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Animoto Slideshows

Lesson 36 from: Photo + Video Fusion

Vanessa Joy, Rob Adams

Animoto Slideshows

Lesson 36 from: Photo + Video Fusion

Vanessa Joy, Rob Adams

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36. Animoto Slideshows

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Lesson Info

Animoto Slideshows

What we did in section one segment one we shot over video clips, we took them sorted out our favorites, edited our photographs and video clips by charming this start and end points of them as well as affecting them just like we do to our photographs. So now what we have, we go to the king peter here is we have two folders, we have a video clips done folder with all the finished video clips that have been edited in here and oh, thank you, wei have a pix done folder with all of our edited photographs in here. So what I'm going to do to make this easier because we're going to do a fusion slideshow and end up uploading all of these to an emoto I'm going to put this on one file and I'm going to pick all of my favorite, so we'll just call this the fusions the light show file do not open that I'm also going to open a new window and just drag select ones in here of the ones that we want to use, which is which is most of them she's probably just all them so just dragged those into there now the...

se edited, edited way like big cooking show kind of thing where the government is just full of those cooked one right out sort of yeah, and these are all of the edited photographs is and just goingto minimize safe was any that we can take away and I think that's pretty good for the most part photographs of them. So now I have let's copy that was over because I don't want to move them, so now I have a nice folder that is has all of my items in it. We have sixty nine total photos and video clips, we may make editorial decisions once we're in an emoto too maybe remove or, you know, to take away because you don't want to be too long either. You don't want to seven minutes, right? Fusion peace, it's just going to be boring even no matter how great the shots are. Seven minutes is too long. Exactly. So what are the good things to do, which I forgot to do it? Rob yesterday is to make sure that you always time sync with all of your shooters, because right now what I would have done is gone tio arranged by date created and they would have all been interchanged or, you know, interlaced automatically, you know photo video, photo video, but we did not do that. So it's really easy to move around and moto not to be you, so I'm just going to go to safari and an emoto dot com and we're going to get a create video now the an emoto slide show that you saw previously was one that was it was her senior, so it was a little bit more like edgy and that effects were kind of flying around all crazy like a little bit more like that this is going to be a wedding, so we're going to make it a little bit more simple on a little bit more romantic and people who don't know an emoto much just welcome through this's going to be a whole tutorial of it and moto is a slide show software we talked about this before they can do photos and videos and put it all together for you into a slide show that is they really do it all for you, but the best way to talk about it is really to show you so the first thing that they have here is what I was just talking about they have different styles, so the style that we use for the senior was the animate original, and if I go to a preview here, you're going to see it's a very edgy one it's kind of crazy effects flying all over the place it works really well for a senior chute who's going to be a little bit more edgy and had that kind of style sort of a signature style of the original when you see this way of professionals, we see this video so the one that I like using and they have a ton of different ones here I like using either paper array or dusk retreat dusk retreat has the kind of look that the animate original does just a lot less busy paper array is even less busy so plus all the pro styles I believer in high definition yes, right so some of the some of the cells are not yet high definition just did okay, so you can see this style jury it's a lot more moving at text in there and it's just a little bit more wedding, so we're going to use that way just go to create video and it's going to take us to their newly renovated creation page the first thing I always do because I will forget to do if I don't first is titled my video and then the hand of giving clients something that says untitled video so we'll do this creative live wedding and you guys can see all my bad type of habit I think they're here I'm going to choose the music first. The nice thing about an emoto is you can upload your own song so often robyn I will songs from song freedom are some licensed animation you have a license for it absolutely or you can go into their music library and they have a ton of royalty free music that you can choose from it also lets you sort it, so I have some that are just my favorites in here that I like, and I'm you can preview them by just looking play and previewed song, I know I'm going to use this one it's a some people know I think that this point it's a really good wedding song, so all I do is I click on it and hit her ad song they might hear there, we just don't hear it, you're here so what we're going to do after that, we've chosen music, and it tells you ever hear how long the song will be. You can automatically shorten this by not using enough photos videos to fill that in an emoto will sort of gauge how much content you've uploaded and then say, okay, well, you're going to fill three minutes if you'd like to film or, you know, add more content, we're on the other side. If you've uploaded too much and it's like ten minutes worth, it'll show you where it's chopped off and say, okay, we can only fit here either takes him out so you can move more pictures in or rearrange it made it much more intuitive from his conception when it was like you didn't know what was gonna happen, you just upload everything and then you wait told rendered out that took a long time and then you go okay, I got to redo it, but now they've made it so you can pretty much make a preview on the fly, which is very helpful. Yeah, so the other thing I like to do first over here, there's a little settings button and you can actually edit the song if you want to hear at it where it starts, not where it ends because again it's knowing it's doing it according to time to upload, but you can edit the start time if you want, but the image pacing here is really nice tio take a look at so for the senior session I pulled it up to very fast, so everything was really quick and punchy, and it looks really great because this is not how you're proofing images, you're still going to give them their images. This is just something for an emotional impact when you're doing infusion piece, so I'm going to actually let animo to decide what to do with this and keep it at moderate and then it will put it. But the transitions to the pace of songs that I chose self keep that the next thing you want to do is come over here to add picks, vince, and you couldn't pull these right off of all these different locations ofthe smugmug, instagram face look, they even have a mobile app that if use instagram and want to make an antidote a slideshow right there and I phone you could do that so that's really cool because, like smug mugs in there and animal oh integrates tightly with smugmug so let's say you did all your proofing and you you know you edit all of your images and just put him up on smoke mug, and now they're ready for your client preview you can just pull him directly from smugmug instead of having to wait for them the upload from here, which is so I'm going to do upload pictures and videos on dh select full there will be confusion slideshow and I'll just you all of these, so we're uploading all of our photos and all of our edited video books. It's actually not teo slow for the most part you'll be ableto upload these is you can also see here the second you upload them it's telling you how long your peace is going to be in right now, it's two minutes and forty three seconds which is perfect that's exactly where we want three three minutes as you leave the target late that's a nice that's what I think the length is that clients go it's not too long, not too short it's right there three minutes, everyone and while this is uploading, you can actually still keep working on here, which is nice, so you don't have to wait for the upload and then start doing things right now already I can rearrange pictures if anyone would them around a little bit, I can do that. The other thing I really like to do is spotlight certain pictures, and what that does is it keeps them on the screen longer, just those specific pictures that you have, but the spotlight on and to do that, you just click on the picture that you want, I'm using the shoes and clicks public, and you'll see this yellow goes around it and what also happened, as you'll notice, our time here is gone three seconds longer, so by the time I'm done going here and spotlighting all these pictures that I love, for example, I know next woman skin, the load here is probably my favorite of the day it's going to make the video clip a little bit longer as well, and again, I just want to reiterate there's so many slideshow programs out there, there's some that, you know, aren't my base, and they're just based on your on your computer, and you do them there, and then you render them out, and then you can upload the final product of demeo or whatever we use in a motor for the ease of use I mean, you see how simple this is and we don't want to spend a ton of time in the post processing because if we do you're losing money you've already spent time to shoot. The editing should be simple and quick, and once you start getting too crazy involved with editing, then you're just cutting into your own margin as faras the monetary endowment is concerned so that, you know, we will go a little bit further about some audio and show you how to integrate external audio and that just enhances the product. But just beware that that will increase your post production time, so maybe you should prices out accordingly. So maybe offer one that's, just simply music and images, and then if they want to get into having adding external audio that's more work for you on both the day of the shoot and in the post production. So maybe that piece should cost a little bit more just something to think about because post production is really worry. Start spending a lot of your time making it carried away. I think we all know that really, especially with video video, is very time consuming of the back end. So it's something that you just want to be where yeah onda again louisiana motive for the ease of use but with that it is doing all these transitions for you it's putting the whole slide show together for you so you do kind of lose a little bit of control there you know so we're not going to be able to look at a transition like oh that transition tio it's just a smidge longer but you know what that little smidge longer is not going to matter as much to the client as losing three more hours of my life will matter to may right in the clients not going to notice that they're going to see beautiful images of themselves to see moving video which maybe they didn't expect because if you're doing it sort of like you know just like create this lie joan and sell it afterwards possibly you know just on spec you know that that's just value added it's that wow factor that we talked about so that's why we use an emoto I mean believe me we have the ability to do much more complicated stuff with this but we choose not to because we don't want to spend that much time on it you know we do our clients love these products they absolutely go nuts over and we did just just a highlight of real human interest side of this we did a wedding we didn't engage in session where it was the broad ng room and we went to the beach and the heather dog with them and the dog was his beautiful little bulldog he's so cute he's this is such a sweetie and wedding day came and went and we did a fusion slide show for them that we give to them before the wedding and they kind of spread that out there friends is like a save the date kind of reminder and the wedding day came and went and shortly after the wedding don't you think you've got the part about the dog was really cute thing you've ever seen. So the wedding day we you know cinema and photo but we also did a fusion slide show of the whole wedding day right way didn't produce that yes as of this point but shortly after the wedding the dog was killed so a car accident yeah, it was horrible. So what were they were so thankful that we had moving video of the dog during the engagement session and then what? What they did was they asked us if they said rob, but we know we get a fusion slideshow of the wedding day can we just make it all the off the dog? Just whatever you have of the dog wear like yeah, absolutely and they were so happy that we did that for them and it didn't take us much time you know, we did same method that we normally did, but the point is to her she didn't care about transitions and no, how carefully it was made she's just looking at the images and then that's all that mattered to her so and we find that most of our clients it's very similar they're just so happy to see the moving images mixed them with the photographs and it gives them something different to show their family and friends that's the whole point behind fusion and the point of why we do this it's not so we can show off how talented we are with post corruption, you know, it is really more about the client it's the emotion behind it so definitely animal was great for that so quick and easy and, you know, it really does make delivery a cinch to because, you know, it's already embedded into an emoto, we just throw it on the facebook page, you know? And if we want to sell it afterwards just integrated with smugmug and now you can't put a price on it, you know, ties it lots of other options gives you a lot of other options later, so what I actually did is I pulled something out of the cookie cooking show of it again, and I had already uploaded all the video files teo a different smugmug video so you guys didn't have to wait for all that I'll just re title this one creative life went and in their area wedding. So what we have, we have everything that is uploaded I shouldn't mention that you cannot spotlight the video clip because the video clip ins, however long video clip, is just to know you're trimming of video clips and stuff like, yeah, what action can do is I purposely left in this first video clip untrimmed so that you can see you can trim in an emoto not quite to the precision that you can in photoshopped profusion effects, but you can do it so you just click on the video clip, go to the settings I come here and it will pull up your video clip and you can watch it, you can play it and send it there and take a look at what going on and remember that was the one that had just a little bit too much tougher in the front. So on good news and a short in the video clip and drag over to whoever I wanted to start, and this is showing where it starts, so maybe a little bit so that your total running time is this clip length six seconds that's, how long it will be. When it's done and then the clips start time that this slider on the bottom we see the blue line of blue progress bar that you just drag and that will adjust where the clip starts it's like clip ends I'm sorry eclipse it from the end and then you can move it to where you want it to start which I think we'll do it right there that's pretty good yeah because that's right when the motions started to happen on the clip it's where we wanted to begin so that worked out great so if you didn't want to take the time to do all this trimming, photoshopped or just do it here the other thing to notice in here you have the option of keeping your clip audio on or off for this purpose is we're keeping it all off because there is an audio in here that we're thinking so I just have to go into each one of them on dh turn it audio here was just us talking in sort of a remember when we have the bride to the card and she was filling up the cart and I had put the microphone down close to her mouth and she's just reading what she wrote you couldjust let's see you use that clip for four, five seconds and you just leave the clip audio on it'll drop the music down and it'll play that clips audio so you might it won't be in total context you're going to hear the entire thing that she said but maybe a few seconds of it so maybe it happens to catch her when she's saying, you know, I've waited my whole life for you, but I didn't know it was you that in that clip might actually you get the audio that will be there so it's kind of cool, so if you have a baby, if you're shooting families or shooting dogs and the dog barks and you want to keep that audio in there, you just leave that audio's on audio it's probably the easiest way to work with audio. Yeah, it really does take a lot of the more complicated work out of it, but this is why in a motive is great. Yeah, you want some rearranging the story, so I'm just going to actually want to take you have any questions we can take while I'm turning the audio off and all of you to be a good time questions I've not worked in a motor yet, and I would love to hear how in other words, if I'm using an emotive, I've done an animal video and I'm going to show it to my client when they come to me for their preview do I have it downloaded to my hard drive or m I relying only on my web browser and connective ity of my new company that I won't talk about that. I'm not having good an activity with I don't wantto have a surprise happen. You can download it, you can download it in a high definition format, an mp for foreign for a format and and forty four months, you say, and you can download it to your hard rob cygnus played locally perfect right from there or any questions out there way have several so church arch photo from houston, texas, asks what is the advantage to doing this three phase process edit photos and video and assemble the fusion project as opposed to editing all the assets in a single application such as adobe after effects? Is it faster to edit the way you are showing it? If you are adept in adobe aftereffects and you have that knowledge and you find that easier for you, go ahead. We're not teaching in here because if there'll be aftereffects is a very advanced, complicated program and for people who are just now delving into the world of video, that will be very overwhelming. So we just want to be really clear that, you know, we're trying to show you the easiest methods, because dubbie, after practice, is a compositing program. Okay it's meant to do very advanced special effects with video and not colorizing I mean it can't do color it's more about layering it's photo shop for video that's what aftereffects is you can create masks and create you know layered effects and things like that three d effects it's very complicated but it does have simple functionality so if you are familiar with the work flow of adobe after effects and it works for you because that would be able to do it all in that one spot but to teach that I could do an entire course on after so just for folks again who are not as familiar with inamoto from sandy p kumar is an emoto a pure online tool yes it is great and um but seeing a j s do you ever have clients ask do you use an emoto or what program did you use? I've been asked these questions and I'm not comfortable admitting that I give this easy program I know we've never had anybody ask that honestly if they did ask e I can see that we're the purest too and if if I do have a client that's a little bit more photo of death and speaks the same language and if they were to ask me I'll just be honest yet we use an emoto and he asked why I would say because it's easy but it looks great on dh if they don't book me based on that I mean, I'll offer him this I'll say okay, well I could do a more complicated edit for you more complicated postproduction but I'm gonna have to pass along the cost to you and I'm gonna have to charge you for the extra time it's gonna take me to do that we have jean see in from malaysia asking is there a sample preview video function with an emoto or do you have to create a short sneak peek video for clients to what I believe they just integrated a preview right does it pretty the whole thing for you I believe in preaches the whole thing and you just let him produce it okay, well that was new it was a new church weeks maybe yeah, I think so yeah, they're always great. Yeah, so it's very possible we'll get to that part when we get get this holding bill we'll preview it cool but I think the second half of that question was do you do any sneak peek of the video and toe with their appetite just versus playing the whole giving them the whole thing and then kind of similar question to that was from ms path do you show the fusion sideshow at the same day or do you give it to them after the wedding with the whole package? Not fusion because the editing of video clips takes some time you know, as you can see on but here's the thing with vanessa and I because if we're both doing a wedding on dh she's doing photos and I'm doing the sentiment end of it a lot of times I do a cinema same day at it where we produce a short film and we show it at the end of the night it's not fusion it's a film that we show the other night on, we wouldn't have time to do both a fusion piece and that so we don't really don't diffusion that night. Vanessa this animal slide shows of her photos the night of the wedding has it uploaded pretty much that night, as were leaving the wedding it's already of online but then for fusion itself, we usually produce it if it's for a wedding daily produced it right after the wedding on it goes up online and we just delivered to them we don't do sneak peeks, we generally just if they paid for it and it was in their package again because we're booking it as incentive. You know, we're offering it as an incentive to book the both of us, then build this whenever it's done when you put it up on their objective way don't love changes or anything like that, I must, you know, maybe they had a whole different direction they're going and right or liking in our brides case where she asked, hey, commune is making all the dog you know we would were open to suggestions but we're not going once it's produced we don't feel that make changes they understand that the artist objective well if you want, I can finish up this enomoto sideshow if we want to go back to the screen here I've done a little bit already where you can see where I've done some spotlights on my favorite images here and I've started to move the video clips down I haven't finished that I wanted to show you so I'm really just moving and dragging video clips down to the spots where they match what else is going on so I can see she's writing the card here so I'm going to put it in between my two card pictures there this is a picture with her in the veil so put it right on the spots with her in the veil and you could put two clips uh, the eclipse together at a time if you want teo or you khun separate them like this if you would like it's really your preference um you know, this is a detailed picture of the ring, so we'll move that there this is forgetting her makeup done, so I think I'll just internalise that in with some of these makeup clips and I've just noticed I have four video clips of the makeup getting done so maybe I'll take some of the south thank you total slideshow is now four minutes and twenty seconds to so yeah so no and apparently just deleted my coverage but I'll show you howto fix that later take cover images thumbnail that you see when you first load the page and the player pops up just a thumbnail yeah actually let me show you how to set that right quick it's just an advanced settings you just here's the one you want and it's on ly photographs right? Yes, your photographs jordan's is where he would put your credit you girls put a link just kind of nice yeah and the video button so we would just make that call have you vanessa that's the year old goes on the bottom right? I do like tio put both so they know what they're clicking something like that um I guess so I've just rearranged all these I'll put this one of the mom next to her the pictures that I have a mom. So this is the storytelling aspect remember how we did sequences of the bride opening the drawer, pulling out the pan and then writing you could put those video clips back to back and it'll make a little sequence out of that for you you know, for speed be sort of just kind of just put in the clips that she thought she would want to use but you know, we do shoot for the secrets for a reason, you know, there is a method to that in the editing so that's pretty good I'm pretty happy with that. Um it's a little bit longer it's a formative piece that could take away pictures of the shoes pay me to do that, you know, on dh then what we do is a hit produced video over here and right here this takes about thirty seconds. This is that rough preview that somebody was asking about on your video automatically play here when it's ready I'm not going to do this, I'm just going to go to skip and produce and the animal to do the whole thing for me, but that does answer that gentleman's question asking aboutthe so yes, it can preview and it's the whole thing I do believe so and motor is going to produce this video. The nice thing about this is I don't have to stay here watch, so I'm going to minimize that, and while we're waiting for that, rob is actually going to show you how to make movie poster yeah, we're gonna get into the movie posters that we want to question way do have a few questions great, so question from la bella photo girl who's jen in philly did you have to reduce the size of the photos? Put them on an emoto and is there a size limit for the slide show? There is a video file size limit of two hundred megabyte which you should reach having short clips you should be ok on dh then as far as I was photographed you have photographs don't they do that for you? Obviously it will be faster upload if you do downsize hm but you don't have tio and the amount of time you take down sizing them probably indicates the time that it would take a look think of it this way remember you're only working with a finite pixel resolution of nineteen twenty orin and a bonus case seven twenty so it's twelve eighty seven twenty so if you get your images scaled down to a size roughly around that maybe slightly larger it'll give it some room to work with the images because you know what? Like zoom the image up and likes to move them around having a little extra wiggle room on the pixel dimension we'll be so figure get your four was around twenty two thousand dollar twenty five hundred on the longest side whether it's vertical or horizontal and that'll help an emotive process the image faster and you know you don't want to be uploading raw images right? So all right so wait have any other way have a couple more? Yeah sandeep ikuma asks, do you need to compress your video clips before uploading to anna mota the beautiful thing about the way we rendered him out from photo shop and from fusion effects? Is that we that, yes, that was compressed to compress may get remember one thing. The video clips that come out of your five game or two or a dslr, they're already impressed there are compressed into each to sixty for that kodak and were compressing them a little bit further. You're kind of re compressing them after you've applied effects and work with them and created new video files. So in that process, that's where the compression happens now an emoto once it takes those files were probably compressed them again to make them work within its infrastructure way have done. We were actually, you know, research there. Their encoding methods. When we created hours to make it matches what was possible so there's not any loss of quality. So theo okay, too, let us replace some of this right off line. We did just upgrade it once the animal videos made it is in the lower rez three. Sixty. Yeah, we'll keep that. Although I did hit upgrade and you can see it's producing high quality which well down the foreign add audio to leader and just answer this question before this is where you would download it you're just once it's done converting to hd you download and it'll download writes your downloads folder which they will do it well just click download videos here and it will down so yeah so we will let you see what this piece looks like from yesterday I'm pretty sure turned the sound off on all of us so we should be good and hopefully this little be often give press play yeah wait I don't want to live a day without you I just want to be the one makes you happy happy I want to live a day with you I just want to be the one who makes you happy happy wait a thousand ways some incomplete and I need you every way you know get tangled this way you just wanna be the one who makes you happy I have a way of thousand it's all safe some incomplete I need you in every way get tangled this way wait my goodness vanessa and rob we have not only do I get the chills but hey would love to read some comments to you that are coming in from the chat room folks who felt like they were there's part of the wedding yesterday and are now seeing this feeling like they have been attendees at the wedding of so j repose it photo says if this is my daughter they'd have all my money I want it w rim says magnifico um and people are in tears says tm lamp work says let them know I'm bowing my head off and durant be said you'd never know it wasn't a real wedding but let me scroll back up can in chick awesome bluebell wow amazing uh sorry travis says outstanding work is always r and b robin vanessa you guys are terrific and because it was sorry oh that was it paul villa floor whatever doubts I had with fusion just went right out the window with this and tina rock this is so incredibly super awesome and easy so love that people have now been able to see it come full circle and now and again you know you can look at that piece there's something's up with freight for that I mean you know a couple things that we go back a little bit more careful about but it's you khun you know I like to make the video heavy mind would have more video but and you get you get the idea of really it didn't take much time in the post production we did it right here in front of you it really didn't take much time and we were teaching while we did it so when we actually do these it's just you know fast so fast in our two most

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