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We're going to talk about foundations earlier in the day I mentioned the three things that I truly believe are the the foundations of my marketing success now I started all of these right out of the gate but I improve them I think over time displays and they're not in order I think they all go hand in hand so displays which means getting your workout there letting people see you keeping in touch which would be through newsletter social media e blast and then of course the referral program which is nothing more than saying thank you to people that send you this combination is a powerhouse for growing your business so it's a matter of how do we get these out here now we're going to start with displays in community exposure how do you get up your first display? Ah that's always the question I'm gonna go back in history my first display when I moved to colorado twenty years ago I remember I had I was pregnant with my tenth child within four years so that's a lot of things that have a lot o...

f money I had a lot more time you can imagine having a tte that time six boys I spent a lot of time in consignment shops and and resell shops and things like that and my first display actually was a consignment store she was a very nice lady and she helped me with all my kids keeping them clothes and she allowed me to put three images up in our consignment store now remember back when it moves colorado my prices were probably right in line with a consignment store and so you know, we put up this display and she did in fact help me grow my business now overtime my price has changed I loved her so much I didn't have the heart to take down those images because one of them included her own daughters, but there was this transition where people started calling from the consignment store and we would quote our prices and they were horrified because there was just this huge discrepancy see so so eventually you know, we started looking at other avenues, but I did at least right out of the gate understand the value of working in a networking relationship. Now there are lots of different different displays that you could put up there a million ways to get your look up there. I'm super adamant about outsize and we'll talk about that later on how to do this but to give you kind of an idea what we try to stay on the cutting edge of everything we have displays like lip prints, thes luma views where every window in our building radiates a glowing image thes air the images that you'll see us on tour with these air images like we do a lot of auctions and charitable resource is and let me tell you you know when you go to an auction and there's fifteen other photographers there when you put out something like this on an easel and your print is literally glowing and people are walking you've got thirty people going how do they do that now the question is always do we sell these? We've sold a couple but frankly they're not archival and we tell our clients that this is this is more of a a consumer product but we can sell them but man they stop people in their tracks so you know you have to find balance between what a sellable and what is powerful as well so these air a wonderful resource my goal with displays is to get my work up everywhere I can and that's the key when people could come to you and I knew I even khun tell you the year I really feel like this happened where the first client that came to me and said oh my gosh I see your work everywhere I realized I had made it we had literally put ourselves in every location that we possibly could a ce faras acquiring these locations that's of course the challenge people always want to know how do you start out? Well I'm going to give you some history here hospital displays my first hospital display actually came out of session that I did I photographed a husband and a wife who happen to be a doctor and a nurse and they worked at a local hospital together and out of the blue I got a call from the marketing director and the marketing director said um she said, I've seen your work your work is beautiful we would love to put your work in the hospital, she said, but we have two problems so after a long conversation she says to problems and I said all right, what what what is one of the problems she had said? First of all we are three months away from opening and we need to have all of these it was just up in three months, which happened to be december now I make half of the money I make in my studio is made august basically september october november is where I make half of the income that I make soto have somebody telling me in september that they need you know these prints up by december was pretty frightening to me, she said. She's she said, we need this whole display up and the second problem she said, is she said, well, unfortunately our budget is on ly ten thousand dollars, so of course I'm sitting there listening on the phone and I'm going to be very honest with all of you to this day every display you'll ever see me put up every single one I donated those images to that display however in her case you know she comes to you with this problem she has this budget now what happens honestly if you don't use your budget what do they do? They take it away right that you shrink your budget so I did the only thing I thought was right and helped her by accepting her ten thousand dollars on I said all right off find a mate awake that's fine I'll find a way to make that work so that is in fact the on ly display that I've ever been paid to put up which was great because I know ten thousand dollars was a lot of money for something I would've done for free I was helping don't forget that I was doing her a favor so we set out to do this now the other thing I need to know about this display is the original display when it went up um I had to use current clients images I had less than three months to transition into getting images printed and on walls um smallest images that ever go up or thirty inches we do not put anything on our walls less than that so these air thirty, forty, fifty, sixty and seventy inch portrait so these are big guys now in this case I had to use current clients images and so I went through my work and picked my favorite and I would contact those people and I would give them a two hundred dollar credit as a thank you for allowing us to put them up they did have to sign a legal document for specific use they also were told at the hospital only images we had no rights to them it could not have them later etcetera so that was great and we had no problems clients of course we're thrilled to do this I always get asked how d'oh people find you every single image that is in any display is hand signed by me it carries my name sandy put and every third image has a little plaque on it a little silver plaque that has the studio name and phone number so it's not obtrusive it's not a big marketing we're not trying to put it out there is a big marketing campaign really and truly were donating art and that's really important for you to remember I'm not going to give all the key words because they're hundreds about you out there and I don't want to flood the hospital's right now but if you just listen to what I said when you donate art it makes a difference so this is how we go now every display since then has been a little different because the first display I got up of course it was like sixty or seventy prints they were huge we had kill ourselves to make it happen we put that display up and honestly almost overnight we were getting phone calls now the next question I always get is well how did they find you? Um what are the things I will tell you is that you should never look at this asshole what's in it for me attitude because if you do they'll see right through if you walk in and say I want to put pictures all over your hospital they're not goingto do it if you say I want to donate art that has a substantial value I'm giving you a lot there it makes a big difference now on the other side of it we also don't go into a hospital stay and can you stick these in everybody's bags because when you do that you become an annoyance to them then they realize okay, that wasn't a donation you're just feeding yourself so we don't we literally we put our plaques up there very tiny they're very, very small they're not obtrusive and guess what happens? We put them up and then within days the nurses air calling us, saying a postcard or something we could give people because seriously, if I have to look up your name one more time, I'm gonna quit my job so that helps now the other thing that's important to remember is other than that first display every single display of ever done the people in the display have something to do with the location. So in our hospital displays, every single person in that image is either a doctor or a nurse or a grand baby of a doctor or a nurse. We work with the hospitals and they actually, um we work with the hospitals and they actually contact they send out a mass email to their employees saying we're looking for moms and dads with babies under the age of one if you're interested, you get the free session to get the free credit which we talked all about and you know how that works and we get more than enough people now the process takes six to eight months to get a display up, but you have to understand what's really happening we are creating powerful buzz if you imagine any display in a hospital and every single person and there is a nurse or a doctor, you know that when a nurse's tooling down the road where she gonna take her patients she's getting say something when somebody's delivering a baby and their three beautiful prints in that room and a mom looks up and goes, oh my gosh, those are beautiful and you have three nurses in the room saying, we love these photographers, they photographed all of us, they're wonderful! We control the buzz if we just slap pictures on the walls first there's always a little bit of a yea that's exciting, but it becomes like wallpaper. People forget about them, they don't see them, so we have to attach actual people to them. That is why every two to three years we replaced the entire display, and yes, it is an expense, but understand, we regenerate that buzz, we get people going again so that all those nurses and doctors are pro us, and they're out there pushing for us, and we're not, and they're asking us to provide the marketing information so that's really important? My first display that went up, that first one, it went up and we started getting phone calls, so I'll never forget one of the very first phone calls very first sessions, every client that walks in my door, every single one, I will ask them, how did you hear about us if it's their first time? So I get all kinds of answers, but one day this beautiful woman came, and I'll never forget her, because she's very petite, I'm taller, but she was petite and a tiniest little baby you've ever seen comes into the heart to my studio, and she was sitting down and we were prepping up, which will show you later, how we do that, but I turned to her, and I just casually said, how did you hear about us? And she said, actually, sandi, I had my baby at p s l and I saw your work there. Well, this was within a few weeks of it going ups, of course my heart starts racing, thinking it's working and I turned around and all great I said, what did you think of the display? And she said, let me tell you a story she said she said when I had my baby, I have to tell you this was the single most horrific experience of my life she said, I did eighteen hours of hard labor at home before they would admit me in the hospital, and when I got when they finally admitted me, I did it full twenty four hours of labor, they were having problems. Eventually the baby started to stress and I had to go in for an emergency c section and she said it was the most painful, difficult, awful experience of my life and she said it probably this will probably be the only baby that I ever had because of that experience and she said. But when I was there when I was at the hospital, she said, and I was hooked up to this ivy and she's literally physically showing me that she's like I was hooked up to this ivy and you know, I was so much pain and I was trying to walk it off, and I was walking down that hallway, and this happens to be a circular hallway. She said I was taking that circle and every few feet I would stop, and I would just stare at your pictures. Sorry. Hang on. Thank you. Um, I gotta re mad. She said I would just stop and I would stare at your pictures all I kept focusing on where those babies and that I wanted a healthy baby and that no matter what, I was gonna leave with a healthy baby. And she said, you literally got me through that experience and she said there was a point that I turned to my husband and I said, if I survive this, you are buying me one of those seriously, that is the truth. I was like, ok, ok, I got it, but it was the coolest moment of my life because she I mean, it just totally stunned me. I just imagine women threatening their husbands going. I'm getting this and they're kind of in a weak point. They're where they can't really argue so much so it was really a power. For me, however, at that moment when I realized that this was the coolest thing ever that having my work up on this kind of I mean, imagine these air, emotionally affected people they're the most painful, exciting point in their life and their making decisions, and you're now visual to them. So of course I immediately got the concept and I I'm a I told you, I'm an all or nothing panic er so when I saw this, I'm like, oh my gosh, this is the coolest thing in the whole world I have to have every hospital in the world has to have my work, all of them are mine, so of course that was my initial approach. Then I kind of scale back that, ok, maybe just colorado, maybe if I could just take over my community that's a little less so you still have some room out there, tio so I did exactly that. I went after every hot spittle and at this point there's virtually almost no hospital. You, khun go teo that's a a public or private hospital this point that does not have our work. Now each of these displays has anywhere from sixty to ninety images. We have hospitals that we have three or four floors of work, sixty to ninety images per floor now for everybody out in the audience who is having a heart attack and panicking, I want to take you all the way back to my first display because you can't sit there and go I can't do that ninety images I couldn't afford that because remember my first display three images in a consignment store I couldn't afford to change them if I wanted to at that time it's about pieces it's about segments it's about understanding that you grow I say this never say no don't say I can't do that say you know what? I can't do that, but I could do three images so if you could get in a doctor's office and you can put up three images, then as soon as those three images pay for themselves, you get three clients that make enough money go get three more images and ask for another wall because the display is like real estate when you get your image on the wall it does not come down, you own that spot and we're mighty territorial about our spots. We put our stuff everywhere so that nobody else can and I know that sounds terrible but it's marketing and it's and it's an effect and we have to be out there to do that so think about it like real estate don't get overwhelmed with where we are I'm also twenty four years ahead of most of the people that are listening so I didn't get there overnight, but I did get there and you guys have to decide. Maybe you don't even want that kind of business. It might be a smaller displaying a local doctor's office, but the important thing is, get your work out there. Just as a side note. We're always looking for fun, creative ways, tio, improve our hospital's plays, the first display's that ever went up. I was teaching bellies and babies, which was the tour in two thousand eight, and we're about to segment into that where it's was the madonna portrait mother, baby, the five poses in twenty minutes, so that's what the displays looked like. But now my work is so different, it's, vibrant and bright and colorful, and so we get offers our contacts all the time from hospitals that wanted it's kind of a one up. They want to do something better than somebody else, so we had a call a few years ago, are not even quit, then from one of the hospitals that wanted to redo their display. And they told me that they had this winnie the pooh kind of feeling they wanted it to be winnie the pooh ish, and they wanted babies doing things like swimming and climbing trees, and they're describing this in my head. I'm going okay, well, the first thing I know is I can't use winnie the pooh because it's copyrighted, so but at least I knew the concept was the past. Ellie, sort of soft look, the second piece I didn't know a lot of one year olds that could actually climb trees, swim or, you know, catch butterflies so my head I'm trying to do the math and of course, just like always she's like, oh, and then my favorite was she said, and we wanted to be, like, one mural we want, like, a ten foot mural. Can you do that? And I said, oh, yeah, no problem, that would be beautiful in my head. I'm going, I have no idea where do you get a ten foot portrait? Honestly. And so I was having a little panic attacks, but I never say no ever if I could help it. And so, you know, in my head I was visualizing this, I knew it had to be a digital composite. So this is just to kind of show you how these babies were captured. Very simple, clean white background. In fact, I know it was so much more about digital capture now I wouldn't. I would have done something else. And, uh, green screen, blue screen. Anything else but white to separate those babies. But you can kind of see how we got them interacting and catching. We had bells and bubbles and things to get them in chairs and bathtubs to get those shots. This picture does not do it a lot of justice, but you have to match. This is an entire wall mural. This is what came out of that. So this is the actual birth place. Well, now I wish you could see it in real life, because it is just the most. This is not my style of photography. Honestly, it's. Not something I would have ever thought of, but it was a show stopper. And what was really cool is the hospital loved it so much that they made a bigger deal about it. They got the press, and they were reopening their ah wing. And they got the precedent in the tv stations in the radio stations, and I was invited there, and we got to do an unveiling of the new one, and it was something that I was just sort of done on a whim, but it became something bigger than than what I had expected. So sometimes putting yourself out there and trying a little bit harder has great results as well. Now I do want to mention real quick, and then we'll go to a question you asked or nobody asked, but I had mentioned how do you how do you how do people at the hospital find you when the hospital calls us and says, hey, can you give us a postcard or a business card or something like that? We have these cards that we dio I'm goingto going to read it to you. The front says, too, to be a child of snow, the fun of living, to have a child, it's, no, the beauty of life but on the back when I want you to key into his congratulations, we know how special the arrival of your new baby is and are carrying staff is grateful that you've placed your faith in us during this during your delivery. So who is this card from? From? Not nurses and the doctors were not pushing anything. They're gifting to their clients. A complimentary sessions so it's a great way to do this because that way we're not forcing them to do anything and they're excited because they're in the pictures and they know who we are. So this is a great little siri's as well on this one also could be found that you can do um and you guys were gonna get it in your packet today, it's in the baby kid. So you guys are all getting that as well. So enjoyed that one. You had a question? Yes. Several people online, including gaylor asking. So that first hospital display, uh, came from a client. Who do you contact at the hospital to pitch direct? Oh, you're gonna make me do what are you gonna make me give the big secret? All right, I'm gonna give it away how? When people are online right now I got to know how many we're going to be calling hospitals. Many, many, many alright, I'm gonna give the actual burbage I'm only going to give it once, so if you got a pencil, you better write it down. You guys are all gonna get it later. If you ask me here it comes ready for it. First of all, I don't make the phone call you could have your friend, your neighbor, your mother anybody who loves you and is proud of you to make this phone call and this is what we do you call the hospital, go for the marketing usually we ask for some marketing group and whoever answers the phone it doesn't matter because this is what you're gonna say and I'm gonna say it one time the owner of the company that I work for would like to make a substantial donation of art to the hospital who do I speak to to get it? I'll explain it there two keys obviously well, the number one thing is a substantial donation of art picks, perks, anyone's ears so it doesn't matter who you speak to first they're going to get you to the right person. Now the same thing applies if I were to call the hospital so I wanna put my pictures all over your well, I'd get shut down in a heartbeat. That donation of art does it now every once in a while they'll say, oh who's, the owner of the company and right stop will say actually, I'm not allowed to say that over the phone, which sounds so cool doesn't it still way just trying because we don't want to say who it is because it may affect how they move that phone call along so we don't tell them and until we can go into an office and sit down and create a presentation and blow their minds with our work we're not going to tell them who we are so it does take a little bit of confidence a little bit of courage and you now have a big secret there so I know people on the phone calling hospitals right now going the owner but it that's how we do it it's it's how you feel about yourself it's when you believe in yourself that you could make these things happen um there are people out there right now they're saying there's no way that would work every single person that does it it works for or you find a way to make it work location besides, we have location anywhere you can go children specialty stores, clothing stores, fatigues, baby jim's every single place where a child our demographic where they shop play, spend time eat with their families were gonna put displays up. We've actually had to pull back because we can't handle I've actually scale back to a more boutique high end less employees and so we've got back a little bit so there's a little room to grow in colorado I was going to say your signature to is it a special uh something very you can see it's sandy food shortage I want to know the truth. I have a ninth grade education. I dropped out of school in ninth grade, so you're lucky read it right like this it's it's, sandy put but it's just my own personal and it's not pretty, and I get very jealous looking all of your photographers of these gorgeous names, and I looked like a three year old scratching with so so now you know the truth, you couldn't succeed, and you don't even have to go to ninth grade. I'm gonna come on all right now to finish up doctor's offices, there's always a follow up to everything we do, we're always going to capitalize on his maxim and maximize that as much possible. So for instance, in a doctor's office, uh, when we work with doctors and nurses, sometimes it's a smaller group and everybody that works there might be older grandma ages, we'll get their grandkids, and if not that, then we'll use their clients. We try to utilize somebody that would be there. One of the things we do is we will take one or two of those images, and we will deal one of their business cards will scan it and get their logo, and we show up with five hundred appointment cards with there with the images that we created and are nicely logo on the bag and we give them to the doctors were like, by the way we love these images made these for you, so feel free to use them. Well, guess what? Three months later, they're calling you saying, how do we order a thousand of those? And now you are giving a business card to every single person that's coming into that doctor's office, they're tying in your work. So what they're saying on the walls and that's important too? So I'm hoping you guys were getting all these connected pieces if this is making sense to you, it's all about maximizing it. Um, this is a mall display. This is another one that, um, years ago, I heard a photographer say to get him all this place, so I'm one of those that just does what I'm told sometime, so I went out there, but the mall that I want wanted to go to was very it's park meadows mall, it would be your exclusive mall it's, you know, it's ah, you know, the nordstrom's in the sacks and all the expensive stores. So that's what I went for when I said when I made an appointment and sat down with the her name was kim, I sent out with kim to present, I showed her a beautiful slide show I'll put to music and course you know, I could see I love watching people's eyes when they watch your work you can almost figure out what kind of children they have, what ages and and what sex is they have because you know, every time little girls would come up she'd go and I knew she had daughters before she said anything, so we finished the slideshow and I turned to her and I said, you know, you can see I love what I do I'm a storyteller like to capture and tell stories I said what I would love to do your clientele is the clientele we work with and I would love to have my images in your mall and she just really emotionally was like, oh, we want to have you here we would love to have you here and so I said, well, first of all, do we have children? And she said, yeah, I have two daughters and I said, oh my gosh, you don't we should do we've got this special going on right now when I'm love to give you a complimentary session, we could take your daughter out and we could we could take both of them out little white dresses and a big field of flowers barefoot we could have a running little baskets, so I'm watching her face and starry I like mom going, oh my gosh so beautiful so I know that we're doing the right things here so we get that and she's all excited about this she's out in the field with me we're running through the field together in this moment and I turned to her and I since you could see how it horton this is so can you tell me how much would it cost to get a kiosk and she looked at me and she said they're eight thousand dollars and I I literally thought she meant a year and she said no it's eight thousand dollars a month I almost fell over dead I literally was I was sitting there like stuttering I was like, wow, that was more than my rent at the time and so I of course took a big gulp and I said, oh there's I said there's just no way I said I couldn't do that said do you have anything else you have like a wall or anything that you know where people go and she's like I don't think so we could look around but pretty much that's it and so of course I was really disappointed I mean I was at the point where the she's like skip saying but we've got to find a way to get you and I'm like what about the bathrooms people go there could I just have the stalls like you know just put my she's like serious will you let me funny thing is now they have advertisements in the bathroom I wasn't that far off but uh she of course that was not an option so we ended that meeting and I was not certainly not going to get a display and so I left and I thought that was the end of it but you know what that slide show this starry eyed little moment with the children in the field work because but a week later she called me and she said sandy, I cannot get your images out of my mind I I think you need to be here I have got a management and I've went back for you and I've got the display down to on ly for thousand dollars a month and in my head I'm going awesome you know I can't afford four thousand but I'm like I don't want to be rude I said that's excellent I said but I'm so sorry it's still out of my budget so of course now I feel dumb because I mean that's a lot of money to her and it was way more than I can handle so we had to let it go well guess what a week later she called me back and she said, listen this is it she goes, I can't believe I'm calling you again but I really really, really want you here and honestly I found a wall that we can give you it's sixteen hundred fifty dollars a month it's only a three month lease um but that is as good as I can do and I said I'll take it now sixteen hundred fifty dollars was more than I could have ever afforded but I took a risk because it was a three month lease and it was right during the holidays we're about to go to the holiday so I thought you know what if I'm ever gonna try this this is the time the display went up um this is the actual display when it went up, the whole thing was the lights were all there it worked out really nicely. The bad thing is they would not let us put any advertisements of this little tiny chips and the little baby maybe purple brochure sitting there is was my only piece they allowed me to put out the other roasters, not mine. We could put nothing out there. So the disadvantages I couldn't really put anything out there other than my logo and my name and a tiny brochure the advantage was that the machine was right there, so that was that was a good thing and the other advantage wass the stroller rental place was right there, so I at least thought, okay, there's moms that are going to you showing up here and they're gonna walk by well, whenever I go teo whenever I create a display like this, I try to get to know the people that are there. So the day that the night, this one, if we had to put it in up after hours, the next morning I showed up, um, to take a look at it with the lights on. And of course, there were some ladies working back here, and I walked up and introduced myself explain what this was, and they were very excited. They hadn't seen it before, and so we created a little relationship there and told him all about me and left. Well, a couple days later, I was kind of excited. I actually got a phone call, so I wanted to come check it out, and I got there, and I realized all the little brochures were gone, and it was in two days, and this is twenty minutes from my house, so I walked over to the ladies, and I am this time, I brought a tin of cookies were known as the cookie people. We bake cookies, all leave a conviction of an inner a studio, and we have hot cookies at all times, which I'll explain the marketing value there later, but I deliver cookies wherever I go, and so I took a tin of cookies to them, and I talked and I said oh well I'm out of brochures I'm gonna run and get some and so I went outside to get them when I came back in the uh came back in one of the lady said you know what uh why don't you just bring a stack of brochures and we'll fill that for you because you cannot come every toe every two or three days and I was like bonus thank you so much so of course the two day two days later I bring another tin of cookies I tell them thank you I leave them a big box of brochure so this became this little relationship they would put out my brochures and about every three to four weeks I would bring a box of cookies and more uh brochures for them to put out so this went on for the first three months now um this mall display it was incredible I could tell you all about the big sales that we got from the bottom line is after three months I knew we were paying for itself so we did negotiate and we were able to stay so we ended up staying in a small for a little over a year and a bit and about a year and a half later kim calls me and said we are leasing out that space are you ready for a kiosk and I said are they less than eight thousand dollars and she she said no and so sadly I had to go and take all of those down or that broke my heart the last time I went and took my last box of cookies and said thank you to the ladies and and finished it up and I was just so broken because this really was an incredible this way for us and we had incredible sales from it but that was and I thought that was the end of that um two weeks later kim calls me and she says, uh, you know what? The ladies from downstairs actually came upstairs and they said that people have been coming in asking about you all the time and we have got to get you back in the mall now what I actually heard was the ladies downstairs aren't getting their supplies of cookies, anyone, they're mad about it and they want to get teo so cookies work by the way absolutely. So I knew where it came from because the fact that they went upstairs they took the time to go upstairs and go to bat. For me it was pretty incredible, but it had everything to do with that relationship I had created with him. If I had put those images up and walked away, I would be out of that mall and so kim came back and she said that she could negotiate a kiosk for twenty five hundred dollars a month. That's still was a lot, but I already knew that it had paid for itself. We had that one of the first clients we got from the mall display, uh, spent twenty one thousand dollars on their eighth child. The first year we had it up. So they kind of sank the ship for us on that way. Didn't need anywhere, glides. But I mean and that's a very rare by the way I want you to know that was that was the first time it ever crossed any margin like that. So and that's not the norm, by the way too. But it was very exciting. So this is kind of how those go. This is the kiosk and this is before we finished it. But what I wanted to show you this is way back when, but this was a tv screens is even before flat panel tvs. But we had to build a case around it. Note to self. If you put fans in the cabinets, you get by a lot a whole lot less dvds than I had to buy the first year dvd players. I'm sorry. But you kind of learn, girl, but this is the chaos that went up and it stayed up for many, many years, and we've since changed it. But these are the kind of things that I want you to see that, you know, there was investment, actually build this and pay for it. But again, this is a great location now to back it up a little bit for those of you, her feeling a little overwhelmed. Um, I have displays that other malls a swell. I ask every audience, any of you have displays. I hear things like I pay one hundred dollars month I pay it's nothing it's free. They gave me a wall because they had a blank wall. Um, I have mall displays that oslo is three hundred dollars a month. So if you don't have to spend a ton of money but the client that I get from these displays or very different the clients, the one that's, three hundred dollars a month it's, mainly high school seniors. So we have all high school, senior market there. This one totally different client base. So, uh, to start small and grow big. Okay, the next one. Yes, ma'am, I won't look at her, so first of all, I just wanna say that fair oaks in the chat room has said that you give her inspiration. She never finished ninth grade either, and it just goes to show you how you could do anything if you believe in you. Thank you and have some questions. Yeah, um, gail is wondering when you took them cookies, do the tins have your studio information on the tin? We've done both we've had customized tins, but honestly, from the investment people eat him and throw him away. So it's, just not one that we've seen ah lot of response from so we don't invest our money there anymore. That's a good question and another when when you, when you give session, so were talking earlier about if you go into a boutique and you give to session to the owner, do you give them images and prince with that as a gift? Or do you just chalk it up to typically marketing now, working in a doctor's display way even entire program, which you guys are going to give one away in a minute, if people are tweeting and we're going to give one to one of you guys but typically it's a it's a set program that the people in the office like if the owners the three doctors we give them each a sixteen by twenty and a complimentary family session that they could display but they signed contracts they actually have to commit to what keeping it in their office for minimum of two years the images that go on the walls way always get asked the question do we sell them when they're when we're done? We're changing them out? There are three options if we know the people who love them, we might gift, they become good clients, we gift it to them if they were, we don't know who they are anymore. We put our number and well, I'm sorry we put their name and number on the back of the prince when we pop it out of the frame, call them and say, hey, we've got this it's half off or if they're damaged, we just get rid of them. So yes, so it's depending on the location with the hospital, we give a single credit like one hundred dollars to each person that comes in where it's more intimate a doctor's office we may give them an actual wall portrait. We don't give them a lot of small prints because we do want to sell them things we only give them a sixteen by twenty because we want teo up sell them to a larger wall portrait so we calculate these things pretty carefully that we think you're cool and following on that else is wondering if you sign contracts as to how long they agreed to hang it there. Yes, ma'am, uh, hospitals, air contracting for two years, and at the end of two years, sometimes, I mean, either we are lax or their lax it's, not a rush to get it down or changed. But we can come back and say, look, your contract's up. It's been two and a half years, we let you keep it up a little bit longer. We'd like to replace it, and they're excited to do that. So absolutely everything is contract id. Just because we want to make sure that, you know, we're controlling everything.

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