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Newborn Girl w Bowl (Eliana)

Okay, now in this set up we're actually using the westcott td six again only this time I'm using just one and I'm treating this much more like window light just because um a lot of people don't have lights and you know they start watching things like this and they see all this equipment and they start to panic so although I don't have a window light today that I can use eighty six continuous light is very much like window light you can see these air daylight balance bowl um this is a lot of light in fact the original tv fives that I had I loved the light and the tone and the color of the light but I couldn't get enough light to do everything I wanted so when they came out west cut came out with the tv sixes I was thrilled because it was just enough more life that I could do pretty much anything I want so pretend or treat this very much like window light we're gonna kind of put it in one spot and not move it as if it were a window and we didn't have a lot of options we have a tiny littl...

e baby and tell me her name deacon eliana eliana beautiful alien is here now we're going to attempt to bring her in here and put her on a tummy on her tell me this is one of those shots that everybody really struggles with and wants to do now. We talked yesterday about how the younger the baby, the more likely it is to happen really, and truly pay attention to the difference between this baby and the next to that we'll have the three month olds because totally different dynamics. We have so much more opportunity here. Uh uh, three month olds are beautiful. You're gonna see big smiles and cute little faces and it's going to be great. But this is where the kind of a magical shots happened, so we want them in early couple things. I got this awesome bull here, great background baby pillows all the time we make them or buy them different places, there's several of them in here because very quickly you're going to see depending on how far she sinks down, I may have to double up or triple up of these pillows to make sure that she's good, so we're just gonna try to bring her in. We're going to go on her tummy. Her head goes this way. So her face is here. Her little bottom is down here. Oh, she's. Awesome. So tiny you could just go ahead and bring your and just like that, we're gonna roll tater over oh, okay, culture yeah, thank you. All right, there we go little one hang on does she take a pass for it all you know yet, huh? All right, so we're just gonna see how she settles in here. The first thing we have to do is get her warm she's not gonna like this game very much. I'm gonna need one more pillow in the front so she sunk in a little detail that's so cute though looking a little too far so we're gonna lift up you could even if you don't mind helping you just lift up the back you've got her get her up a little fire so these pills are great big cases like that's too high you could just him rotating the pillows till I find that happy spot and it's all about babies are like plato so like working with clay well that's such a cute shot right there. She's perfect. All right. Well, since she's perfect that's not how I want the blanket but we're gonna go for it is when you're working with a newborn you could you just go? How on her head is tilted actually let me get one test shot just before you move her just so I could make sure hands out just so I could make sure if sometimes even moving a baby once oh she's going to the bathroom too it must be me all right, so we're gonna move her forward a little bit because when I'm looking for is that right there I princess you're awesome. Yeah not you come just a little bit actually don't I didn't mind it all cuddly for one shot I'm gonna get a tight shot okay, so to get her chin up since I don't have mom's body I'm going to use your own hand and tuck it in now a lot of times all start and catch a shot before I do that because you can see you never know once you move a baby it could be though you just woke them up in it's over game so hello so when she calls back in she settles all right so I'm gonna catch this shot first um here we go that's beautiful right there. Beautiful one you two should get a little bit of fur by her face if we just took it down but right there by her chin you even a little more there doesn't catch your eyes real quick. Beautiful, excellent he's doing so well perfect sunshine. Now I would always start this way because she's here and she's happy we're gonna go now I want to finesse it and actually get a little more of her showing, but if she gives up on me wakes up starts to wiggle um we're done we got it I could move on and I know I have a good shot so what I really want to see her santos is a lot of fabric here high maybe try to get this away have a little trinket street yeah, so we're actually in essence making a diaper um let's tuck it in I'm sure I'm gonna get a surprise because I heard you being busy over here ok so now we've got our little diaper going I'm gonna try to cover some of this and I've got this lighter back up so I'm rotating the pillow around and pushing her bottom at the same time and that should bring her head up and again I know this stuff some of it looks absolutely like how did you figure that out? But we're talking twenty four years here so if you become very, very fast working in these conditions especially with babies because you're on such a short time so she's nearly perfect her head is not turned enough but I'm not going to touch her that's always the smartest practices go once I get a shot and then I'm gonna rotate the table a tiny bit just because I don't want to rotate her that's easier than moving here safety of course is paramount thank you all the way down there you go got it good there's one and two and I need my ladder if that's okay just for a little variety since she's being absolutely perfect thank you. The latter ease of the studio is much more stable than this I want to make sure that everybody knows um safety is so important just for variety I'm looking for since she's in a good position instead of going for multiple poses I'm going for multiple angles and that way I need a hundred millimeter macro lens real quick uh that way I could get a variety without having to work too hard all right, we're gonna change lenses real quick now but one hundred millimeter macro effect will be easy to rotate her over she's definitely out this is how I get all those tight shots gobi he left planet we'll talk through it um way got it. Hundred millimeter macro uh cannon lens I use it all the time for you all the super tight shop so this is where I'm going to get in and I just need to test it real quick make sure everything is good to go hang on option right now I think my battery's about to go to but that's not the problem right now so hang on I go you know why I'm getting a busy signal? Can I get a new body? Brandon road quick, strange all right let's take a tiny break sandy, can I ask you a couple questions waiting um couple people are wondering if you could discuss lighting and the baby's eyes if it's harm's well to the baby in any way I'm sorry one second okay just give me just two seconds all right so let me switch bodies I'm getting a first image in a busy area I'm gonna have to untether um when I tether it locks me out and give your business okay let's do that hang on I did that backwards all right give it a few side afghans battery is gonna go good to go see its not its way hang on one second just makes everything groovy they were gonna be good all right let's go back to that question then keep it covered can answer questions and then thanks um quite a few people were wondering yesterday and today about the flashes from the strobes and babies newborns eyes is there any concern for that all I've asked several doctors doctors just to make sure because that was concerned I had when I first started out this there's actually no problem with strobes like the studio strobes um baby's ninety percent of them aren't affected by it but every once in a while I'll get a baby who actually it was very sensitive to light and uh go is very sensitive line and every flash it's more of a startling thing and they pulled back and they wiggle and they close their eyes of course that weighs time that's where window light and continuously becomes really advantageous because there's not that disturbing flash, however again busy baby things going on that is much light. Strobes can be more valuable way. Ok, another question. Ok, another question from aaron scott. Dot com that's. Clever, huh? What might change if in the shoot if the baby does take a pacifier? Ah, lot. In fact, the next sessions, it's possible that one of them will, uh, pacifiers, very soothing items. So we love babies that have pacifiers. Um, because at any time we could put a pass for in and literally it's a technical. One, two, three let them. We let them attached to the past fire. We give them a few seconds to suck on the pacifier, eventually going to see their facial features relax as soon as their face. Relax. When you take out a password. It's actually in the show later. That's, my favorite term. You're going to see we have a technique when you take a pass for at the hardest thing is when you tell a parent to do it, they'll usually typically pull it out and we actually explain to them. Put your finger on the side, break the seal. And gently slide it out that way and that way um if you pull it out obviously it makes a very loud popping noise and it will startle the baby as well. So pacifiers are awesome but how you removed him is probably most important thing good to go all right we're gonna keep going and sees in a good spot um we need to move her up again if I could get her up she's been doing so good rotate hold on, honey where you going? She says I like that side better see if I can gently rotator back I'm gonna lift her up and have you turn her head can just really genitals where you go there you go sweetie here you go. Now the reason I went to the hundred millimeter meter macro is that I had are sort of in a perfect spot and now of course she wants to make her own perfect spot. Here we go. Ok, so just calm her down. We're just gonna pat her for just a few seconds until she relaxes into herself. Now we're back to where we started, her face is half hit and so I've got to use her hand to actually lift up her own face but remember when you touch a baby they're going to start with win so we get her under we hold and then just pat until we don't let go until she settles into that spot. So now we're good to go so you can see how that works. I love brilliant babies that making it look good. That's awesome, it's not me. It's the baby, I promise you, you need to get that covered. So this is one hundred millimeter macro. So again, we're shooting our products. I need to check my light. Make sure everything's good to go. So now we're going in and we're getting eyelashes. These are the images that sell very well. We're getting that cute little button nose of the lips gotta stay out of my own light. But if it were a window, I wouldn't have a lot of options. Very good, that gorgeous little ear. Not a huge fan of the headband across the ear, but I don't want to disturb her. I love the headband. I just where I shot the year, you could see it and I would take that off if I were working. Um ho ho. I love that you go, monsieur. We go in, you're gonna find yourself and I have enough face shots for what I want to shoot for the product so now helen has held is going we want to get a tow and I need a hand so now that I need the hand, I'm gonna actually move it away from her face and just let her relax into it let's just give her a few pass and you can kind of see I'm kind of lock in my hand onto her and sort of I know look at the things oh it's not lunch so at this age a baby doesn't mind being forced into a position, so to speak in other words, she's awaken out, she says you'll prove you wrong all right? Let's get her settled so I'm just going to give her a nice little bounce on the bottom. Hey, so we, uh now she's waking up a little bit she's tired of our bull, but all I'm trying to get is her hand and her feet so what? We're going to try to catch that real quick, and if she doesn't want to do it, we won't because we had a little bit of a break there, so I kind of lost a little momentum here. Hold down, princess, she says, I'm gonna be ready for food he's gonna try to get your hand cause remember her face doesn't have to be perfect for the hand part this is one hundred millimeter macro, so we're just looking for cute fingers truck that to make sure we're good I love those little wrinkle fingers good and the elbow and last but not least I'm gonna try to get a tow I would actually normally rotate her over but we're gonna actually ho ho you've had it with that, huh? Suit guys are crazy let's go ahead and rotator over just lift her actually you know what I might get it real quick no place rotator over she says no way way way more comfortable for you and I could get that real quick so you can just for a second actually use this was all I'm gonna do is get her toes get comfy first though make that perfect don't like working fast, huh? So makes you just rolled that way she could just get comfortable wherever swanson just gonna warm her up for a sec hi, you are gorgeous. All I'm looking for is her feet. Uh, so you just yeah if she wants to take a little finger there you go. That's once you get her settled and this is where a pacifier would come in handy because once she locks in and she'll probably do with their moms finger there she goes she'll actually start to settle in once she finds her comfort zone and all I need is a quick shot of her feet helen I can get this real quick I just need to get this fabric um let's get that out of here see as long as she's kind of kicking and moving once she gets on her mom's finger and latches on then she'll settle right in there we go but we can cheat a little bit here I just need you to come up and under and let me have a toast so step or I am I told shot and then we'll get out of here so get your hands up under a little one like wrestling at six days old and just as she if it's even one but I'll take it one and a half feet a cz long as she's not comfortable like a long as she's not attached to mom she's not going to settle in so hang on a second actually let her go let's just see where she puts her feet she'll eventually there she goes she'll eventually decide what she wants to have happen she's the boss you know that coming even that sits in the tower finest catch real quick okay hand out of the way you got it okay we're done let's go and lift her out of there I'm gonna switch back to the seventy two hundred millimeter we're going in this way and we're going to talk about wait get that out of here okay so switching back out of a hundred million or away from the hundred millimeter this actually is a fun one hundred millimeter would be a fun lens for this as well but because thiss little one has been here for a bit, we're going to do two things. Well, quick, we're gonna talk about hammocks now, remember, um, I'm switching back two strobes again. We're on a marathon here, so I have to quickly remember, these are the things that were photographers make the biggest mistakes. I've got to go backto s a one hundred won twenty fifth of a second at f ate all right, and I have to re white balance the camera. So let me get a great card, please. All right now, because she's now wide awake, if I were at my studio way would actually stop and have some lunch, so if she doesn't settle in, then we'll stop because normally we would do that. In fact, we have a pregnancy mom here. If you want, I could switch to that real quick, and you can nurse her because I could get a bunch of awesome shots. So what I want people in the audience to realizes at my studio I cannot rotate through babies, but if you consider this time right now that we're using would be mom going to nurse the baby, we just got an awesome siri's there. So now the baby's, awake and active, we've messed with her a whole lot. I would say, why don't you go ahead and nurse her for a few minutes? And when you're ready, let me know. And then after that, we would go to this scene.

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This is my first Creative Live course and I'm very happy with it. I don't have a studio but it was very helpful to understand how to begin a career as a baby photographer. I like the way Sandy explains what she does. You see that she loves her job. I'm glad to have known about Now I Lay me Down To Sleep project. I'm not an english speaker so I'd like there were english subtitles 'cause when she speaks very quickly I miss a lot of words... Thanks Creative Live team!