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Newborn Boy w Wicker Basket (Brady)

You don't have to buy spend millions and billions and billions of dollars on props ah, this little basket is weaker by design uhm uh we get all kinds of uh they'll be in your catalog but uh cherub chic is actually who does a lot of our little hats and fun things were just going to a silly little thing here I need a gods or something are they upstairs? If they're upstairs we'll just keep going with nadia did you change her clothes? Is she changing? Let's get her a different outfit. No, I want to change the background so we'll go ahead and brandon let's switch out let's take down the black background over there and I'm so he's brady uh nursing right now let's see? Well, this is boy, but let me see the newborn and we'll see um otherwise they could bring naevia back and she's gonna be easy change out our newborn let this I don't ever get three babies to shoot it. What way could ask all the questions to you? You go ahead. I just have to keep letting us know what to do so we're gonna pull th...

is down real quick, okay go with the blue one for the new baby the little girl we're also going to do her over here helen just so you have an idea of directions nadia, you can do on this one here would be fine. And we're gonna get brady back in here, okay? And she's gonna be excited about her? They're not quite yet. Number. Okay. Halo's from japan is wondering what if the baby cries the whole ah way through and you can't get them to stop? Do you reschedule another day or just take more time? If the baby cries? The whole entire time was very, very rare. I will turn to mom and I will say, I have a question for you. Does she normally act like this? Is this pretty normal? Is she colicky and usually moms will come in if they really cry like that? They'll come in saying she cries all the time. She's a colicky baby. If mom says this is not normal, she never acts like this. I will continue for a certain point, and then when I could see that there's no breaking point, we've nursed, but we don't mom, nurses her and everything's been done that we can, I will turn to mom, and I'll say, you know what? Um there is something wrong she's not happy today and I promise you it's not you and it's not me it could be a stomachache it could be something that we cant forsee yet um but if this is not normal tow her then we should get you reschedule let's let's make sure come back because I can keep shooting and I tell crisis I say I can keep shooting for the full hour and I can get you some great images but I would rather you come back and get amazing work if we get her in a better place if you know that this is not the norm get her in a better place and honestly that's very rare that I have to do that but when I do honestly nine out of ten times the mom when she comes back we'll say oh my goodness she had an ear infection that night we were at the hospital we ended up at the doctor's office it's always something if a baby is not acting like they normally do then it's not you I promised so okay, we're gonna just keep feeling let's bring our little bird in here all right? We're going to just put his little bottom right down here his little head actually make this easy a little bottom here little head here I know we'll just get a couple shots ended a couple without a word I mean can I get the pom pom helen on mom thank you let's go. I know I don't want e I know you were so mean, huh? You put your hands like this you're just holding his arms down it just makes him feel more comfortable oh, no nothing's really changed with the lighting so I don't have to reset anything. I'm gonna get a light test well, mom's hands were there now I need the sparkler helen the pompom you alright, buddy? Hey, all right, so you're just gonna gently take that blanket off him he says what is that and just pull your knees back a little bit. Here we go, bud. I know. Oh, bless you. Oh, my goodness. Now in my studio I would be doing this on a camera stand so I could get right directly over him. I also have a much more stable ladder that I use and we'll talk about stability later. Um hi, mr I know I'm not too cold now now I'm working, huh? No, I'm working high you are but you look more like their butt now how would I work as a very brilliant team together we love working together however I'm trying to show you guys that anything can be done by yourself let me see since his eyes they're not coming up way go down there you are I'm just waiting for his eyes as you can see when his eyes hit the spot I need him to go I'm gonna take it all right now there's a little pink showing so I'm gonna go a little higher I don't want dad to have me down I know you don't need a pink background I know that was awesome one more here since his eyes I'm gonna bring his chin up a little bit I know you're just doing awesome but push there you go we can see you now a good model looking after mommy and daddy I hear huh oh it's a nice cross eyes there too, huh? Yo, but boop I'm just waiting for his id across back in since he's cross eyed we're gonna fix that there you go. There you are. Beautiful there's one and two and again I would like to state that I would typically be on a tripod. It is actually much faster believe it or not in this helen I'm gonna have you turn his head so we can get it right turn him up and out and I'm gonna have you think over this to you can just get him back at me and I can always eat and bring his shoulder up it out to his whole body needs to come up he's good, you rotate no for his eyes, that's, all, I'm doing it's all about the eyes. If they hit the right spot, I'm taking the shot and his eyes are a little low, so I'm just gonna come down to him. We'll finish up right there. You forgot it, okay, he is done.

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Join renowned children’s photographer Sandy Puc’, as she shows you how to capture enchanting images that tug at your heartstrings and bring big business to your studio. Lessons with tons of hands-on shooting, you’ll learn how to catch natural expressions, what must-have tools every studio needs, and how to roll with any situation to get the best from your tiny subjects. Sandy will also share all her secrets for marketing to mommies, consultations that increase sales, and workflow that leaves more profit in your pricing.