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Shy 1 Year Old

So we have a one year old boy here and I've got tax in my hand so are you putting your putting this up now helen are you start putting that up all right so we're switching gears here and who's this no that's right we have a desert declan this's declan the second right hi you look pretty cute are you ready to go he's like what's going on and he is one or not quite yet oh he's going these fifteen oh you're a big guy then and let's go ahead and lose the shoes are the socks you said we don't have little sock lines all over so we're gonna are we going football here oh pirate first I'm looking right at him okay no worries all right so we're going tio photogenic studio strobes with pocket wizards that's awesome chair we just found this hidden behind something uh so once again we gotta switch back or I s so I saw one hundred I'm gonna start it probably f eight and one twenty fifth of a second um after re balance the camera so let me take a look and I know you guys have probably I've probably d...

riven you crazy with the whole balancing balancing the camera but honestly it's so important to me that we get it right um you know we berio we just checked the hist aground there are two ways you can check your exposure my preference is um using a meter however I'm checking the history sam everything looks groovy wade got a pirate now let's go without it just cause I want to keep it like kind of a neutral tone okay, I am taking this chair home I think I earned it that's hossam oh, that is so cool up and here we'll do a little cheat here for those who are trying to figure out this chair they totally made this here so that's awesome. They just covered it with cool fabric and its mine now so I like it. That is awesome. Okay, so we're good to go let's get declan over here if you can and thank you again for bringing him in. Uh excellent. All right, so we got a little pirate guy going here first and what I'm gonna do is heavy stand this side and you're gonna be my helper this whole time if that's cool and what we're gonna do is just having stayed close now if he see a lot of people here, we're gonna be real quiet as much as possible but he's uncomfortable if he goes to jump out, grab him, give him a big hug don't push him back because he just wants to know that he's safe and secure, so if you wantto just go ahead since this is kind of a crazy chair we're going to just let's actually start with just sitting I'm kind of in the center and you could take my side here yeah that's exactly this age he's definitely gonna lunge but we'll do some things to get his attention so you could even let me just see how he does and slide forward just a little bit dad just so you're out of that backlight that's awesome! We just clean this up real quick there we go he's so cute. Look at his face he's like what are you doing? Okay, just one last test and we'll be good to go. Declan hi. Since he's serious, I want to start serious that's usually my preference. Hey, beautiful. What is that? What is this? One, two three there it is. Oh! Oh! That's beautiful. I'm going to get your toes. I wanna watch this. This is really important when I come in let's, see how he reacts to this. Should I get your toes? Uh, so he pulled back. So watch this. Should I get you daddy? Teo, did I get him to do it again? I'm gonna get daddy. Teo! Teo, get him now! He's like okay, it's not so bad I'm going to get your toes oh, okay, where to go o way to go should we let daddy took away your dad I'm gonna have you just take this and I want you just give him a little tickle on the toe good job he's going to get to you so you might need a hug he says oh see now good we're going to answer the shy child question so did you like plan these babies are said to hetty I need something I can throw it we need a ball or something sack daddy can you give me five give me five no no no hey this is working out perfectly alright ready ecklie what's this do you like a ball haha we found it all right let's go and sit down can you throw it go ahead and let me up there so we threw at you want the ball exactly with the ball what oh go and pick him up and give me a hug again he's just overwhelmed I'm gonna try to get you guys to be real quiet don't even laugh because it's just he's just a little intimidated do you want the ball buddy let's give it in there you go he's like I have to earn it dad you take it and watch this p throw it dad throw it to me again throw it to me e t can you do it? Is it your turn? No okay no sure I do it one too huh good to go big blue let's go hey I didn't keep you er thank you you throw the ball you wanted that he's doing pretty good okay good then do it again he can see all of you so you did get oh yeah is that you're tearing declan stern can you do it if you want to turn ready oh you got it oh okay let's go let's go hey you want to throw it ready you know we're close we're close is ready uh oh I got it again I did again ready go oh yeah where did it go oh no sit him down ready do it again do it again he's a smart one right do it again do it again oh look here it is teo again do it again the one that we don't have here is cheerios which would really help any food item would definitely help is there any to see how did you bring any little tuesday yeah all right let's go for the loads of now we don't want parents to feed them themselves this is where I'm gonna gain trust again so the pink soccer ball thing all right I get that I was going to get really hard time hey uh oh definitely my throat again we'll just play a little bit more while he's there he says oh my goodness food is good yeah just make sure it comes my way first alright you mind if I get in here? Okay? Just what would be he most likely for him to munch on you got all kinds of good stuff is a little like there we go little crackers or something now these are a little harder to two up I just need, uh just hand sanitizer will do you mind if I pull it out for him at all? Okay, good. He said he's the second child you probably won't care if I wash my hands it's only the first job it's only the first day all you have to worry about so I promise I'll make sure it's good and gone before I touch the food everyone's out there you're gonna poison the kid know it'll be gone I swear he's where I'll just wipe it off? All right, hang on. Always you're smiling now are you that's? Right? All right, good deal. Whatever it takes we want to treat are you ready for a sit down? Ready? You wanna bite? Gonna buy here you go give you peace. You want that? No. Here look, I'll put it right here. Where is it? Oh, you like him better than me what's that about? Come on. Can I have a bite? Um is it mike he's like, are you kidding me, lady, I know you're gonna earn this is a good do you want more do you want more? Most kids air taught sign language now um so they know this symbol is more there's certain words that we use all the time you want more does he is he used c he's a sign language baby if you want more oh, you know please to tap yeah and I'm doing is building his confidence and building his trust in me so I'm becoming a friend, not the enemy unfortunately you're all the enemy and he kans see you and you can see him he keeps looking back so I know you guys were standing still not talking and we're going to try to get this if he doesn't do it it's not because it can't be done it's just because he's not gonna overcome that wall that he could see you ready declan, you wouldn't where's our ball with ball go there's about oh, no where to go but up here you're really gonna throw it to do it again to a more daddy throw it go no, I want to do it again good and you want to turn me throwing a a yeah that's a good job and do it again do it again do it oh oh oh you gotta go where did it go? Go get it, go get it, go get it he's like yeah, right we might be putting dad in this picture now the good news is we have some shots already but I don't have a smile I certainly wouldn't give up this quick do you want more? He ready for yes, you doom or please you're smart boy you do like food too, huh? Let's get a little tissue for his nose. You want more? I'll get you more. Let me get some. Yeah, if you got tissue oh, the crackers go now, helen anything crack dad's got tissue so we're okay and you don't want him to see the whole bag because if maybe see bags, air cups they want mohr they're your mohr? Yes, you know or don't you? Alright let's sit down and we'll get some more babies totally understand to do up more here's a big one, a big one. Now watch how easy he's going down and they just kind of keep hanging on just stay right there and hugging her death and you want more? Look, here you go have a big win he can stand up is perfect, you know, work with that what you want to throw, throw that one out when I throw the ball oh, throw those out we throw it just keep touching him yeah, ready to do it again yeah well you got and too slow you're good just you can build that oh look here's a big one check on you in a big one doing a big one it's right here go get it go get it yeah there we go and just don't go too far ready now can you throw the ball the challenge is the food in the mouth but we're going to shoot around it with the bowl that's okay okay and I'll just bet you can pull your arm back but don't move too far ready throw it to three uh where do you go there it is oh I got ready here goes again just pulled another hand back I got it there it is uh ready to do it again now I've just got to keep oh no let it go dude oh no where to go yeah throw it any big hug think I just reach in and just give a little hug don't pick him up though if you cannot drop more declan you want more not more please okay I'll get more state right there one tio I got a big one do you want it okay ready can you say please and dad just pull back again can you say please how do you say please give me five out oh can you give me five ten dad just pull out this attorney about you again I'll tell you what I found the game ready again dad come forward I just had to come this way because you're in the shot still there you go there you go ready on do it again give me five do you want more more okay ma you have five in your mouth already ready throw you want this one all right well let's finish up good boy can give me five give me five ready take me I'll tell you don't don't okay boo hey where'd you come hey you five out ta raglin yea ready get it throw it throw it one two yeah good lloyd I stay still got food in his mouth so were kenmore okay yeah yeah you cannot shoot with food in your mouth no matter how what you doing with this what's this what is it so we're going to let him chew even though it's going to take a second hopefully he forgets about that remembers the ball o r toget did oh hey ready do again again yeah you got it ready do it again one two three go yeah you got a good job good and now we're going to do it again again go yeah good trying to get him up that's why I'm with him and dad wife his nose in his mouth real quick since we got a friendship going here he's like I hate that yeah that's and everybody every baby hates it so we know it's ah risk taker right again e a good job daddy o oh yeah you did a good show okay stand up stand up you want to throw it again stand up ready stand up ready here go throw it through it ready really ready to do it again do it again I don't tell you how you crazy man we got it let's get going already did again e I love you getto you just made us look really good thank you, buddy. All right, you need five he's like keep going, lady oh, are we done? Oh, where'd you go uh uh I'm gonna get him go serious? We're gonna teach you the chicken technique watch this watch him dead oh, no what isthe it? What is that good let us hand go down. Oh, was that the chicken? Uh oh no beautiful there's are serious, baby there you go. Warm him up a little bit. Here he comes he's going to get you he's getting you know no, no, no, no. I'm going to give you five bucks. If I get that hand down in the back, you give me five are you all done okay, go ahead and pick him up because we got the shot, the chicken scared, which is exactly what we wanted to do, so yeah, all right I paid that baby so now I mean that is so great that that just happened because and thank you guys for stepping away because as I told you it was the wall was you not the situation but that is a normal situation that's exactly how a shy baby would be the differences I was the nicer person in the room than you if that makes it so he was actually warming up to me and had I been in my studio we would been good to go but there was a second wall which was all of you standing there once you left just like I became the triangle between his dad and did you see how that sort of happened with the ball and the tickling and everything cool thank you we're going to switch him out of that outfit let's go football yeah I think so sandra just know baseball because he liked it but the hat is variable here is he a hat maybe or hey tats on the day this is super tiny and I don't think it will go on his head let's give it a try just real quick to see I think I can do it like you're right lady no way it's super tight yeah he's gonna hate that so let's go football all right so slip him out of the pants and it's happened we're just going through a little football top over him and uh yeah, you can just sit on this chair if you like or where we need to go. He's doing so great. Are you ready to do more? You want him? Or I'm gonna give him a little piece of food while we're doing this. So because wiping the nose and changing the clothes are the most annoying things to babies. So when you're in a session, you still should wipe their knows even though it's going to be upset them unless you know it's going to send them right over the edge more? Yeah, I know you want that. Here you go, buddy. Put that in your mouth is awesome noise as in cool noise e blue what color eyes she blonde or brunette just printed this and blew and the toot this yeah, we're going to switch to the other background, right? Well, we got more. Mar, mar, mar, mar, mar yep, no pants, just diaper school. Now, this one he's going to be precariously perched on that bench. So I need you to keep your eyes only on him. I'm just because if he toddled off, we don't want him to hit the floor in ten thousand people would see you drop your son that would be bad, so, yeah, he just it's just a terrible day all right, so we're switching over to continuous light we've already thanks to my team, has already great balanced and change the exposure. Let me do that real quick. We're now it s o five hundred. I'm sorry. Four hundred at four point. Oh, ah. One toe, actually, sixty one, twenty fifth. Let me take a look at that. Great cardio, quick. Good. Yeah. And I have this is trying to kill me today, so hold on. All right, so we have our ammunition. We have a ball. We have a particular I'm gonna put this down here. Exactly. All right, so we're in football mode, but you still need the ball. All look at this bomb tackling. Come here and everybody's kind of out of sight, which is good. You know what? Hang on. I'm sorry. Let me get a shot set up first before the baby goes in. Um, just because that's what I'm trying to do here is get a little bit of the blue. Oh, no, that wasn't you, dad. I was just telling the audience there. I want a little bit of that flag showing. Now, if I had just if I put the baby down, I wouldn't have even had close to what I just got because I would have not been ready so now I'm taking the time to finesse the shot get the lights, get everything where I need it to be so that when he goes down if I get my tenth of a second um I'm gonna have a little bit of flag back there I'm gonna have a kulik and shot that's it all right mr declan all right, this is going away hang on all right, buddy. What about what about throw it? We've established a friendship now he's totally cool so we're gonna sit him down in the middle you're going to stay right for the side there okay, ready to throw it, throw it, throw it so it will say yeah, well it's pretty great, huh? I got it through again do it again so it so it throw it out hey, don't get okay sit down we'll do it again he understands all of these words ready go standing would be cute. Yeah, good job. I'll sit down, sit down there you go. Sit down ready and I got to give him something to keep him busy. Okay? And dad you're watching him do it again, you can watch him cause he could go forward, okay, good and just put your hand back one oh, no, there you go through this ball through this part ready on a turn it a little bit so it's diapers not showing and cover it up a little bit okay ready throw it through this one oh look here it was a broken oh it's broken on no don't don't don't don't don't hey don't get me oh uh what's this what's this what is that? What is that? Throw it throw it throw it oh yeah yeah ready go out oh where's the doggy where's the sake did you scratch your did you put your bum there's? Nothing back there what made you mad? We got the siri's so that's good did we scare you who's? That mean old chair? I don't feel anything is it not warming? Yeah exactly we're going to stand him this time but let's give him a second let me give him some food whatever bothered him we got to give him a break cause he's uh oh you want the ball actually, you know would be easier is it? I'm the sliders this way since he doesn't I mean since the chair may I don't feel anything but since he's bare leg let's stand him here and get a vertical shot out of it wait baby sit stand ready always this no more you could even to step right here school oh, good job so you are a strong strong boy what's this that cheerios to up a lot faster so we have to give a little extra time on the fish yeah big boy what's this gonna throw it oh right I'm going to get you I'm gonna get teo what is that you're crazy what are you doing oh oh look is it broken uh oh look oh thank you maman is that good? I love it when they're like that thank you yeah me where you going uh I'll do up more to have more senate scope here go get him go get it I don't move I mean I don't mind moving babies but babies need to move themselves or they get mad more oh no I'll watch this is it broken oh we're going for serious oh it's broken oh no oh she fix it rock o k way we've got plenty you can let him go let's give him a big round of applause on dad too fantastic that you were so cute all right we're done that's it he's easy to get back to you ah good job the whole lunch we could go share do it are you dad all right? We're gonna switch back over then and we're good to go so he's often do we have our one year old girl here ok cool so he can change out and we will get to a bunch of images from this and he did a great job so well done now you like everybody huh? So this is all put on a show all right we're switching I can answer some questions while we switch out tio for our girl okay, great well, first of all sandy you are being called the baby whisperer favor just that was so cool to be able to watch you go on the challenge to happy baby with a would that be a miracle shot with a foot presently not that's every day to me that is my normal studio and I'm so glad that happened because this is what photographers and what I did when I first started out as I would see that reaction that grabbed out and go and I would stand there and go oh great this is gonna be a terrible session he doesn't want me he doesn't like me I was started thinking negative thoughts babies are like puppies they just want to love honestly they just want to love you they want to have a good time have fun so it's breaking that barrier it's fighting the thing that is the noise or the toy or the distraction that's going to get them connected to you so that was a lot of fun he was so amazing and I can't even tell you what I just did for ten thousand people out there in the world that actually saw that so you're famous now bud good deal all right another question uh, simpson is wondering if you need it more like a child psychology understanding, and so if you have any books seaweed, that's where we're running because that slides coming up, I truly believe photography is about twenty percent photography, eighty percent psychology. There are some things that I could tell you that make it easy or having your own children being around children. Uh, that does not mean you have to have a child to have that kind of relationship. That relationship applies to every relationship in the world. If you step back and you watch somebody and you really take into account how they're feeling through their actions not true, what they're saying, you could learn a lot about them. Children are the easiest to read in the world. I can see just the way their eyes move, how they're feeling because if they're rolling their eyes, if they're frustrated, they're opening their eyes, they're afraid. And so if you watch those features, you start to understand that every baby is gonna act the exact same way, that little parody that we sort of just did happens time and time and time again. So psychology, yes, but I think it's more just being cognizant of what's going on just being aware of your situation. And don't give up again. This goes back to. If you think it can't be done, it definitely cannot be done. If you think that baby wasn't if happy were out there going, oh, now, she's in for it. If you were here, it wouldn't have worked for you. You just have to just believe you could get through it.

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Join renowned children’s photographer Sandy Puc’, as she shows you how to capture enchanting images that tug at your heartstrings and bring big business to your studio. Lessons with tons of hands-on shooting, you’ll learn how to catch natural expressions, what must-have tools every studio needs, and how to roll with any situation to get the best from your tiny subjects. Sandy will also share all her secrets for marketing to mommies, consultations that increase sales, and workflow that leaves more profit in your pricing.


Daniela Moroni

This is my first Creative Live course and I'm very happy with it. I don't have a studio but it was very helpful to understand how to begin a career as a baby photographer. I like the way Sandy explains what she does. You see that she loves her job. I'm glad to have known about Now I Lay me Down To Sleep project. I'm not an english speaker so I'd like there were english subtitles 'cause when she speaks very quickly I miss a lot of words... Thanks Creative Live team!