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Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep

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Digital Products in Adobe CC - Part 1

April Bowles-Olin

Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep

April Bowles-Olin

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Lesson Info

10. Digital Products in Adobe CC - Part 1

Lesson Info

Digital Products in Adobe CC - Part 1

So one thing you guys are going to see pretty much right away is that I'm not an expert at any of these programs I'm not an expert and illustrator on on expert of photo shop or in design however I do build a ton of products within all of these all of this software so I know enough to move around teo do what I need to do and I want to show you this because I feel like you're going to see that it's easy and you can do it too and you're going to feel more confident in creating anything within these programs especially e books worksheet things like that okay, so the first thing I want to show you guys is lets go to photo job the first thing I want to show you guys how I created one of the covers for my workbooks so I am going to select okay, so this is a hand drawn scanned in image as a j peg I drew this while I was watching some tv shows I thought this would make a really pretty cover and I have this one and then I have a smaller one and I called them big pebbles and little pebbles and I ...

used one for one course and one for the other course so what I do is I bring whatever it is into photo shop so that I can adjust it just a little bit what I do is go over to the adjustments and if you don't see that you just go to a window adjustments if you can't find that in photo shop and then it will open up for you and I goto brightness contrast and I bump up the contrast as much as possible you see how that went from light to really dark and the reason why is that I'm going to bring it into illustrator and I'm going to do an image trees and it works a lot better when it's really dark, so I suggest if you're going to do any hand drawn elements to do it on really white paper and make sure your ink is really black that's really helpful when you want to do something like this now you can use so many other things for your covers you can use pictures, which is normally what I use, but I wanted to show you guys just one example of how I would use something that I drew myself then that's, that's all there is to know when I'm going to do in photo shop so easy, right? So then I'm gonna go in here and I'm going to save it oh, a j peg and let's save this with a different name so that I recognised it when I'm trying to open it and I don't do much with us usually I have it set to maximum quality sometimes it shows up as an eight or nine or twelve I don't really do anything with that so now that that is saved we're gonna open up illustrator I'm gonna show you the fun part okay let's move this out of our way so that we can actually see so I'm gonna open up exactly what I just did in photo shop and then I am going to select it it has to be selected and I'm going to go teo object object image trace mink and I just press ok for this decision saying it might take a little while because this is a big image and then we get this result and this is something that I can now use as a vector the last step you want todo is press expand I sometimes forget this one and then I'm wondering why isn't this doing what I wanted to dio and I go in and try teo I did it do anything else with it so you just click expand beautiful and then you want teo everything is grouped when it does a trace like that so you just want to go into object on group and then let's see if done grouped everything yes ok so now these are individual elements that I can basically do anything with if I want to if I want to color them that can do that I like toe also go in and select the white bits because for some reason illustrator has all of these weird white bits in there that it leaves when it does something like that an image, trees like this so I like to select same stream phil color and deleted and then they're gone, so then you're just left with the bits that you actually want, and then I can use this as a vector image, so let me actually zoom out let's fit all in window, even zoom out a little bit, okay, so to make this a cover, what I'm going to do now is I'm going teo group everything together again and I'm going to fit it to a page, so I'm coming over down to this corner and when it shows me the double arrows, I am going to hold down shift that way it were means proportional and I'm going to make it big enough. I liked to get a little bit bigger than the page so that it's going off of it in all directions so that I make sure there's no just white bits anywhere and then this is pretty much the basis of what I will use sometimes I will color it so let's say that we want teo color something we go in here to the color swatches and let's see if my swatches air still you're still here yea okay so this is a color palette that I put together and I put this color palette together using a photo one of my photos I think I actually used two different photos and what I did was you can easily bring in a photo photo shop and then use the eyedropper tool and you click on the color within the photo and you get that color and it's really cool and so that's how I built this watches palate so if I wanted teo I could go in here and change the color of this I could ungroomed pit and I could make some different colors just fun to play with but I'm going to undo that and to undo anything you just hit community and a mac and I believe it is control the in windows you guys yes I'm right yes okay here can help us out with any keyboard short questions love it okay I don't know sometimes I use keyboard shortcuts and sometimes I don't because I'm not in these programs all the time so I haven't learned all of them all right so this is the basis then for my workbook cover I wanted teo had a circle so I'm gonna hold shift so that it's a perfect circle you get about this big guy like that then I'm going teo make it white gonna pull it over here and I'm going tio take down the opacity so that you can see through it a little bit and opacity is right up there I don't see what that looks like that's a little bit too much let's go a little back okay I like that then I'm gonna hold shift because I want the circle to be a little bit bigger and then I wanted to be in the center of my page so I'm going to make sure that aligned to art board is checked if you have a line to selection check to then you're going to be aligning it to whatever other object you're going to have selected so lined art word but put it in the middle okay then time to add some text so I'm gonna go type and let's see if my recent fonts not yet so one of my favorite found two guys is called paris I love it so much and you can find it on my fonts use it for so many things because I love it so much it's got like that hipster cool feel to it you know okay so let's make it you book example and I don't love how big that isthe let's increase that so I just increased it over here where you can change the font size and I'm gonna pull that over like it about here that looks good to me. What center? Okay, so then I want a little something extra and I love dotted lines oh no I just think dotted lines out a little possess to something so I'm using the line tool I'm holding downshift and pulling it over toe how long I want the line to be and then I am releasing the click before I released the shift so that it stays a perfect line if you don't want it to be a perfect line you just don't hold down the shift key then I'm going to make it a pretty pink color because why not increase the strokes eyes just by going up here see if I let's make it fourteen points just to show you stroke size can be small large and then I'm gonna go over here into the strokes palate yes they call it palate an illustrator or to the stroke palate feel so professional saying that and then I'm gonna click round caps and round corners because I wanted to be round dashed line and it makes dash line for you you don't even have to do it yourself so let's make this three the dash three points and let's make the gap eight points let's see what that looks like? I will zoom in for you guys so you can see it a little bit better okay I'm liking it then let's add my name and to get back into type after you have created something you just double click inside of it and then it allows you to go back in and edit it let's make this smaller ok, so if you guys have the e book, I'm doing something very similar to that except for I have believed for this course I did the little pebbles paige and for the other course I did the big pebbles page so pretty much similar to that this is how I'm creating it. I want to bring this town centre it again just to make sure that everything is centered some clicking on it going up here horizontal line center and also there are so many different ways to do the same thing within illustrator in design photoshopped so if you do it a different way it's totally fine you're not going to hurt my feelings whatsoever they give you so many options, teo different things so all right now let's zoom out fit all in window, okay, I like the way that looks so I'm going to just go in and save this and I'm going to use it and in design so I can save it as an illustrator file and it will work within in design I don't need to save it as a pdf or any j peg or anything like that it's gonna work just like this so just add a little bit more so that I know it's specifically this one and I'm saving it and my files that they have created for me so that I will easily be able to find it and I'm not hunting for it, okay? I always just press okay? I don't really really worry about any of these options, so like I'm saying I created so many things in here and I'm not an expert at this you guys, I'm showing you that with a little knowledge you can do a lot and if you have my workbook you can see I did a lot of different types of pages and this is this is how I do it it's pretty easy, right so far do you guys have any questions? Yes. Do you need to have a vector file or can you do it just to photo shop? I liketo have a vector file because of sizing, so when you have a j pay when you try to make it bigger, then it's when you get something that's really pixelated whereas when I turn it into a vector image, I can make it as big or as little as I want. And so I use something like this in some of the slides of the background really I took down the opacity a lot I don't believe in any of the slides I shared today but some other one, so I used it for more than just this too so that I wanted it teo I wanted to be able to use that it any size I wanted to use it we're gonna question him in online I know you mentioned using the paris font and we have a viewer who wants to know how do you know when you can and you can't use sponsor like that commercially okay, perfect so my phone stop calm they have specific license for each font and it tells you in what ways you can use it and what leads you can't use it so I paid for this font and creative life also paid for the font and so we can use it commercially because we've purchased the farm and this one actually isn't that expensive? It depends if you're going to buy the whole package or one of them but I think it's like ten or fifteen dollars it's not that bad and if you were going to use a phone a lot it's worth it now if you find fonts on other websites, you have to make sure that you are choosing ones that you can use for commercial use as opposed to the ones that say just for personal use you can use the ones for personal use for you know if you're going to make a card for your friend for their birthday actually fine, but you don't want to use it in your business in any way or? And I say, don't use it on your blawg because you sell things on your vlog even if that's not for sale only use ones that you're allowed to use for commercial ease and read the licence. Okay, so I saved that we've got the cover so let's go in. Teo in design, I'm going to file new document and the reason I'm cheesing document over book it's because I took it in design course, and the guy said, just always choose document and not book, and so I really don't know why. It's a good option except for that's what he said, and I thought, ok? And it's always worked for me. So that's what I choose. So what I michelle, you're laughing at me. Okay? Okay. Number of pages. I usually just estimate because you can add pages. I'm going to show you how you can add or delete pages. Bellick say let's, say fifteen pages and then facing pages means that you are goingto have two pages side by side. You can if it's checked. If it isn't checked, then it's, just one page out of time. So it depends on what you want for my workbooks. I made them all, so they're not facing pages, but for the case study e book I made them facing pages because I put a picture of the lovely entrepreneur on one side with a little fun fact. And then I put the case study on the other side, and so I wanted them to be together, so it just depends on whatever you want, so I'm going toe uncheck that because usually I don't do facing pages letter great columns, I only want one. This looks good to me, so I'm gonna click okay? It opens up my document and the first thing I liked to dio is go into it and do whatever I'm going to do to the master page so all I went, all I did was I clicked on page of and it opened up what you see here and you double click where it says a master double click on that and you're within the master page toe added it now whatever you put on this page it's going to show up on every page so this is where you want to put page numbers. This is where you want to put copyright, anything that you know you want to show up on every page you put here now I will show you the way that you can delete it if there are for instance, if you don't want that on your cover which I don't want to know my cover so I'm going to show you how to delete it as well but it will automatically show up unless you going into leader okay, so we've got this master page here let's add copyright so you don't steal my stuff nobody's allowed okay, so we're gonna go into type insert special character symbols in copyright symbol you click on that and you get a copyright symbol I will zoom and greed I see khun see it a little bit better there we go. Okay, so copyright two thousand fourteen april bowl colin and then I want teo change the font of this another farm that I use a lot is just a century gothic which comes with everything it's one of my favorite bonds to use okay it's twelve points that's good let's page in window again and I will show you let's go to another page and it showed up and all scroll in there so that's what happened? It makes it so easy for adding things like this. I didn't know about this at first when I was making my first product and I was going in and putting this in on every page and then when I realized I thought oh my gosh I could have saved a lot of time to go in and manually put in page numbers that's before I knew a lot about adobe brought doug okay, so let's put in a page number you again would go to type, insert special character markers and current page number and again I'm gonna change this font type font and when you've used fund recently they put them up here at the top so nicely for you so that you don't have to go scrolling through looking for them so once you've used I'm a few times they tend to pop up here for you okay? And then I also want teo align it to the right, so I'm just going to go right up here and click on a line, right? And it says a but that's just what it says on this master page because it's not an actual paige it's going to show you the page number when we get to the page, I'll show you when we seen one in too so it's right there for us, okay, I'm going to go back to this master page because something else that I like to dio pretty quickly is to set up some guidelines and what I mean by that is where I'm going to place my text inside of an e book and to do that you just have to click somewhere in the ruler and drag and you get a line that comes out and I'm gonna place it about there and the reason why I do this is because on most pages I don't want the type going so far out because tends to be overwhelming unless I really need to fit something on a page I'm gonna pull the type and a little bit okay, so I'm going to do that again one more time for the other side and I'm using the guide's up at the top as well the little lines up at the top for when I'm placing it so that they look similar and then I'm going to pull one down for text when I'm using a heading so I'm gonna have the texts start a lot lower when I use a heading as opposed tio when I don't have a chapter heading so again I'm going up in the ruler I'm pulling it down and this is for when I don't have a chapter title that's not where I want that okay a little bit for over because I don't want the type to lay right on top of the page number put that about there now there is a difference between if you pull these guides down into the page as opposed to pulling them down in the gray area show you if you pull it down into the gray area it shows it all the way across the page, so if you want it to be all the way across the page that's whatyou d'oh same thing for this one if I'm pulling it this way and I place it like that it's going to go all the way down, so if you want a marker that goes all the way across the page, that's how you do it, okay, so these are my guidelines that I've got set up so that I can easily now go on in place text and know where it's going, and so that it's the same on each page, so I'm gonna go into page one, and I don't want this stuff on the cover page, and you can't click on it. You see em clicking, I'm trying to select it. It won't let you click on the stuff on the mask that you put on the master page unless you hold down command shift. So you hold on command shift, you click on it, I'm gonna click on the other one as well. Delete gone, and I'm assuming it's going to be control shift if you're on windows, okay, then I am putting in a box so that I can place my cover image and right in it, so I'm going to go toe file it's kind of weird how you place things inside of in design, it's very strange it's, not intuitive and you don't want to copy and paste you can copy in peace but this is the best way to put things inside of in design no matter whether it's a text or an image whatever so you want to goto file place or you can use the shortcut which I never use okay so I'm picking the image that I just made an illustrator and what ah cancel that there it is now I will show you what it will look like since we've got all these guidelines they're not going to show up only prepped that's the preview of it and it still looks a little bit wonky right and the reason why is we have displayed performance typical display and this will make your computer run a lot faster I always work in typical display because things run a lot faster however if you want to see what it's actually going to look up like you go to view display performance and click on high quality display and there you go now it looks like it and I'll leave that on in less things slow down so that you can see but I believe that in design normally has it as typical display so you would need to change that so if you're in there and you add something and it looks funky make sure that you're looking at it in the right way and this is how it's going to print so let's go back screen mode normal so that we can see all of our guides okay, I'm gonna leave this second page well what's add a welcome message to the second page so I am gonna click this rectangle frame tool and go in here and just match it to my guides and then file a place so that ever happens to you and your clicking on open and nothing is showing up and you can't click on it make sure you are going filed place okay, now we can click on the welcome document and it places it right in that box that I created. Now I want to show you something else that is really helpful as far as text within an e book if you are creating something that has a lot of text, one of the things that I like to dio is to put together a paragraph styles so that you don't have to go in and change the text every single time I'll show you what I mean okay if you click on paragraph in paragraph styles that showing me just normal whatever is set up for it to automatically show I am going teo create a new style so I'm at paragraph styles create new style and if you don't see some of these windows, go in here and make sure you have whatever you need tohave open now we're gonna click we're going tio double click on that and this is where I can change anything to make this look the way I want it to look. So normally all I change is the font let's go with century gothic let's stew. Twelve points works for me. An alignment needs to be left. It has never opened. It has never changed for me to go to center like that. Like it just did before I opened this up. And everything with center lineu doesn't look right. So if you need to change that, just go. Teo indents, unceasing and she was left aligned, and those were the only things that I normally change inside of there. Now, the only thing I want to dio is name it. Want to make sure I the name for it, and we're going to just name this one test me book, body. Okay, and now we have a welcome paige. And this is a locum page from something that I wrote for one of these course is not exactly sure which one. Okay, now I'm going. Teo, leave page three blank for right now, because I'm going to show you how to create a table of contents. So let's, go for and let's create a little cute, something to go at the top of these pages, will goto illustrator file knew not to create things in a letter format because I am going to be importing them into in design so I like to know how it's going to look so just file new make sure that let's make sure that it's selected for print ok and gonna make a little arrow so I'm going to hold down the shift key I'm using the line tool and I want to change this color let's make it pink okay let me zoom in here okay now I'm going to use the pen tool and just create a little arrow the head of an arrow now if I was doing this on my own I would make sure that everything matched up and it looked really nice and it was perfect fact this is gonna be a little bit too big I think command z thanh do un do un doo let's undo that last one okay go back to the pennant total let's make a smaller one so I would spend more time on that but just for the sake of having something we're gonna we're gonna go with this okay then I'm going to select that I am going to go to the rotate ole and click it hold it down and select reflect tool click somewhere in the center just start rotating okay just start rotating and then we'll downshift and all and that will create a copy of it and make it so that it's exactly in the same place on the other side. Okay, now we just need to move this guy over here and you guys conceive for my workbooks I like to use the arrows at the top for heading if you can't tell. Okay, let's, zoom out. All right? I am going to make this stroke of this a little that tucker and these so that they match can't you see I'm selecting that one and I'm selecting this fun and I am increasing the stroke so that we can see them better so they show up better. Okay, then I'm going to select everything just by drawing a little mark he around that I'm holding down the mouth and it selects everything. I'm going to go toe object group and then I am going teo make this art board a little bit smaller, the reason I'm going to do that is because it will show up. All of the edges will show up in design and I like less huge boxes everywhere just makes things easier for me. This is just a perfect personal preference. So I'm going teo pull this art board up and I went to document set up at it our records if you didn't see that, okay, I'm going to select it and I'm gonna center it and then I am going to see that e book heading and again, you can just save it as an illustrator file because you're raising and in design, which is another adobe product, so it works really well, then I'm gonna goto file place you book heading open and you see how it loads into my cursor I can just click and it will go right there wherever I have it if I wanted to put it up in closer into one of these specific boxes, you see how the arrow changes when I get closer to a corner that's how you're gonna play something if you wanted it there, but I'm just going to place it and then I'm going to bring it up higher and when it's centered, you're going to see this purple line dumb middle so you can go in and center it, but usually I don't know if this is the lazy way or not, but usually this is how I do it I just will go in and do something like that, but what's put in a little bit of text, I am making a text box, I went to the type tool and then I just dragged out a rectangle and in fact I'll do that again so that I can show you guys so I'm selecting the type tool and then I'm just dragging out a rectangle that I can type them let's do chapter one, then I want teo well first let's change the type okay I'm going to go with one of my favorites which is paris and I'm going to increase I'm going to increase the size higher that'll be good okay then I'm going to come over here and fit the frame to the content and that's just going teo help me center things pull it up place it on this little arrow guy and it gives you smart guides which is nice because it helps you place things exactly where you want them jenna had a question about do you keep your own designs usa's templates for e books to save each time or are you trying to build a new one just to mix it up each time you create anyone hi used a lot of my same stuff over and over again for the purpose of this I wanted to create a cz many things as possible from scratch to show you guys how I do it but for instance if you take this course and you take the course that's coming up you're gonna see that the arrow headings at the top of those workbooks are the exact same they're just different colors so if I create something and I really like it instead of reinventing the wheel I will often use that and then also becomes part of your design style which is really fun because when people see your workbooks then they notice oh something that april created that looks like a rolls work buck so you can create your own brand. You do. A couple of these people can recognize it. Yeah, absolutely.

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Are you ready to make your creative work more lucrative, stable, and sustainable in the long-term? Join April Bowles-Olin for an introduction to digital products and how they can enhance your creative business.

This course will show you how to produce and position viable products for generating multiple revenue streams and passive income. You’ll pick a product that complements the creative work you do – from ebooks to patterns to digital downloads – outline a sales page for it, and develop a plan to market it to potential customers. You’ll design systems for managing the day-to-day process of running your business, while planning a response to both failure and success. You’ll also learn essential techniques for continually marketing your online products and launching new offerings successfully.

You’ll leave this course with the ability to – literally! – sell your digital products in your sleep.

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