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Fat Burning Tips

Lesson 8 of 17

Making a Balanced Meal

Abel James

Fat Burning Tips

Abel James

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8. Making a Balanced Meal


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Making a Balanced Meal

What does ah plate actually look like and it's called the wild diet this is basically the name for the dietary paradigm that I've come up with that really resonates with me eating wild foods eating foods that would have been found in the while this one hundred gatherer that sort of thing so it's a little bit different than paleo because it allows for some of the more modern things a cz well awesome starches which can be a little bit controversial in some of the paleo world so let's look at some actual foods that this would be made up of uh you want the majority of your play to be made up of veggies especially green ones but colorful veggies awesome make sure that that is number one on your plate or if it's not then make sure that it's significant a portion of one of your other meals of the day so if I know that I'm not going to have access to a great salad or something like that then I'll make sure that I have a green smoothie in the morning or at some point throughout the day you want...

to make sure that you're getting lots of green veggies at some point during your day meets and eggs they should throw while pastured organic and that sort of thing um and this is where it's a little bit more customizable these two things pretty much apply to everybody if you do this this is what celebrities do, you can lose enormous amounts of fat in a short period of time, even if you like this is really what a lot of them do, they just take this piece off, they focus on veggies and meet go super low carb, and it it shuttles a lot of the store water out of your body, you shed fat super quickly, but over the long period of time, it can actually down regulate some of the important fat burning hormones that you have, so I don't really recommend as a lifestyle choice, but if you do have a photo shoot or something like that, then it can help you lean down really quickly, even though you know, I can teach some of these these tactics that would reduce your body fat in a super short period of time, usually, what happens if you do it really quickly? It comes back quickly to because it's it's, so difficult to follow, that you don't want to follow it and see you stop following it, then everything just comes back, so you don't want it to be temporary. You wanted to be a lifestyle thing, so I'd much rather have you lose five pounds in the first month, then twenty pounds in the first seven days, and then regain it later, because that wasn't really effective at all yeah worked, but people aren't doing it. You wanna make sure that you do it ok? So fats or a great part of your diet? Good way to put it on is on the veggies in terms of in terms of the dressing, so it could be like an olive oil mca damien that's something else that's on top off your veggies could be butter on there could be butter on your meats and eggs or some other fat toe add some chlor clothed there starches are scaleable based on your activity. If you're running marathons, go ahead, eat a bunch of potatoes like that's that's just fine this way better than those in gu packs that I used to I have when I was running marathons, not a good long term plan basically what you see in that graph before of your blood sugar going up and down not a good call over the long term it's it's basically it's it's hurting your body and you're less likely to be able to burn fat later if you're doing that as a rule. So the starches that you want to use as part of your diet are actually going to be uh, something like a sweet potato or two were maybe rice a lot of people ask about well, should I have white rise or brown rice? There are different ways to argue about it, I would say don't freak out just a little bit of rice sometimes and it's totally cool keen wa there's some other grants as long as it doesn't have modern wheat or modern gmo corn or anything like that in it you're probably going to be okay and then fruits are also scaleable make sure that they're either flat flash frozen like I was talking about before or preferably seasonal and seasonal fruits are absolutely terrific you can get it at the farmer's market you can get him in poll foods and a bunch of other places pretty much anywhere in the world organic is catching on that's terrific. All right, so this is what a breakfast might look like if you follow this dietary fat burning paradigm and it's this this one in particular is high in fruit right now less to show you the amount of fruit that you should be eating but more just about like some of the different options that you might have. So, um the protein here which is actually eggs are largely fat as well is egg it's a great breakfast for most people? Bacon really adds a lot to the flavor. Some other sort of meat or salted meat can help aa lot of people enjoy the process of eating eggs especially if it's not something you normally do and then rounded out with some colorful fruits a green smoothing is also a great option which I might be ableto talk about if we have time later then a typical lunch might look something like this you have a salad the big old healthy slice of I believe this is a raw sheep cheese absolutely delicious ah we have some grilled chicken one thing about grilling in order to reduce toxins you want to make sure that you're cooking methods are as low temperature and gentle as possible the higher temperature it is the more likelihood of adding different sorts of uh toxins and you could be oxidizing the fats and doing other things that you don't really want so cooking gently is always a good call and then some veggies as well and finally for dinner we're looking at ah nice colorful salad you might have some grilled grilled veggies on the side some fatty uh meat of some kind so right now we're looking at some salmon which is that the naturally fatty fish but you might want to add some or fat to it like butter or olive oil to make sure that you're covering off on your your hunger you want to eat until you're not hungry any more you want to make sure that you're not starving after you eat either which is something that naturally doesn't happen after you eat the right foods when you eat foods like this after you eat you're not really hungry because your body is full it's it's absorbing nutrients, you're not getting that huge spike in your blood sugar and the flood of insulin that makes you hungry when it comes back down. So if you follow this, I mean this if you look at it, the portions right here a bit higher than like a normal small woman might eat, but they're probably about on par for someone like me or george he's going to be on the show next or like a larger male, but it all completely depends on your own metabolism, your own genetic make up your own tastes, so make sure you're eating until you're full and don't be ashamed of that at all. We should be full we should be eating like eating is not something that makes you fat it's something that keeps you alive and keeps you the lean and healthy and nourishes your body when you eat your nourishing your body, you're not getting fat as long as you're eating the right foods. So this is what it looks like we're having a cooking demo in the next session with my great friend george brian, we're going to be making some some fat burning cookies with him that's going to be fun, I'm also very open to answering questions specifically about foods as well we will have plenty of questions, so one more quick thing for you the questions perfect. Um, focus on what you can eat instead of all the junk that you can't it's really important in terms of your own psychology to think, oh, man, I can't eat any of this stuff. It's absolutely ridiculous that you would said you should cut off my diet out it's like no ad in good things and focus on that focus on these positive choices that you could make to make sure that you get the body of your dreams and the health of your dreams. Don't worry about all that stuff. It'll be pushed out automatically. Once you figure out that it's not as good as you thought it, wass.

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Are you ready to lose weight, burn fat, and live healthier? Join Abel James for a workshop that will arm you with the tools you need to take control of your health — from dietary changes to healthy habits and everything in between.

Drawing on extensive personal wellness experience, Abel will guide you through his proven techniques and tips for integrating good habits into your daily life. You’ll learn common misconceptions about obesity and fat burning tips, neo-paleolithic foods and cooking methods, workouts with real results, and accelerated fat-burning techniques.

You’ll come away from this course empowered to make positive changes to your fitness level, mindset, and way of life. These are the the fat burning tips that make a difference. 


Mary Kalabokis

Able is a well-researched and well-spoken presenter. I thought he was spot-on with everything he said. I really enjoyed listening to this course. It is very much in line with other authors and books that I have read such as Primal Blueprint's Mark Sisson, Tim Ferris 4-hour body, Wheat Belly, Why we get fat, Dr Mercola and many others. The concepts are simple and not difficult to implement. I believe he is in a group of people in that are emerging in forefront of today's health. I read some of the other reviews and the negative ones were so off base. He is actually full of important information that is accurate and that most of us prefer to ignore because it is easier to just go through a drive through. Thank you Able! You simplified some very complex and controversial topics in a way that was easy for us to digest. (Pardon the expression.)

Brian Roma

Abel James knows what he is talking about. I have lost 45 pounds in 8 months following these guidelines. This healthy lifestyle has completely changed my health and I owe it to Abel and the information that he shares.