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9-month-old Girl with Backdrop (Navia)

Okay, so we're switching over to continuous light now these are west got td six spider lights. So we have two teeny sixes here. This one obviously has a creates here. Now, keep in mind, I need this one on. This is continuous light. I have to make a lot of changes. Now, I have to re balance my camera because now we're in a daylight balance situation. So the first thing I'd do is color correct? My camera. Um, after that, I now have to, uh, check my exposure's there two ways I could do that. I could do that reading a great card in a history ram or I can use a meter to do that, probably to show you both real quickly. Uh, possibly just used a history. I'm depending on if we can get these lights up and running. I need a great card. Thank you. Okay, so I already know with how much volume, uh, how much light is disappearing in this room? I'm going to have to push my I s o so again, this is that human meter theory. Um I'm going to start it. I also four hundred. I'm gonna drop down to a sixty of...

of a second, we're doing six month old correct, so she's a mover, so I would actually do studio strobes in my studio first with her because it will stop motion if she's super busy which I haven't had enough time with her to know if she's super super busy there's a potential for her to go out of focus my only way to save that would be to push the I s so therefore pushing the shutter speed so that I could get some more speed out of her so actually gonna goto one twenty fifth now that I know how little she is and I'm probably going to goto s o five hundred which is pretty rare for me let me see that great card real quick I'm going to first you'd a great card uh and I need those strokes I'm just gonna turn him up here one more all right so let's see I need that again I didn't do a full frame so I can read a history that's a little card you can eat it out of the fur needed to be there right there don't move thank you. Okay so now I'm looking at a history ram here I can either read the history ram which were a little over exposed here or I could meet her it and what are we at right now I s oh five hundred which is good because I really don't like shooting at ia so five hundred it comes from my film days and paranoia just because we do we're never allowed to do that for hundred was pushing it at the time now I'm using a meter it's exactly as I told you it would be which is a good guess we are at one twenty fifth at four o at s o five hundred I believe it's slightly over exposed but where it for oh here yes for a point four so I probably could drop down my I s oh, but it's not and then we're two point eight back here so we are a little more than two stops between the two the way I can gain more life here taking off these egg crate by the side I need to have a big stronger kicker I will just take it off probably gonna take half off so I get a little bit of a hair light and yet I'm still kind of blocking so it's not hitting the floor and totally blowing that out let me take a look at this I'm gonna balance my camera first so I'm going into the menu settings this is a five d by the way I'm going to many settings going into custom white balance I'm selecting that image is my custom white balance and we should be jim dandy groovy that looks pink to me all right now everything changes when working with a six month old you're going to see my mannerisms how it act what I do very, very different um I bet we have sold one hundred tripods by now so I would like you to petition man photo to call this the sandy put official tripod um I would love to have a little more length in the floor so let's go this way on the floor real quick I'm probably being too finicky but what I don't want you to think is that I would ever short cut my work I mean I know we're on a time constraint here and that's cool I don't mind I love working under pressure however uh if we can fix it we should I'm not a fix in photoshopped person if I can help it working with babies sometimes you can't help it all right we're good there but I want I want that length back it's there go three inches good now I can pull back a little bit get a little more the background a quick note the floors you're looking at are from silver like background this um boxes from barbara backgrounds we love this because you can change these we have all kinds of different colors so you wanted to take this one on because it looks good uh this is awesome this is silver like background they are there I'll show you them later and this is also silver like just given idea where everything is coming from um baby all right tell me her name naevia miss nadia hi. Are we gonna play uh does that stay on her okay if it's if it's something important to you we'll keep it on it's no big deal if she's okay if you're okay with it yet now it's really important she is seven months about okay so she's sitting up on her own but it's really important that I stay really close she's going to be in a little box and I want you to keep your eyes on her and never take them off there's a lot of us here will be running around and we do not want to fall so promise me all right let's be not not be correct you can kneel down right where I am you actually come on this side if you don't mind we're gonna keep you out of the light so she's gonna be sitting right about here you're going to keep your eyes on her just put her little feet in there if you can and I'll start and then I'll have to jump in if I need you tucker littlefoot and if you can a little bit uh nadia hi hello princess now let me check that light because it's looking bad it's nice buddy hi baby girl, huh? You're pretty cute we're gonna put some light on your face you know let me check that real quick nadia can urine hey, joe naevia you're where'd you go I ready right to give uh oh it's guilt hell you can have behind account for second way to kill one two can do huh? I'm working very hard here hey, you're an angel awesome. Okay, now that's going to take her out of there we're gonna put her down on the ground and just get some little sit a seating shot so that boxes and things like this they're great if you have a baby that's not stable you khun balance them she's good but keep your eye on earth are you still cute? Ready? Hi. Are you holding your does holding your towards hell, don. Now, if I don't have an assistant I would have mom do this what's this what's this what's she like where's mom what's that can you get it? Can you get it? Oh, very good. Ready to go anywhere, tucker? Little feeding again I can see a little bit of diaper now one more like that. I'm gonna get up on that ladder actually here and I'll just say I'm gonna pop in and just take over let me have a lot of real quick and I need to untangle here ah, beautiful good girl. See if you can take her hands and patty cake them together just play like patty cake for a second ready have you bad kick bad thank you beautiful good girl naevia oh yeah that's awesome all right, now we're gonna bring her down on her tummy her head goes towards the light her feet go towards the background there you go there you go just like that oh you're almost crying watch your watch you shouldn't go down on her chin she's strong that's actually pretty rare for her age get teo uh can I okay let's go get the tickler going comes watch your hand she's really close to falling on a tin I know she she really good okay she goes there she is you are strong little monkey eyes he says I'm felafel oh my good sports that hand beautiful that's us someone what? Oh my gosh that's gorgeous okay, I don't like it when background are when uh main lights hit the background so I typically key my lights up like this here we go. I need my meter. Um I know that my lights probably pretty good we'll take a look real quick because I I mean again we use these lights all the time saying on your receiver on yeah, you're too close I need, uh, reflector, please. All right, we're good you don't like the wrinkles, but okay, so if in theory we are correct, this should be reset back up to main light is that five six I've got a switch my meter it's moments like this that I've been really I'm really glad that I've been doing this letter what channel are you on channel four right? I'm having issues with it too what were your issues? Well I could meet her aiken here hang on to switch it over will have you fired them? Okay go ahead ok we're a little hot eight six eight six so we're going to get f ate here time lips hanging good okay down a little more we should be at five six here I also you five six force that's hot and yours well hot as well way also is that background light on go head on with him ok five six two okay we don't need this background lighting the reason we don't need it is we are actually in a very small space but I want you guys to think about this most people are working in this type of a studio environment so I want you to see how magical it really can be my preference is longer sweeps being far, far away that's my style but this feels very much like my master bedroom so where I started so that's okay all right, so we're going to re great balance the karma the balance the camera is currently balanced to uh daylight balance light so I'm now shooting a target again I can look at the history, sam, and read the history I'm if I would like we're dead on on the history, ma'am, um now I'm going into the menu said in settings I'm on custom white balance I'm selecting that as my target, and I typically just check it twice because I'm paranoid like that that looks much, much better. We are good to go so let's, get our princess in here and rock and roll what's going on or what? The newborn is a girl and we're gonna do the little bowl, okay, okay. So you're going to go back to continuous light with that settle down. Oh, so now we're gonna get to rio better. Okay. Okay. I give me the little beads to hold on to what? So we're shooting for a product line here. We're actually going to try to get something. Where? She's looking down at the beach. Let's get her looking up at the light. Okay, let's, get back to camera. Ah, a nice tight jacket. She's doing so high. Good girl. That's. Good. Now we've got that for sure. Let's, stand her. I'm a side of the booth. We'll see who go on our knees at all and held on waken try that let's put it on the side but she's facing the light I'm gonna put this out of the way actually office its size because because he's a little you know the rule I talked about yesterday with tommy away knows towards completely goes out the window when you're dealing with babies there's no way you can get them to turn their heads in oh, she doesn't like it she know she doesn't want to do that it was like dumb idea we're gonna talk about the chicken later she's so far into that background like we have to move her so it's okay let's just take out the box if she doesn't want to do that so yeah she says no way we never want to do anything you don't want to do haven't have you moved her body over here though a little bit more just so I don't want to scare her we'll give her some shoes to play with what are these e t go way, way, way love serious too any my ladder real quick just for variety go up you like more things hee hee hee get her eyes all that camera three chicken on the camera your princess we're going to get her down on her tummy because remember in a very short period of time, I can get a lot of variety, so she goes on to tell me one one more time. We're gonna pull out those shoes that are more in the center, so every angle, I changed. It gives it a totally different field, so sometimes you have to get down. Theo doesn't get a look in the light will be there. All right, we got her she's done, yep. Whoo! Alright, she's done, skipper around.

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Join renowned children’s photographer Sandy Puc’, as she shows you how to capture enchanting images that tug at your heartstrings and bring big business to your studio. Lessons with tons of hands-on shooting, you’ll learn how to catch natural expressions, what must-have tools every studio needs, and how to roll with any situation to get the best from your tiny subjects. Sandy will also share all her secrets for marketing to mommies, consultations that increase sales, and workflow that leaves more profit in your pricing.


Daniela Moroni

This is my first Creative Live course and I'm very happy with it. I don't have a studio but it was very helpful to understand how to begin a career as a baby photographer. I like the way Sandy explains what she does. You see that she loves her job. I'm glad to have known about Now I Lay me Down To Sleep project. I'm not an english speaker so I'd like there were english subtitles 'cause when she speaks very quickly I miss a lot of words... Thanks Creative Live team!