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Lesson 15 from: FAST CLASS: Glamour Photography

Sue Bryce

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15. Sales

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This is my priceless right. I showed you this priceless before my sales advice to you is to shut up and get out of the way. Now, I could not sell a $400 product because I was marketing to a $400 client. When I started to Mac took market to a $4000 client I started. Teoh produced a $ product. Okay, that does not mean that everybody spent $4000. My studio average in the studio that we built was 1800 only went up to three grand when I went out on my own. So $1800 was my studio average. That was my basic price list, but the point Waas is in order to sell portrait. All I had to do is educate my client at the first touch point, which is when they contacted May. I had to educate them on the experience, sell the experience, and I had to sell my priceless to them with the experience at the same time. Then what happens is they will come in for their viewing, and I have done a phone conversation. Aren't consultation or a visual consultation with them. If you do visual consultations where they com...

e into your space, have a look at the space and talk about how they want to be photographed. You have a higher booking, right? If you do a phone consultation and you connect with them via the phone, you have a drop off rate because they have not made a connection with you. They may have spoken to you, but they have not seen you in making made the effort to come to your studio. We do not put our personal idea of what people value l work. And if we have no value for ourselves in our work, the people who value their time and their work make money. The people who have no very fruit do not because they're too busy putting their own lecher venue in their own work and worrying about what they're not giving people and worrying about what they are giving. People are worrying about who down the road is giving what to somebody else for what price? That they've actually stopped loving the business and being enthusiastic about it, and they simply working from a place of need and a place of you know struggle, and all of a sudden I value now my time, my gift, and I hopefully communicate that to other people. And when you educate them as to the cost of it because they're attracted to a desirable product, they're educated easily with basic system basic product, and then you follow it through with outstanding service. Then you can sustain an income is a portrait photographer because you will get so much referral and repeat business that it will all be with while.

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