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Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep

Lesson 12 of 23

Visibility and the Right Customer

April Bowles-Olin

Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep

April Bowles-Olin

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Lesson Info

12. Visibility and the Right Customer

Lesson Info

Visibility and the Right Customer

we're going to talk about getting your products in front of the right people. Because if you don't do that, then no one's going to buy. So you've got to figure out how to get them in front of the right people. And we're gonna really talk about this throughout the entire day. This is just the opening piece to it. We're also gonna dive in a little bit, too. Sales pages, Because who doesn't love writing sale stages like torture sometimes. All right, we're gonna make it not so torturously. So we're going to talk about figuring out who your target market is and what works when selling to them. Getting to know your target market better than your competitors. Because when you do that, you stand apart automatically and the sales will come in That will follow aligning your web designed to reach your business goals because that's a big piece of them. And an introduction to writing sales pages that actually sell. And I'm gonna take you through one of my sales pages and why I set it up that way. I...

'm hoping that will be helpful for you guys. So I want to start us off with a quote. There is nothing more important to any business today than understanding the world view of its customers and the reality they live with. And this is from the book difference, which I highly recommend. It's a short, tiny little book packed with so much goodness, and I totally agree with us. So first up, we're going to summarize the product. This is the product that you guys worked on yesterday, and if you're watching and you didn't see that, then tried to come up with the digital product that you can work through the rest of the course. So in one sentence, yes, only one. What is your product? And when you are creating the sentence, I want you to think about a few things. What problem or issue does your product solve? Who will your product help? And my example is Marketing for Creative is a digital guide that helps creative entrepreneurs get their products in front of the right people and boost their sales. So that would be my one sentence for my book that I wrote to help creatives find everything that they needed Teoh about marketing in one spot, something that's affordable, practical has lots of exercises in it, and this would be my one sentence to describe it. And you can tweak this. You can play with it. We're just trying to start to consider what that one sentence might be. It helps you when you are figuring out who your dream customer is. It helps you when you're figuring out what to include on your sales page. It's just good to kind of political into one simple thing. And I just want to recap a little bit about why I think this course can help you so much. And that's digital products. I truly believe they can change your business, and if they change your business, they can change your life. And I know that sounds a little silly, maybe a little corny, but it's true. I have seen so many entrepreneurs add digital products to their business plans, and all of these things that they never thought could be possible are actually true now, especially more freedom, more time, more money, all of those things that we are hoping for. So that's one of the reasons that I'm really excited about diving into this material. All right, so what are some one sentence. One sentence is that you guys wrote about for your digital products. Um, my happy empowering. Introduce yourself and let us know where we can find you. Okay, Um I'm Jen Sherry from Jenin company dot com. You can find me There s o Mine is my happy empowering prince Help girls and women's around themselves with pretty inspiration that reminds them other inner. Awesome. All right, I think that's a group. Great. Summarizing one sentence. Anybody else wanna share? Yes. Yeah. I'm John Leonard. A brand new ways dot com. So the practice help days of brand new ways. So 31 days of brand new ways is a guided audio experience that helps you busts through the comfort zone and make change. I love the bus through the comfort zone of that. Okay, great. One sentence. Anybody else? Yes. Jane Jane organizes dot com. And my book is Confessions of an Organizer. How creatives? A handbook for creatives to organize their lives once and for all. Re read it again once for me. Confessions of an organizer. How creatives? A handbook for creatives to organize once and for all. All right, yes, very clear, very specific. I think that's a great one. Sentence sage. I'm Sage Grayson, and you can find me at stage Grayson dot com. So start up in 60 is a self paced digital guide for busy women who are ready to master their time and finally start a business. Whether they've got 60 days, 60 hours, 60 minutes or 60 seconds. I love that in new piece. You guys all. Everybody kind of giggles a little bit because it resonated with you, right? I would love to share from Rebecca, Tap says Warp and Weft is learning the structure of Cath Astri in a comprehensive three part course designed to give you a firm foundation in basic tapestry weaving techniques. And then we have one here from Brandy, who says Brand candy creates designs that build strong relationships for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses pursuing their creative passions. And Winterbourne has WordPress set up 101 which is a virtual seven step course that will allow creative entrepreneurs to get their business set up online using WordPress and expand their market and boost their sales. All right, I love how many of these include who it's right for That's an important piece when you're trying to describe your product. And if somebody were to ask you, let's say you are out getting coffee and somebody asks you about something that you do. You can give them your one sentence and it helps. It gets them intrigued. It gets them asking more questions if they're interested in what you've got going on, or if you're at a conference or anywhere else, or if you're somewhere like here and you guys were talking to each other about your products. It's an easy way to explain it. We are going to move on to your dream customer. This is in your workbook on page and it's important to note that if people don't have the workbook yet, they can still R S v p to get It's gonna be a big part of what we're doing per session number two today. So if you don't know we're talking about with the workbook, it comes free when you r s v p for this course. And if you have not done so yet, all you have to do is click the title of the course. It'll take you to the class page and you'll see a blue R S V P button right there. It's completely free to do. And if you've been watching the scores, there's no reason, not toe have the workbook. It's going to make it a lot easier to understand. And you won't fall behind because all of our students here have these workbooks there falling along with April. She's gonna be giving specific page numbers for you to keep up with. So now is the time. Download the workbook for free. If you haven't done so yet, it's gonna be a big part of what we do for the rest of the session. Yes, and it's much easier to go back to and remember what you were thinking than if you're just watching and thinking of your answers, your writing them down, it's gonna make a much bigger impact. So if you lined up 10 of your dream customers, what would they all have in common? All of their common characteristics for me, my dream customer. I know that she's a creative. I know that she has some sort of online business as opposed to a physical business. I know that she wants to. She's not completely happy with where her business is that she wants to probably improve her sales. She wants more time. She wants to feel more in control unless overwhelmed. Those are all things I know immediately about my dream customer. She's also really excited to learn she is not opposed to trying new things. Somebody is not the right fit for me if they just want to do exactly what they are doing, and they don't want to experiment at all or try new things. That's not the rate that that's not my dream customer and not just thinking about people who have bought from you. I'm talking about people who you dream about working with, like this is the perfect person for you. Jennifer, why don't you come up here and work through this one with me? Tell me what you're thinking. Tell me what you're thinking and you guys can keep jotting down notes You can jot down notes at home, put it in the chat room. Let us know about your dream customer. We want to hear what you guys have to say to that. What are you working? So my dream customer by product is the course design workshop, helping people design a course going to the curriculum. It's an interactive and actionable course that gets them from an idea or none to actually creating their curriculum for their course. And so thinking about the people that I have worked with in the past and the people who I want Teoh, I really love working with lifelong learners. People like, he said, who really want to learn, who want to put the effort into creating something that's meaningful for other people. They believe in the power of education. They probably are not teachers in that they're not in the classroom setting, but they might hold workshops. They're involved in their community. They help people out. You know, it can make a difference in people's lives. Exactly, exactly. So I'm not really looking for people who just kind of want to slap up a video and call it training, but actually brave in the end result of helping someone move from one point to another price. They have a website, they're looking to move forward and they want more freedom. And I was thinking of someone in particular who are really enjoyed working with, and she wanted to packed up her family and moved to Hawaii and creating a course with something that was going to be the vehicle that moved her and her family to Hawaii so that she could have that freedom to do that. So you bring up a good point where right there think about the customers that you have worked with that you loved working with what are their characteristics. So that's like a combination of all of those women here in perfect. Exactly. So All right, So what else do you have down here? But is that what you got? That's what I have so far that I can say they have a website. They might have an e book on their website, but they're looking to move forward. They haven't idea, and they know they want to do any course, but they just don't know where to start. They don't know how to get their ideas out of their head and want to paper into unorganized format, and they might need more accountability and doing that. Okay, Perfect. So you've got a pretty good grasp on who your dream come true. I dio good. I didn't seem like I'm writing it down. But then when I go to, like, find my dream customer or move forward to the next step, that's kind of where I get stuck. But in terms of having these characteristics, I do have that down. I always feel like it has to be a certain like niche. It has to be entrepreneurs or librarians or, you know, something specific in that way versus kind of ah general feel of who that dream Custer might be. I think it depends on the product that you're offering and who it's really targeted to, but it doesn't necessarily. They don't necessarily have to have a specific job right and fall into the same job category. You're probably going to notice over time that people in different in specific job categories are attracted to you. Yeah, then you find that, Yeah, the more you do I do. And I think I've seen a lot of people, especially come from like the nonprofit area that I've worked with, as well as people have said who are involved in their community. So there's somehow wanting to make change in their community whether that they're teaching it right now or some way that they're trying Teoh make the world a little bit better. And those are the ones who have been mostly have been attracted to in terms of working with, and they're landing on my website and wanting to work with me. So is all of this stuff clear on your sales page? You know it is. And I really like you said, I have thought about it and I want Teoh. Definitely tailor it to that, because I'm looking for those specific people and I would love to work with them. But at this point, no one of the things I would put on your index card as your actionable tasks is to get this stuff on your sales paid because you already have products that you offer. I think that's one of the things that is going to move you forward quickly. Is that you're talking to the right person? Yeah, exactly. That's of such a great point. Thank you. Thank you. Way got online? Yeah, we have some people who are sharing their examples online. Cath Holden says my ideal customers would be crafters with disorganized end or uninspiring spaces that they're working in C. A B N says my perfect customer is a solo preneurs or or a small business leader, open toe learning who's creative but has a difficult time communicating the look of her business brand toe Web designers or developers and an Iowa girl says, My dream customers someone who likes to take photos but is overwhelmed with what to do with them after the fact. Okay, and I would say for everyone when you think you've got it, get more specific when you think you've already got it down, go a few steps further and get even more specific. So I want you to imagine your dream customer. I want you to give her name. I want you to describe her characteristics. Where does she live? What's her career? How much money does she make? Think about her values, her likes or dislikes. Consider her goals problems, pain points, what keeps her up at night? What is she stressed out about when she's falling asleep habits and daily behaviors? All of that stuff, and you don't have to do it all right now, but just jot down the things that are coming to you first, and you're gonna update this stuff the more you learn about your dream customer and who was attracted to your business. So it's not something that you do today, and then that's it forever. It's something that you start today and that you continue working on constantly. We're gonna we'll talk about that as well. So when she started to write down all of that stuff, I suggest keeping a notebook, which you update as you learn more about your dream customer. And so you would transfer all of these little things that you've written down into a specific notebook and then write down things as you find out more about them. And that would include people who leave comments on your blawg. I would check them out on social media, kind of do a little little stalking, look, see what's going on in their lives, see what they're talking about, see what problems they're having. What did they share? What did they share with their friends about what's going on and that they wish they could change all of that stuff? It's really good, and some of the information that I have here from my Dream customer, have been from actually having conversations with those dream customers or people who I've worked with before. I had coffee with the one who wanted to go to Hawaii, and just from that conversation I learned so much about her and what she was trying to do with her goals in her life. So that was super helpful. And if they're not close, I mean, I've hopped on Skype as well. So trying to get out there and just have those relationships and learning and being open to people is very helpful. I love it. Yes, you have to take those extra steps, and if you do, you're going to stand so far apart from your competition. One thing I'm amazed about two is the more that I get to know some of these people who are doing amazing things in the industry like you and my and Michelle Ward. Everyone who I'm fascinated by and who has really great content is so kind and giving with that stuff. I mean, you reach out, they reach out back. It's really amazing. So that's what I kind of love. And it makes me feel like it's the right niche, because it's kind of like my people, you know? Yeah, yeah, exactly. Exactly. we're going to talk about your customer service plan, and you have to decide what that is going to mean for your business. So if you have a team as opposed to, if it's just you and how much time you put into it, so we'll get into all of that stuff. We're gonna really get into it in, um, the next course about making your creative business uniquely irresistible. Just a quick question that came up here and you may dive into this in a second. But Bavaro wanted to know, Should I define my dream customer differently for each one of my digital products? Or should it be an overall approach for the business as a whole? It's gonna be different for every product, probably every product. I mean, if you have a line of prints probably going to be very similar and might change a little bit, depending on the style of the print. But if you sell digital products like an e book and a course, they're going to be different customers. Somebody who buys my marketing for creatives book is different than someone who invest $300 to work with me and, of course, And that's just usually because of where they're at in their business, how much they're willing to invest the next steps that they want to take. It all depends on that kind of stuff, so you're gonna have different people for different products. So you are writing down your dream customer for this particular product. I just want to get your opinion on something. We have a lot of artists in the chat room and who are out there watching. And LaTasha Willis and a couple other people voted on this. They want to know how you can take this, they say. Is it strictly for e books and software? Any advice on applying this to something like digital artwork? Artwork may not be actually filling a need for anyone. It's more of a vague value proposition. There any advice for people who are selling straight digital artwork and applying this to that? Yeah, I think that there's a very specific type of person who invests in art, and there are different types of people who will buy a digital print who want it right away and who were gonna print it themselves as opposed to somebody who wants an original piece of art. So, yes, there are very different characteristics for somebody who values art, and there is a ton of value in that. I know when I buy something that's a piece of art to put up in my house, it makes me happier. It makes me when I see that smile a little bit, and I have a very specific style. And so if you have a very specific style, though, they're the type of customers that you're going to be attracting to your business. If you look at, for instance, my a car lace from heart made. If you look at her art, it's not going to appeal to everyone. There's a very specific sect of people who her art appeals to, and it works very well. So, yes, you will have specific characteristics if you sell something like that. Thank you. I suggest that you spend about 15 minutes every week getting to know your target market. You can study them on social media. You can talk to them in person, pay attention to their e mails and comments. So when somebody emails, you pay very, you know, really pay attention to all of the details to exactly what they say their language, the words that they are using the words that you used to talk about your stuff might be very different than the words that your customer uses, and you want to be using her language, and you're going to use that language in your sales copy. That's what's gonna make your sales copy. Connect to your ideal customer. So you want to stand out from the from the crowd from the competitors from the competition, right? So you have to know your target market better than them. And so many people skip this step. They think, Oh, this isn't the sexy part. This isn't the fun part. I'm not going Teoh. You know, I'll do a little bit of this work if you If you really want to know how to be successful with us, you were going to spend a ton of time, especially in the beginning, getting to know your target market, your ideal customer, the things that matter to her. You're going to do so much better. It's amazing what it will do for your business, so don't say uh, maybe later, when I have done all of these other things. I'll put this on my to do list. Do it now. Do you think that is it ever hard to be sincere? And because I guess I sort of wonder if I'm focused on trying to frame my the way that I talk and describe things. And if it's somehow a little bit different for this ideal customer, baby, I'm just sort of wondering how it comes across sincere and not forced. Like I don't want to feel like I'm trying to use this whole other language that I'm not used to Teoh appeal. And, yeah, definitely. So the majority is going to be your personality. You're the way that you would say things. They were going to be specific phrases that you pick up on that your ideal customer uses over and over and over again. And when you're talking about your product on your sales page, that's when you want to use those specific phrases. When you send out an email newsletter about that product launching that product, you want to use those specific words because that's what's gonna connect to them. And often it's things that you would think Oh yeah, that is the way that I would describe my work. I just haven't thought of that exact word like that. You use a very similar word, but that it's not the same thing or similar freeze. But it's not the same thing. So mostly you with bits that really connect with your ideal customer. That's a great question. Thank you. Hi, Kara Para Shots I blogger at a love letter to Adventure, which you confined at stair shots dot com. When we speak to our ideal customers too kind of mind for these phrases. What kind of are we asking them questions about our business? How do we kind of begin those conversations? Okay, so first I would pay attention to everything they're already saying to you. And if you have a very small business and there aren't very many people talking to you, look at what they're saying to your competitors. So what are they saying in those comments? What are they saying to them on social media? What language they're that they're using. And then, as far as how you talk to your customer, let's say you're on Skype or your meeting them for coffee or something like that. Usually I have a set of questions that I want to get through. But I freeze it as I want to help you. And you can help me at the same time because I want to improve my business, and I think I can help you improve yours. And here's how we can do it together. When I offered, I offered free consulting sessions in the very beginning. And that's exactly how I framed it. Like the 1st 10 minutes we're going to focus on you and your business and you can ask me anything you want. And then the rest of the time, the other 10 minutes, I'm gonna ask you some questions to get to know you better so that I can improve what I'm offering to you. Thanks. And if you talk to one ideal customer each week for the next three months, you're gonna be far ahead of your competition. If you just talkto one a week so you don't make it overwhelming, You don't make it something that you are really stressing about. By the end of those three months, you're gonna see a huge difference in your business. You have a good way of talking to people by email because I get a lot of emails from my customers because I asked for my email list cause when you signed up, ask them what are they interested in desert like you need tips on Further, like digging into find out their mind set? Sure, when people sign up for my email list, the question I ask is, What's your biggest business struggle? And often not everybody replies. Of course, I would say maybe about 20% of people replied, and they let me know what they're struggling with. And then if I have follow up questions, I will send them back an email, and I will try to give them some help. Some guidance. But this is a great resource for you. I wrote a block post about this right here. I think it will be really helpful, or I read this book recently, and I think this will really speak to you. Can I ask you a little bit more about why this is a problem for you and your business? And I will ask a few questions and they always respond back

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Are you ready to make your creative work more lucrative, stable, and sustainable in the long-term? Join April Bowles-Olin for an introduction to digital products and how they can enhance your creative business.

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