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Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep

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Hot Seat: Breaking Down Marketing Page

April Bowles-Olin

Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep

April Bowles-Olin

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Lesson Info

22. Hot Seat: Breaking Down Marketing Page

Lesson Info

Hot Seat: Breaking Down Marketing Page

I love to bring up somebody who we can go through your particular one page marketing plan. Jennifer, would you be willing to come up here and go through your your marketing plan? Sure with us you're awesome. Tio oh, look what we have here create live their fantastic. Okay, so what do we have written down for product? The product is course design workshop my handwriting is not it pretty much your goal? My goal for the launch is thirty students thirty students and I didn't have a number but I wanted to increase email subscriber, so that could be a thousand ten? I don't know. Just a number that I want to increase the email. Okay, we want a number. Okay? It can change now until then, but what can I say? That I'll add fifty let's go subscribers go with seventy five five okay, my stretch goal sounds good. Would you write down about your ideal customer? They're unsure she's unsure where to start. She wants a step by step very overwhelmed. And I got this from one of the clients that I had with...

my pilot program is that she really needed hand holding that's not really a word that I would use but she said that she liked the fact that someone held her by the hand and gave her what she needed before creating the course all right I like it these are the main things that you want to focus on through your marketing I like how you have narrowed it down to this stuff all right? Benefits value. Yes, of course. Jennifer ideal customer wait e I would like to say that hand holding is key and it's also that you would be a partner behind the scenes in that launching and all of that that it it's kind of like jennifer help me with the content here so I'm not doing this alone and if it flops or anything I'm not blaming her, but I can go talk to her about jennifer puppet you know when you are in it girl wear so I'm holding people's hands. I think this is one of those examples of what you wouldn't normally say, but it really is attractive to your ideal customers, so you absolutely want to use that that's good to hear because I wouldn't yeah, I wouldn't think to use it because I don't say it, but someone else has it that speaks to you that's that's perfect, thank you so much if you have feedback jump in you're welcome to jump in at any point in time, okay benefits value benefits, of course is organized kept feeling less overwhelmed and then having a blueprint to follow course it's organized, less overwhelmed having a blue prime okay I think the blueprint are you guys would you guys agree that the blueprint is one of the biggest overwhelmed stronger? I think you need to turn that into like confidence yeah, I love it you guys are awesome and I think also what I got a lot out of it is just excitement like excited to put it out there and excited to be done and finally move on their goal so excitement as well as accomplishment accomplishment yeah, I feel like I've just done this yes, I want them to jump up to get excited about like feet even sharing their ideas so I celebrate have a party okay? And then we got coming up yeah give a yes underlining is awesome, I think so but I wonder if you could even describe it more isn't a rinse and repeat kind of blueprint is that something that it works once you can use it again and again for different courses? Yeah, I think so you go through the program again, I give a workbook and worksheets that really help you outline exactly what you're doing and I think it's something definitely can use for multiple courses as you're going through it so yeah, even just saying that little next orbit I think is good twist I get and I also want to say to that I don't think that I would undervalue the benefit of your personality in it and to be saying that you're the type of person who actually cares about that person's program and seeing it succeed and you're going to get excited with um and that's that's a good point because I've talked to a lot of people on the phone and just because that I've conveyed that information and they convey that I care about what they're doing and I'm going to follow them through that's what like prompted them to say, hey, I'm going to sign up and join you with this piece and in the last creative live course, we tried to tell jennifer that her personality is what we're all attracted teo and want to work with I don't think she really believed just left yeah, I'm keep hearing that so I need to bring more of that out there so I'm excited about the next course hey doing so you believe us now I d'oh d'oh, d'oh d'oh! So between town completely sure I weigh one hundred thousand percent believe you all right? So what's the difference? Okay, feed me hand holding also that I have a teaching perspective, there are people who will still do that to the courses, but they don't have that teacher's perspective I don't have the perspective of education and coming from that space, so what does not dio that you have that that really transforms how you organize your course it transforms how you present the content that transforms how you get the person on the other end of the computer to take action in you know to some of the things that you're presenting so really kind of just tweaks the whole entire package of your product no and do you tell people that do you let them know that there are these two there is a main difference when you use this kind of perspective and you come from you use your experience in order to fill your course this way so that people aren't just going to get halfway through and drop out or aren't going to take action and actually get results because that's what we everybody who creates a course I think really that's what they want right exactly I am not very specific when I do that but I have made a note of that and I think you know, adding that piece is going to be helpful because that's going to attract the people that I want to come to this program and do the course design workshops so yeah I don't know what's going down I have a lot to do what about a beta launch? I did the pilot lunch and so I'm not gonna have another baby lunch but I will lunch next year already done and what's the main thing you got out of that the main thing is flexibility so I offered to pride feedbacks I had fifteen people and I had specific deadline just because I helped me keep things organized and I can stay on top and then people, we're going on vacation and they were doing this doing that, and so I opened it up and I said, hey, I will accept your work anytime that you want to send it to me, and so that opened it up and made me a bit more flexible in terms of working with people, and another thing that I came from that is, people are at different places, so and one thing that they like to do that they like to hear what other people were doing because of the bait, of course, and I feel that your bait, of course, should be about the content and that all of the other stuff are really just getting down in having making sure that your content is sound and has speaking to what you say it's going to dio so I didn't have like the facebook community piece. And so that was a constant piece of feedback, like I want to have a community because I want to be able to share my course ideas with somebody else, and I want to see what other people are doing. I had it in all of the comments. And the comments section on it was hard because you didn't really get you know, you know, comments work you have tio either subscribe to the email thread maur you have to come back and excited and check the comments right? And so people really wanted a separate community where they can bounce ideas off each other, right? Right. So that's big yeah. And I think anybody who's watching this thinking of creating of course community and seeing examples is huge. It transforms at having a studio audience here where you guys are sharing your own example makes a complete difference. It's a big deal. All right, so what do we got for plate prelaunch? I want to do a course cafe siri's course cafe. What is that? Hey, I like I like cafe like coffee. Like why I'm drinking either one of those two or water and so it really is just a time for people to come it's more like a webinar. Siri's I kinda like your sprit cast idea where just a time to come and talk about your course so people can submit questions and we can talk about specific course pieces but really kind of get people moving I think people get stuck and then they don't want to dio anything, so I really want help them move forward through the course cafe, okay I like that idea is that all we've got for pre launch it's okay if we do many tips many tips on social media on all different I would say facebook and twitter okay? Is that where you notice your ideal customer is likely? Okay okay and then also behind the scenes post this is what I'm working on this is what it looks like this is where I am in the process I'll tell you guys that my behind the scenes posts and emails are almost always the ones that get open the most get read the most people are the most interested and seeing that kind of stuff and I didn't realize that at first when I started sharing that kind of stuff and I saw how popular love you do it a lot more often now two more what works and that's where I got it from from you I am no orc survey april somebody oh perfect you got for launch I want to do a block siri's like the course roadmap siri's and I also like a challenge some sort of challenge I really value getting people moving towards their goals and so somehow I haven't really thought about it but somehow havoc in three to five day challenge that helps people get their course outlined organized okay I will also say that when I d'oh something some kind of challenge or something like that what makes it more so successful is, if I do, would give away that if people participate, then I'm going to pick five people who get access. Teo, that course that's coming up and also people get very invested when they enter a giveaway, and they already imagined themselves in the course or using the product or getting the product. And when the giveaway closes, I have a huge spike in sales. I like that idea. All right. Okay. And then I have interview siri's. And what do you mean by interview siri's? For that? I mean interviewing course creator so other people who have created courses and getting pieces and tibbetts and advice one what makes it work for them or special things that they've learned and their course creating so that they can get those ideas from those individuals. Not just for me all the time. But write those course ideas like that. How many of you guys have liked hearing about the examples of the people that I interviewed and what happened in their businesses? Yeah, it gives you lots of ideas to think about. What about funnel marketing? Funnel helpful. Blocos. Okay. That's, not that's. Just one thing I put down. Yeah, so playing throughout the year. I want to do a video tutorial siri's so kind of liked your idea of the video tutorial so I really want to do a tutorial siri's and I kind of got caught up especially with this line to the pilot like I had this idea this grand idea of what I wanted this to look like I wanted me to be on video I wanted to teach but then I kind of got scared and I didn't have all of the resources of materials so then I switch it over to kind of a slide component so I really want to get in front of the camera and actually be, you know, teaching some of the concepts in the video editorial so that's the idea I have behind the video tutorial siri's okay and what what in particular held you back? What didn't you have that you didn't do that? I was just using my iphone, which is perfectly fine I wasn't really familiar with the lighting, so I did exactly what you said it like yesterday's segment where I recorded a ten minute video I loaded up in my screen flow and I'm like, uh it was completely like just but the background was just black and gray and so it was heartbreaking because I had to go back and, you know, recorded again build up my confidence again out of the camera and start over and so I think having the equipment and the you know, to do the lighting and making sure that is of quality that it's something that I want to put out yeah and I would say for a launch quality does matter because if you're giving away something for free and it's not that great people are going to think that the product not that great when that's not true so you wantto do the best with what you have and so if you're not at the place where that kind of video is going to be really high quality then do something else like right slides that can work too so work with what you've got I would say and one thing that is working are the worksheets that I have on my website so I work sheets where people can download and already begin the planning process so if I did maybe instead of a video siri's I could do a worksheet siri's on step by step ce to creating your course or at least organizing your ideas and you could have people opt in to get the work she then you can sell to them when they exactly worksheets and they're like I want more of this this is amazing and then that way it's working for you over and over and over what about affiliates and partners? I was gonna ask my buddies to promote yes so sitting them emails asking them to promote I like to create a post with click, two tweets and facebook shares and then also asking other people to interview me, I think that's great, and when you ask people to interview you, how do you kind of segway your product into that? Or do you do that at all to use? Usually it comes up naturally, okay? Because they know that, and I'll let them know that I have almost always when somebody interviews you, they're going to start out before you start filming, and they're going to ask you, do you have anything that you're currently working on that you'd like to mention during the interview? If they're if they're good at what they dio, though they'll ask you that, and then they will make sure that it happened during the interview in a way where you don't have to say, say, by the way, I have this problem you should come here more courses, like exactly, yeah, I like that idea. Okay? And most people, well at the end also ask and where can people find you online? And you can say, you confine me here and I have this course that's coming out what? You confined here, I got it, yeah, makes sense, what about customer service and loyalty? I did this last time, but I want to send the email but I also want attach an audio file to it of me speaking to them okay, so include an email with an audio file I also sent journals and thank you notes after the course ended, so I want to continue to send a small little gift to all the people who take the course because I really did appreciate that I think that really just make them feel good on top of you know, the content that they learned that really just gave them that you know, I just thought it was special for them, so they really appreciated that. Yeah, sure, who wouldn't appreciate getting something in the mail? Man, I love getting in the middle but stands out above getting something online. Yeah, exactly anything else to add there and I like your idea of emailing the first five buyers just to see how it went and rewarding customer loyalty cause I do have some several people who have purchased one more things or I've also been in contact with them for a year now the email and I always think about them and how I can show my appreciation for them sticking it out with me and hanging out with me and read in my block post so I do want to come up with something a little different for rewarding customer loyalty as well do you guys look at this? Do you guys be anything that's missing or anything that you would add or any suggestions because you guys are awesome? What do you think about discount codes for the returning people? For somebody who's already been through the cornices they get lifetime access that's one of the good life so they're already but it would be for your next product maybe yeah that's a good idea like that idea I know that my life is messy boot camp she gives people because she does so much to revamp the course and all the things that go into her creating it she gives a significant discount code if you want to go through it again so that's an example I would love to see some of the folks that have gone through your course later on so if you did like a check in six months later something right because if you're not one of the early adopters and you're just sort of hanging out and waiting and waiting and then suddenly snow suddenly obviously but you know, six months later it's been on my mind I've been thinking about it and then there's these people just like me like real people and they did it and they didn't die and everything is okay good people to do it right and you could use that in your launch where you could use it as part of a funnel yeah, and then you do the next time that you do it, you know, lighting people who have gone through my course previously what they've done like that I did just checking in how to course go, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And then using those stories and sharing, sharing the ball okay? Because they are going to be excited that you're sharing their story with your audience, right? And then people get to see what you helped someone create like that. Thank you may be really good at speaking and talking impromptu. It might be nice in that course cafe webinar kind of thing toe bring them on just a few minutes to talk about their experience and all that kind of stuff too, like use that as a case study in validation, I have the best tips. One other thing I've seen michelle war do as she takes her past clients and then she has this thing called the recession is bull honky siri's on and she emails that out and the great thing too is that not only is she highlighting the story, but that person writes it so they write it exactly the way they want it portrayed and then also that's you know, a little bit easier for you maybe yeah, it helps that person and it shows how awesome michelle is the same time these are all great. All right, well, thank you, thank you. And where everybody find you online, you can find me at teach good stuff. Dot com. All right, let her around.

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Are you ready to make your creative work more lucrative, stable, and sustainable in the long-term? Join April Bowles-Olin for an introduction to digital products and how they can enhance your creative business.

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