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Fulfill Your Creative Purpose

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Will You Choose To Live Your Greater Purpose

Ann Rea

Fulfill Your Creative Purpose

Ann Rea

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25. Will You Choose To Live Your Greater Purpose

Lesson Info

Will You Choose To Live Your Greater Purpose

Welcome back to fulfill your creative purpose we just finished up with less than twenty four which is about who you conserve and now we're gonna roll into lesson twenty five which is will you choose to live your greater purpose and we have a guest coming on from new york city samos mitch segal and he has an interesting story to tell about choosing to live your greater purpose and uh he went through a process of discovery that was probably a little bit unexpected for mitch in a little unexpected for me even so let's welcome, miss siegal. Hi, mitch. So mitch siegel is joining us from new york city and mitch I want to ask you like I've asked the other guests um in the process of working together what were three things that you learned our insights that you gained just the first one that pops into your head the first one I would say is who am I as an artist? I would say yeah that's the first one okay, but you've actually chosen a different route because when we first started talking about ...

talking with one another uh you identified as a painter and then we examined some of the purposeful lessons that you learned and so mitch has a son who is an adult son who was diagnosed with autism and um one thing that mitch did was he did not give up on his son and he dug deep and it was like you and your and your former wife actually um did not give up on your son right? And you advocated so when we looked at the most meaningful lessons in your life you came to the conclusion that maybe your mission was less to do with your painting and mohr two d'oh with helping other parents who just received a diagnosis that their child has received autism or is his ideas of autism yes, yes it was very unexpected you know, we went down the road of thinking you know, we're going toe you know, figure out who I am as an artist and it took a turn on when we found out that it was very much about who I am as a person is a is a father of a child with autism right? And a power a powerfully supportive father because your son is doing really well yeah, he is doing well of course you know he's still on the autism spectrum but in light of that he's doing really wonderful so when great kid yeah very happy kind of guy, right? And so the title of this segment is about choosing to live your greater purpose so maybe your purpose has to do with art maybe it doesn't have anything to do with art maybe it has something to do with photography maybe it doesn't have anything to do with photography doesn't mean that you have to stop doing photography or deaf stop stop painting at all, but it may be that you have some specialized knowledge and experience that other people could benefit from so mitch, you went on you you taught me a lot about autism more than I ever knew and one of the things that you taught me was that early diagnosis was critical to the success and the health of the child is that right? Right? Early diagnosis and early intervention in early intervention really extremely critical all right, so I'm gonna I'm gonna circle back to my initial question. So the first insight I asked you straight you said you know, finding out who you were is an artist well, who you were as an artist I think you found out but I think you found out who you are as a person. Well, you know it's a combination of both because as I started to develop the autism community of hope you know, people say, oh you're not painting and I said no they said, well, what do you do for creative outlet? And I said I'm developing you know, a whole organization and so that's that's just extremely great it is and let me talk a little bit about that you you so what mitch did was that he developed this process of how to cope with a diagnosis if your child has been diagnosed with autism like how do you actually deal? Because the medical establishment doesn't actually help you deal they just give you the diagnosis and you have to deal you have to deal with e schools you have to deal deal with healthcare practitioner is you have to deal and what can happen is you can lose hope so the name of your organization is what so what's your website mitch early for numeral for autism dot com and the organization is the autism community of hope so the system that mitch created which was very much a creative process and still is because you're still creating this you're still you know you're getting you're just getting going in a lot of ways exactly it's about six weeks into the auto you know the website launching but it's really such a creative process because you're always tweaking and changing things sometimes that messages has changed a bit what a call to action might be changed, you know, round, so it is a very creative process and an ongoing one. So mitch, talk to us about this system that you created and now I wouldn't want to preface this by saying that one of the other things that mitch has done is he's done some incredible networking with medical experts in the field who recognized that he's got something here that his experience as a pair a supportive parent of an autistic son is incredibly valuable to their patients and it's something that they could not bring to the table so you developed this basically kind of a process or how would you describe it? So it was it's an action plan in action plan because one of the things that happens is people get the diagnosis and they freeze up I don't know what to dio right? Right, yeah, we developed an action plan it's an individualized action plan for each person because it's a spectrum disorder hortiz um but it's broken into three pieces, one is accessing early intervention services. Another one is is coping with the impact of autism on parents, and the third one is becoming a effective advocate for your child. So that's where that that's the action plan that we develop and if you go to a physician, you're just going to get the diagnosis, right? Yeah, a lot of times you just don't get a lot of information and there's a big lag from the time you get the diagnosis to the time that the intervention begins and that's a tough period of time for a parent not to be doing anything you know, or that they feel like they're not doing anything so a business exists to solve a problem or alleviate pain. Is autism a problem? Huge? Is the parent having to cope with the diagnosis painful could they benefit from ah process that gives them hope and actually propels them into constructive action so I mean paying is great, but this is mitch is purpose this is what he this is he's got a new mission and to be fair, you know mitch is getting started he's gotta learn a lot about online marketing and entrepreneurial structure, but I know that you're so passionate about this and so committed to this that you're going to do it you're absolutely going to do it absolutely there's no two ways about it. Can you please tell the audience again the website because they may wanna contact you what it wouldn't give a shout out and let people know that you can actually, um you can actually schedule time you khun by an appointment with mitch if you have a child in this isthe situation or if you know someone who does he's available to do console ts so where can people find you if that's what they want? The website is early numeral four autism dot com and if you go there, there is you know they could contact me through that or they could even call nine one seven for one for seven, five, five, four and that's a direct line to may and that's in new york city, so um so do you see the shift and thinking about like thinking it's all about painting and selling paintings to what mitch is doing now like is just blows away and I'm sure you'll continue to paint and I'm sure we'll be you know but this is such no and you did some research there's no one addressing this foot this freaking epidemic from this angle there isn't anyone taking this holistic approach to help parents cope so you have a huge opportunity to serve others that's very very clear and so I would also reach out to the people viewing if there's you know if you can also not just maybe you want to book an appointment or maybe you just want to connect with mitch because you maybe there's some strategic partnerships or alliances or some resource is get together reach out to him he's very accessible he's very hard working and he's very committed to his mission and you're his mission is to help our children with diagnosis of autism get the earliest intervention possible so that they can have the most productive and beneficial outcomes like his own son did do you see that how this is grounded in mitch is experience can't copy that right this is him all right wow mitch I think what you're doing is amazing and brilliant and inspiring and a lot of people get this diagnosis and they just cave in and that's not what you did yeah now it's not what we did we were very our spirits just we're both very strong and protective of our children and that just wasn't gonna happen okay all right. So one more time your website is early numeral for autism dot com great thank you so much, mitch for joining us I appreciate it take care so he thought he was a painter you see that how um he came I think mitch saw me on the good life project with jonathan fields and he called in one of ten role in the mentoring program and we did the process which is what we did here and you know, it became clear that what really mattered to him was really less about the painting and more about how autism had impacted his life and how he and his wife chose to handle it which made a big difference in the outcome of his son's life because he the diagnosis was not good it was um let's just say less than expected but through his threes intervention his son did much better than ever expected and he basically you know got hope which is what he can do for other people it can give other people hope so that's why this lesson lesson twenty five is choosing to live your greater purpose and you see in all these instances is about being of service to others it's not about you I mean I know you're all fascinating and you're all talented but no one cares you know what scott densmore was saying when he's you know there's a big signs on the wall and these live out live your legend communities in kenya and wherever the heck they are they're all over the world he's about to go they don't have his name on it it's not about scott is about the community he's built, so, um it was more important to mitch to live a purposeful life and, um what? We didn't know what you don't know about mitch um, is that before um this he would worked in advertising for many years in new york? So in many ways, he's, perfectly poised with experience and resource is to help him advertise this message that there is hope if your child has autism so that that background and that experience will serve him and his mission greatly and it's no accident is this all jail? Okay, so let's dive a little deeper into this lesson of the greater purpose because I think I've convinced you it's not all about you, it's, not about you it's about them and when you make it about them that it will be about you, right? This my as justin my producer says that's one of my famous most famous an isms, I say it constantly because not about you so let's talk about that, all right? This is also um again in less than twenty five in the discovery journal on page thirty nine if you're if you've purchased the course you can follow along the details but I'll give you a highlight so remember it's a you know this is is a journey and there's no clear roadmap is anybody who whether it was jonathan fields or scott didn't s'more or any of the people appeared had they followed the same exact road map or checklist it's great so that's the first thing you gotta drop or you're going to just be an exercise in frustration there's many pads to truth um so it's all good to have a purpose it's all good to have a mission and it's all good to having any value proposition along as it serves another purpose for another person it's not about you so let's do a little work shop around this um and let's just start outlining the purpose a little more tightly um and you notice I keep going over the same thing over and over again and every time we go over your purpose and every time we go over your mission it tightens it becomes clearer and clearer and clearer that's why I'm doing it because you have to like munch on this stuff so john you made a remark earlier that it took you three years tio figure out what uh to realise that monthly experiments was about fun I mean it's fun for me but it took me that long to realize um that that's what it was for other people it was actually my business partner kept saying that to me and he's like no the thing that makes this good is it's feel so fun and I was like no it's oh it's serious it's serious stuff and you kept arguing with me and I'm really glad he did because he was right and I was wrong but my own thing so isn't interesting so you've been doing monthly experiments for three years but it took you two still recently to understand the you're unique value proposition yes you had your value proposition but not your unique value proposition right? So can we all be patient with ourselves? Hopefully we won't take you that long but you know might I don't know if you're not a slows me yeah well you've all taken this course it's not gonna take you that long now um all right. So that's your um so that's your unique value proposition would tell me out loud what put your purpose your creative purpose not your purpose is a human being. You're creative purpose um to help people embrace change toward the life they want that's your mission yeah, okay says permission so your why is your understanding of the painful lessons you had to learn or the joyful times in your life you're what is your um what you're gonna do about it so that's great so what you're going to have you understand that um being able to manage change manager thoughts manager habits manager behaviour is essential toe live a fulfilled life and happy life and um you let things drag on and misery ensues and all we have is time hopefully unless we get hit by a truck tomorrow right? All we have is time so you're keenly interested in the efficient use of time and energy and you're here to show other people how to master that that's what I heard so you do see how just talking about it out loud I can help you I don't know if I'm helping you I'm helping you you're okay good but that's what I'm suggesting that you dio is that you try to articulate it and then the other the other person pretend you're eight to ten you're eight years old and be really honest I don't know what the hell you're talking about you sound like a hallmark card like you sound like it sounds like a really hollow platitudes but what do you mean be that brutally honest you're doing them a favor if you if you do that so you know this is why you have to work with people who you trust and who you know have your back they're going to give you critical feedback because they care about you finding your way right it's not just so this is important don't share this stuff with people who were going toe the same people who told you that you should never be an artist or you should never be a writer was it not the people you want to run tio with your newfound knowledge and insights some of your goals and dreams you should keep a secret from some people because um they might undermine your confidence does anyone experienced that few people okay all right so um yoni uh purpose what do you think what you think purposes your creative purpose and your mission to the extent you feel you can articulate it nothing's no perfect sentences please I think my creative purposes to foster the potential that millions of people have in their pocket okay that's your mission and their purpose is about is about trusting your own my instincts and perception right because we wrote down okay so this takes a while to get grounded in your head right cause it's new material it's all the truth of your experience but you since you've never articulated it before it kind of kind of bubble around like it's really hard to get the words in there I'm thinking maybe a glass of wine might help me get in touch so here's what you do so this is perfect glass wine's not gonna help you here's what's gonna help you okay it's what I suggested earlier remember in the exercise, the first set of eight extra eight exercises you get when you are a svp for this course, one of the exercise is a part of the exercise is that you sit down and imagine that you are the all knowing, all seeing version of yourself, the future, the future version of yourself, and you put your arm around that younger version of yourself and you empathize with them and say, this is horrible, painful, but I promise you there is a lesson in it, and then you record you telling yourself what the lesson is. If you do that, you'll have your mission and your your purpose, your mission. In short order, if you try to write this, even though some of your talented writers you are going to sound hollow and artificial, but if you speak the truth out loud and assume the position of all knowing all comforting and wise person, you're going to come out with it in the way that's really a true reflection of your truth but writing it it just man it's just too hard to just bumble around. So I'm putting you in a spot here? Yeah, after this course is over, just do that exercise and then share it with someone who understands what this process is about and who you trust. And and see if they get it where it is and here's the tendency and I saw this in the facebook group oh that's wonderful you know, someone would say this is my mission their purpose I'm thinking eso no that is such a load of b s it's just sounds nice but I don't believe it I don't buy it so you want someone you can trust he'll say yeah you ni owned by it I'm not sure that's just sounds what's that part you know you left out remember you left that part out you wouldn't you want that kind of person alright, so jen um we touched on this before but give it another try what you let's pretend for a moment you're comforting that version of yourself that's younger and gone through these painful moments gone through these job joyful moments and use when it you empathize with her and you say to her you're your creative purpose is what what would you say to her? It feels like, um you know, my art is medicine teo that love myself they haven't care, so I want you to use the tents of your purpose is my purpose that I feed feels like my I'm you want you imagine that you are the all knowing, all seeing version of yourself, okay, so imagine her she knows she's she is all power here she's here she's not close your eyes that's a good that's a good idea imagine her okay she's a fina remember dr elliot yeah she's a fina she basically guards the truth that's her job and she has the answer for you and she said yep jan I get it some things have been very painful in your life and there's a reason that you had to suffer these painful lessons the purpose of that suffering wass what to really help people understand how they can care and take you know responsibility for themselves so you and you said earlier that love trust and care for them so the love trusting care fit that's the lesson that you had to learn toe love trusting care for yourself so the purpose of your why is toe love trust and care for yourself for that that's the why and then what you're gonna do about it is your aim is to help others love trust and care for themselves who maybe had similar circumstances to your family background right? Because remained you had sort of shitty families like great something similar to your you know to your experience and there's a lot of people yeah right yeah it's a huge is a huge problem with tears which is great because it's huge opportunity yeah see how we identified the problem we've identified a problem now like john it's a huge problem and people worldwide when an act positive change but he's not going to impact everybody who wants to enact positive change he's only going to resonate with the select few same with you so the more you could be your true self and be open about who you are the more your tribe you're going to attract to be on you know who were on a similar path and have a similar need and desire to solve this particular problem that stems from this kind of family history so that it's really women and children that's right it's too broad think about the props so think less about the demographic and think more about the psychographic you understand the difference between the two yeah s so what what it is that really brings the pain like who are the people who actually suffer this pain too? Right exactly and how and it's not just who are they but that that's who you serve but it's about those who are motivated to heal it you are motivated to heal this pain okay not everybody is there just just kind of stuck in it and that's their story that's the story they tell themselves as thie identity they have formed is around their pain which is why when people do some of my exercises some of you fly off the rails right it's very challenging these they're hard but you have committed to saying I am this is my family history but I'm committed to moving past it I'm committed to loving myself and healing myself and trusting myself because I didn't get that from my family of origin I'm gonna give it to myself now and you've already demonstrated that when you went flitting off to bali to have a good time I've done that a couple right you know how to do it you know how to do it more than more than I think that's the part you might be blind about is that you know how to do it more than other people know how to do it who are in coming from similar circumstances I might say to you that's the part I want to hide okay well you know I mean like I would say to you I might want to hide that in a way but you're right it's people who have already I hear what you're saying people who have already started to change teo actually heal themselves right out of that situation right? So that's not everybody that's we're getting closer all right so what does this is this making sense? Yeah so we're every time we do this we're refining it we're getting clarity and hopefully getting inspired by each other because if you listen to what people are talking about no longer talking about selling photography and selling paintings they're selling sir you know, services it's just not not it's, a it's, a greater conversation with much more meaning and much more impact and that's, how your you can stop competing when you do this kind of work, can you take this kind of approach? All right, so we're winding down to our next segment. Um, we just finished up with lesson number twenty five, which is, will you choose to live your greater purpose, which we saw that mitch chose to dio we chose to abandon painting is his primary endeavor, and he chose a higher purpose. And we're gonna go to lesson twenty six, which is about recharging your batteries, because I think we need to do that. Okay, thank you very much.

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a Creativelive Student

I think this course is extremely helpful if you follow her steps and do the work. This course can go through some very intense emotional moments, but it is all towards the greater goal of refocusing you and helping you find your meaning and purpose and most importantly, taking action on that to help others. I had many breakthroughs, but one of the areas that most helped me was to be patient with the process and give yourself the emotional payoff along the journey towards your long term goals. There is a lot of psychology in this course and it is necessary to tie your emotions into the actionable steps to get you past your struggles and focused on what is really truly important to you. I highly recommend this course if you want to get unstuck, want a road map to making a living as an artist from where you are today, and want to fulfill the best life that you can achieve.

John Muldoon

I'm so grateful to be a part of this transformational course. I've gotten so much out of it already, and my vision for my creative enterprise has never been more clear. My thinking and vision have become much bigger, as well. I can see so clearly how to use my creative talents to create a profitable business that I can work in with passion and integrity.

Don Diaz

“Like all worthwhile pursuits, you will get out of this what you put into it” Ann Rea. I am having a positive life changing experience thanks to this class. Now, I am able to identify much more clearly that my hobby was only fulfilling me and was not providing a service to anyone, therefore it was not allowing me to obtain the financial success that I am after. I expect to continue to mature during this class. I want to thank you, Creativelive and Ann Rea for creating content that will allow us to grow and possibly succeed in life.