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The Baby Plan: Newborn to 1-Year

I want to talk about the evolution to now because obviously our goal is a high end baby portrait studio back in the day, you know, when I would sell one hundred fifty dollars, to a client, I would think I was absolutely making it where now ourselves averages are much, much higher. We'll talk about that on the third day on pricing, but even though I did the tour in two thousand eight, the baby plant tour last year, we did the follow up tour, which is the creative edge kids, and I looked at my baby plant, and even in a four year time, the industry has changed so much with the look and the feel of of what a client's looking for that I realized even my plan in four year period was really pretty outdated, so we knew we needed to kind of take it up to the next. Not now. I want to cover what a baby program is, because a lot of people out there really truly aren't familiar with it. Most of us know the idea. The concept is that you're going to photograph a baby from either before birth in a pre...

gnancy siri's, but more likely at birth through the first year, so that's kind of the goal with the baby fund siri's the idea behind the baby plan is typically has a low entry price which we call a loss leader that is a reason that a client would want to jump in and spend the money and that's ah lot of times that's the variable is it the right client that you're getting but you have to choose a price point that keeps you above sort of the low sales averages but low enough to draw people in we're going to talk a lot about that usually as I said, it includes the milestones those different stages a typical baby program and I'm going to go through this so before you write it all down I want I'm gonna tell you what the typical is because mine's a little different typically it includes three months, a six month a nine month and a one year session I do not include a nine month and I'm gonna explain why so typical baby plan is three, six, nine and twelve and the goal is that you're going to provide a product to the client after the baby's first birthday. So the idea is there's a low entry fee they're going come to those sessions and at the end of those sessions they're going to get a product of some sort and that's sort of the idea behind it now I'm going to show you in our studio we have two types of sessions, we have an associate serious session and we have a master siri's session the associate sessions are photographed by my associate photographers and then the master sessions are photographed by myself and helena's well so you can see in the associate session there's a session included at three months at six months and at one year at the end of that year they get a custom folio that has those three images the three months six months in the one your image and the price point for us is around ninety nine dollars now we've tried every price point in the universe including his lowest twenty nine dollars all the way up two, two hundred ninety nine dollars and we find that for us in our studio our demographics this is the number that gets people in the door at the right the right demographics in the door so this is sort of our entry level lost leader now the follow up are the other program is the master siri's these air the sessions that myself and helen photograph now the difference is this one includes a newborn session and we're going to talk about why that one is absolutely critical this the new board session is any baby that is under six weeks old so if a client contacts us and they've just had the baby we will get them right away in the door and it's complimentary if they call us in the baby's three months or older than they fall into the traditional program but the difference is the cost of what they're doing. Who which photographer they want to use so they get the newborn session. They get the session at three months, six months in one year and the difference in prices with the ninety nine dollars session slide, they actually get just that folio. At this price point for two hundred fifty dollars, they actually get a finished frame product. Now, this could be a digital composite, matt or an actual riel. Matt it's, the client's choice. And, interestingly enough, more clients choose digital mats now than actual real mats, which I think is very fascinating. But eso but that price point, I want to make sure you understand at that price sessions with with me are traditionally one hundred fifty dollars. This frame, if a regular client were to come in to buy, it starts at four ninety nine. So for two hundred fifty dollars, they're getting a screaming deal to come in and utilize my time. Now the reason we price it this way is we know two things when a client is coming in and they specifically are looking for me, they know who I am. They may be a friend of theirs, has had worked with me and says on ly, work with sandy or only work with helen they're willing to pay a little bit more money so that sort of separates them we typically know that they're going to be better spenders just based on them choosing the master siri's and associate siri's tends to be people that got a flyer heard about us, but they aren't really sure and they're just kind of checking us out doesn't mean they're not great spenders it just means that they don't really they're not as committed yet and that's that's okay, we want them both so that's sort of how we separate financially the types of spenders that we're gonna have now I'm gonna go ahead and we're going to break down the actual milestones of the siri's because I want to make sure you understand the ages stages every one of these ages comes with an almost exact copy every three months old that comes in is going to act the same way and do the same type of images every six months is probably gonna be the same way I mean there's variations will talk about it becomes a formula and that's okay, I'm not saying become a cookie cutter I'm just saying that you know, no matter what you do with the three month old, you are never going to get them to sit up it's just not gonna happen, so you have to know to work around that we're going to cover that later as well so many go all the way back to maternity sessions because in a perfect world we would actually get everybody in when they were pregnant. Now later we're going to talk about pregnancy and how to sell a pregnancy session because that's always the question is how much you know most people don't buy a lot from that session, so we're going to try to teach you how to maximize that, but right now we're just looking them a cz milestone so in my studio we don't offer the maternity session is part of the baby programs because we know that they're not going to spend a lot of money and it does take us time we do offer a discount if they contact us before the baby is born. Uh if my session fee is normal one hundred and fifty dollars for this type of work it's seventy five it's about you know they get a half price discount on the session. We know that a maternity session actually is our beginning point of building that relationship. We know that if we can get them in when they're pregnant, they're probably going to stay with us the rest of that child's life if we do our jobs well, so the sooner we get to them, the better so it's worth it, but more than anything our goal with the pregnancy session is to book the newborn session and that is the best session it is the most profitable session in the entire siri's is the newborn session when the baby is under six weeks so let's talk about that session that we call it the madonna session mother baby father baby we typically always enlist the parents to be in this session which later on we'll talk through how that how we actually get them to do that because we know we can get a lot more poses out of that by having their hands is and their faces and their lips and things like that this is absolutely the most important session because our sales averages on a newborn session are three times higher then they are on any other session that we have so we want to get them in and the honest truth is the younger the baby is the higher the cell is period now we figured that out because if you all those of you who have children you know this already but when you have a baby especially your first baby it's honestly you bring them home and it's like watching tv you could literally watch that newborn do nothing for hours on end with tears in your eyes as if it were the most emotional story you've ever heard in your life and it's absolutely breathtaking now there's that window there where you're going through this emotional high and low having a baby is terrifying and the most amazing thing in the same sentence. So it's it's pretty powerful. So imagine you come home as a parent and you're so connected and you feel so overwhelmed and you take that baby within five or six days to a studio, and now they've captured those tiny little hands and the features in the ears and the lips and all of these things. And you come in for that sales session and all of a sudden you're sitting in this beautiful room and they're projecting these images and you see or baby seventy inches big and you're just blown away. It's a very emotional experience now clients in that stage tend to spend very well now fast forward it let's say we don't get them in for the newborn session and all of a sudden they are, you know, they're here at three months or four months is the first time you see it don't get me wrong, they still love the baby there's you, I love your baby, right? Thie differences, they've been without sleep for three months, they've been paying for diapers have been paying for bottles, they literally errant wits and they're dealing with things that never dealt with and emotionally they have gone a different direction the love is still there, but financially they're going ok. Let's just do this I'm tired let's go home I haven't slept it truly turns out that way now the question is are we taken advantage of people though I don't believe so because I will tell you this we will never over sell a client ever if a client walks in on a new board session and they are so enamored that they're trying to buy three thirty by forties of the baby the hands of the we will actually stop them we will turn to them and say you know what as much as you love these we would love to have you have them all you've got a full year you're gonna be working with us perhaps an album or some other will to redirect them we will not let people overspend um album started around two thousand dollars to so we will let them spend but but I want you to know it's not a matter of taking advantage of people it's educating people in helping them understand what it is they really need from that session every session has things that I want clients to have because they're so specific to that time in that baby life and I'm never going to let somebody go too crazy they do but they're always educated so if they choose to spend thousands of dollars I know that it's not because I'm taking advantage of them so I understand this is the key session now back to the pregnancy the reason the pregnancy session becomes so important is I then at that time have a time have the opportunity to explain to that client exactly how how and when they need to book that session. So while I'm photographing their belly, I could tell them and this is important. I will tell them what I'd like you to do is book your newborn session approximately five to seven days af to your due date now that's important, because when I tell them that what that means is if the baby comes early, the baby's going to be no more than two weeks old and if the baby's right on time, the baby's going to be five to ten days old, which is what I'm really looking for, that's an incredible time and later on we're going to talk about why having a, uh five day old absolutely is ten times better than having a ten day old, which is ten times better than having a twenty day old. It really is that important five deal literally is like butter. They sleep the entire time, all those amazing shots, the things that you guys want me to teach you, the younger, the baby, the easier that is so so the pregnancy session allows me to actually get them to book at that session at the right time. So that by the time you have a baby yours too overwhelmed and you're not going to remember that this actually makes that happen sandy this quite a few people in the internet um they're wondering when you pre book those sessions and especially like the three six and one year sessions together are you asking for the money up front to take a deposit? Is that due at the end and it is due up front at ninety nine dollars to two hundred fifty dollars we do collect the entire payment on dh there is no refund if they end up halfway through moving to kentucky there's no refund because the price point is already so low but we would let's say they were able to do the three month in the six month session we would give them those two images for what they invested and we don't have a problem with it but you do have to capture the money in advance otherwise there's no commitment and without a financial commitment you will have a lot of no shows that's why it's important to never give this program really away for free uh because you will never have the commitment that you need to get them through with that question makes sense. So another question yeah um and so that, um from a hedges was and so is that two hundred fifty price for each section each session over the air for all set o great question thank you the question was what was it for? Two hundred was the two hundred fifty four all of the sessions or just one each one it is for the entire siri's and that's why it is called the lost leader that's why it's the best deal? Because you cannot come to our studio for that kind of price it's the on ly thing that is that that low of a poor price point so that is a very good question and I'm sure we're beginning to this but j mp and why do you find that was with such a low session fee that your clients get thrown back when you explain your products? Price is a very good question because when a client actually and I'm so sorry I'm so used to repeating questions and are not so uh when a client when they actually come in for the session everybody, every single session that I do, we require a pre consultation, so when they call on that price point, we're going to invite them in to sit and talk to them about that uh the siri's of sessions so once they come in we absolutely address pricing day three we're going to cover that in detail, but I'm proud of my pricing and we want them to know the pricing because if they come in seeing two hundred fifty dollars and then they come and they see the pricing and it's out of their range we can end that relationship there and that's okay, because I would rather not waste their time and waste our time and more than anything, I would rather not have them do a beautiful session and then not be able to have anything from that breaks my heart so absolutely we address that beforehand do keep in mind and we'll cover this in pricing that the baby price list is our least expensive prices well, so what we're doing is we're sort of molding our clients they have a lower price point that we start them with so that there's a comfort zone there and then once that baby crosses overto one, we hope we've won the relationship so where the investment they would consider continuing investing in the higher price list. Uh, so you're your loss leaders not exactly it's, not just the entry. There is also a price break difference and we're going to cover that in cool in great detail, right? Well so thank you anything you just kick me when you're ready very good. Okay, so that's the first now remember that for in my program this is complimentary with the master siri's if they get in before six weeks after six weeks comes the three month siri's now, at three months, they're they're milestones that every baby has and these are the markers that you're looking to photograph a three month old should be able to lift their head up. Um, she does know her parents, they can be a little bit clean, usually not too bad and they're definitely on a schedule. At that point, they eat in a certain time, they go to the bathroom in certain time, they are honoring a certain time. They're happy to certain time and it's very hard when you're scheduling. Usually we scheduled the next appointment the day the baby if we're doing it before doing a three month session, we're going to schedule six month session while they're standing in the room. It's hard to know what the baby's schedule is going to be, and we tell clients if you need to change that, please dio because the baby that's supposed to be napping is not a happy baby now. I book about six months in advance, so that gets a little tricky, but we always try to help our clients out, but ultimately we tell them it's better for you to book now, even though you don't know her schedule because way will have nothing else later, so take it now and then we could work with you at that point, so that's really the milestones now at this I lost my click hold on there we go uh there are lots of in the milestones their favorite poses like I said, the real key milestone is lifting their head but if a baby can't live their head it really makes the job hard so what we tell our parents actually even though we say the milestones of three, six and one year we actually booked them at four months, seven months and thirteen months if possible because at four months they almost always could lift their head at seven months they can almost always sit up and at thirteen months they can almost always walk so understand that parents get kind of freaking about those exact numbers and we have to sort of educate them and say, you know what if you wait you're going to have a better session I'm going to be able to give you a lot more so the real milestone the key for that first series is that they could lift their head butt the real thing is how what do you do with the three month old? This is why most of your here is like just velcro walls actually are awesome just little suits because you could get a lot of poses out of that honestly, but since we can't legally do velcro walls anymore, you have to be creative you cannot I mean honestly it's it's a tough call and so our goal is to find unique poses and tools that we use to make the stuff happen one of my very favorite poses that a three three months is to actually get up on a ladder and stand over the baby and actually photographed them know my studio we have big camera stands and their safety issues there and I'm gonna cover them tomorrow and speaking of which I'll need a ladder tomorrow and I just realized but that's gonna be important but you know these are showstoppers this is what the local chain studio cannot d'oh they're not set up to do stuff like this so this is what we're really looking to do and the magic that we're looking for these are formulated poses though I know every three months all the walks and I'm probably going to a b c d and then try one or two creative things as well but I'm gonna always go for the sellable images first because that's what we do is way cell portraiture so this is a favorite pose and it's one that's very easily done we're going to do this one tomorrow for sure and I think you'll see again safety is the issue if you're gonna hold a camera over a baby on a ladder have a strap have support um and we'll cover that as well the most important thing I want everybody to take out of the the baby milestones is shooting for product lines the reason? Remember I told you when I was a poor baby photographer and how did I take it from a sales averages of around one hundred dollars, to my current baby cells like a newborn session, sales averages just under three thousand dollars. So how did we take that? And not very many years we're talking from two thousand eight? How did I do that? And what happened is I started to understand the value of product lines of shooting for a product. I know that every three month old or newborn that walks in the first time I see them, I'm absolutely going to photograph their hands, their feet and their face, period, because that will always sell us a walk election I can sell it as bigas of forty by forty three forty by forties or his small is three five by five is in a frame, but it will sell every time it will only sell if you present it to the client done and finished and shown, and we're going to talk to you about that as well, but later, but understand that there are certain things that when I walk in a room always photograph because I know that their product like this frame right here, as I mentioned earlier, when a client buys this frame with glass animate and everything you see here they started around three hundred ninety nine dollars so if I know what clients typically typically gonna buy a package it for five hundred dollars and they're most likely going to buy something like this we've now taken a three hundred dollars sale to a nine hundred dollar cell just by shooting for it so product lines are very, very important and now it's six months the baby sitting up but you have to keep mom very close even at seven months every mom that tells you oh he's fine he's he's really got a strong back there that's that's the child is going to hit the floor. I promise you for sure for sure so every image you will ever see of a child in that age range that is sitting up I guarantee you mom is less than a foot away of she is right there she is on guard now I do say this so I'm gonna explain it because it's a personality thing too. So I want you to be careful happy say this but when I say every session I do I have a set of rules and we'll cover those later on how a session like what's gonna happen and before I start I will turn the mom will say okay now here's the deal your baby is six and a half months old she can sit up but she's not totally stable. And even if you think she's stable it's very easy to fall over. Now I want you to do two things number one it's your responsibility to keep track of her. I'm gonna be running around at my camera, go climbing things, doing all kinds of things, making a lot of noise whatever you do, do not take your eyes off your daughter. It is your responsibility. I want to remind you of something if she tips over and hits her head that is a hard when floor it's going to hurt and it's going to be your fault. And I say that now I know you're all like like but I said and then I put a big smile on my face and I say, I'm just kidding, but I'm not kidding. Honestly, if she falls she's going to get hurt in the session's gonna be over now you understand why I just did that, right? We just call that the power play. We go in and scare him, and then we put that pretty smile on our face to say just kidding. Only in our heads were going. We're not kidding. Seriously, this is not a joke, but what happens is we startle mom or dad, and we make him go excuse me and then we say just kidding seriously though don't take your eyes off and we've got our message do you know where that actually came from? I had a session years and years ago this is how you learn where I had a mom who absolutely no matter what I said would not keep her eyes on the baby and I knew this baby was gonna fall off the chair I knew you know how you have that intuition I knew it was gonna happen and finally out of sheer terror I turned her and I said, look, I'm going to stop photographing this right now because if she fault it's your fault and the mom turned and looked at me like excuse me and I was like who that I felt like she scared e I think that was my first just kidding but I'm not latino what? She never took her eyes off the baby after that so I learned okay there's there's something about being confident and about telling somebody what they really need to do and since then I do it every day all day and I don't offend people and I smile and they laugh but I don't have parents that won't keep their eyes on the baby so mom is always close later on we're going to show you how if if the baby cannot sit up how we do shoot to digitally remove an arm and we prefer not to do that. We're absolutely not fix it in photo shop people, but safety is our number one priority, and if we have to get a shot, I'd rather do photoshopped and take serious risks. Um, I love the stage, we always say they're troubling champion bubbly just because they are little fatties and this is a good time to get the little maki shots and all the little bottom shots because you know the way, by the time they're like sixteen seventeen that's not gonna happen, so so we wait or we're going to jail whatthe not willing to take that risk. So it's a good time, favorite clothes, the same thing I'm on the ladder all of the time, because when I'm up there, it's a totally different angle, things that people can't get, it changes the shape in the perspective on the compression and that's what I'm looking for his magical shots that nobody else is doing so get that ladder. Be careful, practice on a doll. This is also a great age to capture features those eyelashes aaron cuddled little chubby knows the cheeks are absolutely as fat as they're going to get, so this is another good time to really focus on the feature and get in there and really capture that because parents love those and again, the naked bottoms, you know, this is a great and safe and appropriate age to show off those little baby bums, and, um, you know, parents eat this stuff up, collections like that, you'll meet helen later who's behind stage. Uh, helen and I have worked together for about seven years, so she's just an ace shooter, and she is the dynamo when it comes to a little sets in building this, and she outsells me ten to one because she loves doing this, and I'll explain later why I'm more simplistic and like just a really basic frame, but when I see her selling frame after frame after frame of cute little siri's of babies and bowls and baskets and all this stuff, it drives me crazy because I know that there's something there, you know, there's, something there on the financial side of it as well, always shooting for product line same thing applies at six months, you know, this is a great age. Once they're sitting up there, they're tactile. They're touching things. So creating siri's of a little girl holding a flower smelling a flower, looking out the window all of a sudden you've got you've got a framed piece there, now we show those in the sales room. So that when the client comes in and I will explain it and I'm sorry say that a lot but I just wanna make sure they don't have to ask questions that I will explain it later exactly how we show them in the sales before you know when the client comes in for that first presentation at nine months now remember this is a session that I do not have in my siri's the original baby plan siri's that I had the watch me girl program we did have a nine month session when I did the numbers I realised this had the lowest sales average there wass we made very little money because babies honestly between six months and one year almost changed I mean very, very little there's a dynamic change between six months and one year but between nine months in one year there's almost no change. So at that age the milestone is that they should be standing with support uh they might be walking, but there's really not that much change and the sales averages were just too low, so I pulled it out of the program. Now I did have some moms that had been with way back in the years with the were still having babies who wanted the nine months we just made it an ad on charge, so yes, we still doing a nine month session it's it's a small fee toe add that session into it because the fee is covering not just the session, which we're not really concerned about, its covering that additional space in the frame or the folio does that make sense? There is a cost there so you can add on and charge for it no matter what, we're still shooting for product lines. So this is one that we typically do it six months, but it works well at nine months as well. We call this in nine up, and these are actually some of the all these temples I'm showing these we're going to be some of the giveaways that we're gonna be giving away on facebook as well. So keep that in mind, but this nine up template is just I mean, this was literally I was just working playing in photo shop, and this is years ago, we just let we're laying out pictures, and it is an incredibly popular item and these sellas large wall portrait so again, if a client if I shoot for this and I show this in the sales room, people cannot walk away from it and that's a four hundred to six hundred dollar purchase right there, so that's, how I'm pushing those sales averages up, um I'm just going to say one more thing on that but I can't remember so just just again keep in mind that we're shooting for product lines always oh I know what it was back to that side with the product lines I pulled the nine month session but when I taught bellies and babies I had somebody come up to me and they said they said, well, I have an idea for the nine month session what if you did like a special grandparent's session where the nine months is like grandpa and grandma come in and you do a special session with them now I've not been able I haven't incorporated it but I sat and thought about it I thought that's genius because who's paying for those pictures that's an entirely different sale s so just keep that in mind there's always a way to improve or to make things work so when I say I don't do it doesn't mean you don't have to do it it means evolve into it yes, but quick question from ceasar skin is for the product lines do you have the final product ready there for them to take or is it a digital j peg that you're showing them? We're showing them a slide show and there is a digital j peg in the slideshow however we have the brand new cannon picks him up pro one to get all that one word and we do we actually have had cannon presents for years and for certain clients we will actually pre produce this frame it and have it on the missile hit eazel hidden and when a client sits down and they see their slide show and then we pull that off it is a showstopper so but these wheat select those clients based on their spending habits and we know they're not gonna walk out without taking that with them but we do not pre print anything for clients we don't spect print because obviously if they don't buy it then taking a loss right out of the gate network yes cool just a quick question how long are your sessions? That is a great question um originally my sessions were thirty minutes years ago, then forty five my staff took me up to an hour and now they've taken me to an hour and fifteen minutes. My shooting style is extremely fast a typical speaking of suits out and lifestyle do everything big and loud but typically a session although I'm given an hour and fifteen minutes typically my actual shooting time is about twenty two twenty eight minutes literally now everything again I've been photographing babies for so many years and I kind of know it doesn't mean that I don't ever want anyone to think I'm a machine I also on lee thank you for asking I only do I only work four days a week and I only photographed four sessions a day, so so keep that in mind as well as I have now cut back quite a bit I make more money because of our cells concepts but I certainly do not shoot at the level I was shooting thirteen a day six days a week eight, nine, ten, twelve years ago so keep that in mind that's an evolution process but typical session I have an hour and fifteen minutes they gave me that so that two things if I needed if I'm having trouble a baby's upset or tired, I have that time um and it also gives me download time and a quick edit time, so I get a little ahead of the curve so that's where we are right now, I my goal before the end of the show is to teach you how many of you guys would like to be able to photograph a newborn session guaranteed in twenty minutes with incredible sellable images. Anybody good that's why you're here at the end of the show that was what I was most known for their five poses that I'm going to teach you they're very fluid poses that I'm going to teach you that are going to get you to that point so um our theory behind the shooting is get the session in get the session in twenty minutes and then if you have time do the magical what we call miracle shots those amazing little baby shots but if it doesn't happen the baby falls apart you've got a strong sale and that's how we do this so helen on the other hand you'll meet her tomorrow she is a set designer she takes the full actions an hour and a half she takes every single minute before the child comes in she will if it's a three month old baby boy she will literally lined up fifteen ideas and I'm not kidding you have them all out go through them with the parents and they will select their favorite I'm completely opposite they walk in I look at the baby and I go you look like this you're going on this you know, but it's just an it we both sell well but it's just a matter of style so there's really no right answer there. Okay, we have five minutes so I'm gonna just finish up with, um just a couple we're gonna finish up this siri's here. Ah, the one year stage at this point they're standing they might need support still so chairs having things for them to hold on to is a good idea they're very busy they're going to be moving at all times and that's something that will talk about as well is just how to manage and stop and capture their attention this age. They can be very cleaning. They now know very much who mom and dad are, and they know strangers and their comm turned about separation, so we're going to talk about separation and how to get a child away from the parent as well. Now, the key, really, to me at the one year this is the second highest sells average, by the way, the newborn is the number one. The second biggest sales average you're gonna have is that first birthday that's, a huge milestone for parents, so the first steps are really critical to that success. So with that, you want to make sure the baby could take their first step. Now you will have a few parents out there who are absolutely adamant that she turned one this day, and I have to be here this day, and and that they're out there, and we love them, bless their hearts, but usually that's the first child syndrome and by the second and third child there, like just lucky to be here. So we gotta work with this first time moms, but first steps are important to me. So at the six month session, I am counseling the parents and saying, I know, you know, what's her birthday, if it's january fifteenth, I would really recommend you book your session february fifteenth because that extra month, we'll give you so many more poses if she's walking it's gonna be so amazing and most moms will say, you know, isn't that bad if they're walking and I tell them it's really it's fast and crazy but it's worth it, I would rather have a busy child running around capturing one in ten shots, then have a baby holding onto a chair because that's so much like what we've already done so so that first step is really important, and for us, we really try to push people towards that later time. This is also the age where, although we dress them up all throughout the ages, now we can play dress ups, we can, you know, really get into the fantasies, the fairies, the cowboys, the angels, all that fun stuff and it's just the beginning point where a baby starts to feel they're certainly understand it one, years old, the baby can completely understand what you're saying. They absolutely understand everywhere, just saying they just cannot munich eight back with you and that's where people struggle is they talked to babies between the ages of one and eighteen months like they're babies, and in reality, if you just slow down and speak to them, they can understand you. They just cannot verbalize what they're thinking and frankly they don't want to do what you want them to do anyway, so it doesn't feel like they know what you're talking about, so dress up is really fun and we know you couldn't even see a one to eighteen month old little girl who feels pretty in a dress you could see that she knows she's a girl, the little boys who give them certain toys, little cars and things like that and all the seven they become little boys. So this is where we start to see that initial deciding who they're going to be and it's kind of fun to find and utilize sets that work with that product lines are awesome. I know I'm going to beat you guys up over this one, but we are going to see sell this is what we're doing if you're gonna walk in that room, you're gonna capitalize that time. And why are we gonna capitalize that time? Not because we want more money? What do we want more? We want more time, we want to go home and if we could maximize that sale, we're going to be going home. So this product I want to explain this because this is also some of the fun ones we're gonna give away if you go tell us what you think on my facebook page this product line was literally came out of my original baby program. It was white paper white paper backgrounds to the end of time and so I would get thes one year olds what running around on a white paper background and I could never figure out how do you say sell that? So I happen to be in an airport and I was late laying some out and I cropped them into this long skinny pattern and I kind of drew this out and I sent it to my image artist aaron and I said, can you make me something like this? And so she made it and we call the baby steps and this is the number let's see, this is the number two seller in the baby program as faras for the one year birthday uh this in a framed collection starts at the three nineteen ninety four ninety nine range and everybody buys it and so of course we refine it and added color backgrounds and made it a lot better. But this is again one of those products where, you know if you shoot it, you're going to sell it and so on to maximize it, this product is on ly outsold buy this product, which is the baby's first birthday. Now I always get flak for this one because I have a lot of photographers that will say why would you do that? That is such a massive such a disaster we photographed this at the end of the session that's the last thing they do, the parents bring the cake and we tell them we're gonna get everything we need and then this is how this goes this session takes no more than maybe four and a half minutes you need to be very prepared we have towels we have clean up supplies right there we have we actually put a big sink in s o the babies could be washing the sink when I worked out of my house they went right to the tub. I mean, we just it was a family friendly place. It is messy keep in mind too that this baby did not do this mom literally is the one I'm coaching her saying ok now smash the cake okay now puts him on his tummy. Ok, I'll put someone to say about the time you put on face they're mad at you and usually end up somewhere like this. So what it's a great siri's and I don't have to pay for the therapy later so it doesn't swell but it's worth it somebody wants came up was actually raise their hand in an audience and said, why would you do that that's such a mess and I said every time somebody walks in my studio with a cake I go four hundred and ninety nine dollars every time if they've taken the time to bring the cake and they're absolutely buying that panel for sure they know about it they wanted so it's absolutely worth my time do that, and I usually teach that if you do it on the big white paper rolls, just throw the paper away and I'll explain later why this is actually natural light and this was a video seriously going to actually show you later today. Um, this is the final product as you from the original one. This is a baby folio weaves bay photo that's my lab love them, shout out to them, you can see we've got the three month the six month and the one year and that would be the final associates and of course, mine would be a final framed product, and they do not get the product until they complete the program. And the most important thing the note that will end on is the entire idea behind this program is that that client is going to bring their precious baby in and they're going to photograph them for an entire year. There is absolutely no way that client is gonna wait until that baby is one years old to have a portrait of that baby, so the point is they're going to buy things along the way they're going to invest in each of those sessions and hopefully invest really well if you're shooting for those product lines and you're going to have a great baby program. So that's, kind of the goal there.

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Join renowned children’s photographer Sandy Puc’, as she shows you how to capture enchanting images that tug at your heartstrings and bring big business to your studio. Lessons with tons of hands-on shooting, you’ll learn how to catch natural expressions, what must-have tools every studio needs, and how to roll with any situation to get the best from your tiny subjects. Sandy will also share all her secrets for marketing to mommies, consultations that increase sales, and workflow that leaves more profit in your pricing.


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This is my first Creative Live course and I'm very happy with it. I don't have a studio but it was very helpful to understand how to begin a career as a baby photographer. I like the way Sandy explains what she does. You see that she loves her job. I'm glad to have known about Now I Lay me Down To Sleep project. I'm not an english speaker so I'd like there were english subtitles 'cause when she speaks very quickly I miss a lot of words... Thanks Creative Live team!