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1 Year Old Girl

How are you? And who is this rio rio? Jean, you are beautiful and happy. So now we get the opposite high she's all big s o she's already reaching out and she is super friendly. So that motion of her touching me tells me that she's not gonna have any problem connecting with me, which makes my job easy, so thank you. So we're getting one of each what's this we're going to get teo. I got to thank you. Yeah, just eugene. You're beautiful apple tree. Go play. You want to go play now? She understands everything I'm saying just so you know, it's. Like I said, you'll never hear me talk to a baby like a baby. If I say sit they know what sit means if I say stand, they know what it means. She just can't communicate with me. How you baby. Yeah, dad, that lumber? No, you're not ready? No, me neither. But let's, do it anyway. Come on over. All right, miss ryuji. Oh, sorry. You just got a great shot of my bottom. What side back? Just a little bit on he's going? Yeah, I'm sure it's so big it was out o...

f focus, all right, good to go. No all right so we just color balance back teo studio stops let's bring rio jean in here and I'm gonna give you that toy for a minute let's see how she does not have a feeling she's going to do really well this seat I'll tell a couple things this bench is cool it's going to be cool to the touch she's not really nervous but it still will be very startling so we're just gonna take it easy let's bring it in sheer walker oh, yes no no again you are beautiful your like little mom though are d'oh hey, I'm so glad she's walking let's see if we could get let let's see if you just let her touch it for a second like this get it give it what is it? What is the scene we're doing over here because I need to get walking shots those suitcase ok I need something for her to walk on this is a short backward hey, big girl hi. Ready? Now we're gonna try to sit up here she's literally going to be a five second session if we wanted it to be but just because I can tell she's gonna be so good uh receiver got it how you ready b a r t they're so cute all right, let's, sit her up on the chair if you can ready one teo can you give me five huh princess was getting those wispy hairs out of there where's the doggy where's the doggy frisky kitty and mom stay really close and I need you I forgot I didn't even tell you this I need you to keep your eyes on her never take them off of her she could easily fall very hard floor so you're the boss there ready really ready oh I'm gonna get you what's this now realize I'm shooting primarily alone because I want to make sure you all understand that you can do this alone I want to remind you to watch how use the tripod constantly I'm going to get you I'm gonna get you teo I'm not going any closer because she's leaning forward with this what's this and stay close mom uh what is that I don't like your hands though so I'm gonna come in and bring together huh to get mommy teo teo can you clap your hands your pad pad and keep it eh go through it again ready clap your hands and get those arms in there I'm not a very small background here ready clap your hands one two yea mom take her hands and patty cake together just for a second just actually grab them there get ready let's go up dad oh now she's fixated on something you're getting ready dad cook I'm gonna get you right your hands can you there you go. Uh oh. What's this what's this what is that? Oh, go good. Now remember, that grabber milestone is standing, so as much as I'm starting with her seated couldn't lift her up. We're going to turn this a little bit. So hanna actually going to stand her up here and have her hold on to this she's a walker and I'm on a short background. I'm not going to put it on the floor because I have two paces before she's out of the shot up. My background is going to be I'll just go higher. It's fine. I'm not doing short back rat backdrop. Uh, tall photographer, I need a ladder, all right, so just hang on to her. She says, I have my own plans. So what I'm doing here is I'm literally not. I'm being lazy. I'm not moving the background up because I don't have much to work with. Ready bearded rah! Oh, no! Where's doggy, what puts us on, then just go to that. You go back to that side, you can dock g ready. You might be safer on the other side mom let's get you to go on this side and that way you can watch her if you stand up you probably easier to catch her too if she if you need to just stand right here come this way you're not in shock can you give me five oh she has to want this way pull her back a bit not what you're she's well safer but give me five five one two three oh no oh no what happened oh no just pull the head back if you can but you can put it in any time grabber again we might have to go to the floor where's the doggy trust us where's the kid kidding me out right you ok? You see let's go here kitty kitty get the duck I mean the chicken never called that a definite for my life what's this there's that serious face mom pull your hand back if you can get a what is that what is it? Uh oh here comes oh beautiful very nice okay, you can take her off of that we're gonna get rid of the bench that benches from wicker by design by the way just decide that all of these everything I'm using is going to be in the catalog king onto her I do want to show you that again the milestone is walking this is a is an a eight by eight background but we're using it as a full sweep so I do want to remind you that even in a tiny tiny space with tiny tiny children, you don't need a lot of background I mean it's not certainly nice to have it if I were buying out we used eight by eight is our standard we use this a floor and that awesome little floorboard that by the way I said was fifty percent off yesterday and it was fifteen so I'd like to clarify to the universe I apologize that was an awesome deal though, but it was fifteen percent off, which is still an awesome deal but I do know I somehow managed to make that mistake so uh sorry silver lake gave away the house so we're stealing this is that silver like, background way? We're going to show you how you don't really truly need that's on a space that's why we buy a million of these backgrounds the baby goes down or the eyes go down, the lights go down as well. All right, mitchy eugene ready? So we know she's a walker and I know I have this much room for her to walk in so we're gonna start at the back let's get these grids on too just moving a little you're a great little baby okay, so tightening down the light a little bit her feet go here you don't have to be to far out and she's going to go this way I'm sure so let me get ready before you put it out right in the center there and we're going to go go for it huh yeah I get it you clever skirt when she goes down to the o thanks bt rather is uh oh uh oh that was perfect bring her back again that was awesome! I'm just getting a little higher because I was getting to the top of my background clift which again was a personal thing trying to get it right in the camera rach get your you're so fast you fell forward one more time fuller back tio one teo you're so fast now you see why we start with chairs always first where tio wait could do it awesome baby step watch that backgrounds not real so she touches it shall father brennan go stand on the side of it because if she leans on it she'll think it's a wall and she'll fall right through it and then the session's over so we're going to stop that ready oh one too I got to get her stopped so in order to stop motion I have to get her into something I wish I had the rattlers everything put away teddy bear let's do that I have to get her involved in something otherwise she's just gonna keep oh thank you that's not so I'll just keep shooting in that way they could see that it can be done even by yourself with a one year old ready babe oh you fi sorry what's this what's this one where's this where's this high she saw that duck she's the chicken that's twice wow ready now you know the tones oh is it washed watching how concerned oh no is it broken who see that startling grab a slice so wonderful back see what I mean it's how I said that now watch she got nervous because of the tone of my voice if you want to see it k put it right here again oh you ready one two how can she do again one well watcher she did get one two oh you're so vast ready pull her back again right e your face like a huh one night she comes to I got it ready yea good girl yes we throw it one more to go more yeah one two yeah now she's too close to the light let's go and put it back she'd do it again to do it again more more what teo sorry killed camera outta control chicken I get you watch your face watch your face get you get you get you get to go we get too close I know you like it she's not afraid anymore oh should we throw it won to say but by always going by one too oh, my god. That's cute can I need a picture of the back of her? So actually flip her around just because whoa, just like that that's what happens with backgrounds and kids think their walls and they will fall on smack themselves in the face so actually, yeah, go ahead and play peekaboo behind just real quick. Uh, where's howling because polar put her in the middle little bit. Marcus helen will get her stopping that's. Fine. Perfect. Oh, where is he? Right before we're just towards hell in a little bit. You're doing great, mom, by the way, way, quick. That's. Okay, this should be great for the baby steps and no worries. You want it and it's something different that she'd be interested in. Where's that teddy bear? Yeah. What's that so hold it up high so she can't reach for and then she'll stand there higher. Helen hired helen just thinks there we go. That's what I needed way. Got it. Uh oh. Eugene how booth now throw me the city. Where? Oh, what's that I got it. I'm gonna get teo by, okay, I have plenty for a baby step. All right, let's, switch her over to the other side a big hugs eyes um, all right, so now we're going to finish off with a hat and a one year old because we truly wanted to, so show you all the hard things going on, so we're switching back to s o four hundred four point o one twenty fifth is where I'm hoping to be lost a little bit of our natural like you do need a color balance really had to tell her about filling the frame with the target going into my menu custom white balance, custom white balancing and we're good to go all right, partner let's, take it often, lighten it up a little bit, I think way go a little more since she's she's a little more darker complected, so I'm giving myself a little more light in the background on brandon knows exactly what I'm thinking when I'm what when I'm moving so just obviously a very fair child blond hair, less light, darker complexion, darker skin, darker hair, more light, a cz you're going along that's so cute are we doing the top patter that the cute? Now we'll just do I look rather do top hat I okay, you can see this is perfect. Changing the clothes is like the worst thing in the world to a child, so that brings us to a good point people ask me, how many outfits do we typically do with a baby normally, uh, when the baby comes in, usually they don't have a great outfit on. So first thing we want is get socks off to eliminate those lines and then, of course, we get them out of their outfits. Getting them out is okay. Getting them in is not as easy. So with little girls, we're going to start with a simple two two and a boat because that's, not considered an outfit to a child and outfit is pushed my arm through, pull it over my head. So I try to do the things that are really easy to get in and out of first. And then if there's a difficult outfit, it's the very last one, however, mom comes in with a beautiful christening dress that has fifty two buttons up the back on it was grandma's when she was born. You're going to do that first at the very least. Second, because that's a huge processes and it's huge and it's important to mom that you get that and so, yeah, that would be the one I wouldn't want to do because it's harder, but it has to be done so again, we make decisions based on that where's, that gorgeous baby okay, so this one, we're just gonna have her sitting on the suitcase we'll leave it on this one I'm gonna let helen shoot with me we did it over there because I wanted you to see I can completely by myself work on a tiny background in a very small situation with a moving child and how we do that now we're just going to have some fun here and get some cute shots and control the elements a little bit more obviously having an assistant is a good thing but you don't have to think of full time assistant what if you got a teenager in high school that was interested in photography and work weekends that's how I started so don't think it's not impossible all right miss girl now hats this is the last thing we're gonna do today hats are always very hard with children hat's typically don't fit children so currently we have tissue paper in a t shirt shoved in here so this otherwise you're going to get that over the eye shadow so we're going to keep it on the top of her head she's got a great little head of hair too so this will be easy what's this ready can you patty cake ready patty cake patty cake where's the doggy first hunky oh one tio I get to you are so beautiful but by but by so to get a hat on the head you have to distract usually I would do with food or a bell hey where'd you go you want to hunt the bear where's the bear she's excuse me have business here ready mama you can come in I just want to grab her scared because there's too many people I don't mind picking up kids but with all of you I become one of you to her what's this what's this so let's keep busy with paul let's see if we could get a place of all girls like balls to um honestly not as much as voice but it can work what's this do you want it don't throw it ready well then we lost our guts all right ready gonna throw it one what's me pull a rabbit out of my hat again but not my sleeve presto now we need food again do you by any chance have I love you all right just actually bring it to me and let me be the one to give it to her to see it like a little cheerios or something like that any small thing just bring them here and don't let her see it and tell us we bring her here question anyone anyone yeah well hey I just hold it for a minute we're gonna get her just calm down let's see um do you question from bonnie in canada do you pre focus for walking shots so I pre focus for walking I try but assumes that baby goes down there out of that range so that's a good example of why studio strobes have to be used with a walking baby I mean, I'm not going to have to sorry, I know that's forward to get use in this industry um but you should think about that and a studio stroll but a sixties of a second lock down at faa we're good to go that baby could move pretty far other than when they get too close to the light and they burn out which happens because we're dealing with babies but as long as they're within the range you're good to go otherwise yes, I pre focus but it's a game if I have mom's holding the baby as you saw I said don't put her down yet till I get back actually focused on mom's kneecap and the baby was putting within the range of the kneecap and faa I could make that work here at at four point oh sixties of a second in this lighting condition two steps that baby's out of focus so I'm focusing pretty fast but my my risks are much, much higher and I can't control it so um let's load up the food and keep going all right now let's see it was like you know me I want to have what you have alright let's even keep this different oh do you want to treat babies know the word treat and we're gonna get that bus from her if you don't mind what's this you what's this mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm do you want more well whole season one and I'm out of here I think we just got too much stuff in the hat let me see you do that where's the treat do you want mohr can I have a bite, huh? I'm can I have a bite I'm no excuse me no way no way you're ready now to solve this problem my studio I would already have a chair out because babies can't walk off of chairs so if I have to I'll pull we don't have a lot of chair options here but I'd pull that chair back out if we have to because I wouldn't sit in struggle like this for a shot like this it's cute I got a couple already I would move on to something else but in this case I'm going to try to or three more if not we're going to pull the chair and I guarantee we'll get the show shot with the hat are you ready not more with the hat on while you're holding her and I'm gonna give you the ball throw it ready through it the hat is just almost too small for that's where ready ready one two three oh my god dude again get ready throw it pull your hand back when I can uh here comes uh oh no really you're all the things are one I know there's a hair in dry but don't move for it mom could get her out of there I'll get eyes that forget it well you just have a lot to me that I knew that that would throw her but I had to move it yeah you should get again I'm going to get you I'm gonna get you teo get you I'll push the head back in a second I'm gonna get you way throw it where's that chicken chicken chicken chicken okay go grab it right the hat is becoming less of an issue to her but I need something pretty startling to get her toe keep it on bye bye see you later see you later what is it go ahead and grab we're gonna sit her down again she can see it she wants to know what it is you on it on hair out do you want that chill here comes huh oh so we're gonna keep her hands busy ready one that one grand business here e get you what's that I could see your diaper and I'm not going to sacrifice for the diaper and I gotta get the half back yet just because I want to oh oh no is he broken oh no look all right this has got to go we used a tool in our studio it doesn't fall out like that oh I need some I need one more cool thing that will keep her interested ah where's his nose where's this nose ocean making tree go bye bye ready up up one too no I got it okay one more it's all right go ahead put it back on one put it way down two is going to go up up uh drinking what two there's used oh look it's broken there you go I get it gets you I I'm gonna get you oh give me five give me five out do it again teo did you get me I'm going to give I know that's buddy, huh? Ready keep I t k oh no where did you go? Uh he's going to get your hands on a little smile pick what there is there is we got it she's done let's give a round of applause whoa yeah rio you can have it now there you go. Ah so thank you so much for bringing her we got great stuff so um we will get some images prepared for you and get them to you and she did awesome. So thank you. All right. Now quick note we didn't throw her in the too too because you don't have been in the tutu in that outfit I would have had her too to do because the diaper would always be an issue for me so I would just eliminate that distraction

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