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Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep

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Your One Page Marketing Plan

April Bowles-Olin

Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep

April Bowles-Olin

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21. Your One Page Marketing Plan

Lesson Info

Your One Page Marketing Plan

We are going to be diving into your one page marketing plan and continually selling and this is a picture of mice sweet dog kaya isn't she so adorable? I had to include a doggy picture because I'm a dog lover but she just oh yeah then there's max little head peeking out he was like the camera night of neither does she so they kind of hide from that but had to include them they're my babies so we're going to go over the introduction to your one page marketing plan and how to use it the importance of marketing before, during and after launch and we've touched on that but we're going to do even more what works and what doesn't how to use email marketing, blogging and social media to spread the word about your products so we're going to go into a lot of stuff marketing should start when you decide on your next product and begin creation like I know this is happening I know that I'm going to sell this that's when the marketing should start and it should continue well after launch just waiti...

ng can lead to disaster you want to gauge feedback along the way you want to build customer excitement if you do those things, you're going to be much more likely to see success especially getting feedback along the way it's really helpful so involved your audience this is on page forty seven get your audience involved if you want teo raise awareness of your new product while you are showing your target market that you care about them involve them in the product creation. So examples for this course when I did the block tour, one of the topics I asked people to write about were the issues that they have when creating and selling digital products, and also the questions that they have and what they want me to cover, and the reason that I did that was because I really wanted to know, and I did change some of the content in this course because of some of those posts, for instance, so many people asked about the copyright issue as far as what if people copy my stuff? I haven't done digital products yet, because I'm afraid that people are going to copy it, that it's going to make it easier for them to copy it. That's why I did that whole seconds trend on the copycat syndrome, it's, because people were asking for it that wasn't in the course yet, and I added it because I knew that everyone wanted it, and I didn't think about it until that point, so if you're working on something, get your audience get their feedback because it can really help you create something that they're goingto love. And I know that if I'd done this course and I had an address that specific topic, that some people would still be hesitant to create digital products because they would have that copycat syndrome. I also asked facebook followers why they haven't offered digital products yet what's standing in their way, I asked that on facebook to get even more feedback from people who weren't necessarily going to be a part of the bog tour, and I used that stuff again, teo kind of tweak the content so that I was making sure that I was covering the things that people really cared about, and putting an emphasis on that kind of stuff involving them in the process makes them feel more attached to the product they feel like they were a part of it, right? So anyone who is watching right now and sees that the reason I put in the copycat syndrome part was because I heard from them that they wanted it, they're going to feel more involved, they're going to feel like, okay, she does care about what I have to say, the fact that she wasn't even going to include that, and she made it a part of her course means that she cares, and I do care I care so much. And it makes it more likely that they check it out and want to buy it if they've been a part of it, they've given you feedback on it. So what's one thing you can do now to involve your audience in the creation of your product, which is just one thing that you can think of any ideas, anybody have an idea of how they can involve their audience, even if it's like, do you like a book cover a or evil cover? Be better? Something like that got paid to test by invitation the planner to see how it works and then get input from that you already did it, or you're going to you're going tio okay, perfect, but the great idea and those people will also feel cared about and involved in the process, and it helps you figure out more of what people want and less of what people don't and I have seen I have seen in, like different facebook groups, somebody who will say which the book cover to you like best, and they think it's one and everyone else will choose the other one. And if they had picked the other one, we judge a book by its cover. Then a lot of people would be less attracted to it. I've seen this happen before, more times than you would think a lot of times you're so close to something that you don't see all of the different pieces that was creating this course. I should have thought about the fact that people would be scared that people would copy their work or that it would affect their handmade business, but I wasn't even thinking about that until somebody brought it up and there are other parts of the course that air just like that that's just one example anybody else on how they can involve their audience that's one thing that they can d'oh, my product is going to be a set of contracts for creative, so I'm tiffany artist jd dot com and the product is going to be a set of contracts that basically they're going to be pdf downloads, that it will be the contract. And then a great idea that jen had was that I'm gonna have a little icon illustrated icon of me, and it'll be, kidney says, and it will explain what that clause means so that you can really understand what your contract is saying when you present it to someone and so well, I think I know what everybody wants. As those packages, I'm going to ask my audience what you know for the different segments, what the contracts, the three contracts they would want the most to be I love it and you will give me back and then you're going to create a product that people actually want and that they will by now and I love that you've got a suggestion from somebody else that helps you create your product that's why coming to something like this, eh? So amazing or being in the chat room during of course like this because you will get so many suggestions whether it's in person or in the chat room yeah, chat rooms chai ming in right now on this action time capsule says the one thing that they want to do now is interview people and ask them where they preserve their keepsakes currently before they unveil their new product to help them keep them differently. And kari also says I've started sharing content related to my product already and I'm getting followers and soon I'm gonna have a coming soon web page, but I need to involve my audience more so I'm wondering about how and what to ask them about, so I think that they're going to learn a lot in this next segment about that yeah, yeah and think about the questions that you have when you're creating a question that I have in my leaving anything out so what do I ask my audience? What do you want the most? What do you want to learn in this course? Tell me the topics that you're the most interested in, because it was a question that I was thinking about right, or if you have two different e book covers, you're trying to decide which one to use you have a question about it that that's the kind of stuff you can use to get feedback from your audience. So let's talk about what doesn't work when it comes to marketing a lot of times paid advertising doesn't do much we have all developed and I for spotting ads. How many of you guys click on banner ads? I think that says it all right here, right here people continue to pay for them and nobody clicks on them. It just doesn't work that well, it doesn't work to just say here's, my product come by it over and over and over again, you have to get creative with how your marketing things it needs to be thoughtful and sloppy updates so something you just slap up there, you're not thinking too much about you're not putting your personality into it, you're not branding it that kind of stuff, it just doesn't work, and I like this quote, advertising is like sex on ly losers pay for it that comes from chris gullible, and his book is the one hundred dollar start up it's a really great block you guys so let's, talk about what does work if that stuff doesn't work engaging, entertaining content and updates creative strategies that are new for your audience. One of the things that I really like to do is look outside of my niche and see what other people they're doing because it's new to my people and it can be a way, teo, bring things into your audience that they're not used to seeing, and if you twist it a little bit and you make it right for your brand, it can work really well that's one reason that I like to look at other brands and think about what I like about that brand and how can I use that concept a little bit in tweak it and bring it into what I'm doing? It's the same thing with marketing if you see a really creative marketing strategy, how can you kind of twist that idea and use it? And you need to have fun? How obvious is it when you can tell somebody just trying to make a sale from you so obvious, right, you read that update on social media and, you know all that person cares about is the sale or they just didn't take a lot of time to write this update maybe they don't really feel that way, but they're just like I've gotta pee put something up and they do it or I have to write a block post and get it posted and so they put that up and it's not well thought out so it's all about the thoughtfulness, the creativity you put into things I would say quality over quantity every single time choose the quality if you only have time to write one amazing block post to promote your product as opposed to three, so so choose the one amazing and then you can go from there. Now we're going to dive into the one page marketing plan, which I'm really excited about this you guys it's in your workbook on page forty nine and the reason I put this together is because I kept hearing from my blawg readers and from my clients that marketing is really overwhelming and that they wish they had a way to kind of simplify things. So this gives you the ability to sketch out a doable succinct plan have it all in one place the main ideas, so you're probably not going to write down every detail because he can't fit it onto one page but you can have all of the main ideas in one place it doesn't, it doesn't seem is overwhelming when it's on one page I feel like it just kind of takes away that fear of marketing is going to be really hard and there's no way I'm going to be able to put enough time into it all that kind of stuff and you need a plan, you can't just launch a product, not have a plan because things are not going to work the way that you want them toe work, you've gotta have a plan and this isn't the only tool you should use for marketing. I'm also going to talk about putting your marketing into a yearly calendar as well, so you can see all the pieces that will come a little bit later, so this isn't the only told this is the tool to use for a specific product to get all the ideas on one page and so that it can kind of reduced the overwhelmed hopefully it won't do it so step one what's the goal or goals for your marketing as faras this digital product, what are your goals? You write down the product, he write on your goal, what do you want to accomplish? The reason why I included this is because people often get sidetracked with marketing, they do so many different things and they're not leading towards one goal its just about okay, I have thirty minutes? What can I dok? I'm going to do this and put this out instead of thinking about what's going to help me get closer to my goal and often that's, not five hundred thirty five facebook posts, I mean a couple of facebook post, yes, but some people get just really sidetracked by all the social media, everything going on that they forget about the specific goal that they want to reach step to jot down the main things you know about your ideal customer stuff that relates to this product, and so these air just the main things it's a small box so you can't fit in everything you know about your ideal customer, but what's the most important stuff, so that when you're looking at this page, you remember that when you're creating your marketing stuff, when you're working on block, post or e mails or social media, what are the things you really want to remember about your ideal customer? Then you want to write the benefits and value your customers will get from your product, not the features we are focusing on the benefits and value, and then the difference between your product and what your competitors your competitors offer the different section your thinking about why should your customers choose you? Why should they choose you over somebody else? Another product, that's similar this can help you also focus your marketing what are you going to talk about your vlog post? What are you going to talk about your social media updates and just as an aside, everything doesn't have to be different with your marketing just because you say something on your blogged you can take that same information and put it on twitter put it on facebook putting on pinterest put it on instagram doesn't all have to be different because people aren't going to follow you on all of those different areas and they're not going all see it so you can use the same ideas over and over and over again and it's not as if you're your customers aren't hanging on your every word so it's not as if they're going to be bombarded by the same message will probably see it one or two places and seeing it in a couple places is actually good because it's a reminder of whatever it is then the next step is to decide if you're going to do a beta launch if so, write down any details including a date if you know a date if you don't know a date you can write down the date when you do know it then use the content ideas you already brainstormed to fill in the pre launch and launch sections so all of those ideas you've already listed those can go into the pre launch and launch sections and you want to think about guests post interviews? That kind of stuff is well, what do you want teo do during those times and you can even write down what you think the time frame will be for your pre launch and how long you want to do a launch. So do you want to be launching for a week? Do you want to be launching for three weeks? Ex often depends on the product. Thea interesting questions, sharon here you mentioned competition and kind of looking at what your competition's doing to give you some tips here, but we have a question from pretty much in the chat room, he says, well, what if we feel like this is such a unique item that there are no others like it? How do we use the idea of competition helpless in the market if right now they don't feel like they have any competition if that's even possible, I don't know well, I would say then just focus on your your product if you have something unique oftentimes it goes to one of two ways it's really unique and there's nothing else like it and it's really brilliant and people are gonna love it it's going to catch on or it's not out there because it's not something that people usually pay money for and usually it's one or the other but I would say at least try it out, especially if you really love the idea you think our audience is gonna love the idea go for it and just think about what makes your product okay if there's nothing like it there's got to be other things within that area. So think about what makes your product different than the other things in that area that makes sense. Does that make sense to you? The next step is to think about how are you going to funnel people into continually learning about and buying your product landing pages block post social media updates so this is the point where you're going to think about how can you continue to sell this and do work along the way? But also how can you set up things that are gonna work over and over and over again? For example, after this course is over, I'm going to put together a series of emails, texture videos I haven't decided just yet that will provide information on why you should add digital products. Your business plan, then also concrete steps on how to get started. And then I'm going to appoint people to this course for more information, and those e mails are going to be set up in a way that people opt in to a specific list and they get those emails no matter when they sign up for it so anyone who's interested in digital products can opt in to the specific email list you do this with a lot of my products in courses and so that it's continually selling and I'm not have to I'm not having to send out e mails constantly about that product they're already done people are seeing the same ones over and over again doesn't make sense and people so you have your main list and this is just a segment versus separate lists? Yeah, and sometimes I will set something up where everybody gets it. So for a while I had it set up that no matter who it wass when you signed up to my main list, you got information on marketing for creative and actually might put that back in some point, and it was mainly why marketing is important and people would get that email and then they would get if you want more details, here you go, and that was I think I had it set up that people would get that about three or four weeks end so they would have already gotten more emails for me because of my weekly e mails that go out so it's not the first thing that they're getting, they're already getting kind of use to my style and hopefully liking it, and then they get this why marketing is important, but usually it's a separate segmented list due time it's that you have a weekly newsletter on monday and you have these auto responders so how do you time it? So they're not coming at the same time? I can't do that, so the auto responders will just come depending on when people sign up for it, so if they sign up on friday and I have the first one going out a week from when they sign up, they're going to get it on friday no matter what, so it just depends on there might be an option in some email software, and I bet I bet you there is I don't know which ones, but I bet you that there are some options where you can pick it only goes out on certain days, no matter what I would deliver. I think whoever does I'mjust curious like if you think that's too me emails because they're starting and then again they're getting auto sponder than you're getting your weekly, so the gang team meals a week and I don't worry about it, okay? Because I send out every week and these people are saying they want more information about this specific thing and they're signing up because they want more information about it, so I'm not stressed about sending them multiple emails, I don't worry about it because they're saying I want it, I want to learn more right and so what will you do in order teo allow them like what will be the invitation for them to say yes I want more what you have like a button on your side bar saying one of the more about creating digital products are we create a new block post that will at the end say invite them in and then they'll sign up for it and get it right okay so I would have it on a separate landing page with an opt in and I would tell them what whatever it is so if it was this specific example I would probably have a preview of what they're getting I would tell them that they're going to get information on why adding digital products is valuable and the thing that they're going to get concrete steps on how to get started with it and so I'm letting them know what they're going to get and then I would email that out to my list at some point in time to get it started and then the people who are interested are starting to go through it I would have social sharing button so the people who really love it they're going to start to share it so word of mouth is going to start to roll and then any time I'm talking about digital products on my blogged I'm going to say and might be interested in whatever this is and send a link that way so whenever I talk about marketing and a block post and it's mainly about marketing at the end, I will say, if you need more help on marketing, I have a book marking for creative. You can check it out here. Okay? I think just a quick chat room always comes to our rescue when we have these questions about a weber. But yeah, we have people timing in, and so we do have confirmation. Donna from bc says that a webber does allow you to set days of the week and the times to send the auto responders so you should be covered if you have that issue perfect. Thank you, charlie way. Love you. No, jim does it to all right. There you go. Beautiful. Thank you. And then yeah, so that that covers what I would do for this course in particular. Another example would be for my product marketing for creative. So usually what I do for this one is I pan out blawg post throughout the year that are about marketing, and at the end of them I say, if you want more information on marketing, you can check out my book marketing for creatives. I also have in the navigation bar a link that says, get my book, you can click on that and you see sales page I also I have in my yearly calendar, places where I know I'm going to update social media about my book, and I will tell you that every time I post about marketing for creative in inside a facebook particularly, I average about five sales within that day. And are you boosting those posts or anything like that? Sometimes if I boost them it's, only for the minimum, I usually do the five dollars, and so it'll make sense, because then I will end up making one hundred fifty if I have five sales, so five dollars for one hundred fifty it works, sometimes I do sometimes I don't, I know that facebook is become frustrating for some people, however, I think I've done a pretty good job with facebook because the post that I don't boost, I still get a lot of people seeing them, and the reason behind that, I believe, is that I put time into each facebook post. I don't just post something to post something, and so I get a lot of likes and a lot of comments on pretty much everything that I post inside a facebook. So more of my facebook followers see my stuff without boosting it. Does that make sense? So the more people who are liking yourself and commenting on your stuff, the more likely their facebook is going to put it into more peoples feeds and so I really pay attention to what I am putting out on facebook because I know the more times I put something up and there are no likes you no comments it's going to be less likely that people are going to see my next post. The next step is to think about what your referral strategy, how will you get others to spread the word about your product affiliate program blogged tour interviews, guests posts easy social media updates michelle ward before she taught her creative live course, she sent her online friends an email saying, hey, I'm getting ready to teach of course here, creative live if you want to help me spread the word here, cem, click two tweets here. Some easy facebook post it would be amazing if not that's, totally cool, and of course I did click two tweets I upped I put something on facebook about it because she made it so simple for me to help her share her course. If you have an affiliate program making it easy for them coming up with buttons they can put on their website giving them copy that they can use tweets that they can use facebook post that they can use, making it really simple I think blawg tours really helped to spread the word about certain things if you do it in a creative way. Interviews are always helpful whenever I do an interview and the person who was interviewing me brings up one of my products. I always see a spike in sales guess posts if I am strategic about it, they can often lead tio a lot of sails, so for the interviews, how can I make it? How can I get myself into an interview situation? It feels very weird to just sort of show up and be like, would you like to interview me and ask me things because of interesting do you know tio okay, so first you often have to make the pitch is right. What you would do is he would find somebody who interviews people like you, maybe interviewing you see that they've interviewed somebody at some time that helps with writing right, and they interview people regularly the podcast or their block or whatever. Can you send them an e mail introducing yourself, saying hi, I would lead up to it with, like, connecting with them on social media first so I would connect with them on twitter or facebook leave a couple of comments on some of their blog's, thoughtful comments on their block or wherever on dh then I would send an email and I would introduce myself and I would say, I see that you do interviews on a pretty regular basis. And I would be interested, I think that my audience would I think your audience would get a lot out of it because a b, c d this is what I have to offer if you're interested in more here's a link to my about paige, okay, and if you're interested in interviewing me, I would love to hear back from you, okay, I did that many times, and I would say eighty percent of the time the person replied back, yes, I would love to interview you. Awesome! Sometimes I wouldn't hear back, I don't think anybody, I think I would just not here back, or the person would say, yes, I would love to interview you, okay? And then once you d'oh, I would say a handful of interviews, what happens if people see that you're the type of person who gets interviewed because they pay attention? People who do interviews pay attention to other people who do interviews to get ideas about who to interview, because I used to do interview and it's difficult to go out there and find people on a regular basis. And so they see that you've been interviewed and you'll start to get people who email you saying, I saw that you didn't interview on such and such, would you be interested in doing an interview on my logger on my podcast or whatever it is, starts to kind of snowball on itself. I haven't made a pitch for an interview in, I like to say at least a year and a half because I get so many offers that just to do those would would take up way too much time, so I have to limit who I'm going to say yes to, but so yeah, deserts to snowball on itself. At first, you need to make the pitches, and whenever I would get a pitch for an interview when I did interviews, I was so happy when it was the right fit because I didn't have to go and hunt somebody down, so you're not being a pain in the butt by emailing you're actually helping that person out, okay? Yeah, it's cool to reframe it that way because I was before I was picturing, like, kind of edging into somebody's life and being like hunting, please pay attention, but no thanks for sense, yeah, from offering it. Okay, cool, yeah, thank you. They're going to be happy, especially if you're the right fit and I know what you're one state looks like, and if you are the right fit, I know that people are going to say yes to you because I've been on your website, I've read your copy. It's engaging people, they're going to want to interview you are we having any questions online? A couple of questions coming in. People are really interested on the interviewing topic now jenna wants to know, do you think there's merit and asking more established bloggers and creators for interviews just when you're starting out? I mean, how do you know what type of people to ask for those interviews when you're just starting toe asked to interview on your site or to get interviewed on their site? Hard to tell from our question, says she's, asking for interviews, so I guess that could asking to interview on your site or vice verse, I guess when your book when you're starting each one of those it's kind of difficult to get, yeah, okay, so when you're first starting out, you would think that people might not be interested in you writing your guests post on their site or in interviewing you. And I have found that if you have a professional looking sight, you have a nice about page that you consent people too, with a professional picture of yourself that it doesn't really matter that that they'll say yes, regardless of where you're at in your business, if you have got the goods to deliver, they'll say yes as faras asking people teo, that are big names for interviews on your site I think it does matter where you're at in your business if people are going to say yes or no, especially if they're getting a ton of interview requests. Now, if they don't get a ton of interview requests, they might say yes, and I say it's worth it to ask. I've asked people for interviews, and they're like, you know what? I've already booked up everything I could do within the next, however long sorry, that's just what happens so I would say, ask anyway, but if you're gonna ask somebody like tae marie for leo and you are just starting out it's probably gonna be a no we had a referrals. Questions you mention your referral strategy there and tee it up wants to know other than just making it easy to refer someone. Do you ever entice people with other incentives? And if so, what type of incentives would you use to try to get somebody to refer? You okay? So that's what affiliate programs? Therefore, if they're getting a cut of the sale, then that's why that they would refer more people to you. So if you want teo of the sale, have you ever seen any other unique incentives that people used just having a really quality product? Because I don't have I don't do affiliate programs for my stuff right now, I used to in the beginning, but right now I'm not because I don't feel like it's the best fit with my brand at this point in time, and lots of people share it anyways, so I mean, in the beginning, I thought a cut of the sale was great because I'm just starting out this will help people tio have that incentive to share my stuff more, but at this point in time, people just share it. I think because it's, a quality product like you guys will probably talk about this course because you've liked it. If you liked it, you would probably talk about the course, right? I have lots of people tweeting about it right now, talking about it on facebook and that's because they're enjoying the core, so if you make a quality product, you will get people who are talking about it, especially if you make it easy the next step what your customer service plan for this product jot down the main ideas in that section, we talked a little bit about customer service already, so you might have some ideas to already right down, consider rewarding customer loyalty and get creative with us. I have seen some really interesting things, so get creative you could send out handwritten cards there are lots of things that you can dio, especially with your loyal customers, who you kind of get to know like I think that if I were to send sage something I would know kind of what to send to her because she's somebody who leaves comments on my block regularly, this is the second time she's come to creative live in, but in my audience loyal customers, you kind of know how you could make them special, even just sending them an email saying thank you for whatever it is. Thank you for buying for me for a third time that they recognize that you recognize them is just a big deal. So anything you could d'oh say how important that is, because there has been from personal experience times where I've really enjoyed someone's work and purchase back the book after book after program and no acknowledgement, and so I think the reverse is true. You start to question your sort of brand loyalty if you don't start to feel like a relationship is building or some sort of acknowledgement yeah, yeah, yeah, I can understand that I know that sometimes entrepreneurs air just so overwhelmed and they're getting so many sales that it's hard to keep track of it like for me right now, I used to make sure to acknowledge that all the time and that's why I'm in that zone where I'm trying to figure out, do I hire somebody for customer service to kind of help me out with this kind of stuff? Because I'm at the point where it's hard to keep up with it. But I want my customers to feel so special and so there's that pushin paul of how much time to spend on it. And is it going to mean as much if somebody else is sending out the emails anyways, that kind of stuff? So you have to consider also that you have no idea, like how much is going on in that person's, whatever that person's business in life. But, yes, I completely understand that because I have also been a customer where I've purchased over and over and over again and nothing else there's, nothing else on the receiving side, and it does feel kind of like, well, I buy everything of yours, you know what I mean? Yeah, so I get it. I totally get that.

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OUTSTANDING COURSE! Yes, I yelled that! :) If you are just starting out or you are a seasoned entrepreneur or anywhere in between . . . this course offers tons of good, immediate, put to use RIGHT NOW stuff that will move your biz forward on a firm and well thought out foundation! I bought this course before I saw it, because I am a big fan of April's already and I knew how much work, thought and love that she was putting into this course and she NAILED IT! The price is ridiculously low, she is just "covering her postage" on this one,if that. You would be doing yourself a huge disservice if you did not GRAB THIS COURSE UP at this price . . . it is worth so, so, so much more! I'm feeling kind of guilty already, like I should give her a cut of my profits now! I do know I will send her handcrafted gifts from time to time and tell everyone I know about her and her awesome biz brain. Thank you April, you WAY OVER-DELIVERED, again, and I will make you proud! :) xoxoxo Nancy P.S. Thank you too, Creative Live for bringing April back! I know she's got more, so . . . again please! Also, Mayi Carles and a creative cooking course with her about to be launched "Life is Messy Kitchen" cookbook would be HUGE! I would book her now before she turns all Diva after her appearance on Oprah, ya know? Jus' sayin' ;)

a Creativelive Student

I consider myself so lucky to stumble upon your course, April - you rock! Great training skills, high quality content, professional & down to earth attitude, excellent tips, secrets and real life examples and... I love love love the workbook! I cannot tell you how useful it is; I have many other business trainers who I simply adore but no one so far until you gave me a such comprehensive and practical one for all the steps. Indeed, you do what you preach, you over deliver! Also, the Facebook group is so supportive! Signed: A very happy customer of April! :-). P.S. for all the people who watched this course: I know we all have busy lives but if you feel that April helped you in your efforts, then I think a way to show her that we are grateful is to leave a review for her here, thanks.

Tasha Miller Photographer

This course has given me so many great ideas of how to turn my abundance of digital ideas into one solid and firm idea. The information, examples & case studies given were priceless. As a stay-at-home mom of 5, homeschooler, wife & photographer; this was perfect for me. I have been trying to think of ways to turn my ideas into an online reality! Now I feel like I am able to move forward with my new business, so that I can gain time freedom to focus on the things that are truly important for me. Thank you April & thank you Creative Live for bringing her in! :)