actually cause visceral at a posse t or a beer belly in clinical studies so clear hard liquor if you need to drink and wine are your best choice is cool and I think we got time for questions let's take one question a question and I heard you saying before about the thirty grams of protein per meal what is so magical about that? I don't know if there's time for that but thank you for asking has always wondered I love talking about the science so the reason? One of the reasons besides the tidy that eating protein is important is it enables you to rebuild your body through a process called muscle protein synthesis. So when muscle protein synthesis happens in your body you're literally building a new version of you your body can create up to two hundred fifty grams off new suzanne per day like it's literally rebuilding you but it will never do that unless it unless you trigger it but you have to trigger that process the way that processes triggered is through an amino acid in part called lucy we're getting really good yeah, I like it so so generally losing to reach the threshold in your blood too stimulate this pathway in your brain called m tour you have to eat thirty grams of protein to get the amount of the amino acid losing in your blood to trigger muscle protein synthesis and by triggering muscle protein synthesis not only will it help you to maintain and build muscle tissue, but the act of doing that actually researchers at university illinois by the name of donald lehman has estimated that if you trigger muscle protein synthesis about three times per day so breakfast, lunch and dinner the act of synthesizing knew you. Ken burns can cost five to seven hundred calories so by eating more protein in these doses you can actually burn more calories than you could through almost any form of exercise because your body is literally saying, I've got enough protein to build more you, and it costs a lot of energy to build more you. And that happens at thirty grams approx, I mean it's, a good estimation, but generally speaking, thirty grams. For smaller people, it could go down to potentially twenty. It also depends on where you're getting your protein like egg whites, great source of protein, super high losing levels, way protein, super high losing levels versus like soy. You would eat soy protein. You probably need to eat more, more soy protein.

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