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4-month-old girl w Blanket (Fiona)

All right, so we're gonna keep it really simple today at three months the milestone for a baby is actually lifting their head up. She should be strong enough to do that myself some cute little smiles earlier so that's the other milestone is they are smiling and their other models milestone is they start to drool right? So we need just a little cloth or something. Does she have a birth cloths? She's not bad yet but if it happens we want to be ready for it for sure. How baby girl can I get a smile like I'm gonna need a ladder? Hey, you're ready? You're pretty girl. Yeah, all right, so I'm gonna use you as my assistant today and er so anything is just keeping her safe, which we don't expect. Well, we gotta sandbag here way don't expect anything to happen but I just want you to keep your eyes on her, okay? Let's bring her in. Put a little bottom here in her little head here, keep it really simple. We're gonna see if we get a few smiles of our baby bug here and I'm gonna actually have you s...

witch sides with them just rotating her over it's all that a lot of uh so you're gonna actually come to where I am just so that you're out of the light, okay again, we're keeping us a very small space, very small sets because I wanted to make sure that photographer's knew that no matter where you are, you can make it happen. Cam, just gonna do a light test. I have already re balanced my camera. Uh, metered color corrections done. So I want to go home and be with my family, so I'm gonna do it right in the camera. You know, little burp cloth just for her. Or just if you wantto that'll work or you can stay at your sleeves, mom sleeves or softer e think what's that I'm gonna yeah, I'm gonna have to do this. This is a technique that if, um you need to have an assistant do this or mom, do this in this case love helen do it. So, helen, if I the biggest thing was babies the poster she's on, by the way is by wicker by design, you have tohave one. If you're working with baby period for its best hundred dollars, you're overspend. Um as you can see it's perfectly formed, go and put your hand out for a second. Whoa this's the problem with three months, they're like little stick people, and so we have to somehow compress her and make her round and cuddly so how long is going to do a technique that we do all the time we're just taking the hand under mom's condo's too we wiggle the knees and tell her feet come up and you can see now she kicked forward so I've gotta lift her back up unfortunately she's sliding there you go baby hi yes you're in danger line to you yes you are so we're talking and we're creating that nice little squishy effect and she is awesome and now I'm gonna control where her eyes go by blocking and we're gonna talk about that I told you there's gonna be a technique I'm gonna show you later called blocking it's going amore than make this worth your while all right let me check the lighthouse and just watch your head that you're not in it and let's get those little piece high here yo fiona correct or the young fiona little drill you like this, huh? Cavu hi baby girl to get a big smile for you today it's coming I see it in the eyes it's coming hi they're seagulls come on there it is good girl watch I'm never behind my camera ever when shooting a baby this's how you work so fast so hi baby girl oh let's go teo hi girl do we get its money? Yeah that's awesome good girl alright hang I'm gonna get some close up fiona hi hi prince says is you're going to give you a big always to go are you leaving for this you know she says whatever it is good girl that's fantastic come in and get a little more light now that I've got her start him and I kind of vanessa little bit more let's get her hands up six straight arms if we could just light it back up she's kind of thinking a little bit sixty straight arms babies do that you can't force them not too but sometimes if you use that patty cake technique that we used earlier on naevia look at her neck like I just pose myself here there you go sometimes when you panic you call she's going to move your hands oh e I know you're fast smiler you can see it in the ice first and then you have to what you'll learn very quickly what type of baby you have if their eyes go and then they do a big smile actually gonna catch it after they're done smiling she's a fast miler so here we go ready those arms going to bring that one arm and if we can this one down here just kind of wiggle it kind of patty cake it towards her other hand uh so to distract her so she doesn't get mad because at this age they don't like you to grab them for you uh no hi uh where'd you go uh hey baby girl I know you're awesome that's awesome okay let's go ahead and go in for another milestone we're gonna rotate her over on her tummy so we'll take her out and now that I'm not shooting above her I'm going to straighten this up a little bit and drop it down this would be the downside of camera stands I can't get him down as far as I can with that big man proto stan um but that's not too bad okay so the actual milestone of this age is that's tummy shot and so we're gonna go let's get that blanket out from under so it's not causing a problem okay let me talk about this pillar real quick just cuddle with her for two seconds mention disposing pale this's made by wicker by design you have to have it I'm not kidding use the best hundred dollars never spent this as you saw is movable if it's a premium goes way in here if it's a bigger baby it's out here it allows us to do the back shot from above and also the tummy shot I use this every day all day so this is how we khun remove quickly through things so what's gonna happen is her bottom goes here you're actually gonna keep your hand on her diaper so their elbows end up way up here were kind of tight in there they're gonna know wiggle, wiggle wiggle wiggle her arms weii you know get a little more light in here since we can perfect things a little bit high baby that's awesome so you could see helen hide your arm you can see she's hitting that milestone brilliantly and proud of it look at that face let's get a light test before we start shooting on a clean it up since since her neck is so strong I can have a little bit of time to make it better here we go again I've pretty focused I'm not behind my camera I get to play jai I baby all you like that better than my face yes you're high uh hey see I'm waiting for those smiles now I know you uh fiona a who's a pretty girl hey who's the best baby ever yet you let's get those eyes over here what's that oh, you know oh let's get a smile out of you one teo what's that oh, there it is awesome you could look through out good bureau all right? We're going to switch back to studio strobes and actually in my studio it's just like this only not so fast. Um newborns done I'm actually you know what have newborn holds if we can we might it might be the very last thing we do but we have to get nolan in here first, okay? So once again we're switching back to studio strobes um I'm going to re great balance my camera reset my camera also now goes down to I s o one hundred let's see? Shutter speed one twenty fifth and the aperture is eight. Have not. Great balance. I'm just getting a light test. Make sure my pocket wizards are on deal. Gonna need my ladder for this one. All right, here we go. Hang on. And we should all thank fiona for being an amazingly wonderful baby and making this possible I'm going to great balance my camera so I don't have to work later. Fixing problems now that's again. Why? I love sorry. Keep talking about I'm not selling anything. I'm trying to convince you that this is easy. Watch how easy everything I do is this is hard to do on a camera stand. You cannot put a light in this position. I can't control where the lights going in this position, so just keep those things in mind. Um, I also didn't get it all in a day, so keep that in mind too. Cheers, what's most important to you, I'm actually not even gonna I'm gonna start without you the latter. I know we barely got that on your head, huh? That's a newborn version key that back just a little bit, all right, let's, bring her over here. So we don't have to strip babies down all the time however in this case let's lose the blue is is that's a fabric diaper correct ok leave it on her then I'm gonna double this up though just so what's hanging on the truck for a second we're gonna cover her diaper with us since she has a dark diaper on we're going to cover it up there you go so bottom here head here alright baby girl this is using that posing pillow again we're going to go one this way this way all right and helen I'm gonna need you to do the feet you're being so glad that whole pillow here we go slide back this alone but I could just turn that way go gonna pull that down don't get mad at me ah that's awesome I love this hat we just got this hat this is from sheriff cherub chic again and all of this is in that free catalogue everything I'm using is in their cells get under here I know princess this is so mean huh I can smash the pillow if it's in her face I could give it a little bit of a squish I'm just wiggling her toes until she lets me put them where I need them I cannot force her legs if I do she will be screaming mad you can see she even doesn't like that oh tokyo yet he comes ready there's my fiona! They took the light first and I've got one little piece of hair in her eyes there oh, here we go beautiful. I know here we go like a mario game here with you is getting the diaper covered she's sinking now you can see she's getting heavy through here I'm gonna go back up there you go okay we wiggle her legs in again I would like to remind our like to remind you that we do not go this quickly in the studio we are fast shooters but we are moving fast today so I don't you see me kind of pushing movin squish we could slow it down we don't have to move this vest here we go. Okay she's looking at her mom here we go you probably just made you money right? There was a pretty intense issue. Oh, that was awesome. Power till I make you met ok who's the queen of everything is that you? Yes, I knew it. Hi pretty girl don't get mad so high I'm getting for close up because she's about done let's cover the diaper and this is pretty close though. Oh there's my, uh sparkly pompom just have to change because she's over my face you know that better than me don't you miss kicker girl? You're awesome, ok, we could take her out and she has done a fantastic all right miss fiona, you did great! We've got lots to work with there. Thank you so much. And thanks for your patience with us today. Let's. Give mom a round of applause. Very good. Thank you. Alright, well, she got the light. You're taking a price? Let me see nolan and let me see what he's dressed in there, boy all right, so I can answer if you call, I need to find out what we're going to be photographing and then I can answer you. So what about that couple that's? A hard line acquittal today. Let's? Uh, how about you guys? How are you doing? Great. What is, um, something that you've learned right now? How about the maternity wear everybody else the way that was a lot of nodding heads. Whoever you shoots maternity very, very good at this sort of, you know, traditional pose and getting away from that traditional boat. So be nice to see some difference of posing with the rest. Just bring the whole needed an ancient rite, even just seeing how she was working with the baby baby was looking at mom, right? She just put her hand and just blocked that views, which is a second and made a couple of noises and got broke that contact with mom and then all of a sudden oh, something else is you know she was able to catch your attention away just that little trick, right? And like howto remove the pacifier from a baby that the little tricks don't just pull it out but slide the finger in there all those little little things that obviously she's learned over twenty five years also make I'm making like a mental shopping list in my chicken and you're right it is a chicken have a question for you guys um there's a lot of folks around the world shoot by themselves how about you guys? Do you have assistance when you shoot newborns and baby is it just like I need one now mom was a great mom. Yeah have a good friend who helps me out holding reflectors and things. So do you think that it's uh necessary? Are you guys okay on your own? My husband helps me and it's a lot easier if he moves lights around reflector and catches things. So yeah, and what about you guys who's got a studio versus who goes to their clients? Homes are other locations. I typically go to my client's home, so I think it's more comfortable for that, especially with newborns table there things there and they don't have to worry about bringing things too, but if I do need a studio, I used my living room dining room and I get rid of my children and my dog hosts and it's a lot of work, so I prefer to go to people's homes at this point, but I do have that space if I need you. So what do you bring with you when go a lot of stuff, but yeah, like so similar and I think that's helpful for, oh, lots of different blankets and pillows and cushions I'd like to use at my client's homes. They always have cushions and pillows that I can use, but philo is, uh, gonna be going with me, and these floors are amazing. Yeah, roll up, roll up floors by what company was well, if you enroll for the course, I don't know that you can find out what company that is. Yeah, they're amazing. They look exactly like real floors. So question about when you travel to somebody's home to have a checklist that you use like I've got my life got probably shouldn't, because I use a water with no light myself. I don't know, I was a lot of window light, um, and reflectors and stuff like that so hee don't bring up trying to bring a lot of equipment equipment, but bring a lot of blankets and a couple baskets and things like that.

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This is my first Creative Live course and I'm very happy with it. I don't have a studio but it was very helpful to understand how to begin a career as a baby photographer. I like the way Sandy explains what she does. You see that she loves her job. I'm glad to have known about Now I Lay me Down To Sleep project. I'm not an english speaker so I'd like there were english subtitles 'cause when she speaks very quickly I miss a lot of words... Thanks Creative Live team!