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Newborn Girl w Hammock (Eliana)

All right let's talk through what we just set up here real quick we're still in studio strobes twelve fifty photogenic pss um using pocket wizards teo wirelessly transmit background is by west cut and we have a strip light back here I have half of the light I have this uh create hear half of it is blocking so I'm not getting a ton of spill here but I wanted a lighting up the room a little bit so I'm putting a little light here we're also using a background and it looks like we have a forty percent grid on it so you can see it's like a honey comb creating a really small little speculator like because I want to control that as well so we're good to go now what we're going to do before we finish up the shooting part of this segment of the day we get it grab some of the bowls and little things that we use um a little uh uh the bulls way had him over there that we're gonna talk about um everybody this is these types of shots are the ones that everybody is most interested in how do you hang ...

a baby from a hammock or a sling we're going to show you some videos later but we haven't have a newborn that's in a really good mood she's actually sleeping which is great so we're going to show you this is from cherub geek chic and these little bowls, the ones that are like this, helen a knit. So this is like a little bird's nest kind of a fun little seeing now I'm gonna take that off your hand. The way these air designed is we can have dad, we're gonna pretend like brandon is dad today because obviously safety is the biggest concern here, especially when working with newborns. We have a new parents, they're not sure what's going on. They're not comfortable with the situation, so you want them to feel one hundred ten percent comfortable in my studio? I would have pillows everywhere we have them, but I'm not concerned today we're not going to do a whole lot of these little hammocks, bowls, slings all of these you could actually find these on you can do as well. These are things that we use every day now a bowl it's much easier to put a baby in than a hammock, so if I were bringing a baby and I would probably go with the mom and mom and dad poses first, then I might do easy baby poser to get those now I've got a ton of good images, then I might try to do a bull where I'm gonna put the baby in and have him up sort of like what we did over here with the wooden bowl, then I would try something like this. Now, if that any point I feel like the babies and I have tons of great shots and it's worth a try while the baby's still in good good editions in good shape. Uh, then I'll stop and do that. I want those miracle shots, but I will never sacrifice sellable images for trying to torture a baby and get them to do what I want. So not going to push this too much. We're going to show you how to put her in this thing if she's not if she wakes up. Because she's already been here a long time, much more long, much longer than a normal session. So we're gonna have brandon who's playing dad today. Um well into nothing in consultations if somebody comes in and they say I saw at the hospital this hammock little swing, can I do that? I'll say we would love to do that. Can you do me a favor? Do you have a grandma or sister or relative in town that can actually come in and help us? It takes three or four people to do this, so if you know you're going to do it, bring help either haven't assistant which most photographers honestly don't have that luxury have a parent bring some friends it's ok? I mean, I'd rather have four people helping me out then try to attempt something like this alone so what we have in here that little black bobby pillow we've got it underneath for protection. We also have some pieces of fur in here so that if she's gonna fall logic tells you which we've never had a baby fall, by the way, but just when you see a baby toppling the way this nest is gonna work her the weight of her body is going to be here. Therefore she would topple this way so just always thinking about dynamics and how things could potentially happen, we're going to make sure everything super safe mom is also going to be right here helping us out so let's, go ahead and bring her in now our goal before we put her in there so we're just gonna sink her little legs in here. We want to put her arms up and over the top of this we're gonna kind of do it on the side here. We're just gonna kind of put her her arms over the top of this way on her tummy go there, you don't know let's, wrap it up in a round or a whole lot all right he's at the bradham glad lit up so I can see where her weight's gonna go all right, I need lots of things to put inside of this so this is gonna work I need okay let it all the way down and we're just gonna start stuffing and it doesn't matter what your stuff with we're just a little things so we're using hats right now we just have to get things yet you got yeah, if you could hold up that's great. I should put that one in first. Sorry. Yeah, let's go with the cream here. One's okay, so now we're gonna go ahead and lay her down and she's doing so good. Okay, now the first thing I'm gonna do is that safety shot we talked about so lift that up a little bit, brandon and I need a pillow on this side. I need something underneath this I can't even I need some just anything right here. Helen thieves are fine, just something to lift this up because I'm gonna go safety first we're just lifting up the canyon, crawl under here and just lift this up, you know? Good, so we're just lifting her up a little bit yep, just tucking her in you go and I need something back behind her. Actually, I could probably use this okay, mom, you know you're good at your job is to stay right here for a second I've got some crazy little thing to stick it out here all right so remember safety shop first if this is all I get out of this it's pretty cute um thie problems I see that you could just come to the side this way mom a little bit and just keep your hand on there the problems that I can see instantly are the feathers or in the wrong place so they're coming out of her head I'm not going to move her because I know that if she just decides that were done and mom you keep your hand there just getting the light right if she decides we're done then we're done so I'm gonna have you if she's stable I'm gonna have you slide your hand out staying close and keeping your eyes only on her all right so I'm gonna get a shot I'm not going to call this the award winning shot but it's a start so if she woke up and fell apart we've got something now we're gonna try to finesse it a little bit so we have her in a good position these little feathers the question is where did they go think they're super cute um it gives it kind of a little birds feel little bird's nest field hi people girl hi so I'm just gonna kind of wrap him around a little bit so they make a little more sense I know doing great okay so it's not perfect but I'm gonna catch one of these rotate this up instead of moving the baby moved the pillow almost too far huh still not perfect but we're gonna take it it's awesome beautiful and helen I just want to pull this trip out of the way for a second just pulled this out of the way for a second just so I could get a different angle that's just going to give it a totally different look and feel not only looking feel in the picture but it certainly looks and feels different to me too so that's awesome all right now I want to really go for what we're looking for now this is a brand new swing to me so I literally don't have any idea how where the body weight will go and how what will happen if we just got this one so I know what I want out of it but I can tell you right now the biggest problem is the way it's cut I need some more support here so what I couldn't dio see it's almost as if we need one more I know what we could do unlock that hold that that way for just a sec come closer now it's looking more like a nest, huh huh oh okay now I have to make sure she's safe where you going? Hi. Uh that's awesome where? Um I I just get the camera you always get to hands out there all you're being such a princess now again if you're gonna touch somebody's baby, you have to wash your hands I used hand sanitizer and mom has to see you do that what? She didn't but she chose me hey, I was waiting for her to settle and you can't make her do anything. And by the way, I wouldn't talk so loudly if I was working with the baby either. But newborns are pretty awesome. They don't mind too much of anything. There you go. Coz I getting closer here always some eyes now I want you to know I'm not I could have an assistant behind the camera right now shooting and I could be getting great shots but I am trying to prove to you that this could be done with a mom and a dad and a photographer because I am, in my opinion I'm missing shots if I had enough if I had a photographer here but that's a luxury item here we go hang on, princess. You're so close here let's get you back to sleep. Oh, very good. Now she's kind of making her own post, so we're gonna have to we might have it and that's why I said if if it goes down then that's the end of it I'm going to try to get it where I owe ultimately eventually wanted to get her which was hanging over this way now the question is do we lift her I don't feel one hundred ten percent confident in this little sling I have others that I can lift the baby up but this one I can tell already if I lift that she's going out the front so I'm not even gonna attempt that but you can see I can shoot so low all right have you had it with me hyung have you had it I think you have all right all right get that arm in there show your company trying to help you it's ridiculous huh okay she's pretty out of sorts now as far as her location in the basket so I think we're just gonna let her down that's going to let that go down wait you know what she settled okay so she's in my hand I need helen to get a pillow underneath the back she's gonna fall back towards my backhand so I need to if you'll just slide back a little tiny bit mom go ahead and hold that pendant get I could see if I let go she's going this way so we're just gonna slide this up I'm gonna get rid of the feathers this time just because they're not helping me that kind of growing out of her head I would love to get her hanging I see eyeballs good to you you just look like a little little bug go high so close to perfect actually I'm going you know my rule I'm going to get it first then that's cute. Helen we're going to go ahead and give them the blocking technique you're about to learn the magic that you came for go ahead. This is called blocking take your hand over her I just run your finger over her eye she's actually almost asleep this is how we fake and she's actually out now she just went out so we don't have to fake anymore. We can perfect it though. Let's get that wrinkle out of the front she's out. You could see it just in their breathing patterns. That's beautiful was one too. Okay, just see the rub her eyes us through the finger technique just go ahead and run it down over her eyes you've run your finger over the bridge of the nose and the I've lashes there you go and do oh, where you going? That's awesome! And if she's done, I got a great shot already so you can see her the weight I could tell the weight of her head's going back so we'd have to put a pillow under there again watcher they go d'oh beautiful all right, I think you got I'm just gonna get a close up on holiday cleanup this life a little bit more since we can. These are awesome. Beautiful e can once I have a baby in a good position. Even if the angle's don't work, I'm going to try some unique angles just so that everything is not stagnant and always the same thing. You had your arm there. You don't speak for my bottom in the late good. Get us. We don't have any bow or anything like that. Okay, so we're good then, um, I just don't see how we don't have a hair lower anything. Do we gotta do one more thing? It's. Kind of cute, actually. Take a look at that again. Try this one. Just for fun, it's. Not an exact match, but I just think it dressed. Is it up a little bit? Little more dynamic for fun. I am a photographer. So therefore my name is just one more that's. Actually. Helen's really that's actually love that that's. Great. I'm gonna get a couple more shots like that. Good. Something down more. All right, we're done. Give a tiny baby round.

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This is my first Creative Live course and I'm very happy with it. I don't have a studio but it was very helpful to understand how to begin a career as a baby photographer. I like the way Sandy explains what she does. You see that she loves her job. I'm glad to have known about Now I Lay me Down To Sleep project. I'm not an english speaker so I'd like there were english subtitles 'cause when she speaks very quickly I miss a lot of words... Thanks Creative Live team!