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Now let's talk real quickly a little about workflow because we've got a gun through pricing I mean I know we're not going into great great detail but I hope I've given you enough tidbits and tips just to let you know that to me photography is a complete process it's from the phone call to exiting my door with a product that is photography photography is not this it really and truly is not so I want just to atleast touch base on the things that I used because a lot of you out there just starting out and you don't know what to do and man when you get this kind of information at the rate you're getting it um it's a lot and I know it's a lot and I'm not to put a final plug in for creative life but and it's really hard to say this about yourself but it's crazy if you don't buy this program at ninety nine dollars it's absolutely insane honestly and I know ends and how many hours like five hours five hours and forty five minutes you have five hours and forty five minutes to make that decision...

so just to really honestly tell you my opinion on this before we go too far elsewhere for ninety nine dollars you're going to get all those discounts that we are the all those free things that we offered that are of value of well over ninety nine dollars now but you're going to get everything I said and you could listen to it at the pace you want to listen to it and that's really the important thing I guarantee you you know they say you take five percent of everything you hear do you realize what a small percentage of what you've really taken from this is so I mean it's something that I want you to learn this stuff because honestly I want to help my industry I want to protect myself and by teaching you I'm protecting all of us so you have very little time on that soon as the show is over I honestly think for the ninety nine dollars you should go get it especially that it's going to go upto one forty nine why not say fifty dollars eventually you're gonna wish you knew what you knew so go for it so apologies for that interruption but I really believe that's a killer deal I charge a lot more than that so I would definitely go for it okay workflow the tools that we use we use light room for all of our editing and almost well we can pretty much get through everything we need to do in light room and it is just the incredible uh just a incredible fast tool if you're not familiar with white room you need to go there we of course use photo shop for the retouching side and there's things that there very few things that light room can't do, but there will always be a need for photo shop because there's just some things that light room should never do it's really an editing tool in a processing tool. We'll be coming through on the tour very soon way started the end of april and we're teaching how to use light room effectively. Our goal is just like everything to take your time and cut it in half, so hopefully we'll see some of you on there but a big shout out to adobe. You guys have been great supporters as well, and this year's very exciting because this tour isn't adobe, you're so we have the power of adobe to kind of to fuel us and make things go pro select is the sales tool that we use, and they obviously have a discount that they're offering a ten percent discount on pro select purchases cash it sounds like I'm just telling you about everything, and I apologize for that, but the every tool is important to me, but you can't have them all. Honestly, you cannot have everything I've talked about, but pro select is one tool that if you're if you're at the point in your company where you need to learn to sell better, this is the tool you need. So this is the tool that's going to help you control your environment it's going to help make it seamless to your client is going to give you the ability to show those beautiful slide shows to put them to music you can think use things like wall displays they have ways that you can put things in frames you could do the wall collections the wall collages all of that is seamless so it's just done and it's just something that I would highly recommend so again everybody has taken something out of my show that you you think I need that that's my next purchase but this for some of you if you're at the sales point this is definitely something I would recommend um pro select is definitely very seamless in the sense that this is what the clients are them so this is what the user sees the sales associate if you're using teo screens and imagine wearing projections so this is what the associate is seeing were able to see all of the image but this is what the client is seeing they're seeing one single image you certainly can show them multiple images but we want to keep it clean and organized and friendly with you I want to explain this artist's favorite thing here because people will ask about that when we do a slide show uh the artist the photographer that creates the slide show will actually go through and pick six to eight images that our favorite and we mentioned earlier that we will do our work on three to six images, two of which you're going to be our products those images are favorite images will be marked with the words artist suggestion or artists favorites now sometimes we put ten to fifteen election say that we pick eight to ten artists favorites not all of them get artwork, but they are marked as our favorites. So when a client comes in and they're actually in the slide show on a client's watching that slide show when they see the word artist favorites, what they're actually saying is sandy loves that one sandy loves that one that's her favorite now if you put two images that are similar side by side number one, if one of them's retouched and one of them said the retouch one says artist favorite, the other one is really, really similar um and you ask a client left or right? They're always going to pick the artist's favorite always I've never seen that not happen unless there's something very, very specific. So what I'm doing is I'm telling my clients what I'm subconsciously telling them what to buy they don't even know that it's happening, but I'm suggesting sales to them by telling them that this image is my favorite, but you know what I'm really telling them that I took the time to go through there that their family or child was important enough to me to take the time and to go through and pick my favorite and to tell them which one was my favorite. Now if you do your own sale, you might be saying, well, then I don't need to do that I could just tell them it's not the same the word itself seeing it on there is a visual where they go oh, she likes this one and sometimes I'll turn you say, why is that your favorite? I have an answer don't say it's because I'm supposed to pick six ten say because and in this case it's not showing but you know, I love the fact that your wedding ring is showing and then I will turn to the husband and say, you know, I'm assuming you bought that for her wow, nice stop that is beautiful. I'm sure you're very proud of that ring so I'm sure this is probably your favorite too because you love that ring. What did I just do? I got dad involved. I just reminded him you spend a ton of money on that you wanna have a picture of that ring, you know, and I could get much worse if you want to talk about saffi, you know, I could talk about how it gently cradles the head of the baby that you just had that you're going to spend the I mean I could get really kind of over the tough sometimes sometimes when sales staff are going but I truly emotionally connect tio my work and it's not because I think my work is so great you know what I honestly consider myself an average photographer I watched like the creative life stuff in the artist come on here I feel this big when I watch it sorry now I'm gonna get all emotional because I took pictures of babies um and you know, I see people who have hours to create these amazing things I need a therapist for heaven's sake thank you wheels on the bus go round and wave no but I mean I get very I could just as frustrated as you do honestly I said look at things that I'm like I can't do that I don't have time I don't even like to do that I want to do that I mean, you know it's it's just photography is just overwhelming for me as it is for you I photograph babies but you know what? I make a lot of money photographing babies because you know what's even more important than that I have a lot of fun photographing my happiness chart is way up here in my time chart is way up here and in life when I what was he doing going up when I go up this time I know my heart is going to be way up there too because it's important so take the time let your clients don't you love them and they're going to love you back and it's going to be forever I promise you pro select also allows you to build collages now this is actually a little bit older you could now frames and textured mats and all kinds of cool stuff so this is pretty elementary but the stuff you can do now is absolutely breathtaking. I mean again just to be able to put to show a client a finished frame because remember I told you that's really important to be able to do that in less than three minutes and his show it to a client there's the hands the fingers in the face that we talked about if that's a three hundred ninety nine dollars sale you've almost pay I mean, I think you paid for pro select right there so just again think about it that way. Can you make money off of it? Yes, ma'am with pro select um but you can download the thirty day trial and which I did and close the sale on the one time that I downloaded it and it pretty much paid for itself who so yeah, thank you for that now I want to tell you one more thing that is really cool about pro select um we worked with pro select and we had them you're going to die if you already have it we had them implement a credit system so now you know how you're sitting there going I can't do the credit system it's done for you so the math charts and things that we have once you get the math figured out pro select will now sell to your clients in credits and you know what's cool they haven't set up that you choose the price point for your discount because everybody asks well how did the packages work when how much is a credit in packages so what happens is you base it on price point so when a client hits five hundred dollars they get ten percent off when they hit twelve thousand dollars spending in there buying remember the client seeing credits but when they have a thousand dollars pro select automatically takes off whatever your discount fifteen percent when they hit fifteen hundred it takes off eighteen percent or whatever it is so it's seamless you just say keep adding things on him when you hit that number bam you just saved a ton of money and it shows you that and it shows the client that's so that's really really cool so another reason et tu switch two credits and b to look into pro select is now because it's something that I wouldn't even teach. I have struggled teaching credits because he couldn't do it in pro select now, it's seamless for me, and it can be seamless for you, too, adam oto. Another tool that we use pro select does have a great slide show. So again, it's a great program, there's nothing wrong with it. For us, we do a lot of video video presentation and a moto doesn't allow video clips in there. They've also got a free month that they're giving away and their code of sandy ceo so these are all things if you're buying this program, by the way, definitely watch it soon and write down all those codes because there's a lot of discounts here and you'll find the things that you like. But an emoto is ah presentation that is the next level instead of that simple dissolve, this is ah lot higher and to your client and going to give them more of an experience. Plus, we do a lot of video work. We add a lot of video clips, so it gives the client, um, the illusion that there's something much, much more valuable here. So without further ado, let's, take a look at an emoto. Hee hee hee I'm here to tell you just what you think it's for the parcels so just a puzzle to me and every time you thank your head's not what life tends to happen while you're still making pants day dreaming causes were taking teo tomorrow come teo you get so just do at your love love what you do so many things in life you just do what you love to do it for you smile every day way to find ourselves a risk that we take turns out the best part of life is a love that was made take the answer's teo are questions what can see way have you george but its world everything no matter what just know that there's nothing you can't wait so just do what you love you love what you do so many things in life are just do what you love to do it for you smile every day way you can do with time you feel just like when rangsit bores you soothe very cool and a reminder those are raw images I mean those there's no retouching there so they're pretty true to form when I shoot and you can see obviously if some of those were art collections we just literally kick that out seconds ago they're still sweating bullets back there but I forgot about that part of the show s o just to give you a kind of an idea of really? And truly as a parent, if you were looking at those images get everybody always worries about raw should you do artwork on all of that? If you were those baby's parents, would you buy honestly did you see something in there? Sellable, I hope. Look, we've got a mom crying over here. Charlie's mom is losing it, so yeah, so I mean, and that was just a few. Have you seen all of them yet, though? Oh, my gosh. She's so cute. We put that little monster hat on him. Oh, it's hilarious. Yeah. So I mean, it works and the power of the music I mean, obviously if I could control the total environment and give you a show stopping experience, but, um lights down music up show on and it's go time, which is great. Now we want to talk about closing the cell. How do you get people? Give a question on how quickly do you transition the pictures? I'm about a second dissolve to a second minute by minute half is not a minute and a half that a second and a half is about the dissolved transition, but the reason for that will grow select actually selects the it actually takes how many images you have and transitions it based on the images so you end, he start and end with the music, which is so awesome. S o that music, those transitions were faster because we put tons of babies in there in a thirty image session. They we don't technically selected. I guess when I said a minute and half are a second and a half that's my dissolves of slideshow that's what? I came to mind, but, um, it's all based on how many images so the truth is more images you cram in the faster it's going to go in the less impact it's gonna have earlier, you mentioned that the slideshow had quick action. No. What did you mean by that way? Didn't do it on those those air, basically raw files, I believe. But we have some actions that we can run through. Things like with boudoir photography just softens the body a little bit. So it's not so graphic. That's. What you mean? Yeah. So just just some actions that we have if we wanted to wait for the shop action exactly like we could do a vignette. Like if it's an outdoor portrait might do like a vignette, slight softening or something. I thought you meant transitions like it was fast moving. No, no, not at all, no, no, no.

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Join renowned children’s photographer Sandy Puc’, as she shows you how to capture enchanting images that tug at your heartstrings and bring big business to your studio. Lessons with tons of hands-on shooting, you’ll learn how to catch natural expressions, what must-have tools every studio needs, and how to roll with any situation to get the best from your tiny subjects. Sandy will also share all her secrets for marketing to mommies, consultations that increase sales, and workflow that leaves more profit in your pricing.


Daniela Moroni

This is my first Creative Live course and I'm very happy with it. I don't have a studio but it was very helpful to understand how to begin a career as a baby photographer. I like the way Sandy explains what she does. You see that she loves her job. I'm glad to have known about Now I Lay me Down To Sleep project. I'm not an english speaker so I'd like there were english subtitles 'cause when she speaks very quickly I miss a lot of words... Thanks Creative Live team!