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Pricing & Booking

Lesson 10 from: FAST CLASS: Glamour Photography

Sue Bryce

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10. Pricing & Booking

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Pricing & Booking

seems to me that these two types of photographers is the one that wants the large sitting fee with the minimum spend. And they constantly say to me, You gave shoots away. You gave vouchers away and I think, yes, but you have to pay a makeup artist. Well, yes, The idea was that I gave a shoot away so that they would spend money and then I could pay my mega powders. Oh, what if they didn't buy anything? Well, there are some people that don't, but that's the law of averages. Okay, so let's talk about that. There is the photographer that wants the large sitting fee with the minimum Spain that sells packages. Nothing quite says you are going to spend $499 like telling people that your minimum spend in your package to May. What you're doing to your client is telling them that they're going to spend $499 that's what you're going to in. And then there's a photographer that has a low or no sitting fee and an al a carte menu, which is not asking for a fee up front or asking for a $90.100 dollar ...

fee out front and then opening up an AL a carte menu. So it straight away that terrified the hell out of me cause I wanted to know in my mind what I was gonna in. So if I told everyone I had a $400.812 $100 package, then I felt safe that I was going to either get 408 112 100. And guess what? Guess which one? You get out of those three, you get lots of four hundreds, because what does your client here, The cheapest of the three packages? Correct. Okay, there's no value there. There's no idea around it. There's no nothing. All they hear is 400 bucks. Awesome, Done seed in Stein. So I changed everything toe another cat menu with a free shoot. For the 1st 6 months of my business, what I needed was recommendations, bums on seat contexts and never at any time did what I offer say that it was free. Never, And this is how I did that. I decided right early on that it is a confused mind says No. I walk into too many studios with priceless with 100 things on it, and I look at them and I go You just have boggled people with numbers and you have ceased to sell the one thing that you are trying to sell them. And that is the photography and the experience. In my studio, you can buy a folio box. It's handmade by Celtics in Australia, my favorite album company. They treat me like a family member, and I'm not even one of their big clients because the big clients do hundreds of winnings a year. I love their folio box because I hate albums. Okay, I don't want to offer albums. I think they confusing. If you want to sell albums in your studio, go for it. I don't want to. I want to sell war portrait. It's in a folio box. This is a Celtics folio box. This is a beautiful polio box with my name and Bost on it, and inside this folio box is a beautiful sit off mounted images, and they can be taken out. The best part is, is they could be framed individually, given away as gifts or, if you want to keep it, is a very special little gift. A little keepsake. You can hide it under the bid if you want to, if it's a private four year box. But the beauty of it, too, is it stands up vertically in a bookshelf, and you can print on this out of cover. These are also distributed through America by Finnair. Sure, now, when I tell you that I sell war Portrait's from small to large and a folio box with images from six up starting at $1200 that's it. There is no more there when I show you this. These in my war portrait's They start seven by Tina. $275 they go up to $1200 for 30 45 Those sizes. Aaron Inches. You can pay extra for framing. That's your choice. This is my nine at frame. When I do a shoot, I'll do a dancing Siri's. I'll work toward selling a nine up off either one vertical set of horizontal images or vertical images, and what I'm trying to do is sell one beautiful frame. Sit these images. Air six by four If you have six by four images times that by nine. It makes that entire sit up about 22 inches, 24 inches wide by 30. It's a gallery of your nine best images, that is $2000. Friend didn't finished, so if you do not want the folio box, you could have an entire wall gallery in one frame. If you do not want that, I sell individual images for the wall. I've covered all three of my basis with three products. There is simple to understand, and I look at it like this. This isn't a beautiful folio box. Small, medium or large, Madam Church se. If I can simplify what I do, I can simplify the experience and then simplify the cost of it. People not only understand it, they're not. They're no longer confused by enthusiasm. Comes from the ancient Greek word in Theus, in Theo's means, to be filled with a god within you to be completely devoid off all ego and to be filled with a god within you, to the feeling that you were so excited and so impassioned by what you do that it's so easy to translate to other people that energy is so attractive in any form that anybody who is actively happy in this world will attract ultimately millions and millions of followers off people because we all want that same feeling. It's just unavoidable when we see it in others. And we know it's not bullshit. We know it's the truth. Well, you can't fake that. Consumers have 1/6 sense. They're smart, they smell your fear. They can smell fake, and you will reek of it if you are not truly enthusiastic about what you do. And if you aren't enthusiastic about what you do going, do something else. You know, I always thought to myself, I could be every day I would drive to this gas station and I have a little mix five convertible and I always drive with the roof down and I pull into this gas station and this guy runs out with his cap on, puts gas in my car. He does not know my name, but he X like he knows me every week. I see this guy every week, he charges out. He says hi to May 1 day I go there and he's gone, and for a year this guy's been putting guest in my carriage chatting to me every week. I don't know his name. Amazing dude. Suddenly I'm waiting for my car. Nobody comes out on putting guest in my own car and then having to pay. Go in, come out, Put guests in my cargo. We can buy some other stuff. I'm annoyed. I don't want to go there anymore. And it occurred to me that guy was happy pumping gas. He was just a heavy day, right? Hey, whatever his life Waas he used to like Channing toe all the girls and all the boys that used to come in and get the guest. And he was an amazing guy. He was just happy. Like it didn't matter what he did. He was happy. I thought to myself, I'm a photographer and I've got this amazing looking job, but I am struggling to make money. I've got absolutely no money in the bank in this guy's heavy pumping gas, you know, attitude counts for 99% of everything. And if you can't be happy or enthusiastic about what you're doing, do something else. If you want to be a photographer, but you cannot master the business side of being a photographer go and work for another photography studio. I did for 10 years. Yes, you will not get paid as much. But guess what? You also don't have to market your business. Sell your work, pay Texas. I lie awake at night wondering how you're going to pay those Texas one. Lie awake at night, wondering where your next shoots are gonna come from. Lie awake, Ignite trying to evolve your business constantly and go to work every day and manage eight bretz, you know, so you'll get less money, but you'll get to do what you love. Do whatever spend two wheels until you're not spinning your wheels. You are not actively participating in your own life. You know, being miserable is not a way of life. It is just not being miserable is not the answer to your choice. Change it anytime you want.

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