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Eat More, Exercise Less & Lose Weight

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Class Introduction

Jonathan Bailor

Eat More, Exercise Less & Lose Weight

Jonathan Bailor

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3. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Hello hello internet so before we get started, I was instructed to give a little back on who this course is for and of course we always lead with lose weight because that's sexy way always want to lead with sexy and getting attention, but who this course is really for is anyone who eats and exercises and I know that seems a little bit silly, but in reality we all like to be in the know right? We're all they want to know current events we want to know what's going on, we want to know the truth as people like that's just the way we're wired and I get so fired up about what we're going to learn about today because when it comes to eating and exercise, we just haven't been told the truth and oftentimes it's not because anyone is malicious or trying to hurt us it's just that we continue to get told the same things we've been told for fifty years you think about any other area of our lives, but we don't use the same phones we used five minutes ago, but we do use the same eating and exercise ...

guidance as we did fifty years ago and it's not working and the good news is there's been so much radical progress that if we could just educate ourselves in the modern science of eating and exercise, you'll see how slim simple can become and how healthy is the default state? Not something you need to struggle and work for constantly, so very exciting and very I mean what's more important, then just like feeling great and being able to do whatever we were all put here to do to the best of our abilities, right? None of us were put here to count calories, I can guarantee you that no matter what your belief system, you were not put here to do math when you sit at the kitchen table and you were not put here to spend your life on a human hamster, wheel health is to enable you to do other things, to help others, to make the world a better place. And if health is complicated and requires your conscious thought always, you're not able to do that, and we're going to free you were going to free you from all of this complexity and all these myths by breaking down the science and giving you the tools you'll need to be healthy insulin forever, not just for the next twenty one days or seven days sound good all right, awesome. All right, so the calorie myth is the name of the upcoming book that covers all of the fun stuff we're going to talk about today and the basic leases of that book and the thesis of our many, many hours together over the next two days is what if everything we were taught about health and fitness was wrong? Well if that was true we'd probably expect skyrocketing rates of obesity we'd probably expect skyrocketing rates of diabetes we'd probably also expects skyrocketing rates of dieting and of exercise because that's what we were told to do that's is what we're doing and we are getting worse we're trying harder and getting worse and that's unacceptable son except one any other area of life and it's unacceptable for health and fitness as well so how did how did way get to this place and how did I get to this place? Because if as a kind of s o kindly introduced my background is actually in technology in addition to biology I'm actually a senior program manager at microsoft as my second job in addition to doing health and fitness research people like what how what what that doesn't make any sense so before we get started I'd like to share with you a story of my journey to this what has now been thirteen years over a thousand studies over ten thousand pages of research collaboration with top doctors and researchers all around the world I'm so honored to have guests all around the world that's so cool thank you talking harvard medical school johns hopkins eh yale just all around the world the most brilliant minds so why why did I do all this my previous life prior to microsoft was as a personal trainer and even way before that way let's go way back so I was a very, very skinny geeky child, so so I had the opposite problem most people have I was too thin I'm I was one of those naturally thin people and I was raised in a house with two professor parents so both are college professors, so you could imagine our dinner conversations were a little less kardashians oriented and a little more plato and socrates oriented, so very geeky skinny kid who has a much older brother much older brother who ten years older than I am extremely athletic so you know what would be like my older brother? I also really liked superman, so I wanted to be like superman and I'm dickie intrinsically like that's just the way I am so I want to be like my older brother geeky household, very academic parents so what did I do? I do the same thing everyone else does. I studied popular literature red muscle magazines read anything I could find at the library went so far actually to became a personal trainer. The way I paid my way through college was working at bally's total fitness in columbus, ohio, as a trainer also did independent training and it was it was in that professional experience that my life changed dramatically because two things happened one I wanted to get bigger right like my mission for myself personally at that time was to get bigger I will be a big strong football player I kid you not and I'm not exaggerating I would eat and I'd expect excel spreadsheets showing this up to six thousand calories per day and the only way to do that is I would take a shot glass double shot glass of olive oil and I would just shoot it with every meal because try to eat six thousand calories of food without using weight gainer shakes is very hard actually, so I'm meeting six thousand calories per day doing no cardiovascular exercise to the type of exercise were traditionally told to do a lot of like jogging things like that but as a trainer that's not at all what my clients were doing my clients were doing the exact opposite so most often I would say eighty percent plus they were female but not always over the age of thirty five often having families so very time constraint they wanted to get smaller while I wanted to get bigger, so I told them to do what everyone else tells everyone else to do because it's what we've been taught it's what all the experts in the field have been taught and it's what was thought of as truth fifty years ago but has been since disproven but that hasn't been shared with us yet and that's to just eat less and exercise more so I would start thes these brilliant clients out on sixteen hundred calories per day that wouldn't work so we drop in a fourteen hundred they would feel worse and feel tired but they weren't losing weight so we drop into twelve hundred and then they felt even worse and even more tiresome so you know what? You just need to exercise more. So instead of coming to see me three days a week, I'm actually going to charge you twice as much worked out well for me from an economic perspective but now you need exercise for sixty minutes a day, ninety minutes a day oh you're just skipping breakfast actually you know what skipped lunch too no pain, no gain right? So like the fact that it hurts and the fact that you feel terrible trying to become healthy, which in and of itself sounds a little weird, but at the time I didn't have that realization was you know what you're not you're not trying hard enough and that's I thought that way for about a year and then I took a step back because I noticed also I wasn't getting bigger, so here I have one person right one homo sapien were all the same species jonathan baylor at that time I was about eighteen nineteen that range six thousand calories a day not really exercising, not gaining weight I was going to the bathroom a lot but I wasn't gaining a lot of weight no wait actually okay then you have other homo sapiens twelve hundred calories per day exercising more not losing weight how can that be possible like how does that work? And I started to think to myself and I've never actually shared this uh I was one of those people and I feel so bad about this I was one of those people that as a naturally thin person I would look at people who are not as fortunate as I was genetically and you'd be like what's what's wrong with you just try harder but then I thought to myself what if someone who was like naturally muscular told me like clearly jonathan you're not eating enough like you just try harder to get bigger? I couldn't and these these brilliant clients were trying harder to slim down and they couldn't despite what we were doing it wasn't because we were morally weak it wasn't because we were gluttons it was, as I now know after this thirteen year journey because we were using the wrong information we were given the wrong tool set and we did not achieve our results as would be expected if you have the wrong tool set so once I came to this realization that it's not because people are dumb or lazy but rather that they're trying extremely hard it's not working and oftentimes if you try extremely hard and something doesn't work, you develop this thing called learned helplessness, which is when you try and and no matter like you're trying harder and you're getting worse, you learn that sure helpless that there really isn't anything you can do so you give up and then you also fall prey to charlotte and scams that promise you results that can never be true pills, powders, potions, et cetera. And when I made this discovery, I experienced this this sense of of sadness and failure because I was I was two things I was making people less healthy, right? Like my job and my mission was to make people healthier and to feel better about themselves and my approach to doing that made them sicker and feel worse about themselves, and I believe anyone who at their heart wants to help people if you see that what you're doing is hurting them. It's your you have an obligation to take a step back and say some something is wrong here and it's probably not the other people, maybe it's the information so that's, what happened? I said, like, I literally cannot go into work anymore because this this isn't working, so you probably wonder why I gave all this background information about my family that's when the geeky side of me turned on and I was I was at a loss, I was doing what I was taught as a trainer, it wasn't working, so I said, what other options do we have said, uh, parents are college professors, there are other resource is out there, there's academic journal articles, there's primary research there's and a chronology ists, there's, neurobiologist, there's people who study your gut bacteria like there's, there's a there are fields involved in metabolic regulation that we never even think about rightly we talked personal trainers, we talked to dietitians, but where do they get their information from? And then actually, where do those people get their information from? And actually, we're do those people get their information from, and then you end up in this space of these really dense academic journal articles that you can't just go read off mean pub met is a brilliant resource for people that know about it, but a lot of these journal articles you've gotta pay subscriptions to, and even if you can get access to him, try reading them. They're not like men's health, right? Like, they're well, so I started reading these, and after about a year I started to learn how to read them, they started to make a little bit more sense. And I immediately was shocked at the disconnect between what I was taught as a trainer, right? So trainers over here and then there's some people that teach them there's people that teach them there's your actual research, there was this chasm between what the modern, actual, demonstrative clinical research had proven and what I was taught as a trainer and what we hear about all day, every day it was shocking, and then I took it a step further because I'm not a doctor, right? So I need a little bit of help to understand these things, so I would call these researchers and I would email them because on most academic papers, the researchers email addresses, they're right there because nobody reads them so they don't have to worry about getting too many emails. And interestingly enough, if you call someone whose job is to do research and you tell them, hey, brilliant person, you're brilliant. Will you share your brilliance with me? I want to share it with the world, they're often very accommodating, so I ended up spending at this point upwards almost fifteen years. So, like from the age of eighteen nineteen, I'm in my early thirties now, so over ten years, just stepping back from what I was taught and saying what is proven. Not what I was taught what has been proven by the primary scientific research no one's opinions fact we joke around often in the support group that biology isn't a matter of opinion it's a matter of fact right? Just like you can study what happens when you injust penicillin and it's pretty predictable you khun study what happens when you say in just eggs and it's pretty predictable so fifteen years later about thirteen hundred studies we ended up with this crazy conclusion that to heal your metabolism to to take those clients who couldn't lose weight no matter how little they ate and this person who couldn't gain weight no matter how much he ate, what is the actual difference is like in the brain chemistry between these two people or in the hormonal balance between these two people or even in the gut bacteria between these two people what is going on like this person? The answer clearly isn't just eat less exercise more this person that answer is clearly not just eat more exercise less so what is the answer? How can these people make their bodies work? Mohr like these people gonna get a hell of a workout during this session and what we found was surprising really surprising but actually when you think about it it's actually not surprising at all here's what I mean so the title of the course wass etm, or exercise, less right and that's. The subtitle of the book, the calorie men, how to eat more, exercise, less lose weight in the better, which seems really counterintuitive except that we've been doing eat less, exercise more while getting worse, so it actually isn't that crazy to think that the opposite might give you the opposite, so will prove that out and that's what's cool is you don't have to take my word for it. In fact, I would urge you, please don't take my word for it and don't take anybody's word for it. Biology isn't a matter of opinion, it's a matter of fact, it doesn't matter what I think it matters, what's been proven and that's what we're going to cover today, good, awesome.

Class Description

Want to lose weight without starving yourself or logging endless monotonous miles on the treadmill? Join CreativeLive instructor Jonathan Bailor for a workshop on how to slim down by eating more, exercising less, and listening to your body’s needs.

Drawing on the methods from Jonathan’s groundbreaking book The Calorie Myth, this course will debunk common misconceptions about calories and dietary needs. You’ll learn an entirely new way of eating that focuses on using fewer calories and more satisfaction. Jonathan will teach you how to stabilize your blood sugar, feed yourself efficiently, and consume the right nutrients. Jonathan will also introduce you to new methods of exercise that will overhaul your muscle physiology and help you achieve efficient, dramatic results.

Whether you’ve been trying to find the right diet for years or you’re just beginning to take control of your nutrition and health, this course will give you the tools you need to feel better and live better.

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This course if phenomenal! I've been on a 20+ year journey of trying to find the solution that will help me achieve my body goals that I can stick to, without going crazy. I have tried everything (keto, paleo, low fat, weight watchers, dash etc). Jonathan goes over a massive amount of research to help you understand the 'why' of why these diets don't work longterm and how to eat in a way that's sustainable. In addition, I've always struggled with exercise. I was an athlete growing up but as an adult it's been very difficult to find something that I like and will stick to. This exercise methodology is perfect because it's fast, results oriented and doesn't take longer than 15 minutes. I've recommended this course to everyone who asks. It's absolutely brilliant and I'm so, so grateful!

a Creativelive Student

This class was great - I love that it is presented as a framework so you can fit your own personal needs into it. Jonathan exhaustively covers the ideas, examples, and benefits of this strategy for better living.

Amy Seagram

Excellent class!! I've never seen anyone able to talk so much and so knowledgeably on a subject for so long, great job Jonathan! Carrie was the perfect pairing and I can't wait to try her recipes... so simple.