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Begin Your Sales Page

Lesson 16 from: Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep

April Bowles-Olin

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16. Begin Your Sales Page

Lesson Info

Begin Your Sales Page

Let's talk about how you're going to begin your sales pages first you want to use their language you could share a before and after of what it was like for somebody before they took your courser before they read your e book and then after before they took your painting course what did that painting look like? And then after they took your painting course you can ask questions one of show you examples of this and how it works really? Well, you could do some sort of imagine this so how I started this course like imagine what it's going to be like after this then that gets people really inspired really motivated a pop quiz like I did for my sales page now here's an example of a sales page I wanted to show you guys the beginning of it and it is brand gaz um one o one so this is from ashley ambridge from the middle finger project if you guys know anything about her I love her stuff I love her website and she starts it by do you want to get taken seriously and taste more clients attract more...

readers and sell seven hundred percent more one brand gaz amar did read on for her story this is very enticing right? You want to keep reading you want to know what that story is about you want to sell seven hundred percent more you want to attract more readers more clients and you want to get taken seriously if you're the right person for her and right away you know whether the right person for her because of the title of the course if you get offended by it you're not the right person here's another example this is from jessica swift one of jessica swifty books you want to be a full time working artist you want to heal and inspire the world through your work you want your wild and colorful dreams to become really you're closer than you think and I don't want you to give up that makes me feel something right away does that make you guys feel something? Yeah and then we have one from a creative live course michelle ward shut out for the when I grow up coach does your work feel soul sucking instead of fulfilling? Are you ready to transition into a career that excites you? Join michelle ward for an exploration and incurring the skills, passions and strength that will help you create the life you've always aspired to live so you can ask questions this is a this is a very uh this one gets used over and over and over again and sales pages and that's because it works you're speaking your customer's language so it's right at the beginning of your self cage right out some ideas brainstorm at least two different options but three is even better and would somebody in particular like to come up here and work through this with me that volunteer chris, come on up here and work with me and you guys can keep writing down your ideas and at home, right your ideas in the chat room and get feedback from people if you have two or three different ideas, get feedback from people and see what they are most attracted. Tio let me get into my seat. All right, get comfortable could tell us a little bit about your product. Okay, so the product is going to be an overview, okay? I have to think about howto go back in time to this. I want everybody to be able to use the writing process to write anything that they want, particularly entrepreneurs who want to write for their brand. So this is when I do a lot of consulting and stuff to help people write actual pieces of copy, but this is kind of like the prerequisite that you need to be able to use the process in order to then apply this stuff to come up with your cool story and all that kind of stuff. So the product that I'm working on now is a tool kit for lack of a better word that includes specific exercises and worksheets that they can use in each step, so if you're in the pre writing step, you know and you're going hurt what do we do then you can open it up and go well that work she looks like it'll work for this project and you'll be able to use it right away and print it out because it's digital thinks he can use it over and over again and then say you're in the drafting step and you're like the last thing in the world I want to do right now is right I feel like doing all of the other things in fact I would like to go and vacuum the dog bedstead or something like that right so then anything the worst possible jobs there suddenly super fun when I have to write something they don't want to so it's just all of the activities in this stuff to loosen you up on everything and so in the same for each of the steps okay all right and so what was your one sentence for that product? The one sentence okay so I'm just gonna pull pull it out of the air because they don't know where it's for creative people with heart based businesses who know that they have a story inside and they want to share their voice but they keep telling themselves to be quiet when they really should be telling themselves to be louder and it provides them tools to use at each step along the way of writing so that they can do it even when it's scary okay, so one of your options for the beginning of your sales page could be pretty much your one sentence. Okay, as far as are you feeling like you you said feeling like you should be quiet when you really should we do this weird thing where we tell ourselves to shut up you know, you know that feeling like you have this thing that you want to say and you're sitting there like, shut up and you just don't say it because your inner critic yeah, you just so scared of doing it wrong are you scared that there there we go. Are you scared of righting the wrong thing? Are you scared of doing it the wrong way? Okay, yeah, okay, keep going. S oh, yeah you're feeling scared you tell yourself to shut up when you should be standing up and shouting and you know, you know, because my ideal people know that they have a story and they have like this feeling that they could write a book, but I couldn't have a write a book, you know, so I want them to I want them to be able to see that that that their story in their voice is legitimate and it's the right one to tell that story, okay, right down your story and your voice is legitimate, okay, because that should go somewhere close to the top probably not the very top but I would definitely have that there that would be like you're in the right place okay historian voice is legitimate take a deep breath you're here I'm going to help you I've got this tool kit that is going to make everything magical in the running process for you it's going tio okay and that's the whole like that's the underlying thing from a whole brand is that I want people to take their voice that's why I think that's the reason that I do what I d'oh so I'm like all right, awesome okay, so yeah yeah help us out here e love tio I don't know fiddle resonate but one thing that I love that I feel like you're about is maybe there would be some kind of inspiration in telling them that we need to hear their story your story is important and you're keeping it from us yeah ask her off that that's so not cool give me give me your story I want it yeah and you can talk about what it is does for you to not share the head thing like what? What are the consequences of never sharing it? Never getting it out of yourself there's something about unlearning howto be boring or unlearning howto in no fit inside a box or something unlearning how tio to basically stop shutting yourself up yeah, like take the tape off you know and just start start going in your personality matters who you are matters so I think we've got a lot to work with with and not we're gonna have to finesse it obviously but I think that there are a lot of things within that that can make a very compelling beginning to your sales pitch. Yeah, like thanks guys all right way are going tio finish up outlining your sales, paige and this is all in your workbook by the way starts on page thirty seven what's the value that your product provides what's the end goal the result so in chris's case people are going to be sharing their story, they're actually going to get it out that's in gold they're going to feel confident in there writing they're gonna have more fun doing and it's not going to be the last thing that they want to dio and then there are other examples learning how to net losing ten pounds in a month, speaking fluent fluent spanish, getting their first one hundred female subscribers immediate and inexpensive art completing one painting that could be the end goal if you're teaching a painting course there's so many options that just depends on what you are offering and it could be about if you sell prince making your house prettier like making your space more inviting, feeling better in your space you want to include the features and benefits. For example, the features would be pdf print feet by ten the benefits accessible art that can immediately transform a room from dull to bright, right. So the future czar what the print is but the benefits are much different. Another example, eight ninety minute segments faras this course goes hd video workbook. Those air the features, the benefits. Learning how to create and sell digital products to make more money and gain more freedom. So they want to know both. But the benefits are going to be more compelling. You want to include the objection in the ways to defuse them. You saw how I said, but two hundred ninety seven dollars is a lot of money. And then I talk about why it's worth it to invest that kind of money and some examples this is too expensive. I don't have enough time for this. Will I really be able to do this? This might not. This might work for her, but not for me. Another great way is to use testimonials like we talked about when you think your clients are gonna have certain objections. And again, this is about helping people choose yes or no, so this isn't about tricking people. Like they have an objection and you're gonna trick them into buying. This is somebody who this is right for this is going to help that person. They were going to love your product and you're helping them to stop procrastinating because we all procrastinate when it comes to buying, so you're helping them make that choice. You want to include bids of story, it could be it's a story about you, it could be bits of story within the testimonial, even the way that I started my cells. Paige, when I'm saying, check all that apply those orbits of story, really, they're not fax. They're things that my customers say, this is how I feel. This is what happens to me, and you have to give your customers a reason to buy now so that could be limited number of spot that could be that the course registration in that could be that this is going to change your life today. It could be that you want to get rid of that white wall in your house. What are you gonna stare at it any longer like this? Like by the print? This is going to know this is going to make a big difference in your life, it guarantees, have you experimented with that, like, money back thirty days, or just something that gives a little a bit more assurance sure, sure in the beginning for all of my courses I had guarantees one hundred percent satisfaction back guarantee it with a limited time period like sixty or ninety days and that was because first of all I was in the beginning of my business and that builds trust so people feel like okay, if this course really socks since I don't know her that well I can get my money back and it depends on the course it depends on the product on whether or not I'm going to offer something like that I do not offer a money back guarantee for my bookmarking for creative because people download it and then they have it and there's no way I can get it back however, if I have somebody that comes to me and I really don't like this this is not what I was expecting I would refund their money so I'm not gonna fight him on it but I don't offer that as a guarantee so I think it really depends on where you're at in your business what the product is all that kind of stuff yeah um I recently I took a course to and it had a guarantee but it was all laid out in the sales paige how specific it wass like first you need to contact us and talk to us about what the problem is and what not and then we can talk through you know what I mean there were like a few steps it wasn't one hundred percent like, you know, and I think that that's kind of smart because it's like, you know, was it that you didn't know what you were signing up for or was it that you know that there's maybe certain reasons why that air more unless because there is that chance of getting taken advantage of, I think it's like you've already been in it for this long and did you just grab all the information you needed? And now you're saying, I don't want to pay for, you know, yeah, yeah, and I think you have tio think about what you're doing for your guarantee and what the result is, so if you want a lot more people to sign up because they trust you and that they're going to get their money back, offer one hundred percent back guarantee if it's that you're worried about getting taken advantage of, and you also want to know why that person wants their money back, I would ask anyways, if somebody said I'd like my money back, I'm not satisfied I would give them their money back if I have a guarantee and I would say, can you tell me what it is that you didn't like about it? Because I want to make sure that I'm doing the right thing and that the right people are purchasing for whatever reason, and I would love for you to be a happy customer, you know? So I e mailed them, I tell them I want to know more because I truly dio I want to know what's going on, they have a really, really low refund waked mean less than two percent, so it doesn't happen very often, and a confused customer never buys. So have someone read your sales page and let you know when they're confused or want clarification. This is this is the step that people that extra step that people don't take, have somebody read it and be with them and just see when they're like how this doesn't make a lot of sense for me or I don't really know what you mean by this, or I would love more on this that kind of thing and learn from loyalty. This is page thirty nine in your workbook. What brands are you the most loyal to and why? What are the brands that are auto buys for you? They come out with something new and you're going to buy it because of the brand, or at least you want to buy it, it might not be that you buy every single thing because I am a loyal customer to anthropology, but if I bought every single thing, I would be in debt up to my ears, so I'm not gonna buy everything that comes out, but I I pretty much want teo pretty much love everything in my husband's like, I wish anthropology didn't exist. So what makes them that for you? What blog's to always read when they publish something new? Why, when you answer these questions, you kind of figure out what helps create a loyal customer base, some things that help always overdeliver never go back on your word just don't just just don't do that if you're offering course, don't stop midway and be like, all of a sudden, you know what? I don't want to do this anymore, sorry about it, I've seen that happen, and then people are furious that makes them also feel less trusting when they sign up for anything else, because they've been kind of screwed over. Do your very best work and quality over quantity, do less and do better work. I don't launch too many things in a year because I want teo, I want to ensure that each one is a quality product, customer service, what's your customer service plan for this particular product, and when I say customer service like, are you gonna email everyone who bought are you going to have a specific welcome page that their scent tio, how are they going to contact you if there's a problem? Do you have that set up inside of your course? Do you have that on a receipt? Pay attention to every detail from the moment our customer lands on your site until the moment she buys and received your product think about created and an experience and we're going to talk to my in just a minute. She creates the best experiences for her customers if you bought from her every detail down to every little thing she pays attention to and that's why our customers love her so you're customer service must. What are your rules for customer service? How are you going to blow your customers away? Get creative but be reliable for instance, emailing the first five customers to ensure that everything went smoothly? I do this often when I release of course I will email the first people who bought and I will say, hey, I just want to make sure that your experience went really smoothly. Did anything come up because I want to make sure you have access to everything? I can see that you're signed up for the course, but I just want to do a double check it and thank you so much for buying and I can't wait to work with you another one sending handwritten thank you notes to second time customers. So you see that somebody's bought from you twice, and you send them something in the mail that they're not expecting, and then you also want to make it easy for these loyal customers to share your stuff. So you wanna have a sharing plan in place? How can your fans share stuff? Do you have those social sharing buttons on your web site? Do you make it easy for them? Do you give them click two tweets that they could easily just click in tweet, including social sharing buttons on sales pages and product descriptions, giving customers away to leave feedback so that you can use that his testimonial, asking them to help you share? If I want my audience to help me in some way, I'll ask and you wouldn't believe how many air, just like, of course, I would love to help you and they just do it. I on the bottom of some my block post recently, if you guys are readers of blacks rebel, you would have seen hey, will you help me share that? I have an upcoming creative live course? Here are some click two tweets, and I would see tons of click to tweet when I would go and look because they are loyal to my business, they like what I do, and they want to help me, just like I am for other people. What I love their businesses, I want to help them. Other ideas are doing some sort of block tour contests and giveaways. We'll talk more about contests and giveaways in the marketing section and when to do it when not having an affiliate plan that helps people share your work and they get paid for it. Sometimes you want to do that, sometimes you don't. It depends on the product in your business and brand sending free samples were advanced copies. So if you have ten customers who are very loyal to you and you launch an e book, you could step, send ten of them your e book in advance, sending them advance copies. It costs you nothing. They feel extra special. You khun sake, can you give me any feedback? If you have a chance to read, it can use that for testimonials, and then they're going to want to share your e book when you want it.

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