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Posing Touch Points

Lesson 5 from: FAST CLASS: Incredible Engagement Photography

Pye Jirsa

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5. Posing Touch Points

Lesson Info

Posing Touch Points

touchpoints. This is their body language. So basically, the more points of contact on the body, the more romantic a shot is getting right. The less points of contact, I usually say whimsical. A shot gets very whimsical, you know, like the shots where they're standing apart, like, kind of holding hands in the center. Or they might even be like to standing apart, looking each other. Those kind of things get very whimsical. Very kind of like, just playful type stuff. All right, so let me show you guys So body linings, more touch points. More romantic. Case in point. Oh, look at that. This was during our pre shoot. I was like, Hey, guys, so more touch points means more romantic. And he's and she's like, So look at this. Boom. We got 1234567 20 Something touchpoints there. That's amazing. Perfect. I use the word brilliant cause he's English. Okay, I'm gonna actually yes. And take a break for one second. I'll bring you guys back in just a minute. Um, let's go. This next one. So this is kind ...

of a case in point. What they're doing here, if you think about what they're doing in their head in your head right here. They're kissing, which would you not agree? That's a pretty intimate thing. Like, I wouldn't go on kiss you, Steve. Unless, you know, we were a little bit tighter than we are. You know, that's just like, not yet. Okay, so this is a kiss on the forehead, right? So which one is actually a more intimate action? It's not this one, um, or intimate action. Kissing on the lips is a more intimate action, but which one feels more romantic? Ballon. Right. So when we analyze it, it's the touch points. So we only have to touch points here versus this shot that has connections throughout the entire Mitch. But honestly, if you imagine if if she was looking into the camera, which I have that shot to, it's still gonna feel very like romantic. If she was smiling and laughing when he was kissing holding under that tight, it's still gonna feel very romantic. So but expression does have a definite impact. So we did this head angle a second ago. There's head angle, and I wanted to use my high school prom shot for this But they told me no. Because me and my date, like you can see all the people posed or like uh oh, that's close together. And then me and my date were like like a rug. It was It was a good thing, but head angle in means it has a symbol of closeness. Okay, so when you put two people together, we're gonna demonstrate it in just a second. When you have two people together and one of their heads are going away, it's generally not a good thing and generally gonna mean, ah, lack of closeness there. Or oftentimes, it's a lack of comfort. Comfort with each other. Right? Okay, So in in reality now, this shot right here, what's happening is that our minds might go. Hey, I kind of like this photograph a little better. And there's two things that might make you think that way, but you might not know it. Okay, Well, the obvious thing is that his expression right here doesn't quite match what her expression is doing there. But the second thing is that the head angle, it doesn't match the body language. You know, I'm saying, like she's hugging into him with their head going away. So these air the wise that I want you guys to know, because when you look at that at first you go, there's something off about it. I want at the end of this course for you to go, whether it's the lighting, whether it's the posing, whether it's whatever, I want you to identify what it is that makes it that way so you can fix it. So with the head angle in the body language match and we get a really great shot and we had him smile for that. Now there's there's kind of a thing with head angle and laughing, By the way, you guys notice that if you put a couple together, let me do this for a second. Have you guys come in close together and have you just hug onto his arm and then Travis open up to the audience? Perfect. Just like that, Travis, you're looking towards her. And if you were toe laugh, what is your natural reaction when you laugh? Okay, Your general natural reaction is not when you're when you're laughing, you don't really look into each other's eyes usually laugh, and the person looks away. Okay, that is the one time where head angle and this kind of stuff doesn't really apply. If she's if you capturing a good laugh and she's kind of like going with her head away, it's totally fine. That's how it should look, if you were to say, OK, laugh. But look at each other. Well, that might actually work. Is there like professionals? That was actually pretty good, but you get what I'm saying. All right, thanks, guys.

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