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Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep

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Considering Your Strengths with Mayi Carles

April Bowles-Olin

Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep

April Bowles-Olin

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17. Considering Your Strengths with Mayi Carles

Lesson Info

Considering Your Strengths with Mayi Carles

We get to challenge my one thing I want to point out is that she actually will not be able to see us so we can make all the faces we want to her. But she will be able to hear us and we will be able to see her so we will proceed with that. All right, wait. Talking about your business, all this entire course. So I e everybody's excited to be ableto ask you questions because everyone is super inspired by what you have created. You have an amazing brand let's. Just say that let's. Just say that right up from okay, wait. First, we were just talking about creating an experience it's for your clients from the moment that they land on your site until the moment that they have finished with your course are finished with your e book or whatever it is. And you are a pro at creating an experience for your customers, so I would love for you to share a little bit about that course. So I was listening and I so agree with you that people are scanners, they're schemers they scroll through our pages so ...

knowing that I designed myself pages accordingly. So for example, if my product includes pdm, I draw a little pdf icon if my product includes life calls, I do a little icon with like a tv in my product includes a community I do like little characters holding their hands, so my sales pages are like children's book people can scan and and see what we'll see what the books say, what the products about without having to read it, they can read it if they want teo, but they can choose not to because I make it so obvious with the illustrations what the product is about. So I know you mentioned that I have a granny taft where it has to be so obvious that even my granny can click, but I'd also also have the kids test. I make sure that my because I noticed that my customer avatar is a mom and kids are always hanging around that the house either pulling her dress or or sitting on her lap. So I make sure that my skills are very captivating, that the kids are glued like krazy glued in because if I win the kids, I win the mom, I not only pay attention to my loyal customer, but also the decision makers around her, her husband, her kids and if I win the kids, I've noticed that mom is happy I'm happy everyone wins so that's part of the experience that I pay attention when I'm designing a cells change how many times have you heard from blawg readers that their kids love your videos? I actually get pictures like screenshots of babies like glued like this, like, if I was her to, I don't even know if they take it like a compliment or like on my back, you see? But you know what? It is what it is, and now that I know that I have taken out what curse words because I realized, you know, I don't want to say any bad words because kids are watching and elevated the amount of illustrations that I have because kids are crazy about them, like I was a serial in the cereal aisle, I know I'm not raising brand I know I'm more of a lucky charms, so we need to know what our brand voice is, so we can more accurately portray that through everything that we do. So I think that's key, you know what? I know that voice I love it and also you pay attention to everything I mean, the details on not just your sales page but details on worksheets and principles details on your course is inside your courses or any book that you would create. I mean, you are you are down to the tea like this color is not exactly what it should be, you're very detailed about all of that kind of stuff, and I think that that makes a huge difference to your brand and your success. I think so too, and I think that's my my specialties, for example, I go to disney world that put my thing like you could take me to paris to the end of the world I would big disney world or everything, so I'm that type of person who loved the experience and love the detail every single time I got disney, you find like the hidden, like mickey mouse ears. So when I'm conceding my brand, I think about like, where could I hide a little elements like, how can I brand this more? How can I? Because I think about how the disney do it, how can I inject more of that into my brand? So we all have brand brand inspirations one of my men inspirations live me, so I pay attention to detail right now I'm working on a cookbook and I'm not a chef I'm not a nutritionist, I'm not even, you know, like a rocket science, so I know it might competition is not all designed the the cook book of the fancy, a shop on the world I know that's, not my value proposition. I know that my unique gift is my ability to make something beautiful or my ability to think of every single detail, so we need to consider our strength, so we bring them to the table if my strength is not like my like my grandma are because english is not even my first language, I'm not going to make a book about perfect grammatical sentence structures. I am going to pay attention to the color palette and the typography and lettering, so always focus on what you're best at and elevate that in your prada. Yes, I love it, and we're going to be diving so far into that in the next course, so tune into maker creative business uniquely irresistible, because we're gonna be talking about all of that stuff and how to figure out your strength. So we've been timeout sales pages, which terrified people writing sales pages, and so how do you feel when you sit down to write a sales page? And how do you get past any of the inner critic stuff? How do you make it as good as you d'oh? What you're tense? Well, I again, I consider my strength, I'm not the best right here in the world. I'm not the best copy writer in the world, so I don't start with the text. I start with illustrations, so start with the part that you were back back, so if you're best at making a video, film the video first and then do the bullet points, so I say start words easier because there's great power in easy that would be my first start words in here, and also pay attention to what people are saying about your product. I know you mentioned this before, but if people are saying, oh, this is so simple, make sure that you sort of that word simple into your description, if people are saying, oh, this is these principles are so kirky, make sure that you're putting that word on their sentences, that they're using their descriptions that they're using, so you're not making stuff off, or you're not reinventing the wheel, you're littler, literally describing your product as people are viewing it. And honestly, I don't fill my cells pages with words because that's not what I'm great at, so I I make videos, I love sales figures with videos or a small trailer, and and focus on those and on those stuff, something that I've noticed that people do, that they go to other people sales pages, and they try to replicate those models. I do the complete opposite, I have my mentors that I love and admire, and I by the corpses, I literally go to their cells, peters and right, all the stuff that I'm not going to do now, because I don't want to, but because I want a diaper in shape myself from them and everything else, so instead of saying going, getting fired, the better other people still status, I would actually invite people to visit their competitors, soul stages and see what they're not going to do, eliminate some stop and create some new stuff that they haven't even considered, like my list of features has one sentence descriptions like sixty pds, everything else is illustrated and that's something very unique to my brand, and actually, no, I've noticed that people are using that model, but I feel like it was something that I that I created so it's, like people identify it's like, oh, that's, my style, herb, so that's something good I would I would find a way to make yourselves pages york style, so people come across anything that you do. They're like that's, you that's like they can know that you created it. And speaking with that, how would you suggest I know that people will say, well, how do I create my own style? How do I make it so that I am different from other people and we'll continue to talk about this? But do you have any words of advice on creating your own style? I do. This part is hard because it's that internal lloyd that we have somehow numbed because we want to look like everyone else. No way want to look like everyone else, but we want to succeed so bad that we're looking at other people that have succeeded and were like, what is she doing? What way have I have to do that? That we forget that what way? Forget our way of doing so so it's a learning curve for my first cells page like yourselves didn't even exist. My first product didn't even have a sales page so that's a learning curve in itself. I did a block post because I didn't even know how to create one so it's not like you're going to get it the first time around, but you're going toe become more confidence and the way you become more confident it's not like a fairy godmother descending like you're coming back, but you'd get confident you get confidence when you have testimonials when you have people send you an email like who designed yourself paid? I'm like I do like the little things like you you become confident as you build that muscle of doing it your own way and when people send you compliments, you feel better it's like it was all my idea if you were to copy someone else you're like oh, thank you but you knew like you grabbed it, you grabbed the idea from someone else so I would much rather get compliments on something that's completely mind that get compliments because of using someone else's, method or system that's what I think and it takes longer to develop your own style but it's worth the time? Yeah, death it definitely yeah, I think that's what makes you so successful is that you took the time to do that and it's not american like it's, not people or not it's not like a speed race, it's more of a resistance stuff like you. We want to be here. I know april we in this respect we're so much alike were not in it for a quick buck and to go to the bahamas and drink mojitos and spend it all we want to be here twenty five years down like we want to be here tomorrow and five years down the line. So we're not doing stuff just to make money fast on dh people who are watching this course, you're serious about changing the world, so we don't want to speed it up. We don't want to just make a logo like happy paint, something we really wanted pay attention to the process and if we have to wait until we find the perfect web developer, we have to wait until we find the perfect copy editor we have to wait like those stuff are worth it, yeah, yeah, okay so I think what people are most excited to hear about from you is how you made seventy five thousand dollars from your first digital product and how freaking fantastic that is so why don't you tell us a little bit about that product and how it was so successful I still get goose bumps because I can't believe it so I live in a pickle I think every big jury or every successful story comes out of like a mess in my case it was a man earlier that year I had quit my traditionally successful job on dh I had started and fc shab row was selling here accessories and they were selling but the problem is they took me so long to me so I got to the point where I was resenting my orders is that crazy like I was re sensing getting an order and because that meant oh I won't be able to go to beach this weekend because I have felt like my fingers were this got like even if I did a manicure my hands were it's not I wasn't living the lifestyle I'm like I didn't sign up for this what happened so I was in a pickle I knew I had to change something up or I would find myself sending resumes again and working in the cubicle licking envelopes so I knew I had to do something fast and and that was my number one incentive that the clock was ticking I wasn't making any money and I knew I couldn't do any more headbands like this is not working so that's the first thing the second thing is I know you mentioned this briefly yesterday but I didn't have the budget to buy like a design equipment or anything fancy like that so I signed up for adobes thirty days retrial and look I have thirty days so I don't know what you're going to do like you but you have thirty days so that was another thing like the speed like I have to figure out a way to do it in like a book and then the other thing they were layer suite so I was in a pickle is one of them the thirty trial was another like thing that was like behind my back like you have to hurry and then this was something that I need it like when I created my life is missing planners of course I want to see the world and this pig can the brain thing where like I want the universe ofcourse I wanted that the fame and the glory and and feeling good about helping others but I needed I needed that for myself like I needed to make room for my big ideas I needed a place to judge down all of the things that I had in my head I was going crazy so I designed something that I needed to use and I couldn't find anywhere else so when you're your own customer avatar as well, that is like double triple the incentive because you're creating for someone else but you're also creating you also have you in mind and you know you so well that you're like, I need to move this around no, this is not really how it, how it works I have to feel that that really work and I think the products sold itself honestly because when when you are so clear about what you need or what your customer needs people I didn't have a huge block following I was even making videos at that time video was a thing that like cats up catapulted a lot a lot of things for me I wasn't even do videos at that time, so honestly most of the credit I have to give to the product itself it was a product that was useful it was practical and it was for a particular niche creative like messi, entrepreneurs like creative you have too many ideas and they don't even know where to start and mom told her daughters and daughters told their friends and friends told and it was like I think that's the best type of marketing when people are happy and they say and they want to help you out yeah, I think that's why it just spread yes. Can you tell us? Okay, how big was your blawg readership or your list? When you launch? When you launch those planners? Because I wasn't even making videos, I I I know my granny was listening. I mean, there are a few people like, you know, the early adopters, but there wasn't there wasn't that, like, grave ing fan man of people waiting a lot. No one was waiting in line for anything. I didn't have super fans at that point, I didn't have a loyal fan. I didn't have. I didn't have any of that. I had some frequent people that visited because maybe I had interviewed them before, or they felt, I don't know, like they were u turn thing to reading my block. But up to that point, it was like I had the raving fans just waiting. No, that wasn't happening at all, so I know there were that type of fans. I think people came after the product, so basically, you can do this with a very small readership with a very small list. Yeah. Just make sure that the product itself you are you're proud of the product. Yes, I love it. I love it. Do you guys have any questions before we wrap up with my how much so I know that she did have a sales page traditionally it was a blag post and it was for sale within the black post for and then I just go ask how much how much was it for sale at the very beginning when you launched it twenty dollars and the thieves that yes there was a block post but I did multiple lakos for example if I have if there were for a forty principles inside of the life is messy planner bundle during back to school I did a feature on the habits work chief and I explained to people this is how you use it and then when it was like valentine's a I had a principal about like gold setting and how you can sew I mean sure that okay I had the initial invitation to buy but all throughout the year again I didn't make seventy five cave in one night I need it all throughout a year this was a resistance saying not lot overnight success thing so I meet sure that throughout the year I was sprinkling ways that people could benefit from buying this through different block post through gas post through targeted giveaways so it was like a yearly effort you could say that still though within a year I think so many people would say seventy five thousand dollars that would be a dream come true so you have done something amazing it's so inspiring you think way have time for one more question from online s oh my, we have a question here. How do you split your time between the creative work that you do and the social media for me and there's? No splitting, I cannot it's not like my personal life is here and that I cannot compartmentalize like that. So actually what I'd do if I've noticed when my social media is the hotter because I like I'm I love to get likes and I loved to get involvement and engagement, and I've noticed that my customer avatar isn't paying attention to me early in the morning. Monday's chief super busy right after dinner for some reason, maybe her husband is watching monday night football or something? I don't know, but right after dinner she's paying attention to me so I make sure it's not like, oh, right now, it's my moment to but it's like I know that right after dinner it's the moment where I'm talking to her be a social media because she's there so instead of thinking, I have to divide my time forty percent here and I just go to her when she is ready to hear from me perfect, I love that answer can we all give my around thank you, thank you, thank you

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Are you ready to make your creative work more lucrative, stable, and sustainable in the long-term? Join April Bowles-Olin for an introduction to digital products and how they can enhance your creative business.

This course will show you how to produce and position viable products for generating multiple revenue streams and passive income. You’ll pick a product that complements the creative work you do – from ebooks to patterns to digital downloads – outline a sales page for it, and develop a plan to market it to potential customers. You’ll design systems for managing the day-to-day process of running your business, while planning a response to both failure and success. You’ll also learn essential techniques for continually marketing your online products and launching new offerings successfully.

You’ll leave this course with the ability to – literally! – sell your digital products in your sleep.

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