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How to Heal Your Gut

Ben Greenfield

Achieve Ultimate Human Performance

Ben Greenfield

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22. How to Heal Your Gut

Lesson Info

How to Heal Your Gut

I'm not in the high fiber intake as much as I am into mineral intake one of the best things that I found if you tend have constipation rather than popping a high fiber supplement is something called oxygenated magnesium there's a supplement called meg o two we talked earlier about how magnesium khun beak elated to different things like magnesium citrate and magnesium three and eight but meg o two is really really good if you pop some of that in the morning you have a really silky smooth bowel movement in the the next morning so we're also going to dig into some supplements that I recommend to really help with digestion so digestive supplements would include things like digestive enzymes which I talked about taking one or two of these before main meals or before meals that tend to make you sleepy or you know if lunchtime tends to make you sleepy sometimes you just need to get some enzymes into your body before that meal I'm a fan of probiotics as I mentioned during these supplements par...

t if you haven't eaten fermented foods you're traveling I'm a fan of taking a really really high billion count probiotic supplement capsule while you're traveling kill ostrom we talked about how that can help to jump start the immune system in your gut and reduce gut permeability by sealing up your gut lining I'm a big fan of using that to help heal the gut as well and then that hcl supplement that I mentioned for example like now foods makes an hcl supplement taking one to two capsules of that prior to a meal. All of these type of things can help if you tend to be somebody who gets digestive issues now a few other things that I like in terms of digestive supplements oil of oregano I mentioned that I use this is a daily tonic has a natural antibacterial an antiviral will help to knock out yeast fungus that that tends to be an issue in your digestive tract kills airborne and got pathogenic bacteria so use this a lot of times when I'm traveling or from eating strange and new foods you can also just use it on a daily basis especially if you're coming off having even like a high sugar high start try carbohydrate type of diet it can really help to mitigate a lot of the fungus and bacterial overgrowth that can occur in a diet like that. I like some of the cleansing mixes that are out there as long as they're not super duper high fiber one of my favorites I don't have a here today but it's called kappa cleanse and it's a mix of things like slippery elm rude and milk thistle extract and licorice root and some of things that really helped to clean out the digestive tract in a more friendly way than say, just taking like psyllium husk which is the main component of something like metamucil that could be very hard in the digestive tract. Now, if you've taken antibiotics or if you get stomach upset, some of the other things that will add in. And these are things that I went through after I got that bacteria that really hurt my stomach high dose glue to mean taking more than a gram of glutamine per day. Allah vera juice, which you can find it most health food stores very, very healing and soothing to the digestive tract. I like ginger root, either like boiling slices of ginger root or doing like I mentioned this morning. Just toss them like a golf ball sized chunk of ginger into something like a juicer that can also really help with the digestive tract and with digestion and with with healing the digestive tract and as far as hitting the review button on your guts. Um, you know, one of the better books that's out there that really has a great web site. If you go to gaps, diet dot com and you just click on the introduction part of that website really, really good introduction to the type of diet that can help to push the reboot button on your gut. I'm also a fan of a diet called the paleo auto immune diet. There's another one out there called the s e c d diet or the specific carbohydrate diet that also works really well on any of those would be really good diets for kind of pushing the pushing the reboot button on your gut as far as clearing out all of the common food triggers or food inflammatory triggers now as faras gastroesophageal reflux disease or heartburn. Um, as I mentioned earlier, your stomach acid levels decline as you a age, and what I find really ironic is that even though stomach acid levels are declining, we're seeing that people are getting prescribed more and more proton pump inhibitors, or acid inhibitors as they age, even though your stomach acid levels are actually going down, so it doesn't really seem to make sense now. Acid stopping drugs are huge money making industry what happens is because they shut down hcl, which can actually act as a little bit of like a cleansing agent in your digestive tract, it promotes bacterial overgrowth that weakens resistance to infection. It reduces absorption of a central nutrients such as amino acids because you're unable to break down protein when you have inadequate stomach acid and it increases the likelihood of developing a lot of digestive disorders there's, even some links between proton pump inhibitors and cancer now gastroesophageal reflux disease is actually caused by something called inter abdominal pressure so if you get heartburn, if you burp up stuff a lot a lot of times that's caused by pressure pushing back up against your esophagus now there are certain things that can actually cause pressure to push the stomach contents, including the stomach acid in the hcl in your stomach back up towards your esophagus and that pressure is caused by what's called bacterial overgrowth an indigestion of carbohydrates, so one of the best ways to get rid of heartburn or indigestion is to ensure the a you don't have overgrowth of bad bacteria in your digestive tract and be that you're not consuming some of those carbohydrate triggers that I talked about earlier, like die sacha rides, polly sacha rides unsocial on sprouted grains things of that nature you contest for bacterial overgrowth there's actually a test from a breath tests dot com where you breathe into a tube, you drink a glucose solution, then you breathe into a tube and it tests how much bacteria that you're actually producing and you can actually find out whether or not you have too much back sharia growing in your small intestine, in which case you can actually go through specifics diets such as like that carbohydrate lowering specific carbohydrate diet that I mentioned actually lower bacterial overgrowth and fix something like this so you want to reduce factors that promote bacterial overgrowth and low stomach acid he reduced carbohydrate intake, reduce fruit dose intake, reduce intake of high fiber compounds and then there's also something called h pylori, which is a component that's kind of nasty that can grow in the digestive tract. One of the best ways to get rid of that. And I've tested before and found that I've had hpai laurie and my digestive tract is there's, a supplement called mastic gum, and you can find out on amazon and that's one way to just knock out h pylori right away. But that's, one of the things that can cause this some issues with hcl production is the presence of h pylori. So you want to replace your stomach, acid enzymes and nutrients that aid digestion air necessary for health so that hcl with pepsi and that I mentioned you can start with one of those per meal and you work up to taking enough of those per meal to where you feel just a slight burn and then you back off and that's a perfect way to start to deal with with with heartburn can also use a bitters herb complex five to ten drops of the bidders with a small amount of water and get bitter is just right off of amazon you could go there do search for bidders there like these liquid bidders that you can add tio added juice or add toe water and that can really help to digest a cz well, lemon juice is a perfect example of a digestive as well, and then you want to restore beneficial bacteria and help the new coastal lining in the gut. You can use probiotics, fermented foods and bone broth liberally now another issue that we tend to run into is food intolerances or food allergies and this usually manifest and stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, urgent see bloating or indigestion. Because of that gut brain connection, we can also get things like headaches, insomnia, neurological manifestations and just not eating foods that you are allergic to doesn't address the true root of the problem because in many cases it's a damaged gut that's causing a food, intolerance of food allergy and not a true allergy to a food. There are some people that truly simply can't produce lack taste enzyme genetically so they're just never going to be able to drink much milk. But in many cases it's simply damaged ville eye in the intestine and it's not actually a true digestive insufficiency so genetic inability to produce certain enzymes or for the body to mount an allergic reaction and gets a food particle is something that we can address so damaged gut flora damaged gut lining from inflammatory foods like eating a lot of gluten eating a lot of what's called weak german gluten. And which is something you find very, very in very high amounts in modern wheat, modern modern bread, basically wheat sources that are bred for high yield crops there really, really high in w g a, which is very high and glee ad in which can harm the digestive system. So got pathogens like candida h pylori parasites going after some of those. There are some things that you could do to address parasites. Basically, a lot of folks do have parasites sometimes, you know, if you have these, if, for example, you wake up with insomnia like clockwork about once every two weeks. That's a really, really good sign. If that's accompanied by gas, bloating, indigestion, it's kind of nasty, but that's like when parasites actually actually hatcher actually thrive. And so if you have a parasite, you could go out and get tested. You get what's called the g I effects panel or a parasitology panel. I've got links to a lot of my favorite testing and tracking panels over at ben greenfield fitness dot com slash creative live, but what you do is you literally poop for three days into this tray, and you collect it and goes into a tube and then you put it in this pre pay label and you, you ship it off and say bye bye to your poop, and then you get a pdf email about a week later with all the results and whether or not you have h pylori, parasite, yeast, fungus, all these other issues and you kind of know where to start some of the other issues that can cause food intolerance or food allergy like symptoms or undigested food particles in your bloodstream from like eating too fast, not having enough good bacteria to help you break down foods not having enough hcl, um, antibiotic use that's another big if you've ever been on antibiotic regimen and you've never been through a gut feeling protocol or you've never rebuilt your gut flora by using things like the probiotic sacrum, icy spill authority or a full spectrum really good therapeutic based probiotic, or heal the stomach with talavera, l glutamine and things of that nature that it's really important that you do that, and in some cases, just thirty to sixty days of really taking very good care of your gut is all that it takes to heal the gut and allow you to begin to eat. Maybe a little more liberally some of the foods that you want to eat on and then like I mentioned not being raised on breast milk or formulas instead so not having enough colostomy around um testing and tracking this is the direct labs g I panel that I mentioned I won't get into all the different things that it tests, but it will pretty much test for just about anything there's also a really, really good test if you want to test for gluten sensitivity not just in your gut but also in your nervous system there's a company called sire x labs that does a really, really good test for gluten sensitivity so those are two of the tests that I really like to look at for food allergies, food intolerances, bad stuff going on in the digestive tract. So, um a few other things as far as food intolerances to kind of kind of wrap up the section on food intolerances of food allergies is to heal your gut so very similar to like a gaps or an std or an auto immune type of diet you eliminate common irritants wheat, soy, dairy, peanuts and even some really nutrient dense foods like shellfish that we talked about earlier those khun b digestive irritants so you just eliminate them during that period of time that you're trying to heal your gut, use things like enzymes probiotics, hydrochloric acid and kill ostrom and if things get really bad, you may need to for about four weeks up to six months switch to a diet that's a very, very clean diet like the gaps die at the scg diet or the paleo auto immune diet those air three of my favorites for healing the gut in combination with some of these other supplements that I talked about so all of that being said we just get down out of hell your gut how to fix your gut and now we're going to take a lot of questions because I know that stuff is probably built up on the internet and I'm basically going to open up the rest of the session for you guys ask your questions about your gut about your digestive system so paris go ahead fire way, man yeah, real quick. I notice because you put a using hcl to help, you know, repair your good and that's useful for a lot of people for the most of us but just a note if you are, you do test positive for h pylori just because it thrives in acidic environment that's something that you want to make sure that you rule out because mary point ceo it kind of helps it in that case so doing mohr by carbon and and the other sample menu recommended to help knock it out exactly. You do something like sodium bicarbonate or like this mastic gum that I talked about if you tested positive for h pylori, and then you startinto like using hydrochloric acid supplementation, some of this stuff can get a little bit advanced, you know, in terms of testing, fixing, supplementing and kind of taking your time to heal things. Some of it takes some patients and some detective work. How about online? What kind of questions that we got online? We'll have been spewing out data for the past hour that questions coming from all over the place, I thought the best way to start is, as you mentioned, the beginning, the digestive system starts in your mouth with chewing. So we've got a question here from ethan g, and they're curious about your thoughts on chewing gum, and particularly when you're working out. I know that I've heard some people claim that chewing gum kind of helps with their endurance and helps them when they're working out. So what do you think about doing? Well, chewing gum can actually help to increase blood flow to the brain so it can improve focus and improve mental clarity. I'm not a fan of gum with artificial sweeteners, I use a form of gum called be fresh, I get it off the amazons like b dash fresh. And it's just like a naturally sweetened gum it's got a little bit of zyla toll in there I believe has a little bit of stevia remember all the components but like a peppermint flavored gum mint is also a little bit of kind of like a wakefulness type of compound so I'm a big fan of gum assuming that you're not chewing gum that has like artificial sweeteners in it um I'm kind of like when I when I just wantto work and not thinking about food at all I'm kind of like a gum and soda water type of guy so I'll take that be fresh come get a big bottle of soda water and I could just work for hours and I even think about food because I'm kind of chewing and masticated a cz faras during a workout returns to the concept of like the vikings trumping down on those leather straps that I talked about yesterday and how you can use like a fitness mouthpiece made by under armour for example to kind of like chomped down you could technically use gun for something similar this with gum is you end up having the risk of swallowing it and I want and that's something that all of that doing during a hard workout so started work at a lot of times chewing gum and then spit it out like after I warmed up so you know I got other questions we have off c l attic and bionic a both asked somewhat similar questions, the latics says that he has a leaky gut syndrome and it's gonna see kinesiology dissed treats him with via supplements but prescribed a raw vegan diet to avoid it later so basically asking how can ravi and avoid leaky gut on top of that bionic a was asking about the looming intake and what former brand that you use additionally, thie the amount and what's safe to help try to help can I first of all as far as the brand that I used to heal the gut there's a really, really good meal replacement powder out there called ultra inflammable this it's ultra I n f l a m ax it's chock full of glue, demean and tem erik and all these compounds that are incredibly nourishing and very, very healing to the digestive tract so and and that's literally like a meal like two scoops is about two hundred calories and that's something that you could use, for example, if you really needed to have some kind of calories that you could rely on. But you wanted to heal the digestive tract now as far as ah raw vegan diet and ah and leaky gut syndrome my concern there would be irritation of the digestive tract via a lot of those high fiber compounds that you're going to be consuming ana ravi and diet I would be using a smoothie and a juice or quite a bit if I were doing something like that, I would be looking into the use of things like licorice root extract, slippery elm bark bl gouda mean, that ultra inflammatory stuff that I just talked about that's ah that's basically ah, vegan based or non me based sources fuel or food and that's another thing that you could do, but you do want to be really careful with with fiber and roughage if you're doing like a raw vegan diet and trying to heal the gut that's something we really careful with. So we have another question here from gorby shaw. They won't know how has been feel about kalanick's? Are they beneficial? I know a lot of people tout the benefits of them, but somebody a curious kalanick's air totally on my list of things to look into as a potential bioattack, so to speak, kalanick sand animus I've read up on them. A lot of I've seen a lot of suggestive evidence that they could be very cleansing for the digestive tract and even a good way to absorb some cool things from whatever you're doing the kalanick or the animal with but I'm not gonna send a parent tell you that I've had a chronic or an animal because I have not yet reached that stage of my life I'm still at the squatty potty state give me a couple more years have gotten past the peanut butter captain crunch and iceberg lettuce I've made in the eating fermented foods and using a squatty potty maybe next I'll try the kalanick's and the animals give me a little bit here way also had a question and we might have touched on this earlier but I'm not sure if we got the answer for it about where to get the kiefer grains for making the key for where do you get the key for grains jessa or them online on amazon actually or you can lot of times your health food stores they're starting to carry a lot more of that stuff because it's becoming a lot more prevalent right? So and is there any thing that people should look for a void when purchasing them? You know certain yeah, I was going to purchase some amazon I would just check out their ratings and just make sure that their that it's a good sort I mean I wouldn't buy him off of craigslist or somebody you don't know where how they've been stored in that sort of thing's not by bacteria craigslist yeah do that so I know earlier that you talked about some supplements to deal with hangovers but you didn't directly talk about any beer, wine or alcohol and we did have a question about beer because I know some people have talked about some of the benefits of beer could it be beneficial in small doses, or should people just avoid it? In general, you know, the hops and beer actually has some some really cool properties in it that can that can help out with something like a liver detox aa lot of beer, especially less expensive beer as many of the same issues with it. A soda does such a spaz for gas it and preservatives and things of that nature, because beer in many cases has gone through some level of fermentation, a lot of the grains that are used to make beer, you know, rye and barley, and some of these type of things actually don't have a lot of their digestive inhibitors still present, and so some people who can't deal with gluten and with bread can still drink beer just fine. Now I, from personal experience, have found that in the same way that bread really bugs my tummy, I can't do beer. I wind up up this with with bloating and gas and irritation the next day, and I suspect it's because of the mild digestive irritants that still remain from the grain based compounds that aaron that beer. Um I personally drink either red wine or really clean burning alcohol like a potato based vodka or in tequila and kind of like might go till go to cocktail when I'm out drinking is basically soda water, which helps to carry the alcohol across that muscular memory this membrane so that you basically khun spin the dials in your brain a little faster that's what you want to dio and then mix that with some vodka and some kind of like a natural fruit juice like a squeeze of lemon or some pomegranates use of cranberry juice or something like that and that's that's a pretty hangover friendly drink too, because it doesn't have a lot of shoppers in it's so good to nitsa and it's it's skinny the shot was asking what the signs are that dietary fats are not being digested properly sounds like she had her gall bladder removed not due to gall stones or any kind of disease but miss diagnosed by doctors so she's otherwise healthy but just that's something that's a concern for her? Yeah, sometimes it manifests and heart burn a lot of times you'll get like fatty stool, oily stool, that type of thing that could be another pretty good sign andi again, that would be a situation where you look into taking something like light paces, taking something like an ox by all type of supplement and excuse me, supporting you're supporting your liver and your gall bladder that way, so spread things out and questions from the from the studio audience here. Hands going up. All right, let's. Go, jeff on some red wine aficionados swear by it as being the best for you, of lots different types of alcohol. I've heard reference made to resveratrol specifically, what are your thoughts on that? You would have to drink a lot of wine, very fun amount of wine to be able to actually get the amount of resveratrol that that they found was beneficial in studies have been done on resveratrol wine is also high in seoul fights and high in histamines. And so in some people, that can actually trigger things like migraines and headaches, I like to look for a wine that's from an organic source. Those do tend to be lower in seoul, fights the grapes tend of not been sprayed with herbicides and pesticides, so a lot of times it doesn't taste quite as good. Like we drink. We literally bring box line in our house and actually keeps very well. We use it like a badger, organic red wine and it's pretty good there's, also a product from australia called pure wine and it's actually these little droplets that you add toe wine that removes the soul fights from wine so if you tend to wake up the next day and not feel all that good when you drink wine, you can use this pier wine it's pew r w I n e towe actually mitigate some of the effects of the soul fights in line. So that's awesome question, and you have a question about this sort of digestion absorption elimination chain if it is actually change. So if your gut is not healthy and you're taking in whatever you take in for your meals and then supplements, I'm imagining that you're not absorbing what you should be, and you might not be eliminating the way you should be. So where is all your elimination stuff going? If it's, you know you don't absorb it, but you eliminated. There are some schools of thought out there that say that some people with absorbs issues have like years of rotting meat somewhere up in their digestive tract and all this stuff there's no evidence that that stuff like that actually happens even people who do like kalanick's and animals and things of that nature will say that all really weird stuff came out. I'm sure it was stuff that was just living in there forever, but in most cases it really just is fecal matter and stuff if it doesn't get absorbs, doesn't get absorbed, does get eliminated pretty well. It's just a question of how hard you have to work to do it. Which is why I recommend using something like a squad a body, for example, she avoid straining or excessive shortening of the hip flexors as you're eliminate. Well, you weren't absorbing so well. How often should you be having about movement? Then? It depends usually it's about one to three times per day. Um, I go for once per day. My wife and I were having this discussion this morning because we're sharing a bathroom right now at the hotel s o for me, it's usually about fifteen to twenty minutes once in the morning, and I've kind of trained my body to do that, and then I just don't worry about going the rest of the day. And so that's that's my personal scenario, and I find that with mine diet that I follow that works pretty well for me. But I also take magnesium and night, for example, and that helps to kind of soften the stool in the morning so I could get by with that one a day bowel movement. But one to three is pretty normal. Other questions? Gotta love the poop questions yeah, there were a lot of questions for the round this way talk about way touched on it a bit about how frequently but we do have people saying like well, when do I know if it's if it's a healthy bell movement when do I know if this is yeah and that looks out of place and a lot of people were discussing in the chat room and it's something we all giggle about but how do you know the bristol stool scale is really good just google bristol stool scale and you can find it on wikipedia and it will show you the normal texture of stool and and kind of what picture that's that's not normal is like and texture that's that's you know it goes everything from liquid to rabbit pellets basically and along the scale and kind of shows you what a normal still would look like it does a really good job describing it as well as some of the bristol stool scales kind of show a little like line drawing photograph picture tied the thing so there's also a book out there in the paleo community I don't remember the name of it but they have ah section in it that's called something like the poop pageant where they actually show you pictures yeah practical paleo yeah and fried the book practical paleo has the pageant so there's also that right now I think that covered all the poop questions in here other questions from you guys or from the internet audience love's talk about this stuff it's not really a question for me just something that I think that you know you you might like tio give to whoever is washing this but um about transit time you know, you said that you know, anywhere from twenty four to seven for seventy two hours was the average what's a way that you tell your clients how to measure transit time I've heard of no juicing or eating beats or using activated charcoal to actually measure the transit time and see you know and what do you think is the optimum range? I don't measure transit time um I suppose that you could look at chunks of corn or carrot slices or any of those other things that tend to wind up in our stool but it's not something that I really measure you know I don't really that's not that's not one of the metrics that I look at with clients is is their stool transit time so um it's a great observation but I personally don't don't really pay attention to it so I don't have a method that I used but it's interesting that that that's something that you is a nutritionist look at I think that's what that's kind of cool so if you have a good despite aosis and you can have a hard time keeping stuff how we're doing like a kappa clinton's help you if you're not really absorbing it when would it worked? Well there's a few different steps that you take as you go along this line like first thing you want to do is kind of beat back some of the bad bacteria on dh you could do that by using things that are going to knock out bad bacteria oil of oregano is one example golden seal or bear marine works really really well knocking out bad bacteria that's another thing that you can do and as you knock out the bad bacteria you can start to build up the good bacteria using like probiotics which are really going to live and thrive in your digestive tract and then as you do that you start to consume some of these compounds from like, you know, like that cap brooklyn's I mentioned a lot of those things aren't necessarily meant to absorb their meant to pass through and clean and so you're really not too worried about whether or not you know for example slippery elm bark is getting absorbed into your body because it's just meant it passed through and kind of clean things out so similar to el glue to mean it's not getting absorbed as much is just living in the digestive tract there to help basically he'll online the coastal lining of your digestive track so mohr your worries would be with foods like food based supplements, like if you're going to take a greens based supplement to get all the nutrients from rains, you know, that's where you would worry about whether or not you're absorbing something like that? Yeah, if you're taking expensive multivitamin with a broken gut and he might be making some pretty expensive pee. So up until a few years ago, I really didn't get any alive food, whether it be greens or otherwise, that has since changed, um, one of the things I like to do is like boyle spinach, tomatoes, caps come garlic and onions, but for those people who haven't kind of bridge that transition before, one of the things that I experienced when I really kind of wholesale changed was you had expressed yesterday and then in previous sessions that when you do that, the kind of toxins that had been kind of absorbed in the fat, they are released in the blood stream and I was working and hospitality at the time, and it felt like I got hit by a truck. For those people who are looking to either make up first time wholesale change or looking toe bridge a transition after not having been so healthy, how aggressive or not should you be when creating a timetable to get healthy? One of the things that I'm a big fan of is accepting the fact that you need to adjust your activity levels and your workouts when you're cleansing or when you're detoxing. And so if someone comes to me and they want to say, get ready for an iron man triathlon, one of the first things that I'll do if I've done a nutrition history with them in a health history and really determine that they have been eating just a standard western diet and they're wanting to try out my protocols and start this new, nutrient dense style of eating is will go about four to eight weeks with something like a gaps diet or an std diet or a paleo auto immune, but will pair that with, like, yoga, really easy workouts, mobility stuff that takes into account not only the fact that they're going to be eating fewer calories, but they're also going to I kind of feel like crab, um and that's, just something that you have to deal with. I mean, your body does have to excrete a lot of those toxins and other metabolites. Now, as far as how aggressive you can get, I am a fan of, for example, if you're going to go gluten free because trace amounts of gluten can cause inflammation for ten to twelve days in the digestive tract. You know, gluten free got gluten free being slightly gluten free is like being slightly pregnant I mean, you either are or you aren't so in many of these situations I'm pretty pretty big advocate of kind of jumping all in if you're going to eliminate a lot of these common allergenic and immune based triggers as far as how much detoxification compound you're going to dump in your body, you can definitely go overboard. M sm is one example I had a client who tried em sm, which is kind of a common de talks and they just were they felt horrible for days because they were doing like the recommended like tablespoon per day or three grams of m s m and it was just detoxing them way too fast and they just knocked him out, so I'm a bigger fan of switching to a clean diet and then gradually working in these detoxification compounds, but if you get to the point where you're just like bedridden because you're flushing out your body too fast, I think you can probably back off a little bit so kind of a soft science I know, but that's that's my recommendation so cheryl circumstances under which he would select your supplement delivery method, for example, would it be sublingual or topical or pill powder liquid are there like certain body conditions or disease, state which one would be better than another? Sure, any time, the digestive tract is messed up, anything like a liposomes, old delivery or a transdermal or a topical deliveries like life is so much vitamin b twelve life, so more vitamin d, transdermal, er, topical, magnesium, or even using, like those weekly, like myers cocktails or vitamin c based injections. You know, meeting up with a local natural medical position. Who's actually willing to do those type of treatments with you that can really help you have adequate vitamin and mineral in nutrients. Status if your gut is really messed up and to get your nutrients up. So, yeah, I mean, there are ways to get things in your body while bypassing digestion, for sure.

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